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tv   Brian Kilmeade Sam Houston the Alamo Avengers  CSPAN  January 19, 2020 7:40pm-8:09pm EST

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>> here we go. excellent. thank you so much for coming
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tonight. we want to welcome you to our new home we are so honored and thankful that you are here, but we are not here for us. all of you probably know him from his job hosting fox and friends. it's the most popular morning cable news show on the planet for 213 months and two weeksks d four days. you might also know him from his nationally syndicated radio show which is almost 150 radio stations across the country and talkers magazine named him one of the most important radio hosts in america. between tv and radio, he's on
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the airwaves six hoursar a day, five days a week and yet he's found the time to write a string of "new york times" best-selling books, george washington secret six, thomas jefferson and the pirates, andrew jackson and miracle of new orleans all told his books have reached over 200 -- 2.5 million account of the world which is fairly impressive because these are history books. it's impressive. his latest book we are celebrating tonight is sam houston and alamo have been jurors. it's yet anothe another bestselr that's debuted last week as number three on the bestseller list.
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the list just came out and he's at number two. if you haven't read it you are in for a treat and i have good news for you tonight. you are taking home a signed copy of the new book. we are honored to have him tonight and he's good to speak for a couple of minutes. he told me he might take a couple questions if you are kind tyou're kindto him so welcome te bestsellers list. thank you for being here. >> thank you for coming out tonight. i don't know anybody that you seem nice and well dressed and you are all wearing the same type of blue which is kind of scary. [laughter] they've done an incredible job leading the way with the publicity.
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you could have the best book in the best message, the best story but you've got to tell people it's out there and there are so many great books out there right now. you've got to have the right plan to launch and so far, this is my sixth book overall, my fourth one was sensible and i've never had things on all gears like this for this long. we are doing the best we can to get the word out. thanks for posting this for me. i was reluctant to do it because coming to washington in the middle of the week he said it will be worth it you will come out and to know you are drinking and eating for free makes me feel better. it's good to see things so many called in washington these days, not much happening. and when you have a historic impeachment trial where every
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minute is something more compelling there will be four major stories. my goal has always been to get away from politics with this. there's enough trump, bush, clinton. there's nothing new i could bring to the city that they already don't know. my goal is to tell the story in a way in which they do it comprehensively but i know one thing for sure, i can't do that so what i want to do is get major figures in history that you know are on the cover and when you open it up you will y understand more about the people that made them great because you do great things on a daily basis without paying the claim. made up of people doing extraordinary things without getting at pat on the back.
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they were known in their time at in our time so if you open up and say i love washington, greed, when you close it and think about austen wrote as a bartender and a farmer and when you open up a thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates you think i love him, he's a genius but do you know about stephen and edward and do you know about william eaton and my goal is if you are at the watercooler or sports bar hanging out at a tailgate people go and challenge usau america's history come everybody is proud of their history, that's fine but i want to give you more preventive astringency to say when i was in america i hit the lotto and everyday we have a chance to go play in the super bowl and end up. all we want is the chance to be successful. we don't want the outcome decided. we don't want bb docks.
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we don't want a guaranteed thousand dollars. we just want to be the landscape of the best we can to have equal chance to be successful. if i thought i could tell a series of stories to take that away. while we are doing this we try to find another story after andrew jackson the miracle of new orleans and i keep going back to texas. g anybody here from texas? you are so prideful of your past. texas was just wide open and it was up to austin to cut a deal. he breaks to families because believe it or not, in america come to the new world people wanted a new shot after a new
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short and all they wanted was maybe a chance to be successful in to seand to see what texas ho offer. so they got a gun, rake and plow and what they were able to do and how they were able to stand up and fight for freedom and liberty is a story that is important to tell and if i can introduce you to sam houston, he should have been president. you have a perfect person mentioned to buy this guy named andrew jackson and i was able to do something i've always wanted to do how great i is it in the rocky movies when they flashback to the previousie rocky movie. then i remember why i am in the theater. i'm able to open up with andrew johnson and we tell the story of what happened in that battle. they were going to turn over the louisiana purchase and stop it from going to the sea.
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i'm able to start there and in 1814, sam houston felt he was impervious if he got three times and should have died. it's got to be calculated and what it was time to get the commission he goes to washington pretty close to here. this country is fragile and has to be calculated. the team 35, 36, it takes some of the toughest man in america telling them to run away because there is one battle we've got to win and right now we are not eprepared. he's training them and gathering them into shaping thehes battlefield until he sets it up etin the end so i thought if we could tell the story and arm you with another story even though it's seen as pulling each other apart, if i know how bad it was and how close we came to the
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destruction, you wouldn't overreact about rudy giuliani in ukraine. [laughter] a why don't we take a short timeout and watch sam houston, the alamo avengers this is as it aired on fox news. >> 1776, america declares its independence. this time it was mexico in the battle for texas. to the 1830s texas was happy to be a state of mexico but that all changed when general lopez took power and shelled liberty
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to break away. they were readyyo to fight. >> they would control that whole part of texas to the surprise of many they were outnumbered and organized and take over the mission but bad news was coming. he would decide to stay in factoring in one of the most famous in america at the time was under his command it is freedom or death that's different for every person that
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most people courage isn't alonea if the people around you show optimism. >> they fought furiously inflicting hundreds or thousands of casualties. they were supposed to intimidate the forces but it didn't. he team 36 weeks after the alamo massacre the battle goes here behind me 400 men led by about about to be engaged. once again, his orders were not heeded. he's in the middle of an open field.
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they were marched out and executed. he knew he had to get one of the most unpopular orders in his careerer. this was no war of attrition he's going on with formationss and strategies. >> they looked at the lens and said i can go to the american border and get more troops or make this decision, follow that one and there's the new santa anna after much deliberations he decided to finally fight the first and only time they would square off and who knew better to take me through this battle than the author of 18 minutes.
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>> that's the amount of time that it took to overwhelm and completely surprised mexican army. the group that got annihilated got massacred it takes 18 minutes. >> i think it is pretty clear we have to give get the reenactors in better shape. these were i give them credit that they. santa anna would be captured and thene, they decide to call up te
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reinforcement. in washington jackson will ultimately oversee the fact he went back to mexico that was the story so that is the alamo avengers off to a pretty good start because i believe it is the victory that changed american history when we moved south and midwest. jefferson and jackson thoroughly believe that texas came into the louisiana purchase and he couldn't believe. we don't really talk about that, but back then that was one of the hottest issues in the country, and i just found by thy going back in reclaiming it and understandingnd it.
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i studied it for 20 years and i just hope people would be interested. i thought that they woul would e to it but by this time i feel like i'm on a mission to push back on those who don't understand how great this country is. and i have no problem saying that.. it's not perfect but what is good about us as we are tryings to be. we argue in front of strangers but when it is all said and done it is because we have the sameer goal. i would like to take some questions from you guys if you have any also tell y you that io have to be about 2:30 and also
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encourage you if you are ever around orlando, jacksonville, virginia. see if we can tackle donald trump junior. he intends to push the book a little bit. he's a great guy and it's a great book. does anybody have any questions? let me explain something to you
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on a serious note i used to do all sports radio and what happened in 2017 with the yankees up now the revelation about what the actors were doing in 2017 it's going to be an 7,interesting time. if i'm not too happy and defend the yankees i'm not too happy with this whole science feeling thing. >> i have to find something in the next four or five weeks and then i'mhe going to retire and have the retirement party right here. i will try to find a fight to history that you know the headline that you probably don't know the details. i will look for something on the inside. but a really special thanks to fox.
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they let me do an hour-long special on the alamosa while others are doing something on impeachment, i was able to go and so that was pretty cool. also to point out fox nation lets me do this series called what made america great so i got the chance to travel and do separate 45 minute documentaries over the next 18 months and all the things you probably don't know are forgotten and that's been a great experience. >> [inaudible] i started as a sports guy because that was the quickest way to get on but when i went to take a break since i don't g-golf angolfand i have very fei would open up a history book and to be honest, i never thought i would be writing one, ever. when bill o'reilly started writing his great book and encouraged me so much, we are from the same neighborhood, i'm
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from long island and when i told him i had been studying for 20 years and started giving him some details, he said to me you've got to write that, instead of saying i do history and fox, he said you've got to write that. i was handing him chapters and the first one was done, i wanted to do what they told me, if you are giving stand up and have a closing and you get a laugh before the close, leave. [laughter] ..
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>> the next thing i know i'm talking about the alamo. [laughter] i am accidental historical author who is passionate aboute it. >> i know they were shooting each other. i get it burgled they were just as angry that there was a sense of service of the country and sam houston is the best example. he told texas were not going into the civil war or joining the confederacy. but lincoln reached out and said i will provide the troops if you want to try to take amtexas back because we want them in the confederacy.
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because it's all about keeping the country together first. jackson was outraged the northern states do not want to join the war of 1812 because it's all about country first and outrage south carolina wanted to secede first so the politicians today i have a belief if you listen to the radio show especially i have a belief that compromise will be in soon. whether trump wins or another democratic guy or someone moderate it will sit down and do immigration and health care. because we know that no matter how brilliant you think your healthcare for immigration plan is, as soon as the other party gets power they will tear it up and then they will eirr up yours and you'll tear up there's. soso we have to do this thing called compromise. do you think i'm right cracks you don't? [laughter]
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>> i will tell you this but guy wanted to go beyond the alamoon but the second feature with fox nation i said how do i do this with a broader audience? and when i got there i thought i could tell it comprehensively. but i love the got in fact that guys like phil collins and stanley mcchrystal joined me at the alamo for the special and say military colleges still study at 180 guys can hold off over 3000 for 13 days if they just had a couple hundred more they may have one. if he didn't have something
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like tuberculosis or scurvy i don't know what he was suffering from i have a feeling he would still be alive. [laughter] he would have found a way. >> [inaudible] >> he kicked me in the thigh really hard. [laughter] he did. and if you go to his house and make a right at the helipad. [laughter] he brings you down there what i think you are alluding to a did not fight them i called them and then i watch because of the weight classes before the division if you when you room ando the locker wait for the championship. so this guy weighing 450 pounds maybe 600 pounds go gets a-p 180-pound guy and then
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the first shot knocks out the two teams it's an interesting experience.nd and back then do you mind telling the presss somebody can die tonight? but somebody could have died that night. nobody predicted it would be this successful. but one thing get a hotel room because he will fight you all night. >> [inaudible] >> overall? first, a salute to my producer who's pregnant with twins and on the tour with me. [applause]
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we have been to the most interesting tour ever outside major cities went o to omaha and lincoln and wichita falls in waco texas and san antonio. south bend indiana. i'm finding when you go to texas i cannot believe so many people directly related to sam houston or somebody who fought in theed battle and when you go to those cities that i mentioned them in a 30 or 40 or 50 years my family fight in the revolution but to be honest this is some rough terrain if you go to nebraska and look around you don't even see a mountain is just flat the bind that these tile - - towns have with each other the
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people say they are related to the story and thank you for keeping your family story alive. thank you for the question. thank you for having the party and thank you for the book. thank you for coming out. [applause]e] >> thank you so much progress ed native texan. i have four or five pieces all good news the best is he will be in the big conference room for a little bit taking photos if you would like a photo with him we are trying to get them out of here quickly because we understand his schedule but if you want to grab a photo with him make your way that way. another piece of good news as you leave tonight.
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don't leave because there is so much food and drink we are hoping you will help. but there will be gift bags and signed copies of the book. my friend gave us cbd for everybody. [applause] so grab one of those also dessert and champagne. [inaudible conversations] >> welcome. good morning i am with the political reform program


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