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Nancy Pelosi
  Speaker Pelosi Maj. Leader Mc Connell at American Israel Public Affairs...  CSPAN  March 26, 2019 8:08am-10:01am EDT

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of all political stripes proclaimed the nation with the golan which can never be separated with israel. israelis made this proclamation for good reason without the high ground of the golan, israel is exposed to risks from enemies, and syria would be right on the shores of the sea of galley, which provides 40% of israel's fresh water. this will never happen on
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president trump's watch. president trump stood yet again resolutely and cstood with the e of israel. if you don't see the power of these moves, you may want to check your pulse. if you don't see president trump as israel's greatest friend to inhabit the white house, please take a deep breath and think about it some more. he deserves it.
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lots of other important things have happened since we were together last year. too many to review in my allotted time. but one thing really stands out, the president's decision to cause the united states to exit the jcpoa, the flawed iran deal. now i don't want to relitigate all the pros and cons that were the subject of so much argument in 2015, but i do want to raise one fact that is undeniable. one of the arguments against the iran deal in 2015 was that in exchange for giving iran more than $100 billion in cash and
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lifting the crippling sanctions the united states should have insisted that iran and its sponsor of terrorism and incitement against the united states, israel, and end being in syria and iraq. seems reasonable, but it wasn't. it wasn't made. what's the justification for this? the way to get iran to stop yelling death to america, death to israel, to stop financing terrorism is not to ask for it, rather such activity will self-correct as a result of iran being back allowed back in the nations, just give iran a pat on
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the back and a hot bowl of soup and it will become like any other peace-loving country. a lot of us laughed at this. we couldn't prove it wrong because it would require clairvoyan clairvoyance. we couldn't prove what would happen in the future. but today, in hindsight, we can prove with absolute certainty that those who made excuses for failing to require iran to alter its destructive behavior were 100% dead wrong. what did iran do with its newly found treasure? did it join the institution, did it improve the quality of life of its citizens?
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did it reach out to make peace with its enemies? of cours of course not, it doubled down on terrorist activity, it increased its stalk of blast ik missiles, it amped up the volume on its mantra of death to america and death to israel. and thanks to israel's daring intelligence services we now know that iran lied to everyone about its nuclear intentions. president trump's exit from the iran deal of restoration of sanctions is the single most contribution in decades to the safety and security of the united states, israel, and indeed the entire world.
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the sanctions are working. we are beginning to see their crippling effect on the iranian regime. i shutter to think where we would be without president trump's courageous actions. many of you remember the historic words of the rabi to president obama regarding the threat, the rabi went on to become the chief rabbi of israel. he spoke of an american army general who approached him many years after the holocaust to beg
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forgiveness that the u.s. military was too late in liberating the concentration camps. the rabbi turned to president obama and admonished mr. president, don't be too late. for the entire trump administration, i pledge that we will not be too late. we will do what needs to be done to protect israel, the united states, and the entire world from the world's -- from the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. we will do what needs to be done. and just to be clear, we will not do this for the benjamins.
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no, we will not do this for the benjamins but rather for the davids from king david to david bangorian. and for the abrahams and the isaacs and the jacobs and the sarahs and the rebeccas and the rachels and the christophers and peters, and the marys and the katherines and for every jesus, maria, mohamed.
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we will not be too late because being late is unacceptable for every human life in this dangerous world. now, a word about the palestinian conflict. people tell me this often, don't touch this issue. this is the third rail of israeli diplomacy. i'm told it's the burial ground of all the envoys who have come before me, none of whom regretly have much to show for a life in the field. people say why do you need this aggravation? you have your name carved in stone on the jerusalem embassy, take a victory lap it's not going to get any better than
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that. with all the trump administration has done for israel, why should we risk that goodwill by pursuing peace, seeking an end to a seemingly endless conflict? how can we? the answer, my friends, is how can we not? how can we kick the can down the road and lead this to our successors, sure it would be easier, but it doesn't make it right. can we leave it to an administration that may not understand the risk to israeli if they are overcome by terrorists that overflowed the gaza strip? can we leave it to an administration that may not understand the need for israel to maintain overriding control of a permanent defense position
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in the jordan valley? can we leave this to an administration that may not recognize under israeli sovereignty, jerusalem for the first time in 2,000 years has become a dynamic and prosperous city of all three abrahamic faiths? can we leave it to an administration that may not understand in the middle east, peace comes through strength not just through words on a paper? can we leave this to an administration potentially willing to penalize israel for nothing more than having the audacity to survive in a dangerous neighborhood failing to understand the threats that israel faces and the care and
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humanity it deploys to meet those threats? can we run the risk that one day israel may lament, why didn't we make more progress when tit was in the hands of president trump and his administration? how can we do that? the answer is, we can't. we will continue to work with the israeli government with the palestinians, with other regional players to pursue peace. recognizing the diversity and strength of opinions on this subject suggest there will be some turbulence along the way. we will continue to pursue peace because we believe we can be trusted to have the correct perspective and approach. to all of you here, to all those
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who may be listening to the speech in the future, to all who love israel and support the unbreakable bond between the united states and israel, work with us, stay with us, pray with us for peace in the holy land. king david offered the following prayer some 3,000 years ago in psalm 128. may god bless you out of zion and may you see the good in jerusalem. it's perhaps an odd choice of words in that last phrase. what was the great warrior poet telling us about seeing the good in jerusalem? i think that even three millennia ago king david recognized that israel's enemies
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would seek to undermine the sen tralty of jerusalem to the state of israel and mischaracterize a a and villa fie the jewish state. so we say we not fall for it, we continue to see the holliness, beauty, sanctity of life and yes, the good in jerusalem. i'd like to think that god has blessed the trump administration in this very manner. king david concluded his prayer. may god cause us to see our children's children and peace upon israel and so may it be. may god bless you. may god bless israel, and may
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god bless the united states of america. thank you so much. >> my grandmother was blessed enough to take the pilgrimage to israel probably late '80s, early '90s, i remember thinking i want to go like my grandma. so i was introduced to the foundation's trip to go to
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israel in april of 2015. it was the opportunity of a lifetime, everything she talked about in her notes, looking at her old pictures, it truly was full circle. just feeling her presence was very, very emotional for me, and it was very, very impactful. after i got back from the trip, i just wanted to do more. so immediately i deep-dived in, connected with counter parts in norfolk, virginia and we were working on the bds legislation, which i'm very proud of, that was able to get through the house and the senate. our legislators do not know what is important to us if we don't communicate with them. we're all here to do something and live a purpose. and to whom much is given, much is required. it's just what i look to do every day. leaving the world a better place that i found it. one day if i'm fortunate enough i will certainly take my
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children to israel so we can continue that generational education about israel and our love for israel. please welcome aipac board chair lillian pinkus. >> good morning. this morning we have the distinct honor of hearing from the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. mr. prime minister, we thank you and sara for having come to washington this weekend, and i want to convey our most profound appreciation for your taking the
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time to speak from us today live from israel's military headquarters. mr. prime minister, can you hear us? >> i can hear you. i always hear you. >> i know our time today is brief and you must get back. so allow me to share one clear message. amid this new difficult situation with gaza and the attack from hamas, gathered in this hall are 18,000 americans who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of israel.
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we are more resolute and determined than ever to ensure that america will now, and forever, stand by israel's side. i thank you for your leadership and for your friendship, and it is my honor to welcome you to the policy conference. ladies and gentlemen, the prime minister of the state of israel, benjamin netanyahu. >> good morning. good morning, aipac. unfortunately i'm not able to be with you in person because i returned to deal with the -- we responded with great force.
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ours, the -- on a scale not seen four years ago. now i'm just coming from a meeting with our chief of staff and our senior command, and i can tell you, we are prepared to do a lot more. we will do what is necessary to defend our people and to defend our state. i wanted to speak to you today to say two words. thank you. thank you, aipac. thank you for bringing together 18,000 proud americans and more than 4,000 american students to stand with israel. thank you. thank you for working year after
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year, decade after decade to set up a remarkable alliance between our two countries. i can tell you, that alliance has never been stronger. thank you for working with israel on both sides of the aisle, democrats and republicans alike. that is how it's always been and that's how it should always be. yesterday at the white house president trump again made history. he formally recognized israel's sovereignty over the golan heights. now that deserves enormous applause. the golan heights is
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indispensable for our defense, it's part of our history. when you put a shovel in the ground there, you discover the ruins of ancient synagogues, and the people of israel have come back to golan, israel holds the high ground, and we shall never, ever give it up. it's part of israel. so on behalf of all the people of israel, thank you president trump. and thank you for all the historic decisions you have made. i'm sure you remember in 2015 i went to the american congress, i spoke out against the disastrous nuclear deal with iran. in 2018, president trump walked out of that bad deal. he restored american sanctions against the jen sigh dal regime in tehran that vows to destroy
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the one and only jewish state. he recognized jerusalem as israel's capital, he moved the embassy there, put a great ambassador there. and israel and the united states have two of the greatest ambassadors on earth. thank you, ambassadors, thank you, president trump. ladies and gentlemen, in recent weeks we've heard a lot about the rise of forces who want to pull america and israel apart. so i can tell you one thing, they will fail. they will fail. our shared values are too deep. our shared interests too strong. our shared destiny too
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intertwined. having said that, i must also tell you, we must not take anything for granted. those who seek to defame this great organization, aipac, those who seek to undermine american support for israel, they must be confronted. despite what they claim, they do not merely criticize the policies of israel's government -- that happens every five minutes -- they do something else. they spew venom that has long been directed at the jewish people. again the jews are cast as a force for evil. again, the jews are said to have too much influence, too much power, too much money. ladies and gentlemen, you know what the best way to respond to this kind of hatred is? we read it a few days ago, the best way to respond to those who
9:25 am
spout this kind of hatred is not to bow down to them, it's to stand up to them. so to all the anti. semites out there, whether they live in the palaces of tehran, the bunkers of beirut, march through the streets of charlottesville, or murder citizens in a synagogue in europe or the united states, the jewish people do not -- we stand up. we fight. and we win. my friends, some people will
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just never get it. they'll never understand why jews and non-jews alike support israel. from this benjamin, it's not about the benjamins. the reason the people of america -- is not because they want our money. it's because they share our values. they just don't get it. it's because america and israel share a love of freedom and democracy. it's because we cherish individual rights and the rule of law. we don't judge people by the color of their skin, their religion or their sexual orientation. i'm proud of israel's vibrant democra democracy, where no one, no one, is a second class citizen. all of israel's citizens are first class citizens.
9:27 am
all of israel's citizens, whether jew or arab, muslim, christian or jews have the same individual rights. we vote, we study in the same -- and that right is expressed in the -- and become a citizen, if they choose to do so. it is these -- existence that the nation state built constitutional law. and contrary to the false
9:28 am
attacks and allegations, it did not denigrate. which remains sacred and equal for all our citizens. israel will always be a democracy, just as israel will always be the jewish state. a place where all -- no matter how they pray or how they live their lives. democratic jewish state of israel, we -- the jewish state that was envisioned, the jewish state that was proclaimed is the same
9:29 am
jewish state whose future i'm working to secure. i hope the people of israel allow me to lead them for many years to come. i'm as confident as ever that as israel takes its rightful place among the nations you will be there by our side. you've always been there by our side. thank you all for standing with israel. may god bless you. may god bless america. and may god bless -- thank you all. >> please welcome senate majority leader mitch mcconnell.
9:30 am
>> pretty tough act to follow. good morning, everyone. thank you so much for the opportunity to be here once again. every time i have the privilege to address this conference, i look forward to the size and enthusiasm of the crowd, and you all never, never disappoint. that's a testament to dedicated leadership, i want to thank president mort pinkman, lillian pinkus and your entire team. since we were last together i heard a lot of negative talk about people like us who attend
9:31 am
a conference like this. i heard it that patriotic americans couldn't possibly support israel on the merits of the issue. so you and i must be questionable citizens with hidden agendas. i've heard our support for israel suggested explained way by money or our secret loyalty to jewish friends in congress, and i've heard anti-semitic slurs, for years the anti-semitic slurs and tropes were on the fringes, sadly they found found new prominence having been retweeted by a sitting member of congress. so right at the get go i want to say this, my friends, your
9:32 am
advocacy is not a conspiracy. your passion is nothing to apologize for. it is the essence of our democracy. your advocacy gives voice to the love for israel that exists all across america and despite what conspiracy theorists say, advocacy itself is not a cause of the bond between the united states and israel. it's cause is the shared history and common values that draw america and israel together. and the mutual adversaries who hate us for the principles that tear us apart. remember, the united states and israel are the great.
9:33 am
our enemies group us together because we are cut from similar cloth. and frankly, that should be a point of pride for all of us. as i look out at this crowd, i see a diverse crowd of americans with whom i disagree on a number of policies. and many of you aren't shy about letting me know about it. but despite our differences we're proudly united in support of america's relationship with the state of israel. look, none of you came here to hear partisan politics and it's not my intention to engage in it. but i've got to be honest with you, i'm worried if we do not unite to take action against the growing tide of anti-semitism we will live to regret what our politics become.
9:34 am
so look, it may be that these views are confined to a small fringe today, but that small fringe is gaining momentum within the far left and increasingly shaping the left's agenda. left unchallenged, the ancient slanders and slurs will be norm normalized a new. nobody in american politics, nobody, should need reminding that anti-semitism is uniquely, uniquely disruptive. that is not just another -- look, it's not just another ism, but a hatred with a specific and horrific history. so i'm troubled that leading democrats seem reluctant to
9:35 am
plainly call out problems within their own ranks. and i'm troubled that many of the declared democratic presidential candidates seem to be avoiding this very gathering. apparently because political partisans who have levelled charges at this organization have warned, warned they'll be keeping watch and they'll be taking names. as these candidates travel the country seeking votes and support, i hope they'll come to see what i have seen in my decades in public life. that support for israel has deep roots throughout our nation, throughout the communities you call home.
9:36 am
i hope they see these small flames of anger and hostility are nothing in comparison to the bright shining light of america's love and support for the state of israel. now, look, it's fairly easy to come before this particular audience and denounce anti-semitism. a pretty easy thing to do. but actions speak louder than words. action is what those of us elected to office need to deliver. so i would remind you, just a few weeks ago i'm proud to say the united states senate did take action, when we passed a package of legislation called
9:37 am
s-1. the number one. the first bill i called up in the senate of this congress. what would s-1 do? it would reaffirm our commitment to israel's security through military assistance, cooperative missile defense, and loan guarantees. it would deepen our strategic cooperation with jordan and hold hassad butchers accountable for the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians. it would also put the government on risk about withdrawing from syria, and the need to stand with our allies, israel foremost among them. a safe and stable middle east is a shared interest. we cannot pull back and abandon
9:38 am
this region to chaos. we've seen what happens when we do. after the previous administration's withdrawal from iraq and hands off approach to syria, isis erupted. erupted onto the scene and wound up with vast territory in the heart of the middle east. russia intervened in syria, abetting assad and iran. flush with cash from the failed nuclear deal, iran expanded its influence, training and equipping terrorist proxies who now threaten israel from its very borders. so does anyone think that if assads brutal regime controls the golan that his iranian agents wouldn't be threatening israel from its commanding heights? today, thanks to two years of a new strategy, the territorial
9:39 am
caliphate of isis has been destroyed and iran is once again under crippling sanctions. and as israel's prime minister just pointed out, the u.s. embassy is in jerusalem where it belongs. and just the other day, the united states recognized that the golan is part of israel, period. so, my friends, we're making strides. but our experience tells us we must not let up. now is the time for the united states to recommit to our partnerships in the troubled but important region. that's what the senate did when it passed s-1 by huge bipartisan
9:40 am
margin. so we sent it over to the house, and that's where it sits. that's where it sits. now the one thing the speaker and the majority leader get to do is decide what we're going to do. and so i would encourage the speaker to call up the bill. i believe it would -- i believe it would pass by a very large bipartisan majority if given a chance for a vote. so as you go up on capitol hill, i hope you would encourage her to give it a vote. i think it would pass and the president would sign it. maybe house democrats, their allergy to this particular legislation is because of one component in the legislation
9:41 am
that i haven't mentioned yet that i want to cover now. there's one more element of s-1 that seems to be particularly perplexing. the bill also takes aim at the so-called bds movement. and my friends, there's a difference between a resolution and a law. what we passed in the senate is a law. it's not just talk. it's the law. and it's only one step away from going to the president for a signature. so i would encourage her and you should encourage her to call it up, let the house vote. send this s-1 to the president and it will include a real tool for states and local governments so they can stop funneling t
9:42 am
taxpayer dollars to companies that back these anti-israel boycotts. remember, this is not a resolution, this is a law. our legislation would help american communities boycott the bds boycotters. now when i called it up and we sent it over to the house, i didn't expect this would be so controversial. the underlying bill had plenty of bipartisan support. but the outcry from the anti-israel crowd has apparently paralyzed the house and scared them away from even considering our legislation. so look, i sincerely hope the leading democrats who have appeared at this conference, to assure all of you that they stand with israel, will find the courage to finally give this
9:43 am
legislation a vote. give it a vote in the house. talk is cheap. talk is cheap. give it a vote in the house. hate in all its forms deserves swift and thorough condemnation. the anti-muslim terrorist acts in new zealand are the most recent examples of violence intending to tear apart our societies. i'm struck by the reaction to these attacks from the american jewish community and other communities of faith in our
9:44 am
country, they stood up, heartfelt victory for the victims, immediate support for the familiars, from gun fire in new zealand to the mosque in pittsburgh and the tide of anti-semitic tropes, we have a choice. we can give in to anger, fear and division, or we can double down on the best moral traditions of our faiths and nation and unite against violence, prejudice, and hate. israel and the united states are founded on these moral traditions. it is why our friendship is so strong. it is why our partnership is so vital. and it is why, despite the darkness we feel today, our
9:45 am
future together is so bright. our hearts today are with the people of israel who are again suffering under rocket attacks launched by hamas terrorists. these attacks like so many in the pass are designed to murder innocent people and terrorize an entire society. we must reject the hate that fuels this terror. we must confront the evil that foments it. so israel and the united states are poised to keep standing strong together, standing together to confront regional challenges. standing together for the peace and security we all deserve. standing up for the american values we hold dear. standing together to weed out anti-semitism, hate and violence, root, stem, and branch.
9:46 am
so thank you for your work. thank you for all you do. it's been an honor to be with you tonight, my best wishes. god bless america and god bless israel. >> wrapping up with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. we'll take you live to a budget meeting. now house speaker nancy pelosi's remarks from aipac today. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. good morning, everyone. on behalf of the u.s. house of representatives, it is a privilege for me to join so many friends to celebrate the unbreakable and unshakable bonds between the united states and israel.
9:47 am
thank you, mort friedman for your commitment to a strong u.s./israel relationship. we are joined this week by leaders on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the capitol because support for israel in america is bipartisan, relentlessly bipartisan. we all here are connected for good. united in our shared mission to advance peace, prosperity, and progress in the middle east, in america, and around the world. i understand there's so many new people here for the first time. let us recognize the future leaders of our nation, of the u.s./israel relationship. the many students and young people who are here today.
9:48 am
i met some earlier from california, i want to specially acknowledge the delegation from my home state of california right here. let me also acknowledge the delegation from maryland, being from maryland. personally i take great pride in the special place that israel has always had in my family's heart. i am from baltimore, maryland, some of you had heard me tell -- okay. that's good. some of you heard me tell the story of my father when it was a congressman from baltimore, and he was a -- just a dedicated new dealer. but he broke with president roosevelt on two scores. first he didn't think the administration was doing enough, or anything really, to help the jewish people being persecuted
9:49 am
in europe. and secondly, he wanted us to make a big fight early for the cause of a jewish and democratic state in palestine. you've heard me talk about him speaking yiddish and going to rallies and parades and the rest and espousing all of this as an italian american who spoke yiddish. and on june 22nd, a few years later, 1942, he rose on the floor of the house to say, mr. speaker as the member of a committee for a jewish army, i speak for you on on behalf of 200,000 men who by destiny or birth happen to be jewish. he would speak on the floor to urge strong support for free and democratic jewish state, to tell
9:50 am
great bri ttain we expect it to keep its word. in the late 1940s, 19 my family friend simon -- me marylander know the sobolof family he was the slifrt general for my father when he was mayor but slister general of the united states of america. they were one of the first people we knew who went to israel, in beautiful new state. they regailed with the magnificent tale i was a little girl of the glorious country and brought me back a ring which helped to -- i can just always remember mrs. sobolof gichg me that ring an everlasting bond for me for central. when i became speaker when i went to israel as the first time as speaker some years ago, the
9:51 am
newspaper said i came by my love of israel naturally. my father took pride in the fact as mayor and my brother as mayor kept that bond. they have like groves and playing fields or something named for them in israel which our family takes great pride in. [ applause ] >> now always just to -- just to take pride, later when i moved to san francisco i would learn so much more about israel and u.s. relationship from my dear friend naomi lauder whom i had the privilege of honoring last year after we lost naomi. her son sammy is here with his son jacob. naomi was a pillar of the pro israel community in america. her passing was a also for advocates and me personally she
9:52 am
taught me so many things about a wonderful group she had me have events at myhouse for something called gavata, vida one of the peace building organizations in the conference working toward a future where juice and arabing live together with respect, equality and peace. and wasn't the genesis presentation so beautiful that we just heard. i talked about naomi's grandchildren my husband always says i wonder how long it takes to be in a speech before you start talking about your own grandchildren. i do want to acknowledge that my granddaughter bella coffman ac nonld purim pmt and little did queen easter no way back when
9:53 am
that she would be an icon and the march -- the month of the woman, queen esther. for me and my family and friends israel as a special place. and they are of an ally in the fight for peace and security in the region. as i have often said, the founding of the state of israel was one of the greatest political achievements of the 20th century. [ applause ] . from israel's founding to the present day our pledge remains the same. israel and america are connected now and forever. we will never allow anyone to make israel a wedge issue. [ applause ] that pledge is proudly honored
9:54 am
in this congress where support for israel remains iron clad and bipartisan. [ applause ] we are proud to have so many champions of israel serving as leaders and committee chairs. among them some will be honored by you here today. nita, loey on apprehensions. jerry naerld and judiciary. adam schif and intelligence. eliot angle on foreign air force. ted deutsch and ethics and chair of the subcommittee on the middle east and john yar mouth on the every important budget committee and more. these leaders deeply understand the importance of the bonds between america and israel. and they are working tirelessly to make the bonds even stronger.
9:55 am
the u.s. israel replace is special and strong because it is rooted in our shared values. and our shared interests, including our interest in stability and in endures peace in the region and the world. assistance to israel is vital, and it's not going anywhere because if you care about american security, you must care about israel's security. [ applause ] last week chairman ted deutsche introduce add new strengthened version of the bill codifying the obama era memorandum of understanding which includes $3.8 billion a year over ten years and enhances our cooperation on cyber, energy, international development and more. as speaker of the house i assure
9:56 am
you that this bill will come to the floor, and it will pass overwhelmingly as we send to the united states senate. [ applause ] your voices will be vital in ensuring in legislation passes the senate this year. i know that's a part of the mobilization and the advocacy that you are here to do. it is imperative that israel maintain its qualitative military edge, and america must ensure that it always does. today, once again, we witnessed a rocket attack perpetrated by hamas, a sobering reminding of the security challenges from
9:57 am
gaza that israel faces with each day. we pray for the swift recovery of the children and family members injured in this attack. also, america must also work with israel to bring stability to the northern border because terrorist groups as isis, al qaeda and other afimts continuing to keep pockets of syria in their strangle hold. iran and russia sinically scheme to secure permanent presence in syria and hezbollah seeks to set up terror networks on the border between israel and syria, while training increasingly precise longer range rockets appear smifls that could strike anywhere in israel. the united states will continue to the champion a foreign policy that reaffirms israel's right to self-defense. in our democratic seats, we should welcome legitimate debate and how best our honor our
9:58 am
values and advance priorities without questioning loyalty or patriotism. [ applause ] this month the full house came together condemning the anti-semitic myth of dual loyalty and all forms of bigotry with a resolution that rejects the per petation of anti-semitic stereotypes in the world and including per initials myth of dual loyalty and foreign allegiance especially in context of support for the united states-israel alliance. i simply declare to be anti-semitic is to be antiamerican.
9:59 am
it has no place. >> speaker pelosi from earlier today. you can see the rest of her speech and all our coverage at as we transition live now to the ray burn house office building on capitol hill where the house armed services committee this morning is holding a hearing on pentagon spending for the upcoming fiscal year. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan and the chair of the joint chiefs of staff testify before the committee today. this is live coverage on c-span3.
10:00 am
thank you. a couple much process issues to start. the secretary has said that he can be here until 3:00. which calls -- calls into question, just how