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tv   Book Discussion on White Rage  CSPAN  August 21, 2016 8:26am-8:31am EDT

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of gifts. one of which was 26 large volumes, just like this. this is one of them. they are a petition signed only by women, and it's not half a million signatures of women who believe slavery should end in the united states. she was to take this petition i can use it as a political comic use it for political purposes to really end slavery in the united states. this as a year after "uncle tom's cabin" comes out as a book, and all of these women, half a million signatures, were collected in a grassroots effort. we believe by women in church groups, sewing circles, however sort of women's groups met.
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it includes not only the woman's name but the name of profession or occupation of the father or husband. this is a time when most women did not work outside of the home unless they were unmarried or a widow. and also the residents. you will see everyone from school mistresses down to the duchess the sutherland and the duke of argyll. she was presented with this small brooch here as well. this approach is gold and it's encircled around a lock of hair that was thomas clarkson. thomas clarkson was a major british abolitionists, beginning in the 18th century. when stowe coast of england he has already passed but his waiter wishes to present her
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with something of his so she has this made up the it is in great on the back with the date of the meeting. we know stowe treasured this and she owned a print of clark's as well and it hung in the home as well as other british abolitionists and folks who really worked towards human rights during the time she lived. stowe was a celebrity author who really changed the way americans look at slavery. she was the one through her writing who gave enslaved people a human nice feeling. white folks didn't really understand in a lot of ways that enslaved african-americans were people. ever thought of as a property. for her to humanize and to make our readers understand that, this is wrong, that the breaking up of human families is morally
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wrong and unchristian. that was the goal she sat for herself in showing the wrongs of slavery in "uncle tom's cabin." >> for more information, go to star. >> on june 17, 2015, south carolinians dylann roof, a white unemployed 21 year old high school dropout was on a mission to take this country back. ever since george zimmerman had walked out of the courthouse a free man after killing trayvon martin and a racially polarized nation debated the verdict, dylann roof had looked to understand the history of america, trolling through the internet, he stumbled across the council of conservative citizens.
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the progeny of the 1950s white citizens council that had terrorized black people, closed schools and work hand-in-hand with state governments to defy federal civil rights law. but despite the groups about racist belief system in the mid-to-late 1990s as the southern poverty law center report, the group boasted of having 34 members were in the mississippi legislature and have powerful republican party allies, including then senate majority leader trent lott of mississippi. in fact, i 2004 mississippi governor haley barbour would share the republican national committee and 37 other powerful politicians have all attended try seek defense in the 21st century. the chair of the tri c gave $65,000


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