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tv   U.S. Senate Sen Coons on the Infrastructure Deal  CSPAN  June 24, 2021 11:30pm-11:38pm EDT

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or you can listen on the free c-span radio app. resident biden announced he reached a deal on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan negotiated by five democratic and five republican senators. the "washington post" writes that the new agreement is nowhere near as expensive as the $2.2 trillion american jobs plan. biden's own infrastructure measure. but if it passes congressional approval it will be a significant cross party achievement. here's delaware senator chris coons on the senate floor. he supports the deal. about creating jobs. this is about investing in our economy and our communities and our country, and this is about strengthening the united states globally against our adversaries and competitors. i need not remind you that just one year ago, public health and economic crises created by the
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covid-19 pandemic were ravaging communities all over our nation, and today under the leadership of the biden administration, covid-19 cases and deaths are down by over 90%. more than 70% of adults over the age of 30 have been vaccinated, and as a result, businesses are opening, communities are opening, states are opening, unemployment has come down significantly and the economy is recovering at a robust pace. but if our economy is going to be sustainable, if it is going to be long term, if it's going to be robust, we have to make long-overdue investments in infrastructure. globally, the united states now ranks 13th in infrastructure. in every state, we have roads and bridges, tunnels, water systems that are crumbling or aged. just in my state of delaware we have more than 200 miles of highway deemed in poor condition. and as the claimant continues to change, low-lying states like mine are particularly susceptible to increased damage.
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we had more than ten extreme weather events causing up to $2 billion of damage in the last decade, and a lot of that is through infrastructure because it is built right up against the waterways, the coast, the bay. we have one of the most important rail lines in the country, the northeast corridor that runs right through wilmington, delaware. one day without service on this northeast corridor, cost our economy $100 million. and it isn't hypothetical. it happened during super storm sandy that pummeled the coast a few years ago. across our state and every state, infrastructure is in dire need of repair, resiliency and upgrading. doing that can help create jobs, strengthen our country. we are losing our competitive edge, and our competitors like china are outpacing us. that's why i was encouraged to see the bipartisan u.s. innovation and competitiveness act passed this body just a few weeks ago. a key piece of it was the
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bipartisanship act that recognizes we need to invest in cutting edge r&d and semi conductors and in the industries of the future, but we can't move people, capital, and ideas if we cannot invest in the infrastructure and the broadband, highways, courts and roads that make us competitive globally. the $559 billion in new federal spending on infrastructure that is the core of the deal announced today is a down payment on rebuilding our roads, bridges, fixing lines and public transit, expanding airport capacity. it also includes 47 billion towards climate resiliency. critically needed work to make sure that our infrastructure can sustain the growing storms all across our country. i think this is a once in a generation opportunity to put america on the right track. and exactly at a moment when the leaders of china and russia are telling the world that american democracy can't work, that the
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riots that occurred in this building on january 6th is foreshadowing the collapse, the failure of american democracy. it's important for us to show our citizens at home and our competitorsor abroad that amerin democracy still works, and that we can deliver meaningful solutions for our states, for our country, and for the world. there's a lot more for us to accomplish on president biden's family plan, and we have to move that forward. but i think this is a day for us to celebrate, legislators together, and finding a pathway to the house and to the president's desk for the biggest investment in infrastructure of my lifetime. this is a great day for this institution and our country. >> 's testimony on the global perspective on brain health with doctors and researchers before the house foreign affairs subcommittee live at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span2, online on
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the presidency, a discussion about nancy reagan's legacy with "washington post" columnist author of the triumph of nancy reagan and white house historical association president stuart exploring the american story. watch american history tv this weekend. broadband and telecommunications representatives testified before the senate subcommittee on broadband access and building resilient networks. questions focused on access in rural areas and wireless communication issues after an extreme weather events like wildfires.


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