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tv   Summer Reading with Rep. Marcia Fudge D-OH  CSPAN  July 29, 2017 7:57pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> book tv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they are reading the summer. >> i am reading the fish that moved, james clyburn's book experiences and i'm also reading about the life of coretta scott king, my life, my love and legacy about credit scott king. >> what inspired these choices? >> let me just say that when coretta was in the movement women in particular, black women, have never got the credit that we should have done for what we did in the movement.
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women were very instrumental to the success of the civil-rights movement but you never hear much about them. you about martin, malcolm, those people but you hear about coretta and to hear about people like dorothy or mrs. lowery? i am intrigued by the women behind these great men and the women who made the movement move. that's why the credit book. the fish that moved is by a pastor, out of georgia, who was talking about that we've gotten complacent in our churches and this is how you explained it. we go to the same place to catch a fish every time even though the last two times we've gone the fish were not there but we still go into the same thing. maybe we have to go into deeper waters to buy fish because the fish have moved. it's important for me, not just as a christian, but as a leader to figure out how do i find the
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fish and not expect for the fish to always be at the same place or to always come to me. it struck me as a great read and very tiny book but so powerful and impactful. we have to figure out how to go into the deeper water and not be afraid to go out further. we want to stand on the shore and sometimes have to go into the water. then, james crawford is my friend. i think he's one of the most intelligent people i've ever met. he's a great historian and he's had a great experience is. i wanted to get some understanding of who he is even deeper as a person. that's why these three books the summer. >> most of these books are centered on history, is that where most of your interest and you find your inspiration from?
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or do you have other genres that you're interested in? i'm big on poetry. i'm big on pros. so, let's say for instance, i would care to a speech the first thing i would do is to start to read a poem or something that strikes me, music, but mostly i love poetr that'snspirational to me. these books are inspirational in a different way. they inspire me to be the kind of people in these books to measure myself against successes of them and to know if i'm going in the right direction. sometimes you look at other people and say i'd like to have that treat and i like to be like that person and that's why i read this. i am a big historian, i love history. this just happens to be my summer historical kinds of books. >> book tv wants to know what you are reading. send us your summer reading list


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