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tv   Sen. Harris Judge Kavanaugh on Mueller Investigation  CSPAN  September 6, 2018 9:14am-9:22am EDT

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underappreciated aspect of his chief justiceship is is how he's fervently stood up for the judiciary and tried to keep it out of politics through what he does off the bench as well as on the bench. i think that's -- he sets the tone for the entire american judiciary and that tone of not getting us involved in politics means i need to stay not just away from the line, but three zip codes away from current events and politics. i understand, but i respectfully decline. >> have you ever discussed special council mueller with anyone? >> it's in the news every day. >> have you discussed it with anyone? >> with other judges, i know. >> have you discussed mueller or his investigation with anyone at
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benson and torez, the law firm founded by president trump's personal lawyer? be sure about your answer, sir. >> well, i'm not remembering, but if you have something you want to -- >> have you certain you have not had a conversation with anyone at that law firm? >> it's the law firm founded by president trump's personal lawyer. have you had any conversation about robert mueller or his investigation with anyone at that firm? yes or no? talking about rex >> i am asking you a very direct question. yes or no? >> i am not sure i know everyone.>> i don't think you need to.
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i think you need to know who you talk to.>> who did you talk to? >> i am not remembering but i am happy to be refreshed.>> are you saying that with all that you remember, you have an impeccable memory. hours, i think more with this committee about all sorts of things you remember, how can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about robert mueller or his investigation with anyone at that law firm? this investigation has only been going onin for so long, sir. please answer the question. >> i'm just trying to think do i know anyone who works at that firm. i might know -- >> that's not my question. my question is have you had a conversation with anyone at that firm about that investigation. it's a very specific question. >> i like to know the person you're thinking of. >> i think you're thinking of someone and you don't want to tell us. who did you have a conversation with -- >> i'm not -- chairman, i'd like to
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raise an objection here. this town is full of law firms, law firms are full of people -- >> first of all, i'd like you to pause the clock, thank you. >> the clock is paused. >> this town is full of law firms, law firms are full of people, law firms have a lot of names, there are a lot of people who work at a lot of law firms -- >> you have a responsibility to all americans. vote no. be a hero. vote no. you have a responsibility to all americans. vote no. vote no. vote no. you have a responsibility to all americans. vote no. >> senator lee. >> on that point, law firms abound in this town and there are a lot of them, they are constantly metastasizing, they break off, they form new firms. they are likee rabbits, they
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spawn new firms. there is no possible way we can expect this witness to know who populates an entire firm. [ inaudible ]. >> my point of order, mr. chairman, is simply this, if there are names, if there is a list of names he can be given of the lawyers to whom she's referring, i think that's fine, but i think it's unfair to suggest thatin an entire law fi should be imputed into the witness' memory when he doesn't know who works at the law firm. >> mr. chairman -- mr. chairman -- >> senator whitehouse, are you making a point of order? >> well -- >> senator -- >> i'm trying to figure out what the rules are here because we very, very long discussion about whether or not points of
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orderor were in order because ts is a hearing and we were told that all of our points of order -- >> senator whitehouse, there has never been a time in the two has made an meone inquiry of the chair where the chair hasn't recognized a member for a point of inquiry or point of order. >> i have been recognized now and i appreciate that, but my point is that if the rule is that nobody on our side can make a point of order, then it ought not to be appropriate for senator lee to start making points of order after all of ours were summarily silenced on the basis that we were in a hearing and not in an executive session. if we've moved out of hearing and into executive session then i'm more than happy to make motions -- >> senator whitehouse, the mere fact that you're speaking right now means that you've been allowed to make a point of order. the matter that you are talking about yesterday was a motion that the chair saidou was out o order because it was an adjournment ment motion that would have required us to be in
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executive session. anyone who wants to make an inquiry of the chair may do so, but we will limit it to that before we go back to senator harris. >> very good. that's the right result. >> sir, please answer the question. >> i don't know everyone who works at that law firm, senator. >> and have you had any discussion with anyone ever about bob mueller and or his investigation? >> so you said bob mueller or -- so have i ever had a discussion about bob mueller, i used to work in the administration with bob mueller. >> what about his nistinvestiga, have you had a conversation with anyone about his investigation? >> i'm sure i've talked to fellowi judges. >> anyoneto aside from fellow judges? >> about bob mueller? >> go about his investigation, sir. i will ask again. i asked the question just a minuten. ago, i'm surprised you forgot. have you had this conversation with anyone about the investigation that bob mueller is conducting regarding russia
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interference with our election or any other matter? >> the fact that it's otongoing it's a topic in the news every day, i talked to -- it's -- talked to fellow judges about it. it's i in the courthouse in the district of columbia. so i guess the answer to that is yes. so the answer is yes. >> and did you talk with anyone at cassowitz benson and torres. >> you asked me that. i need to know who works there. >> i think you can answer the question without me giving you a list of all employees of that law firm. >> well, actually, i can't. >> why not? >> because i don't know who works t there. >> so that's the only way you would know who you spoke with? i want to understand your response to my question because it's a very direct one. did you speak with anyone at that law firm about the mueller investigation? it's a very direct question. >> right. i'd be surprised, but i don't
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know anyone -- i don't know if -- i don't know everyone who works at that law firm so i just want to be careful because your questionfi was and or so i wanto be very literal. >> that's fine, i will ask a more direct question if that's helpful to you. did you speak with anyone at that law firm about bob mueller's investigation? >> i'm not remembering anything like that, but i want to know a i want to know more. >> so you're not denying that you've spoke -- >> i said i don't remember anything like that. >> okay. i'll move on. >> okay. >> clearly you're not going to answer the question. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and public policy events in washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or


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