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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  June 1, 2014 8:52am-9:01am EDT

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have a great day. i'm pretty much still dreaming of double takes and hamlets after reading this. the case of course. >> thank you, beth. [inaudible conversations] should [inaudible conversations]
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! i am going back through a series that i have read the work.
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i am looking forward to that. i got started by reading a book on truman. what cannot the president or their leadership skills and how they salvage problems. the reason i am doing it is because our nation faces a variety of problems right now and what you are seeking to see his action-based leadership that will put some solutions on the table. >> great. anything else you have on your plate? >> as i got into the i am looking that great leaders and their problem-solving abilities. i picked up something on margaret thatcher. i'm looking at reading him on her campaign doing some googling on my own genealogy online and a little bit of research they are working for and doing as little additional research to look at some of my forebears and how they solved
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problems. >> here's a look at the books being published this week.
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>> one of the stories that resonated with me was the moment when they are dithering about whether or not they need to inject the water and to unit one. and it is a matter -- the clock is ticking. they are just about down to the
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wire. basile yoshida and i think that is how you pronounce his name on the superintendent to in the end would make the final call knows it's desperate. they need to get water in there very quickly. meanwhile, everybody wants to stay. the officials in japanese government officials are kind of hemming and high. yoshida gets an order from one of his supervisors at timecode that the government hasn't signed off on this yet. he's got to hold off. while he sardi started. and so, he basically calls one of his staff people over and says i'm going to get an order, but ignore it. so he very loudly proclaimed so everyone in tokyo can hear, halt the seawater injection. to me, that was in a story in which japan were ignoring the
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rules and act on iran is not reworded. here is a moment where he died to defeat didn't act to combat things would go even worse than they were going. >> terry golway recounts tammany hall. the machine that controlled the democratic party mid-18th century has been miscast as cricket. instead he asserts a he asserts a tammany hall afforded immigrants to the political voice and was responsible for social and political reforms which included greater workers compensation and a ban on child labor. this is about an hour and 15 minute. [inaudible conversations]
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>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i am rachel go to cover programming here at irish arts center. i am halt happy to welcome you here tonight. thank you for coming to another irish event. tonight we're proud to present author terry golway, whose recent book, "machine made: tammany hall and the creation of modern american politics" presents another set of new york city's early 20th century powerhouse. tammany operate as a force for good alongside the more corrupt political force that is that tammany that likely comes to mind. this side side to give immigrant equal footing in new york city and respond aggressively to event like the factory fire greeted the groundwork for politics in new york city as well as nationwide today. kerry is a journalist for 30 years writing for the new york observer, "the new york times" and other venues. he's the author of many articles


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