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Mitch McConnell
  Senate Republican Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  June 24, 2020 6:05am-6:30am EDT

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good afternoon, everyone. our 200 judge and then let me turn to the cloture on the motion to proceed.
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several of them don't trust which mcconnell. they don't have to trust me. i want an open amendment process, i mean it if they don't feel they've had fair treatment, the remedy is to refuse to finish the bill. so there's literally no harm done by debating this important topic. one of our colleagues spent an
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enormous amount of time on this. he is personally experienced the kind of treatment that produced an interest in addressing this issue at the federal level so i want to call on senator scott to give his thoughts about where we are. >> there's no doubt in the earliest conversations about the process that should be undertaken to address the serious issues confronting the communities of color and so many individuals within those communities if that's not the most important way for us to do so is to have an open process thank you for having an open process that allows us to engage in a real debate so if your objective is to solve the issue of the police reform.
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before the entire american public to understand what the differences are if this is more about the campaign rhetoric and presidential elections then it's about those youngsters that today are afraid the jobs down the street with a single mom waiting at home for her son to get home then we debate this bill and if it's about the people that worked hard to our concernthroughour concerned aboy members and their safety we debate this now. if it's more important to score political points and talk about
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the legislation and not actually come to the table to improve the legislation, that means we are only talking about politics and not human beings who are losing confidence in the institutions of authority and power because we keep pretending that this is about washington, d.c.. it's about louisville kentucky. it's about minneapolis. our legislation covers those points. if our friends on the other side want to figure out a path forward for those places and those citizen, let's get there and we can start tomorrow. this is a finished until they say it's so. i want to personally thank tim
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stauffer has investment in time and energy given the subject and obviously it's something he's put a lot of bipartisan work into and it speaks from personal experience which i think when this tremendous credibility and i can assure you this isn't a messaging exercise for him or for the senate republicans. we want to create positive change on an issue that has plagued us and frustrated us for way too long and so i would hope the democrats and senate come to the conclusion it's in their best interest and the american peoples best interest to get the solution to school for problem. we have a piece of legislation that's been put together with a lot of labor and input and it's ready to go.
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as leader mcconnell pointed out it takes 60 votes to get on the bill and 60 votes to get off the bills with the democratbill so e plenty of protections if they don't like the final outcome or product and they have the house of representatives saying we want to get into conference with the senate. they want to make it go as low. the only things looking at right now is the senate democrats. this is an opportunity we shouldn't mess and tomorrow there is a consequential vote and democrats are going to let us know a meaningful solution to this challenge we have as a country or whether they want to
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use this for nothing more than to score political points. the data can be heard and we can get a result that will move us in a positive direction in this country. >> i want to than thank tim scor his continued leadership specifically on this issue but if we see the democrats and the senate standing in the way of progress passing the wall. democrats blocking legislation that is serious and significant, straightforward and sensible so the american people understand what is happening with me be clear that justice act tim has put together is about 70% overlap with what they are
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working on in the house. and the democrats in the senate are filibustering it. they are not filibustering the final vote but even having a discussion on the floor of the united states of the justice act. why would these people who say they are for something, why would they do this-the they wouo it. why would they create a stand on this? because they would rather why would they vote no on something of which they're 70% overlap and includes so many of the things important to them? when george floyd was murdered, people took to the streets and now they are turning their eyes
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to congress and saying do something. pass a law. chuck schumer said bring something to the floor by jul july 4. here we are so why is every democrats lining up to say nevermind, forget about it. nancy pelosi said i want to go to conference on this though. i don't think i've ever said this before but that isn't what we have here. we have chuck schumer with a choke hold on the justice act and our opportunity for the police reform in america let's talk a little bit more about how a bill becomes law. the comments have been made. you can't go to conference unless we have a bill.
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i have heard friends on the other side say 80% if i'd like to do is in that bill. they don't even say i'm for 80% of the bill. it has easy person to provide like to do. most people standing here at this news events today have never heard something that members of congress use to say i'm going to vote for this bill today and work to make it better in the conference. if ed% of what you want is in a bill that can pass, you go to conference and hope maybe 90% of what you want is your second vote. you vote once on the house or the senate version of the bill and then vote again on the conference part of the bill.
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everybody here that took a civics class remembers it was the house passes bill to the senate passes the bill, they go to conference both sides vote again on the conference report and it goes to the president. we have gotten so bogged down in making political planes that nobody wants to make the law. we've gotten so bogged down nobody wants to have the compromises and essence of democracy. one site has a bill they are proud of and we have a bill we are proud of and that could go to conference and that could go to the president's desk or once i can say we don't want to legislate any more. we would rather talk about this issue than solve this issue. we would rather in the discussion then advance the discussion. there are plenty saying i am not for the final product.
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when you have two bodies here in the congress that a birdie on the majority of what is in their individual bills, then we should come together. we really should come together. any time you are on a road to a solution, that road is not built overnight. you start and move onto the next half mile until we come to a consensus on what needs to be done. and in this case it is police reform. i want to thank tim scott for his work on this act. it ifact. it is truly a phenomenal leader. we appreciate it and support you and i look forward to taking that vote where we can move it
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forward. a lot of folks may not realize june is post traumatic stress disorder among and for someone that has served in a combat zone like i have, i understand how they advocate those physical impairment and mental impairment or with an injury from orbit can be on either end. we need to make sure we are focusing the support to overcome many obstacles they may have gained i had a bill that was signed into law it was the suicide prevention act and through that act, we are identifying the proper treatments necessary, and that is what we should be getting across the board. we understand it can lead to
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better in society. and i really want to see us move to those taking their own minds everlivesevery day to that magir of zero. if we all remember let's make sure we are providing resources and support necessary for the veteranbetter in such really dit need it. >> i joined all the others appear. in the wake of the killing i need some visits and a number of phone calls across the state of indiana from south bend to indianapolis to new albany. we don't want outrage. this isn't what we want out of
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this event. he wants congress and the president to act. we have a piece of legislation that will improve the criminal justice system and restore the measure of trust and some of our most important local institutions. the only thing between us and achieving the outcome is political calculation. i hope that changes here in the next several hours. the american people want this done and it's important that we act and pass this bill. i do think it's important as it relates to the criminal justice system we will be passing the
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five federal judges over the course of this congress. i'm proud of what it has done on that front working with this president where we are experiencing a traditional emergency. everybody deserves their day in court in a timely "-begin-quotes so on this issue i'm working with my colleague is to ensure we continue to vote on these judges and where possible arrive at bipartisan solutions
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[inaudible] >> once you start they will say i need so many amendments in try to reach an agreement and you what the outcome be determined by the vote. qualified immunity is extremely important. i will make one observation i will not attempt to address it. imagine you are thinking about becoming a police officer and they were going to be liable to. others think you sit in the police car, don't ever get out
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because you could get yourself sue over it all. we could say a couple of things about what they have in common in the bill because we are deflected by talking about the things that are dissimilar in the legislation as opposed to talking about the things that are similar. why is that important? because you have about 70% in common is a great place to have a successful motion to proceed to you then have a debate over those things that you do not have in common so when it comes to the reporting requirements, we are very close to the requirements around reporting. when it comes to the important of training and resources on the federal government to de- escalate, we are in a very serious place. when it comes to misconduct, the presidency, executive order and the national database, which is a preservation on the local
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level that the national database can have the records floating very quickly. a common footprint so when it comes to those like the chokehold, the question is what is the difference. you read the media outlet did it with show that the house bans the chokehold for everybody. that isn't what the house bill says. it bans it for federal officers set differently for several hundred thousand of the 800,000 law enforcement officers including eric garner wouldn't have been infected in the house and on the chokehold because it wasn't a secret service agents of the fact of the matter is it's a great place for us to have a conversation in an amendment to bring the two pieces together because our legislation actually says something very similar.
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from the federal perspective to get rid of the chokehold. those bills say on the local and state level would reduce the funding from the grand perspective to consult local and state agencies on the issue of the chokehold. as for the truth is we are very close. and the definition of the chokehold, the interesting definition, we see chokehold should be banned. they say it is one word that isn't in our legislation, let's add it in. i said this to my friends on the other side if there are serious issues that are so close together, can we bridge that gap? on the qualified immunity the importance of protecting the law enforcement officer is paramount to having character driven law enforcement. what we saw over the weekend could be a foreshadowing of a.
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a. out of the six zones, three had a significant reduction in responses. why is that flex when an officer has to second-guess what the consequences are, that is an interesting engagement. as i have said all along, when the department should be held more likable protecting officers and giving them victims of abuse the pathway to cities is a very different position but one that we should be willing to engage in a in the process. if you can't get the votes, okay if you can get tb five or 90% of what you are which isn't bad in politics, why wouldn't you go there, why would you not allow for the stuff you have in common to be the law so that you have e data necessary to direct
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resources into training to de- escalate to keep more people around the country safer including officers and the citizens they protect? >> ..
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referring to the coronavirus -- >> i don't know how to address the question to her. >> how do you feel about it. [inaudible question] >> no, that is a good question, what i will do for unsuccessful tomorrow is change my boat and move to reconsider, that means this issue can come up again without a two day weight, let me remind all of you if the democrats are anxious to deal with the issue, why did i have to file closure on the motion to proceed. why did we have to wait two days, we have no vote today and the reason we have no vote is because they won't agree to have the vote today. i know you're supposed to be objective but the facts are not irrelevant. the facts are there is no downside, none to the democrats to get on a bill that last week
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they were calling to get on before the fourth of july. we were trying to get on before the fourth of july and tried to finish it before the fourth of july but it requires some level of cooperation. >> in kentucky many have heard