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tv   Vicente Fox Lets Move On  CSPAN  January 28, 2018 1:19am-2:33am EST

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>> do not go home and order. [laughter] b5. [inaudible conversations] good night. welcome. how are you?
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we are thrilled you could join us at the national press club. this is more than a critical conversation it is a celebration. a bilateral relationship with mexico and the relationship at risk. as president and ceo of the hispanic chamber of commerce i have the honor of representing 4.4 million hispanic that together contributed over $700 billion to the american economy every year. whether in the halls of congress or the state capitals or white house or corporate headquarters our organization puts the hispanic business community at the forefront of the agenda. how appropriate when we are gathered at the national press club it is no secret to freedom of the press is under
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attack. along with mary jordan we will candidly commit ourselves no fake news or alternative facts. and all the other members of the media 34 media outlets all over the world and then that at most gratitude to the honorable box mom --dash president fox from 2000 through 2006 his legacy speaks of his great leadership to decreased poverty reducing corruption and crime with increasing trade relations.
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that is a global leader to recognize the value to build cultures and communities and countries. and then we share a long history with economic and social interest. that cannot and will not be inhibited by a wall. but why would the business association care so much? ninety-four of the and those that exist outside of the united states if they are to continue to grow it must have access to foreign markets. as the third-largest trading
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partner and i never pass up the chance to remind the leaders in mexico is a larger trading partner than brazil, france, germany, great britain, india, japan, the list goes on. right now bilateral trade is 130 million -- billion dollars every day. this has created over 6 million american jobs. most americans don't know this but mexico ranks among the top three export partners 439 of our american states to include
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states like kansas, colorado, illinois, indiana minnesota and south dakota that the u.s. atc we understand the relationship with mexico is the -- economic imperative so to strengthen with the neighbors to the south this means nafta or a reasonable immigration system or security for the dreamers i will let the president talk to those issues to carry more weight and wisdom. he has been known for his colorful criticism of president trump and we are
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thrilled to have him here today because that criticism as candid as it might be frankly is extremely valuable. so his book let's move on offering a unique perspective on america's political climate. with that anti- intimate to say that division mystique today or how we got to and without divisiveness can lead so this book is not so much a criticism as a lifeline president fox was -- gives a commitment to american democracy. in the book president fox asks, what would you do if your neighbors house was on fire? would you sit and watch? because after all it is a gore
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house. or would you try to help? i feel morally obligated to hel help, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because if you don't do something, soon your house will catch fire two. so on stage is mary jordan from the washington post. a foreign correspondent for countries across the globe living in mexico five years. and winning a pulitzer prize reporting on the criminal justice system. i had the pleasure to meet mary when she interviewed me at the rnc. and i cannot imagine a more qualified individual to join mr. fox on stage so please
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stand and welcome to the stage, washington post national correspondent, mary jordan and please welcome the former president of mexico, the honorable vicente fox. [applause] >> thanks to all of you for coming my husband is here also my colleague was on that team and we just had news back in the green room and the phone beeped the headline is kind of big. it says president trump's
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immigration proposal to congress will include a path to citizenship for an estimated 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants. after the white house has been briefing people today. that is twice the number that was included in daca. so his plan that will formally go to the senate as early as monday to include $25 billion. >> from mexico? [laughter] >> ascending into the senate and there is a lot more details coming out what do you make of this. >> many people here in the states have been striving to
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reach this point. back in 2003 or 13 years ago? and then to advocate toward 11 billion as a bipartisan presentation. senator mccain and president bush administration. and from september 11. and that was ready to go.
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then the priorities have changed. and then beyond comprehensive and with a case of migration and now working on security. in the priority for the next month and then to participate because of that decision. but today we might be witnessing history again.
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and then not more than three weeks ago. you say to love the dreamers. he might reconsider with 1.8 million. that is where their friends are. this is where their families are. we wish we could have them in mexico. because that would be fantastic. and then it generates from the university but if that happens? >> so if that happens, if you
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give me $25 billion it doesn't seem to be from the natural boundaries from the natural boundaries you talk a lot about the wall. is it a fair trade 1.8 million then that is their money? >> and then to be one single human being but this is much more important to future happiness and each of those rumors. as far as congress with
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55 billion i don't care. there are better alternatives than that and creating jobs in mexico. so at least two or 3 million new jobs were with those people with opportunities. but that isn't for the next one. but history has proven the chinese spent decades and
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hundreds of thousands of people working to build the chinese wall. they gained enemies. but looking for those people who want freedom and those leaders. so president reagan said mr. gorbachev terry down the wall. and to say this is a global nation and not just not just
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to be the president of the united states but to become the leader of the world is a huge responsibility. but also to close from the wall, 3 million, 315 billion u.s. americans. 350 liters, was incredible and then to see the rest of the world but then in those terms
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with the fortune 500 then to convince all of these economies and everything that was produced here. and then to become very competitive i am the leader.
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that changes nafta. >> so it is a $25 billion psychological statement? so in a way what is a big deal? so you say is that a bigger statement? >> i don't know it depends on the technology and the height of the wall so who knows?
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and so with 35 billion you could have one drone with somebody is crossing. >> but if you talk to people and 63 million voted for trump and there are a lot of people that say i don't like people who follow the rules or jump over fences. >> i agree with them and everybody we have better ways and means at the end with the economic issue and then you
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learn how to go to the rio grande would you not? so that is the price for the nation. so from one generation gap has narrowed it is not so powerful. but at the same time one of the main purposes of nafta
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with a better economy that is with the forecast and make one dollar on the mexican side make you forget the problem of this exchange. >> there is critical negotiations and it is 25 years later the president says it has been great for mexico. but what do we get? >> let me tell you. >> tell us how you really feel. five years ago has taxpayers
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with billions of dollars but you missed a lot of money so what happened? so this is the heart of nafta to put together the resources so this became a nafta corporation with intelligent and design 1 foot in the united states so the profits
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come back here you have lost manufacturing jobs but you gain 50% more with those technology jobs so in manufacturing they better learn there will not be a job for them in the future robots will take that away from them and things will change. that they are establishing for every family and every person
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and to learn about technology running to a fastest speed were there will be no jobs nothing will happen. so we can dedicate ourselves to reading and learning so what will happen? >> let's just go back for one second because you successfully predicted that mexico would not pay for the wall. no laughing way that started to trend on twitter.
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[laughter] >> 's and you predicted that, what is your prediction about nafta? they send most of their corn to mexico so what will happen? >> stay in and improve it everybody wants to do that except one dictator and im thinking in washington. [laughter] he is not in town he heard you were coming. >> it is nothing personal believe me.
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where were we? >> some people are worried that the scenario so what happens of trade and commerce created by the other founders. with those regulations. so this will regulate what we will do. so if he gets out of there
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then it is the jungle and now mexico is already dealing with china china is much more they trade much more so we are already buying green in brazil and argentina do we stop buying from the united states? we would not market anymore. >> wouldn't be so bad for mexic mexico? he already trashed and cut out the u.s.
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>> you have conducted all your activities so we have to work for the chinese market and to adapt with the models with those marketing strategies so it could take years. so he said this was too long. i don't want to see that scenario. and that reaction and that we have to adapt that is what is
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cleaning for the u.s. corporations. >> and looking at the tax cuts for corporations so that when you money from government and a small amount that does not work. that is not the response growing from media. so usually what happens is the corporation use the money to liquidate or use it for other
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causes. or to generate more wealth. with the income tax rate and then go to 28 gradually so then you have to replace that with the trump plan so the plan is from another angle. so to use the corporate tax
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with that corporation but the world has moved to sales-tax from consumption he who consumes less pays more. and with that taxation. >> but that discussion has brought up an issue that consumed a growing inequality. and sometimes that is more perceptive do you feel this play is coming to america in the divide between rich and poor? >> this consumption have to
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invest and then to promote consumption or to those levels of income and then to lower the tax rates. and then to enhance consumption but that is my thinking. i guess it is good the stock exchanges moving so in
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different companies with the long run. and donald trump is today. >> so how do you describe the first year of donald trump? >> this obsession to comply with president trump campaigning you should make your own plan for government and get a team of how to do
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it. i was also like him. he was those people really wanted so that he has to comply with those promises that he made as he is finding out. there is no promise so he should have that flexibility. he makes bills that is wrong. you make the deals and you get what you want.
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both sides win. but then you say you win. that is not a good way to deal. and also to be compassionate. he only loves himself. himself again and himself again and may be milani a. [laughter] and maybe his grandson because we all love our grandson. and bringing the whole family to the white house that is your nepotism.
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so fortunately so with the genius of the reason the results of 100 years of latin america. because we believe the dictators the chavez. >> what is the danger?
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i build the wall for you. or do you love your jobs? so watch tv and wait. >> since you have been so clear of your feelings of donald trump in what way would he think he could be interested or what you have in common? >> most of my life has been private sector. and then to dedicate my life. i believe you have to do
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something so i decided to jump in. that was by so many experiences and to learn what it is all about. but that compassion with leaders and followers but that's not true. but this is the way to go. this makes it an exclusive
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issue. i'm not trying to be like gandhi or like president trump. >> when you were running you came up against a political machine you got a lot of people to vote for you. >> that's my point you over promise. >> how do you get over to say they are not following through? >> that first that is the game of competitiveness. >> doesn't it seem
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duplicative? everybody who listens to politics then they turn their back. [laughter] i have the commitment and i have that position. >> so to get anything done there has been feedback that there is some evolution while it will not be a hundred thousand it could be
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1.8 million. is it possible three years from now at the end of the term you could be happy with this administration? >> he is learning. you do have to be open to learning. that is one point and three years from now. maybe make sure that that happened but you have that opposition of majority to be sure that balance of power that my thinking is it is
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everywhere in the world everybody is disappointed that is not the expected outcome because things are not going that well. . . . .
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