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tv   After Words  CSPAN  February 8, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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was antisemitic, but he discarded antisemitism and what happened was he burned all the books he had but i never did find out in all the years these years, why he did that. mr. burns, have you got any information on that? i'd appreciate it. >> host: frank, what have you done for a living over your 90 years? >> caller: in my 90 years the biggest thing was electrical. i was with the department of water and power in large. i ended up as a dispatcher, electric system dispatcher, and your comment on the fact that electricity -- the grid could be wiped out if we ran into that condition, and that's something i've read -- just heard about in "the lights pout" a book just written recently.
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>> host: ted koppel's book. >> caller: right. >> host: frank, thank you for watching booktv, thank you for calling in. sounds terrific. ed the koppel appeared on booktv earlier, couple months ago, talking about his book "lights out i" you can go to book, type in" ted koppel book "and you can watch that online. to his point, henry ford -- ill know henry ford was kind of an aside in your writing. >> guest: it may sound strange but -- well you said it. he has always been somewhat of an aside. never concentrated on him. i have written at some helping about the affect of the automobile but not the personality of henry ford. if in fact it's true that he burned all of his antisemitic books, and you're asking me for a reason, think there would only be one reason, you know, that he
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felt -- finally felt ashamed in his antisemitism and wanted to make a show of it, or wanted to make a show of it for some other reason, just because he wanted to lower the temperature on himself. i don't know. >> host: ronald, baltic, connecticut. you have 6 -- 67 seconds. >> caller: how, hi. not very much time. i want to know why we don't find good writerses that saying exactly the history in united states like the roman catholic and me coming from a spanish country, i find that he contradicts he history, contradicts the truth. if you read everything he from the -- catholic thinking, and scholars, something is missing. it doesn't coincide and i do not
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understand. like the first amendment, congress shall mike law respecting establishment of religion and we understand the first amendment that if establishment of religions are monastery church, synagogue, mosque so when he say congress shall make no law against establishment of religion -- >> ronald nadal, we're going to have to leave it there. i'm afraid. any comment for that caller? >> guest: no. absolutely not. do you have one? >> host: i don't have to. >> guest: it's not your -- you don't have to and i can't. >> host: eric burns has been our guest for the last three hours. >> wow. >> he has several books out. here was his first: broadcast blues in 1993. the next book, the joy of books which we referenced quite a bit
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throughout the program. the autograph was a novel he wrote. here is the spirits of america, history of alcohol in the united states. infamous scribblers. smoke of the gods, history of tobacco, virtue valor, and vanity, which wanted to name the founding fathers and their pursuit of fame. >> guest: correct. >> host: automatic the news unfit to print berth in nut media invasion of the mind snatchers, about television in the '50s, 1920, the year that made the decade roar, came out last year, and his most recent is golden lad, about quintin and theodore roosevelt. mr. burns, thank you for your time. thank you for being on booktv. >> guest: this is a wonderful program and to be on it is an honor, and i thank you for that.
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