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tv   Grace Kennan Warnecke Daughter of the Cold War  CSPAN  December 8, 2018 10:55pm-11:01pm EST

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patriarchy. >> host: is going to get worse but thanks for being with us. >> guest: thanks for doing it. i appreciated. thank you. >> grace kennan were nike is the daughter of the late u.s. diplomat george kennan.
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i spoke five languages before i was 12. he never went to the same until the seventh grade. ..
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>> how did you live when i said goodbye i knew i would never see them again i went to different schools. >> as the chairman of the board on american foreign policy you also worked on soviet and russian foreign policy. is that from your father? b mckay was always interested and it was a big part of my life that my book is about the improvisational life may be in the end it was more consistent. >> you talk about your father if he was alive with russian relations what about foreign
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policy click. >> that is a very good question i don't agree with much of it right now but it is difficult daughter of late diplomat george cannon. thank you so much.
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>> i grew up believing that i would always be able to support myself to work my way through college and to develop on my own but it is a fact that with they are better economically and the children are better off
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>>. >> welcome to powerhouse thank you for your support tonight. we are very excited to be hosting tonight with the author american and overdose. and then we will take


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