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  President Trump Visits Border Wall in Texas  CSPAN  January 12, 2021 3:01pm-3:33pm EST

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>> they wish was, i wish the virus would go away. so let's hope this wish comes true. susan: out of the mouth of babes. michael: that will be our last for today. doctor susan bailey, president of the medical americans are association . thank you for joining us. and we are pleased to present you virtually with our national trust club coffee mug. we will send it to you along with our hope that you will join us again in person in the very near future. thank you and good luck. susan: thank you. michael: our thanks to the producer and headliners team, coleaders and laura . into our wonderful national press club team and the scenes here in the broadcast operation center. if they are members and our guest for your questions and for joining us. be well, stay safe and have a good day.
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president trump in texas today getting ready to speak about the border wall immigration. his live coverage of "c-span2". ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> president of the united states, donald j trump. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ trump: thank you very much everybody. we have worked long and hard to get this done.
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and they said it could not be done. and we got it done. one of the largest infrastructure projects in the history of our country. and i am honored to be here in the rio grande valley with the greatest men and women of customs and border patrol. these people are incredible. if they are really incredible. i've gotten to know you very well over the last four years and any of your friends from all of the work we did in designing the wall. we got it exactly as you wanted it. everything including your protective plate on top. and they said why did you put that we needed for extra protection. and we have everything you want. his steel and that is rebar is concrete and rebar is heavy inside of the concrete. it's as strong as you're going to get. it's as strong as you can have . but we give you 100 percent of what you wanted. as an i have no excuses. i did not want you to have any excuses. and you set records we cannot
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let the next administration even think about taking it down. i don't think that will happen. i think when you see what it does and how it so important for our country, nobody will be touching it. and you are very proud of it in your product what you did. because we designed it together. we are joined together to celebrate a great achievement. extraordinarily successful building of the wall. on the southern border. and before we begin i would like to say that free speech is under assault. like never before. the 20th amendment is at zero risk to me. but we will come back to haunt joe biden and the biden administration. as the expression goes, be careful what you wish for. the impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witchhunt in history of our country. and it is causing tremendous anger and division and pain, far
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greater than most people will ever understand. which is very dangerous for the usa especially at this very tender time. and now i would like to briefly address the events of last week. millions of our citizens watched on wednesday as a mob stormed the capital and trash the halls of government. and as i have consistently said throughout her administers, we believe in respecting america's history and traditions. not tearing them down. we believe in the rule of law, not in violence or rioting. because of the pandemic, horrible horrible invisible enemy. despite her tremendous success, developing a vaccine years before it was thought even remotely possible. nobody thought it would be possible. they said it would take five years. sir, it will take seven years, all of her scientists were saying this. in our advisors, they said it would take seven years or five years. or maybe ten years.
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but we did it just like i said we would. and we headed out years and years before they thought it was possible. and were now delivering it to states including your state where your governor and your government are doing a terrific job and getting it administered. here in texas and florida is doing great. some of them are doing great and some are not doing as well but they have all they can handle. we get into them as fast as they need it. and even faster. but they are calling it a medical miracle. and this is have been a difficult year. in a very difficult election. the pandemic is made it a very difficult year for our country. in virtually every country all of the world. and now is the time for our nation to heal. and it is time for peace and for calm. respect the law enforcement and the great people within the law enforcement. so any are here. it is the foundation of the mega agenda. and we are a nation of law and
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we are a nation of order. and that is why we are here today to talk about what we must do to uphold the rule of law in america and how we must continue to support our law enforcement. our heroes which is exactly what you are. do you feel like a hero. a bit to do. [applause]. you do and you are. and i want to thank the border patrol in the commissioner mark morgan. who's been incredible. where is mark. instead of mark. you've done a great job. [applause]. chief patrol agent brian hastings, thank you brian, great job. [applause]. he said sir, this really works for you and most importantly, the brave law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to protect our families and our country. i also want to thank a tremendous gentleman and a friend of mine, tom. he's a great american patriot.
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[applause]. and he was with us right from the beginning right time. he said we need a wall. when they were saying no no, we need drones. i said why so you can watch the people are into our country illegally. and i want to thank you very much. what a professional job you have done. all of you people are incredible. everyone here is part of an incredible success story. this is a real success story. i took office, we inherited a rope in a dysfunctional and open border. everybody was pouring in it at will. in working alongside the heroes in this great outdoor space and looking at our full. we reformed our immigration system and achieve the most secure southern border in u.s. history. it is at a level that is never been before. we took on the cartels and the coyotes and the special interests. we restored the rule of law. for years politicians ran for
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office promising to secure the border only to get elected. and to do the absolute exact opposite. they even promised a wall if you remember. about ten years ago, they promised a wall but they could not get it built. it was not easy getting it built . getting it finance and stuff and getting it built. it was even tougher. all of the different chains of title and things we had to go through. it was very complex and difficult but we got it done. years ago, you remember that better than anybody. and they never got it done. they never ever completed the task. and then ultimately, the money was sent back to the federal government. it was spent the no wall was built. but unlike those who came before me, i kept my promises. and today we celebrate an extraordinary milestone, the completion of the promised hundred and 50 miles of border wall. 450 miles. nobody realizes how big that is.
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and i remember when i first came down about a year and a half ago, we were under construction. and i started to walk. i am looking at the ball and walking and walking. and i'm used to like a development project, you can walk able. you know, 10 acres or 5 acres or 2 acres. or maybe even 1 acre. and then i realize, that is a long time. that is a big wall. a lot of it on a lot of the wall is incredibly natural. you have the mountains, the rivers i'm a very powerful border areas. you have some areas that are virtually impossible to get by. as we did not need it wall everywhere but where we needed them, because it's been so successful, that we have added nearly 300 miles and that is currently under construction. this was our original wish to get these areas done. there was such trouble and now we have it. it's either in construction or preconstruction an additional 300 miles. in every region, we have built
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the wall illegal crossings in drug smuggling has plummeted it. it absolutely plummeted. in the rio grande valley, the crossings have dropped nearly 8. in yuma arizona illegal entries have been slashed by 90 percent. nationwide, the ice and border patrols, have seized over 2 million pounds of fentanyl, heroin meth another deadly narcotics saving thousands and thousands of lives. we've arrested nearly 500,000 illegal aliens with criminal records freighted some with very serious criminal records. of the type you don't want to know about like murder. we've removed nearly 20000 gang members from the united states including 4500 members of ms 13. probably the worst gang of them all. and through the landmark reforms, we put into place we have ended the immigration chaos and reestablished american sovereignty. our most important reform was
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ending catch and release. that was not easy to do. dealing with congress. that is very difficult. it is a functional equivalent of open borders but even worse. in his catch and release them. it means release into our country. not into another country. this policy was exploited by vicious criminal organizations who understood the laws other than our people understood them for years. to spread misery and suffering and drugs all across the hemisphere. and now, instead of catch and release, we have became and removed. doesn't that sound better. one of the biggest loopholes we close with asylum fraud. under the old broken system if you merely requested asylum you were released into the country. in the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever seen. we are taking in some people that you did not want to have in your country. we instituted a series of distorted lessee changes to shut
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down asylum fraud. and that is what we did and this includes a groundbreaking agreement with mexico, is the migrant protection protocols. or am pete pete. and under this agreement if an illegal alien request asylum they have to wait in mexico and other cases are preleased away here. and when they were waiting, they would say bye-bye and they would disappear some where into our country. and essentially whenever find them again or never see them again. and this one measure alone ended a humanitarian crisis and saved countless lives. and especially lives from crimes. and i want to thank the great president of mexico. he is a great gentleman friend of mine. he is a man who really knows what is happening. he loves this country and he also loves the united states.
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i want to thank him for his friendship and his professional working relationship. lashley had 27000 mexican soap and the soldiers guarding our borders of the last two years. nobody thought that was possible. they made it very difficult and that's why the numbers were able to clench even during the construction of the wall. by the way, one of the elements of the wall the media so successful as we can have far fewer people working on other things related to crime and drug prevention and a lot of other elements that they are working on because we saved massive numbers of people. and included here, we have the most sophisticated camera systems and most sophisticated electronic systems. anywhere in the world. and we implemented great historic agreements with the northern triangle. as guatemala, honduras and el salvador. and under these critical in silence, cooperation agreements.
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the burden of illegal immigration is now shared all across the region. now when an illegally immigrant is arrested in aurora, they can be sent to a neighboring country instead of into a u.s. community. prior to them getting here, countries would not accept them. they would say no, no. and i said will you have to take them. the first month i will never forget. these gentlemen right here came to me and they said they will not take them back. they came and they may be murderers . mate they may be cartel. they may be some very vicious people. the country did not want them back. and i stopped all payments to those countries. i stopped everything going to those countries. and after we stopped for about a month, you remember. after we stopped for about a month, they called and said we would love to have them back. and i never gave them as much money as they were getting by the way. it was amazing. [applause]. and you people know better than
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anyone. they would not take them back. it we would have planes flying over loaded of the people that we didn't want here. and if they didn't think about letting that plane. and they taken by vote and by bus. they would not let them into the countries. then all of a sudden they said welcome back. we love having you. so that was a great thing and now they do take them back in the relationship with those countries, it's much better one than it was before. in addition to her agreements with mexico what obama mexico and a seminar. we have systematically reformed the regulatory code to return to sodom to its original legal meaning and purpose. not a free ticket for entry. our recent company has a report by the department of homeland security and just, show how effective are reforms have been. now disastrous the removal would be. it would be a disaster for our country. i know they are thinking about removing them and i hope they don't. i hope they do not do that.
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it would be an absolute travesty for our country. on the report conclusively proves that once and for all, that aliens release at the border remaining a large in the country. and they do not return home. they will not go home. and you've rarely will find them. it's very tough to find them. so we have aliens released in our country. any of whom are serious criminals. and we stopped that. don't ever stop that process again. by contrast, draw policies, 98 percent of aliens that remain in dhs, the custody are removed. simply put, if you enter the united states illegally, you are apprehended and immediately safely removed from our country. without this core principle, there is no border. there is no loss, there is no order. in my administration also instituted vital public health measures on the border.
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in response to the china virus, under title 42 of the u.s. code of illegal immigrants are being properly removed to protect the health of border agents. other migrants and local communities and the public at large. removing these protections would invite a public health catastrophe of epic proportions as you probably know. in tijuana, various parts of mexico, the covid-19, about 24 names. i could call it from covid-19 to the china virus. and i can call it the plague. i called in the china playing a lot of different names. but we always call it the invisible enemy. but the invisible enemy has been very tough on mexico. we have areas along the border where were in great shape because right there, because of that, that we are in great shape but on the other side of mexico, they are suffering greatly. with the virus. it's been incredible what we have achieved we did not do the
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wall because of covid-19. we did it because of security and drugs and other things. but it turned out that in the middle of it all, along came this horrible plague. we inherited it, dangerously lawless border for unit and the people to work here are unbelievably brave. i've seen what they have to endure and go through. they are tough, they are strong. and they are great patriots and great americans. we fixed it and we it. we empowered our wonderful ice and border patrol to fulfill their oath and sworn officers. they became sworn officers of the law. and they love their jobs. it is a tough job. it is a nasty job. they're not paid within should be paid to be honest. clearly cute and fun but we got you up. these are incredibly talented people. they could probably do a lot better in terms of economics and they do here. but they love it they do and
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they love their country. they also put into place vital measures to protect the american workers. he got the terrace stop the abuse of our welfare system. go into our welfare system and they live for years on american welfare without ever having a job. and we also have and we had that we have them all the time, terrace from the middle east coming into our country through the southern border. that was before but you see right here. because it was easier to come into our country through the southern border and it was through airports or any other means. so they would land in south america and they would work their way up there we come into our country. these are not people from the countries that you would suspect. these are people from very seriously dangerous places in the middle east. and as the numbers are far greater than anybody could understand. really far greater. removing any of these measures
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would hamstring our workers and endanger our country. and because the test and the taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year. and no matter our party, we should all agree on the need to protect our workers and our families, and our citizens. of all backgrounds, no matter who they are. in particular, are border security measures are reversed, it will trigger a tidal wave of illegal immigration, we'd like you have never seen before. and i can tell you that already, the waves are starting to come up from 2,001,500 miles away. we see what is coming. in their coming because they think that it's gravy train at the end. it will be a gravy train. change the name on the caravans which i think we came up with. to the gravy train because that's what they are looking for. looking for the gravy. and this will be an unmitigated calamity for national security and public safety and public
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health. they would destroy millions and millions of jobs in claim thousands of innocent lives. in the policies that i put into place are uniformly and strongly supported by the men and women of ice and border patrol. work on them together. just like we did in the wall. we worked on the policy together. because nobody knows this whole world better than the incredible people right in front of me. to terminate those policies is knowingly to put america in really serious danger into override the great career experts that have worked so hard. those from dhs. and at this very moment, the smugglers and the coyotes are preparing to surge the border. if our policies are lucinda removed. there literally waiting, big groups of people, some of them very unsavory my dad. and this is an entirely preventable tragedy. it is waiting to happen. the safety of our nation must come before the politics.
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we have any disagreements in the country. we should all agree urgent need to secure our borders and protect our homeland and allow the law enforcement to fulfill the commission. without political interference. in the ice and border patrol agents took a sacred oath to uphold the law and no a political appointee should ever order them to violate that oath. these are real experts. they really get it . i will tell you what else gets it. the hispanic population of our country gets it. because not only did i when texas and this historic numbers. but i wanted the border towns. in their largely hispanic. and people were amazed to see that. in the numbers they say, the governor of texas called it a great guy, great governor he called and he said that you had numbers that nobody has had since reconstruction. in reconstruction means the civil war.
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in largely hispanic. they understand better than anybody and they want law enforcement to help them, help them live save lives. the laws laws congress passed must be upheld. to the men and women of ice, the customs and the border protection and all across dhs. the law enforcement in general, you have earned the everlasting gratitude of our nation. you have no idea how our nation loves you and respect you. don't think you have an idea but it is true. and i only hope and pray that your voice will be heard on a heated and respected long into the future. god bless you and god bless law enforcement. it and god bless america. thank you very much. [applause]. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ you're walking in front watching "c-span2", your unfiltered view of government. as he spent it was created by marcus cable television company . today brought to you by the television companies to provide "c-span2" to the viewers as a public service. he was house meeting today at about 6:00 p.m. eastern to debate a resolution urging vice president mike pence to about the 25th amendment to the constitution to immediately remove president trump from office. as a result of last wednesday's mob attack on the u.s. capital which resulted in five deaths .
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including capital police officer. the other officers were hospitals as writers broke into the capital and looted. but it's on the 25th amendment resolution will begin at 730 eastern and tomorrow the house will consider resolution to impeach president trump for inciting insurrection against the u.s. government. you will find gavel coverage on c-span. president trump spoke briefly with reporters about being man on social media sites before he left joint base andrews in maryland or texas. [background noise].