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tv   After Words  CSPAN  November 9, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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he wrote wonderful letters. remember when he got thrown off the ticket for mental problems, social problems and wrote touching letter to son who was in camp at the time, it was just terrible because it made it much harder to hate dick nixon. >> i've always wondered about the situation in the watergate breaking, wasn't being looked at very closely by anyone till january january of '73 when the judge was about to sentence the seven members and james -- >> yeah. >> wrote the -- >> yeah, yeah. that was march.
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the letter was march. but you're right. for a long time the press ignored. they were digging up dirt on him. not dirt, exposing what nixon had been doing and they were alone on that because the regular press was kind of scared of nixon, but those guys were alone for a long time. then the judicial system kicks in. that's the beauty of our country gets the watergate burglars and gets to crack, hey, there's more here. >> my question to you is, do you really think that the whole watergate thing would have unraveled hadn't ford not written that letter? >> our system works kind of
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after we do all the wrong things we do the right thing. so -- but eventually the wheels were grinding here at the u.s. attorney's office, fbi, in the press, sooner or later the stuff was going to come out. even if he hadn't, i think eventually the system -- nixon had done enough wrong in enough different places that sooner or later it was going to catch up to him. >> thank you. >> i remember in college salvaging some feeling for nixon for one reason. i had to take a class in american foreign policy and henry kissinger book, the one with the blue cover was 1600 pages --
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[laughter] and richard nixon's book was a economical 3-4000 -- 3-4000 with larger type. did nixon -- can he take a lot more credit for his foreign policy than we might initially believe or was -- >> little known fact. the taping system was in to rebut kissinger, he was going around town bragging about achievements suggesting opening to china. it was not. it was richard nixon's idea. the boss wants to go to china, kissinger said, fat chance. kissinger, the idea it was
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nixon's. kissinger, nixon used kissinger to be embassador. kissinger was really good at it. started joking about nixon with the east coast georgetown. just drove nixon nuts. he would say there goes henry to the washington post. it really hurt him that kissinger was kind of making fun of him and claiming credit for suddenly, claiming credit for what nixon himself had done. that's why nixon put the taping system in. paid a pretty big price for that there are rough stories. the famous scene of kissinger praying. that's true or certainly nixon
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was on his knee. but kissinger went back to his office and said, you're not going to believe what just happened, sweating through his shirt and the phone rang, it was nixon asking kissinger not to tell anybody. it was in the washington post in three days. you know, washington is a harsh place, nixon did a lot of harsh things but in the end it was mostly sad. >> any more questions? please go to the microphone if you can. >> we have time for just one or two more. >> okay, make this one quick. >> what does the research show you about his relationship with his wife and his daughters? >> that's important. we have this image about looking
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tired, i put a photograph of her in the book. 1953. she's a knockout. a beauty. he has a look that he can't believe his good luck, they had a good marriage for much of their marriage. their loved letters are quite moving. at the end you want to see how much he loved her, google pat nixon funeral, nixon is not just crying, he is undone. she hated politics. he tried to get out of politics, she said, you can't. she understood that it would destroy him to get out of politics. she stood with him. ..
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