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slavery in germany. it was his decision. again in a few days. would you expose it. but serving even for the concert . thank you very much. we will continue with the book exciting.
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this we could see spend city to her along with our comcast cable partners will explore the limitary life and history of pittsburgh pennsylvania. on book tv here about industrialist industrialists in the carnegie and how the innovative spirit transformed him into the steel capital of the world. we talked about the burning sun of chemical knowledge and he started to understand things from a scientific point of view whereas other people were still going on the seat-of-the-pants operations.
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i think by looking at some of the materials we selected here that they really had a love for learning and through this wonderful institution felt like this would be a way for the public to escape into another world. and then they explained the lives and contributions including the significant of the second great migration. see make that in a real way is a long haul of that story. is that black people in pittsburgh in this river valley became part of a new industrial environment that really took off after the civil war. >> on american history tv we will tour the in the warhol museum. once belonged to the famous 20th century pop artist.
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they talk about in the balls early life in pittsburgh and shows chose the artist collection. it's really great insight into just how self-conscious he actually was. i think a lot of people have a vision of him being really cool in the loop. i came with a lot of work. and sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv and c-span three working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> i cannot think of a more apropos story than that one that survived how they viewed. you have a reporter from bloomington indiana who went down and really went out of her way to find some sort of christian mom-and-pop shop
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that she could stereotype. that was allowing people to say if you own a business and you want to choose how you run a business that's fine. if you don't want to violate your religious conscience. if you're actively engaging in discrimination then you can run afoul of the law. if you are professing your faith and saint on this one the instance of a wedding ceremony i don't want to give you my artistic skill or my labor or expression. that is understandable and that's what it was about. this reporter actually went out of her way and went to this really tiny small town. it's one of those where us we have the storefront windows and people still parked out in the middle of the street. and went in. she saw some crosses on the wall. she walked inside she was at
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the cash register that did she ask her would you serve and cater a gay wedding. the weird thing is there is no service on no goods or money were exchanged. and she said we serve them every day. but the act of a wedding ceremony we probably wouldn't participate in that. can i buy some budget rounds and stack them up or something like that. it's weird that they went to a pizza shop. i have gay friends and family members. i'm from the ozarks we would never cater a wedding with pizza. i'm not throwing shade on anyone that head. do they not understand the neighbors through a block party in st. louis and had
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bottle service. know what is good and cater their wedding with a pizza for crying out loud. they have to close up shop. they were getting death threats. for hypothetical question. it was maddening because not only was it something that actually happened there is no discrimination that took place. this is more of an issue of whether or not you are serving a cake and a gay wedding or photographing a gay wedding. take that variable out of it. it's ultimately about who owns your labor. can the government cover that. and who you provide your services two. that's exactly it.
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the thing about it is you're talking about indentured service here. that's what it boils down to. when you remove all of that that this is about indentured servitude's. people are too involved in these politics to realize ultimately what path they are being let down with these arguments. you have a reporter that went to the small town and sought someone out to prove a narrative that she was building that's exactly why people have just had it. you can watch this and other programs online at book here's a look at some of the best selling nonfiction books in coral gables florida. topping the list is the memoir born to run. he remembers growing up in and then moving away from that regent. next is anna garten cooking
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for jeffrey. followed by national book award winner with the reflection on her life as a author and poet in upstream. bill o'reilly and his story recount of america is a america's defeat of japan during world war ii in killing the rising sun. they continue. the hidden life of trees and appetites. in the magnolia story. and the late neural shoot surgeon. they contemplate totality and when breath becomes air. it is the truant nonfiction bestsellers according to the books and bookstore. many of these authors have or will be appearing on book tv. you can watch them on the
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website book welcome to book a tv on c-span two. our live coverage of the 33rd annual miami book fair. we will be live from miami all weekend. and all of them will have the chance to talk with. include senator bernie sanders. now that is just a partial list of the author for a complete schedule go to our website book you can also follow us on social media, and on twitter at book tv. we are to cook up -- kick off this year's festival.
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