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tv   Sen. Flake Judge Kavanaugh on POTUS Tweet  CSPAN  September 6, 2018 9:11am-9:15am EDT

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decided as a judge about whether or not a president can be held accountable. i think the ability to special council to conduct an independent investigation is foundational to the rule of law. >> i have said the same thing. >> i lock forward to a next round where we can -- >> i have said the exact same thing. >> your views about executive power, as i think you have detailed, your statements about what you'd like to overturn and what limits there should be, really leave me concerned. it's because of our current context. it's because of the environment we're operating in. i look forward to another round and to more questions. >> i look forward too. what you said is exactly what my article said in '99. >> let me bring it to the real world this week. there was a tweet i by the president that said, and i mentioned this yesterday, two long running investigations of two popular republican congressmen were brought to a
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well publicized charge just ahead of the midterms by the justice department. two easy wins now in doubt because there was not enough time, good job jeff. should a president be able to use his authority to pressure independent agencies to carry out directives for political purposes. >> senator, i understand the question, but i think one of the principles of judicial independence that sitting judge and nominees sitting here need to be careful about is commenting on current events or political controversies. i don't think we want judges commenting on the latest political controversy because that would ultimately lead the people to doubt whether we're independent or whether we're politicians in robes.
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so maintaining that strict independence of the judiciary requires me, i think, to avoid commenting on any current events. >> forget i just said that. >> i understand. >> it just answered this question. should a president use his or her authority to pressure executive or independent agency officials into carrying out directives for purely us political purposes? >> i think that hypothetical that you're asking is directly analogous to the current events, and therefore, i hesitate to comment on something that's not a case or an issue or something i have written about. i thought about this principle as well in looking at all the nominee precedent of the supreme court nominees in the past. and i think about chief justice roberts and i think an
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underappreciated aspect of his chief justiceship is is how he's fervently stood up for the judiciary and tried to keep it out of politics through what he does off the bench as well as on the bench. i think that's -- he sets the tone for the entire american judiciary and that tone of not getting us involved in politics means i need to stay not just away from the line, but three zip codes away from current events and politics. i understand, but i respectfully decline. >> have you ever discussed special council mueller with anyone? >> it's in the news every day. >> have you discussed it with anyone? >> with other judges, i know. >> have you discussed mueller or his investigation with anye


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