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tv   After Words  CSPAN  March 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> >> he agreed and resume assistants and operations. dow flash forward. what didn't hear of it arrived he has three items on the agenda and one is political how to work between india and pakistan one is a military agenda to get to the indians what kind of joint training operations
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and a covert agenda because now that china and india have gone to war the cia is ready to replace the pakistan knees and they were right. they began to support the tibetan resistance and no flight started to come out of india to the chinese. also flights that would only come out of pakistan in 1963 and 64 there would come out secretly firebases in india and it was one of those flights that discovered the chinese are in the final stages to test their first nuclear weapons and to give the united states a crucial intelligence china was on the verge of becoming a nuclear weapon state.
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>> alleges like to say and ambassador at -- a word about the ambassador john galbraith was a tall man 6-foot 6 inches board ontario canada and a graduate of the ontario school of agriculture and moved to the united states did dkb economist and wrote several books and the star of harvard university. in dkb advisor to kennedy. and he kept the diary in he later published that diary
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is is a memoir. that whether or not. to say at least we know you actually said that. the diary is a fascinating piece politically unaware and unknown. he writes his impressions of everybody and everything. the state department says working with the state department is like fornicating through a mattress. to have a very 1960's attitude toward gender.
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and with the american movie actress at the time it in his diary says before we even took off the magic of the voyage. what did his wife think when she read his diaries years later? and to what they were thinking nor what they were up to and how that kennedy administration by somebody that wasn't sitting in the white house watching what was going on in the white house. to see the kennedy administration sliding it if he kept writing the president to say don't do it. don't do it. don't listen to the generals they will get you into a mess.
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and going into the vietnam war. in what you don't find anywhere else. they guyot. [applause] >> please come up to get a book and get it signed. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> ahead of the curve. with the first black president. then they really complicated human being one of the smartest men with him at the time he thinks about race hero an extraordinary memoir dreams of my father talked about black identity using the n word profusely but in context to show race and he grappled with the political cahow consequence is shifting between a father from kenya and though white mother is in kansas with heritage it as a biracial
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child to deliver all of that to bear and he is a man with a brilliant understanding but has ben reticent to address those issues. in the moment she begins to speak about race with those anxiety. and that division is from the blackbody to mark the presidency the way it would be permitted. and with the two terms.
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and touche grapple with the best way to address the nation. >> host: talk about that struggle because you mentioned that the poll numbers would take and i remember early on in the presidency. because you address that in your book. in to return from a trip to china from cambridge massachusetts thank god his driver to help him to be open the door a passer-by saw and thought something was askew to call the police they cave and discovered it was the professor's home but there still was some tension professor gates was subsequently flew word i do think he was telling the
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truth and was arrested to say this is my friend that the police were acting stupid arresting a man in his own home pergolas not deny racial profiling and then when he said those words that caused an entire weeks' worth of controversy potentially sergeant james crowley as a professor and the arresting officer event what was the of day summit without broader structural issues. and you are right for the subsequent. to the end is rare as possible.
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kent to talk about that in the first chapter so talk about the relationship talk about the summit i thought that was beautifully done from the church as south carolina. >> that barack obama is contending with a racial difference end racial crisis with certain forms of violence like george zimmerman killing trayvon martin.
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or the white gentleman who killed the jordan davis so when you looked at what happened with michael brown looking and south carolina at the church with white supremacist so it looks from the state and obama represented the un arms black people men and women with brodeur said kaplan dash society under the first black presidency how they would address that to play a
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signature role in many of these incidents that were of the minds of millions of black people i want to thank you on behalf for those questions that you ask that were timely and relevant so barack obama determined early on it isn't a type of conversation i want to have but if i can control the condition is that it occurs today and hesitant to to engage in in discourse busily inflame the passions as opposed to leaving them. has when the crisis begins to occur of racial of hostility he wasn't engaged with dash issue to allow it
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to a slide of the one hand and when he did address that issue occasionally to tried black america with their feelings without structural inequities and should be addressed. in then to argue in the book with the criticisms of the of black people to do with white americans and that contrast to think about those difficulties the he tried to address. >> host: that is interesting. one of my favorite movies. >> the president according to one of his aides why
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would he? with that fishbowl? and the fantasy to say but i really believe. i'm sure everybody has fantasized about that. but i am sure all presidents do you can imagine that tension to be more heavy as the first black chief executive officer in the first president of united states of america. so we know that warren beatty and director in the senator who had arranged his own death and halley barry was a love interest.
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he got a second lease on life to speak in rap templates and with direct with black people in politically incorrect with those people raising money and telling the truth as a double trouble figure in one way so obama fantasize about doing that kind of thing. especially at the white house correspondents' dinner at when he could signify the things that we know deep inside that he wanted to address most likely. to say for all of my conspiracy minded figures which think i am not here to control america you are right.
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the first time icing al green. with that hip-hop culture that supported him to sing my president is black with symbolically the rhetorical and investment from the presidency to take away the other young black people to support this president. there are many ways and i talk about the fact recently at a white house luncheon for the transgendered latina immigrant tuesday obama do something about the issues i initially good with people interrupting me but one of the moments of which we all know of the last correspondence dinner and it
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is so enrages that i have to distance myself. and he had a bucket less. and with those deeper tensions to speak to them in the explosive fashion. >> host: first time -- first german second term barack obama especially the second term. talk about the difference if you are eluding that why do you think he was not able to do? from the first term? >> with that consideration once you are elected you have to get reelected.
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is wanting to beef collected the first black president to be elected -- three elected may be more difficult and more read marco and overcome certain barriers. when he was the senator for a little while but he was a clean slate people could describe their hopes and visions in the disease to project into have done stuff. to support you or critical of you. so now with that history with the public consciousness to negotiate those tensions to cast a salsa as a figure to get reelection.
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in to be prognosticated i don't think they thought obama of lead paint the white house read and speak swahili but be more explicit in his expression of race. he wasn't until he was forced remember immediately after his reelection the congressmen from ohio said you talk about diversity through a tender and tap -- geography but we are disappointed in you. that may not have been a move in the first term because black people were intolerant of any criticism. even legitimate. and those that are casting aspersions and all manner of foul language.
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nine of that. that is not what they expected. however there is a legitimate need to hold any president accountable. in one of the strengths of the black people collectively to say the president must do the right thing and hold them accountable. but that joke of fdr of roosevelt was in the white house as president with the labor and peter h. philip randolph with a great education leader to put forth of black agenda and they said i believe in everything you are saying now go do that. go into the public's fear to do the right thing. so as the first black
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president so we only have half the brother so to speak. and it is understandable sturdy obstructionism is but twice it was reflected to occupy those bases and as a result he was a push to tell black lives matter comes up with that behavior flooded the culture than barack obama make some very serious speeches. that is brilliant and remarkable. >> and as we say to support him but then to have a
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chapter. talk to me. ice c on page 165. >> i finish the chapter quoting w. e. b. du bois talking about the black folks. that is inside baseball in that 2.two is thinker that is the tradition of black america. to hold them responsible for their behavior. like moses is in the bible.
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but also of to believe in structural impediment. get your foot off of my neck so i can flourish. space even talk about moral culpability but those shapes to make it peppier as if they are uniquely explode -- exposed in also before the public that seems to be inappropriate. i talked about going to morehouse college in this is a black rias college. in the first black mayor of atlanta.
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>> in their right across from each other. the barack obama of the president says you must work hard. but nobody will give you something you did not earn? they actually graduated from college that day. in then he said in the marketplace of competition that the black men have to make no excuses. so it is curious as to why they say those things but many black people it at that 50th anniversary.
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in to base a remarkably dispiriting a arguments. and with the race into job about people using a the poverty of their children. in to be scalding black americans with some history that at that time caught up with that desire to whole black people to account in to believe those ideas. and there wasn't much space to quibble or argue in jesse jackson making that
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unfortunate comment about the president and a candidate and black people rightfully responded. >> when the cameras were rolling to make that comment speaking down to black people. >> supply will last you this. and four barack obama. to have jesus the end barack obama. so was he in here is right to say that? >> and behind closed doors in so if anybody put told me
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at the corner i did not know that. but there is something to be said to talk about black institutions and engaging people in in privacy all racial ethnic gender groups do that. they have separate groups for each other sometimes their public or behind closed doors. and with that grief and a celebration of the march on washington and of a historically black college. without harsh demeanor that is unnecessary and as the president of united states of america to amplify your voice more than anybody else. and when it chooses those targets he does it intentionally and willingly what the consequences might be. but he was wrong to do so.
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he was wrong to exploit the extraordinary support he has received. 93% the second time? and black people always vote in high numbers for democrats but that is impressive even for black people. >> host: your topic of the book reading from page 165 are you a better customer? to fill gender to make a point that gender not raced to a cutback seats and finally at the end of the press conference the african american reporter forced question of the state of black america in light of
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the racial issues he said that the rest of america in the aggregate is better off than when i came into office " end quote. that assertion does not hold up even under cursory examination. so why not? >> because we crunched the numbers to say that this is a religion clinically dispassionate. but in aggregate and look at black unemployment but that's is heinous but of the chairman of the congressional black caucus if that was a white president we would march around the white house.
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as a social index dispels from schools at earlier ages in greater numbers and the get those housing prices from the second term along with a great victories for of same-sex marriage in in your own trade policy there wasn't quite as much ballyhooed but the supreme court said it doesn't have be racially intent to judge those housing practices that are not fair. it is the disparate impact even for it to be messed up you have to hold people accountable. but that is a major victory they stood by. if you look at every social index of how black people are doing and fearing a few are of white american the
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unemployment is down job growth is going on and the man has single-handedly encouraged the nation to do some great things. the first two years he built up the automobiles, the banks, a health insurance coverage right to strengthen the economy where supposedly he had the support of the party the democrats weren't really with him so is had one hand tied behind his back and he has done extremely well except to addressing issues of race. you and i have been in the white house. i looked him directly and you know, .
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when you and i were together it was very practical. i said i believe in he said i disagree that the universal approach to the lives everybody up we will argue about that. >> said he said michael. wire you writing a book on obama? it could really hurt his chances as they listen to you with the black people. >> i said you nostra thomas? >> but he is my friend to and we just disagree about that but he said look at the mine to a michael is doing because legitimate and i can
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take i'd like the people that has sacked if i don't like black people on that it's under his skin. >> host: let me ask this. >> be honest there is no president of united states of america what this man has had to face. then your criminal level of obstruction in this congress should be held accountable for the decision the day he was elected by been inaugurated with a group of republicans including newt gingrich got together at the statehouse to committed themselves to obstruct his presidency to turn him into a one-term president. so if the end goal or a
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desire is not to govern well that work where you can to do the right thing to do everything he can as a one-term president you don't come -- only undermine the best features of democracy but disc wheel to those ideals that makes the nation and a great. and he held closely to those ideals and work for longer than many think he should have made the attempt. and interesting and the rise of the two-party in the hour rise of the racist sentiments calling in everything but a child of god and now the majority of republicans think he is a muslim because that wouldn't be a problem. he is a christian. >> i have been in churches with the man.
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>> it is real to him. it is who he is. >> he was up beecher. my point with that extraordinary obstruction i have seen the racism and see what has done to him and i acknowledge that but at the same time that the president has not made use and i will share with the reading public that i believe is my interpretation of what those failures are so ultimately weaken worked for the appreciation of the greatness of the presidency. >> host: michael eric dyson author of "the black presidency" barack obama and the politics of race in america" this is amazing. when you think of the first black president of united states of america, race and politics will always follow
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him. he brought a black family in that vice house. >> a beautiful family and. can you imagine? to be that brilliant and beautiful wife and a beautiful family. >> and the mother-in-law to take care. >> it it shows their togetherness to give america of sense of what is the achievable only permit the beauty of the black family the matter what form it would manifest itself. >> host: in the chapter about race page to madrid 14 you talk about first lady michelle obama and it is interesting i want you to elaborate perhaps no other figure has symbolized what the complicated status of black women in america the micro aggression to which they are subjected initially
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they would free razzing greek black woman or the angry shrew to reinforce the black female stereotypes. talk to me about that. >> guest: i think the show obama is one of the most remarkable figures in america's public life we have seen in a while. over husband of course, is incredibly charismatic and has the official responsibility to carry the nation forward. she has his partner is pledged as the first lady to do all she can not only for his agenda before the american insistence it has done an extraordinary job. she was criticized as the angry black woman making the statement that she was proud of this nation.
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why would people oppose a woman whose family from the south side of chicago good experience there of growing pains and she as a student at princeton engaged the notion of responsibility and what they owed to the broader community? shot intelligently and intellectually as an undergraduate of prison and a law school graduate of harvard this woman was saying that this nation has not historically traded by people with love why would we demonize her? but of course, she would be proud now because the nation had support for her husband to show that shift it wasn't individual or personal but the way that barack obama potential success signified that symbolic embrace of black america at large.
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that is why she said that she spoke for the masses of black people and for black america the cry will give another example. they believe i mentioned in the footnotes where a former secret service agent talking about the presidency spoke about michelle obama. the secret service agents loved her because she was warm and embracing. she would speak to them and treat them like human beings. then the above term because she would get after obama for running late to save these men have schedules to. [laughter]
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which is a very real bone of contention. first of all, she was hardart the republicans and then in the front seat of a limousine michelle obama said to the president every now and then the black people are in crisis they say that is that she brought authenticity to the game for obama if your wife has to tell you that why don't you know, the need or the necessity that understanding with their backs are against the wall?
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the special the u.s. the president when they are gone down in the streets or vulnerable to racist rebuttal you must use your belly pit to amplify their calls and do so but as the first black president that may not be essential at this point but to you as a representative of the state must become behalf of all citizens including african-american people. >> host: that sounds like someone sometimes the wife will reiterate but do you think that this problem is the same barack obama of the first presidency? could this have happened during the first administration? did the secret service agent here that then? because you said there were
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political issues that prohibited him from doing some things that he is doing now vs then in the second term. >> guest: it is a tricky situation. a catch-22. on the one hand without being pushy you have to push him not just him but any president the president that occupies that office is on their own merits alone doing the right thing they have to have support, a demand, and pride in justice ringing in the streets at the wing in the halls of justice for substantive change to be enacted. but on the other hand, barack obama is up against it so therefore the first term was more reticent in he feels more free doesn't
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necessarily have that moment but he does have the episode to use the edward as he did on a podcast of church sermon it was an extraordinary service and. >> host: he didn't take the text. >> but the scripture says and he laid it out. and he appealed to those black positions in the interesting fashion. yes. there are differences in he has evolved with the help of people hold him accountable that his wife to ask that question unapologetically i am not a hater that is no waste of time it is still intended and quite frankly to disrespect that incredible work that way and to the achievement of the first black president. however it is equally
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problematic for us to pretend no-fly in the ointment no president is perfect we have to gently and lovingly be critical because he is the president in my very good friend said we have to learn to criticize about hating and learn to love without being silent and if we can balance those ambitions and then hopefully what i did in the book is criticize without hate and love without being silent. >> host: this is an amazing conversation but the earlier trip to africa with sub-saharan africa in then later you talk about so many issues stemming people read
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a little part of you read the entire thing you know, how much that affected that a book -- that book and i wanted to address those issues the first trip to africa why he did not go to kenya. what he did to black america and when he told turkey and karrubi feel your pain the when he got to africa not so much i don't buy into that argument. effort and i is responsible for africa. some would say some tough love but it is there. the notion of trace and identity. to be as complete a picture of his complicated brilliant and beautiful flawed black man for only because all of us are flawed and make mistakes and failed to live up to our ideals and
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conditions black people are hypersensitive to and i understand why but we have only ever had one black president. >> even now don't nobody tried to send it off we live in the united states 70 shot. and barbara streisand's supplies the theme song. because we choose to forget. we are that generation. >> so my point we live in the nation to deal with history with black people but everything else they love history abraham lincoln. of the founding brothers and
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sisters but black people? it is too much. get over it. that is why it was an illusion or fantasy we shouldn't add what white america to get over my race. i want people to transcend what they think about my race. and stop those narrow believes if we are black or white or red or yellow or get to a point where we appreciate the stance of the racial and ethnic identities spinach he brought something very interesting i talk to author west more ad of baltimore to see we're not a post racial society. i cannot wait to be a post racist society but a
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january 20 at noon at 12 o 1:00 p.m. we will be post obama society that will be the term at that time. what will this country looks like post obama? >> no matter what any of us say, even david brooks from the york times says imus him already. not in his policies are wrong and problematic but the balance in his decency looking at the other side of the child right now with the contest the bitter dispute among the republicans in what donald trump is spewing in marco rubio is manipulating with lethal
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problems we become immediately nostalgic for barack obama with the sense of humor and self-deprecating to use it as the office despite the fact he was a salted of white female governor put her finger in his face on the tarmac in arizona of white congressmen before a joint meeting of congress the first few months of office called him a liar. ed taylor a call the reporter of the white house lawn refuse to let obama conduct a press conference without interrupting him. >> that wasn't a a press conference but it was a statement. >> is an intruder was on the late show with steven
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colbert to say it is rhetoric when we put that together that we don't believe in america and not seen as a legitimate authority then in aggregate together those believes have been a disturbing call that has been cast across the horizon of this black presidency and to discredit his maintain his dignity and strength in the face of such overwhelming odds. >> host: it is a dynamic discussion in the book is powerful on its own view added another element you security an interview with eric tolbert talk to us what he said in what he did to fill the president's mission >> guest: i am to be permanently featured in the book and i am trying to be a balanced critic he argues my
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position to save five as the president i would have behaved like gm and if he ever the attorney-general he would have behaved like me in that is a remarkable statement. he has been given credit to occupy high-level political office with one eye on the broader landscape of american society and another on how that impacted the most vulnerable minorities including african-americans in to put that balance in regard to race but eric holder would not take the bait. he said he would be the attorney-general that i am now serve you spend too much bin people don't take you
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seriously he thought barack obama struck that balance but i disagree. i think he did it to girl. he may have from the children in there as well. [laughter] may be there are ways you could have done so earlier bet the bottom line is that he defends his guide to create an atmosphere to establish a of a template to less significantly positive results on american culture and was a rather remarkable figure who could speak to the interest of african-american people as a black man who was attorney general to take care of the
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broader duties to the larger american public and that was exemplary of what they should do. >> host: last june, the week of the 22nd we have the first day, that one day to speak to the alternative blocker when he said the n word than the next word nicky haley talks about bring down the flag. >> and lindsay gramm. >> that flag has been on taxpayer funded property a long time. that then you had that
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funeral. i was in london told week promoting my book the was tough watching even members of parliament the house of lords in london to talk about like it was their backyard and they were freeing for that moment and for that service and -- servant and i was screaming. as a black person but the human side came but i saw the news can do right beautifully i love that you ended without server and. -- server and. after an electrifying to launch into the first words
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of the bishops and ministers behind him would leap to their feet he turned his head slightly toward knowledge their approval obama stayed mostly on to the blackness that was the object that they embraced as obama finished the first he spoke again as of this speech was engaging and he called out the names of those of that fateful night and finished that. >> guest: he called out their names he has of troop into starts to name them. he was at his rhetorical heights of his majestic rhetoric and invoking the spirit of the black church
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and a spiritual fashion to be caught up in the spirit of the ships behind him in their royal purple the first african-american bishop and then when he broke out in song and the people went back to speak again but that to in in the black community was unbridled to that point and it was one of the most remarkable displays any president certainly has done and this president would grasp hold of and i sit in this chapter that when he was at his best and then to come together is extremely important. >> i will never forget when he was running and then a
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candidate for president he had that significant philadelphia speech on race and many said i love him. but a lot of african americans were on defense. he is the new guy. but then ayatollah? in south carolina he was on his way. the philadelphiladel phia up pushing for a lot of people but that is verses what we see in the oval office. >> to moderate monetize he had to change and alter by all presidents have to do to be honest but it was even more heavy-- situation more precarious. yes when he is free to be himself to embrace the tremendous traditions that inspired him if you love him
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interested you love jeremiah wright he is the man who gave him the keys to the kingdom. he led him and his face. >> it is sacred. >> it is but it was a liability so if you explain his language those people went beyond because we hear this every sunday in the black prophetic church but that read eric has him hating america to see that as a necessary prophetic argument to force barack obamacare and his pastor a part with a larger whole in in black -- black religion
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when you have a pastor and a parishioner the relationship is sacred and private there is trust the when the pastor says i will go after euro -- you, was that america over was that the demarcation line? >> like a when they said went to david. [laughter] . .
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his job is to do one thing and my job is to do another. the problem is that they drove a wedge between them in a way that wasn't necessary because many black ministers have pastor of many political figures in this country without having the wage driven between them but this takes forever forever this high and barack obama and jeremiah wright met at a fork that divided them forever unfortunately. as


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