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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 20, 2014 8:52am-9:01am EDT

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remember the lessons of history, we kept several hundred thousand troops in germany for 50 years after world war ii. why? so the germans would be better germans. we kept hundreds of thousands of troops in asia. why? so the japanese would be better allies to us. n. korea we kept 30,000 we still have something close to 30,000 troops in korea. why? to remind the north koreans that we are still there. how is it that we fight two wars in iraq and there's not a single combat soldier left in iraq or is in the u.s. base in iraq? it just boggles the mind. it boggles the mind. and by the way, by the way, the iraqis would've been very happy and will be very happy should we negotiate those agreements. but could have negotiate agreements like that with the kurds. we could have negotiate a grimace like that with the
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christians who have achieved agreement in iraq to have a province in the area that was off limits from the feckless central government. we could have been there, but we chose not to do. instead we chose a feckless solution like the minimalist solution, the leading from behind solution. if we lead behind, we will be left behind. thank you very much. [applause] >> you are watching booktv on c-span2, 48 hours of non-function -- nonfiction. booktv, television for serious readers. >> this week the national book foundation announced their long list for the 2014 national book award for nonfiction. the list will be shortened to five nominees next month in preparation for the announcement
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of the winner on november 19 in new york city. vicious national book awards long list titles for nonfiction our -- >> this is a story of faith. and their connection to the larger scene issue is not so much the history as such but to the way we understand our history. we don't think, we don't like to think much about failure. american history is supposed to be a success story. most history books are not about failures. and yet i think it's important that we can learn from failures, and there've been plenty of them in american history. i was actually sort of looking for a chance to write about something that wasn't another sort of success story. >> also nominated for thi this year's national book award for nonfiction is --
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>> i wanted to look at how real people and then at the computer and the internet, now innovation really happens in the digital age. it was something that came out of oregon with steve jobs, and before that bill gates, to say who made that type of person, how did they end up being successful? so the book is not just about singular people, but about teens, about collaboration. because one of the things i discovered in doing this book is that real innovation comes from great teams. nudges great leaders. spent the 2014 national book awards long list for nonfiction also includes --
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>> let me just lay my cards out on the table. i think america's founders have been kidnapped by the religious right. and i will just to you right now that and maybe i'll try to justify this later, the christian nation that is something worse than a myth, something worse than a false or misinterpretation or i see it as a betrayal of the american revolution. i think it represents precise the kind of things that thomas jefferson, thomas paine and others were fighting against. >> and the final two titles selected national book awards long list for nonfiction are --
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>> that's a look at this year's long list of the 2014 national book award for nonfiction. make sure to tune into booktv's live coverage of the national book award ceremony on november 19. >> you are watching booktv on c-span2 with top nonfiction books and authors every weekend. booktv, television for serious readers. >> here are some programs to watch on booktv this weekend.
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>> for more information, visit us online at >> you know, this horrible, horrible issue of the nfl is getting so much attention right now. not just because the video is so disgusting, but because the basic line is, ray rice acknowledged that he punched his wife. you don't need a picture to say what the next step should be. how have we come to the point where an industry as powerful as the nfl, and i'm a huge football fan myself, can get away with this? perhaps they won't, but the victimization of women and the pathology of women themselves who feel because of economic or
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other reasons are concerned about a child or other bonds or love the feel that they cannot break away and acknowledge a way they had been abused. >> i think it's a complete failure by the nfl. they were no facts in dispute. he admitted to beating his wife. we saw the video. there was nothing left to be known. he should've been fired immediately. and i think it was disgraceful how they handled it, but it's emblematic of a larger problem. there is an institutional bias that is cross-cultural, cross arenas. so you have the nfl protecting their star football player and the department of defense and the military commander protecting their favorite soldier or favorite man, you. and college campuses, again the kid on the football team, the star, young student. and is it is an institutional bias to protect their own, to undermine transparency and a candidate for the own benefit, but overwhelmingly it's about how little we are valuing women. you will see over and over these kinds of sexual assault cases to
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how women are dowdy, disbelief, told it was their own fault. and in some of these cases they are retaliate against because they disclose what happened. i, too, have very brave women come to my office we want to meet. i got to meet with him and these two women told me these stories about how they were both raped on campus. they reported the rape. the school didn't believe them. abe lincoln and then they retaliated against them. -- they start a movement. they went college to college, campus to give us can recruited others who suffered the same. they have now created a nationwide advocacy network to deal with sexual assault on college campuses. they are working with senators on writing legislation. legislation will be passed in the senate, and they will make a difference. ..


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