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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2017 6:56pm-7:02pm EDT

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relationship between thomas jefferson and the enslaved hemmings family. >> people as property to be bought and sold. that was a thing that many members of the hemmings family, despite whatever privilege sally hemmings and her family might have had, they live with the specter of the possibility that could happen, because the law construed them as property and jefferson construed them as property. >> for our schedule, go to a, naval warq and onrfare correspondent the bribery involving that leonard francis. in bears the navy, shocked the culture of the navy that
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people were corrupted to provide mostly with information about movements. other things as well, in exchange for not that much money , but fairly lavish lifestyles. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a. >> american history tv is on c-span3 every weekend featuring museum tour is, archival films, programs on the presidency. here's a clip from a recent program. >> i will never publish word of these reports, at least on my own, though i am proud of the work. one major report in tribal treaty rights. it involves analyzing a phrase in a treaty clause that ran less than a sentence. explaining the contemporary meaning of the words usual and
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accustomed places, and cultivate. parlayed those few words into a report that ran several hundred pages. the research led me to me considering myself for a time the leading historian on oyster cultivation, a title to which i never aspired it to which i did not have much competition. i've experienced some of the most gratifying moments of my career putting historical knowledge to work in a way that met a professional standard and allowed an immediate difference in the world. years of this has left me wary of the whole endeavor. a new book by one of my colleagues at stanford has made me recognize my work as an expert is a relic of the old courts.
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graftedeen awkwardly onto the adversarial tradition of american jurisprudence that overthrew and replaced the old equity court. through the best motives and a set of practices through which i would rather not be a part. i do not regard see-based governance as a good thing. i do not rank adversarial procedures are not the best way to settle historical interpretation. that is what i engage in as an expert. i am an easy force in concord and impoverished people to defend their rights, lands, and identities that are not of their own choosing, but that is what the tribe has to do. andou can watch of this other american history programs on our website where all the video is archived. that is
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>> next on american history tv, university of virginia professor stephen cushman looks at confederate general richard entitledmemoir "distraction and reconstruction: professional experiences of the ate for." professor cushman focuses on the shenandoah valley and discusses writing choices and thoughts on william sheridan's tactics during the 1864 campaign in the valley. .his was part of a conference we hear from senate director gary gallagher at the start. this is 50 minutes. will saylagher: i officially good morning. i am gary gallagher, the forctor of the center civil war history at dva.
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i'm welcoming you to our conference. the title is the shenandoah at in, soldiers and civilians virginia's great valley. the second annual signature conference, we had one in the same room almost precisely a year ago, and there will be one next year in the same room. this is the last academic for 20 16-2017. before i go into the program, i want to thank special collections at uva who have made the center very welcome. we have programs here, and smaller programs upstairs. it is a good fit that has worked well. when we began planning this year's conference, the associate director of the center and the managing director of the center,


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