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tv   After Words  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 12:30am-1:31am EDT

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>> >> what kind of campaign
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would you run? what kind of weakness is would you exploit if you are the republican nominee? >> i cannot tell you all because i would give it all away but hillary clinton's challenge she will require much more than the policies of barack obama than the policies of her husband bill clinton she was first lady with bill clinton she didn't have beneficial policy goal in the white house but in the obama warehouse she ran the state department and with secretary of state and set the table for our relationships with other countries i even ask my clothes democrat friends friends, and they cannot answer so name a country on this planet with whom we have a better relationship
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now than we did win the obama administration took office january 2009 and nobody could give me the name. no one. that will be a problem for her. mentioning benghazi i still think that is heartburn for hillary clinton. >> would use and -- expect democrats would do with the war on women if hillary clinton is the nomination? how you handle that inevitability? >> i hope that is the best weapon the left has been revised as well get the inaugural ball planned because that is proven to fall so short the colorado said erases a great example of this message rings so
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hollow. that they are not helpless creatures of their gender lord knows my wife knows that and my daughter knows that's and a daughter-in-law knows that. all the people i surround myself with many cabinet officers would be livid if i ever said to them we will give you these jobs you're not able to do that because you are helpless your gender if you don't have some help from the government you could never make it i would have my face slapped into the next county. william are capable to do anything they wish to do and with the new that intuitively i think they are exalted when someone tells them they cannot make it without the government coming around to bail them
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out or lift them up. >> what about minorities? what about the republican nominee do to bring more minorities into the fold during 2016? will lost a bit about in the last two elections. >> those who are even on a remote was to people my vote among hispanics was in the high forties as well. for somebody this is not an abstract, i have been very frustrated i have tried to say to republicans we should not be giving up on minority votes but we would be if we work at it by building
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relationships to show the policies lift up all the people the matter color or gender or ethnicity. i got that vote as governor because i would build relationships with people in the minority community. i am position as they never had before. they got more major executive level appointments man in bill clinton administration and more women held higher positions than in bill clinton. maybe the republicans ought to pick somebody who has a real history to get women and minorities to vote. who could that be? [laughter] >> host: do you think republicans have given up on the minority vote? >> of course, they have and
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it is absurd. why would they do that? when people say how you get the votes of the people who are black? then talk about them to choose the power of schools for their kids to make sure they have access to decent education and a safe place for their kids to play to give them opportunity that the government exiles and to there are a number of ways but let's talk about the fact but the ability to be up for the mobile that the criminal-justice system does not unfairly punish them with the sentence that is distinctly different than if they were appalled middle-class. those are things to talk about.
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>> host: you sarah rather that you barbeque than sip wine with the wall street banker rather sit with the makeup artist then european royalty and more comfortable in wal-mart than at tiffany's. what you want people to know about you? why deal with it out this way? >> if think sometimes people believe if you were in politics you live in a world so i'm like there's that your life and values are so different you could not possibly understand them. over the past by researchers i have been blessed to make a better income that i have never had but even to this day i am the person i was as a kid growing up with a little shotgun house isn't hope arkansas whose parents between the two of them worked three jobs and barely made the rent.
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i had to make up my eighth choice because we cannot afford the cool things and i had to use my imagination. i paid no have to sit at the head table i have more in common with the people working in the kitchen. think people want someone to lead them who understands and respects them and how hard they work and sometimes for how little they have to show for it. they want people to be torn down but just to know how hard the struggle is and to take a pathway to get to the next rung on the latter. so it is messaging from its aircraft as well. >> host: is 2016 going to be one of those about
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personality with that pendulum swing like barack obama so set the scene and 2016. >> it comes down to a sense of vision and leadership. it isn't all ideological but personal. if they feel they can connect to the person they don't necessarily agree but they want to know do they know people like me? to read like this person? and i invite him into my home? it is always the personality to have all the right pedigree but if they are not likable they will not be elected.
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>> it is a combination part of the theme i want to convey is to say if you were that person living in the heartland of america pushing the cultural center. they don't know me or understand me. but we are of view and not alone. there are millions of you and you matter. your values are not crazy. one of the statements i make in the book you will discover those little boys are not so dumb after all.
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>> they controlled the house if they cannot seal the deal is in 2016 is there something wrong with the party? >> guest: maybe something wrong with the people to carry the message. but as is the case i remember the obituary in 2010. but everybody talks about this week it was only a sweep of the white house but could rationally republicans did very decent in 2012 and 2014 it was republicans all of. it is not so much democrat republican. politics that i have helped with the values they share in the books with those
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practitioners of politics with liberal conservative that it is all horizontal. for those who don't live every day on politics coming elections are vertical it is not left or right but up or down is this person going to take us up or down? to make it better or worse? >> it is great talking to.
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>> host: dr. carson. the best way to start is to start with you. tell me you have a very inspirational story. >> guest: i grew up in detroit and a couple years in boston. my mother came from a large family and got married at 13. she and her father moved to detroit to she was a factory worker. she had the responsibility with the only a third grade education and to raise a sullen her own. there was myself and my brother.
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where not particularly good students to put a mildly i was the dummy. >> host: you are a neurosurgeon now. [laughter] >> people used to tease me but i have to contribute to god and rather any success i have had particularly seeks wisdom to come up with the idea to notice the homes that she claimed people did the watch a lot of television. they read a lot of books. and it clicked that looking at tv all day long. >> did you have a favorite television show?
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>> you did not need a tv guide i knew every station but she would restrict us to hours per week and we had to read two books apiece and submit a written a book report. she could not read that but we did not know that. she put a check mark. >> host: when did you find out? >> later in high-school. she got her ged the savior i graduated. but i hate it. but i used to admire the smart kids. but all the sudden the teacher would ask a question and i knew the answer it it got me excited. then i was reading a book.
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however in the bottom to the top of the class in the year and a half. >> my dad had "profiles in courage" in eighth grade. >> and from there they search to rebel plans and then it rocks and pretty soon i could identify. >> host: now i start to make the connection. >> one davis science teacher said does anybody know what this is? i often raise my hand people turned around and did they could not believe.
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this will be hilarious. they knew that i could not possibly know the answers would be something dumb. i said obsidian in people didn't know a station laugh for be impressed. then i explained how it was formed if i was more shocked than anybody because it dawned on me that the was not stupid in said teacher invited me to come to the lab and got me involved to take care of the animals. i started to look through the microscope to discover a whole new world. mr. jake. >> you never forget but this
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was several years ago with "good morning america" they wanted to trace my roots said mr. jake was still there. baldly and potbelly but it but we had to give it of the animals he said. >> host: your father? >> add a strong relationship it would be periodical. blast ever saw him was my wedding. >> host: the second family to have a relationship? >> guest: no. >> host: not at all? >> guest: but i looked at the big picture. my mother tried to make up for all of that.
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he was involved with women and drugs and alcohol. nothing wrong with women's you cannot have more than one. [laughter] but in retrospect to know that would be the best thing for me. >> first of all, to bring back to fiscal responsibility. a lot of people believe the union's. unions do with unions do there will gladly take -- kill the goose that lays the golden egg. they just want that a. -- that age they have a 15 year plan to understand all
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of this that if they kept conceding it would happen eventually because it is long gone before. >> bid is much the but let it be somebody else's problem. >> host: have you been surprised it comes from conservatives did you assume you were a conservative? i get that impression not always. >> obviously like most showing people growing up the up to college and was a radical. >> host: what is the radical at yale?
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[laughter] if you said berkeley i would know. [laughter] >> vendor standard was the black panther rally there was just a way of life but i've not that fond of labels.
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and i said that is what i will do. but having grown up in dire poverty at that point to wanted to be a psychiatrist. on television they had plush offices. [laughter] most of the tv programs they see a psychiatrist so i started to read psychology
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today. [laughter] and i major didn't psychology and it was pretty exciting but said everybody has special gives and talents but to have a tremendous amount of i handed coordination. >> of those very essential for a neurosurgeon. >> is this the pediatric neurosurgery to -- with some of the jobs like working in
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a steel factory i was a parade operator. right after a finish college. but what let me do that after one day of practice they see something in me that i don't see yet. >> you're the next guy up? >> it was up summer job and even the permit it did not get to do that. but as i thought about it people thought that was strange. spirits that is the talent
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that basically the rotations >> host: is there some truth to that? >> guest: yes especially developing around craniofacial surgery. >> host: you're not practicing right now. you are not practicing rainout to - - what used to be. and we chose madison because she had to build autonomy and could not figure out how to solve the problem. and in the early days and
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said they had an incredible problem and didn't have resources but nobody said it. >> host: because they had a big enough for chest but then the insurance companies could dictate in hospitals no longer had to budget you want to do what? it is changing so much. so one of my goals is to make medicine funding and what doctors to be excited. >> should doctors be getting rich? >> they should be well compensated but reaches a different thing and no lot of rich people. >> host: that should they
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be paid more in our society? >> with say it is irrelevant people should be paid for what they do. to recognize that doctors spend a very long time being doctors they go to college then they go to medical school had residency. >> host: arguably 12 years simply of postgraduate work to be a practicing neurosurgeon and then you have issues over here but everybody thinks it is supposed to be perfect but
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there with high risk. that was one of the reasons i have a real problem with the so-called health reform does not include for reform. >> your christianity is throughout the book but that made a difference. but the difference is his religion tends to be more form and in the name of religion of lot of silly
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stuff has been carried on. >> however people who have a deep relationship with god had a tendency i think to think in a different way. >> i actually believe science and faith can be compatible. i have had the interesting discussions with those who say how can a person of your intelligence of god created have and anders but peeress
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rotates audits texas. that just happened to? but if you have the nef explosions over a long period of time eventually one will be the perfect inapposite will happen so if i blew a hurry cave through a junkyard of billions of times eventually you we will have a perfectly formed 747? but that is a you're saying basically. why don't have a problem with that. but it requires a lot more faith. >> host: to believe in evolution or creation. >> i believe god created the heaven and earth.
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i find that much easier to believe because recognize if you take somebody like charles darwin started off in the seminary that he goes up and sees finches never saw the numerals. but that depends on how you look at it. the only survived the had the beaks heavy enough to extract the nutrition. so what i believe is happening the credit to creatures with the ability to adapt to the environment. >> see believe in some parts
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of darwinism with natural selection? >> i would not call it darwinism but i do believe it adaption. >> i don't know the answer to that. >> some people say one day but we don't know. >> people who have defended that when the. >> there is nothing that tells us how old the earth is. it could be billions but i also believe the reason guide is dotted if he wanted to date something that already had aged they could do that.
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>> host: so your scientific education it does not conflict? >> i never had an instance where alec baldwin in the movie was the surgeon with a god complex that is a stereotype. the unfair hollywood version period no question there are those who have fairly large egos and the profession selects for people like that the other people will not become surgeons but i know lot that are incredibly caring and decent.
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>> configure a god complex because they're the m1 that can solve the problem. that is where this comes from. >> yes pit it helps you with your head to get the god complex. >> but i still remember where i came from and recognize that a lot of things depend on other situations. there were important people involved in virtually everything i have done and to to make that clear, and there are always other people.
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>> guest: it's a complex operation. think those those could joining the twins it joined at the back of the head. and a pledge with a courteous address six surgeon was extremely good who understood the whole concept who would sit there to figure out how to work together and work with the plastic surgeon how will we get this covered? o lot of people are involved what does your scientific brat -- background tell you? >> guest: would get the
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urge that any period of time the temperatures are going up or down. in the '70s it was time or "newsweek" that had a big glacier. >> but now with his global warming? >> whether we are getting colder or warmer we have a responsibility to take care of our environment. we don't have to argue if it is hotter or colder but intelligently to take care. >> host: but you have to prepare. you look at new york city horror new jersey to make public policy decisions based on what you think is coming so that is the importance to figure this out. >> it is also important to
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not get overly involved in paranoia about it. our epa should be working in conjunction with the research facilities to say how can we best utilize our natural resources? and at the same time respecting our environment? to say we're not developing this or this. i don't think that is so wise use. >> we thought what the problem is. it is a case where problem was identified industry thought it a hard but lo and
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behold they adapted. >> guest: i am not saying we should not do this. >> but i am saying we need to take a balanced approach. >> remember when i said foray notes five ice said it teaches you everything that a lopsided way. otherwise you will crash. >> is highly intellectual person going to the best schools and you are concerned about to be lead is of? >> guest: the reason i am concerned about eliteism
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because in the university's you can see they think they are the beacon of light. they now want anybody to hear them if they have a business they want to shut it down where does that come from unless you just believe that you are the cat's meow. >> you feel that academic eliteism? >> when did you first. >> to make that transition. scientists and highly acclaimed to surgeons.
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>> guest: but what really% -- from 2013 was a prayer breakfast because i just spoke my mind and why was concerned because i very much love the nation that we live in and i don't run to see a run by someone else. >> host: talk about chapter six which is a concern that i have with people consume too much of the only one side. >> make a rational defense
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of another party go. i am going to put you on the spot. >> this is easy. everybody should have health insurance. we need to find a way to make that possible. and since we know a lot and have really bright people we could probably figure out better than the census. >> so what plant and. >> host: but you understand and also to have
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pediatric neurosurgery is the incredible. >> pre-existing diseases. excluding people on the basis of that. those are horrible. i talked to a high administration official but why not take those to make them the foundation of health care reform? it would be bipartisan effort and build it together because health care is something we all need. why can't we work together? if you push it through our one party, with the disagreement all you will do is create an read just keep
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coming down and a wise man said but why do we have to keep doing this? i called the book "one nation" because our strength is in our unity not in our division. >> this sounds like you would have done health insurance reform with the first but to the neck stick to figure out at least to get universal access where the collision happened. >> and we can because we spend twice as much but the
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money is foolishness. how do we design and a reasonable way? the help savings accounts because they have control of what they spend their money on. >> you would say from birth to death some limited is funded through a variety of different ways. people who are in mission to the money we spent on medicaid. >> but there is a number of ways. it cumulates rudder lifetime also a to give that ability.
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>> recently some for child care would you put money into the a gsa? >> i would start out $5,000. but even if we take all the people who are needy in the country to put money into it but those people to be responsible you need to have something done. that i want to go here. remember when the program for started to practice and there is no way they can use those. they will buy porterhouse
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steak. >> then they had to put limits on it but due to market economics to control price. >> host: sells a key would make an argument because a hospital will charge a ridiculous amount. my mother would go through the bill line by line to find the double things but they were charging crazy amounts of but if we put
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20,000 then they will pay us. it is all gains. >> how do you bring reform to the hospital? that was tough but they ended up working with the insurance segment of but that is the way the free market works. >> host: using the only true way it is get out of the insurance business? >> you cannot have the artificial influence. no health care insurance but
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everything could be paid through the hs say but people have major and catastrophic issues that is what it always should have been. >> host: but the cancer policies were big in the '80s they don't sell them any more because they turned out to be losers so now you get a for the big diseases or the big problem and take the other stuff off. >> remember if he sprayed your ankle and knee in x-ray it comes out of period hsh.
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, but health care is among the fastest-growing sectors in our economy it is known as a moneymaker. because without these things , how do you enact your plan to the world we live in? >> keep in mind insurance is insurance than basically works the same with your homeowners if you have a high deductible guess what happens? it plummets. if you want everything taking care of it would happen. same thing. >> in chapter seven you said is leaving our children. you talk about the political correct on this but words to manner and did offend them
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so why not? >> what offends people? >> i think it is the point of view. there are ways people get offended. >> when i talk about political correctness of their talks about not being able to express how you actually feel. >> host: is leaving our children. some would say slavery was awful compared to national debt it is doing a disservice. >> and i do talk about this in the book come a lot of things still bother people but you should be offended. >> too much for 140 characters spirits this wet.
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>> 17 and a half trillion dollars if you tried to pay back $18 trillion at $1 million a day would take 5,000 years. that is an absurd amount of money. the only way to sustain that is u.s. dollar is the reserve currency of the world. really we're not unless it goes to the underlying economy which we have been since the 1870's and we will lose it soon. >> china is the mass. >> but how much are we growing? so they will not pass this up but i don't believe but
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however they already talk about it about creating a basket currency. so with u.s. dollar as the basis it is a hodgepodge. that will deplete us from the ability to print money. >> but me ask you. but there were more issues is the '70s but we are afraid of something happens or tax the president to say we will have a real conversation very soon? we don't.
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there is some fear. do you believe sense of. >> but i do think that people are very much influenced by their perception. for instance a somebody told you cousins but somebody is always looking for racism. no matter what you say to them. >> have you experienced it?
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>> i am sure there has been some but it rarely has not been a big factor for me. i have more important things to do. in choice. >> i don't think it has hurt me or benefit me. particularly in the profession and spent my whole life in, i fully recognize early in my career , i would come into the room.
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>> bay you entered of field that it is the perfect place >> in that is the wonderful thing the future that a steady as the kid is very controversial and people are complaining of the american middle as the ship -- association to demonstrate not a single person but that
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would now working in politics. [laughter] >> it is a set of half truths, cited for betty is grounded a little. >> but the flat tax 10% everybody has to contribute something? >> i said it could be but it needs to be proportional. >> i said 10 percent it is easy to do the math. [laughter] but it means to be whatever it needs to me. >> recognize by having a very skewed system with all of the deductibles there are a lot of people who make enormous amounts of money to
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pay zero in taxes 10 percent would be a lot of. >> host: the tax code is so complicated. >> we don't have to do that. on the other hand, i believe it is insulting for people new poor little thing i will take care of you. i believe if they stop to think about it, even though they would not contribute a lot they still carry their weight. >> the me propose a counter argument on those that don't pay federal income tax and they go to a casino they buy a lottery ticket day parade on the port. they're spending more than in our schools whether day troy to read other places they are putting the tax
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dollars into the pockets. so there are ways because they're not writing a check to the federal government arguably they're contributing more money. >> but we are dealing this system with a complex tax system if we have something simple and easy to figure out, first of all, we will have a predictable amount of money to bring and. we know we need to run the government. the other thing, not a big proponent bond dash proponent and 2010 we have statistics of that


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