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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Blackburn on Coronavirus  CSPAN  March 12, 2020 11:20pm-11:26pm EDT

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and the senate will continue to stand ready to work on the bicameral actions when the house democrats decide to get serious. >> on tuesday my colleague senator menendez and i introduced the securing america's medicine cabinet to encourage an increase in american manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredient agreements. we did this because china dominates this portion of the manufacturing and get in last night's news, i wanted to come back for a moment and highlights the important work that's being done in tennessee and across the support our nation's
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response to this virus pandemic. many americans are very concerned as they ought to be about the availability of testing and as you all know it means we didn't have test kits on the shelves before the outbreak started. the tests that we do have are not instant. when people think of an instant test they think of a fluke test or pregnancy test and test required for this virus is not an instant test. but, this is in the berk works e do have top scientists at vanderbilt university and other institutions that are developing faster techniques for some of
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the other word that is being done will help lead us to a faster and faster antivirals and civaccines. in east tennessee right outside of box though at the oak ridge national lab, researchers in the cutting-edge technology to identify drug candidates for targeting. whatat they are doing, mr. president, is they are using the summit such as the world's fastest supercomputer. what they have done is defeat
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information about the viruses, is mers, sars and h1n1. they've identified a 77 drug candidates for the department that we know as covid-19. in this database of more than 8,000, the researchers accomplished what would have taken years for scientists to do in the lab. in my remarks on the floor yesterday i went into detail about the decade-long effort i scientists at vanderbilt university to study the viruses. i wanted to reiterate the point
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that all across the country friends are developing antivirals and vaccines that will eventuallyhe be used to combat multiple strains of the virus, not just this particular outbreak, but in addition to this outbreak. the u.s. is the leader in research and development. the labs are the envy of the world. but right now we do tend to believe on chinese and foreign companies to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients. when this happens, we lose control of our supply. so while we have all of this great work done in tennessee, we have this wonderful work done in the lab at vanderbilt we need
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something like this act to enable us to have access to then training to bring those obligations back to the safety of us-based labs and institutes of learning and expedite having the antivirals and vaccines that are needed to. to securing the pharmaceutical supplyho


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