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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  April 3, 2019 7:05pm-8:02pm EDT

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seven eastern thursday morning, join the discussion. wednesday, british prime minister theresa may talked about her up coming meeting with jeremy corbin and the first ministers of wales and scotland, to discuss the best way forward on exit. the uk had a short extension until april had to come up with a suitable plan to exit the european union. domestic issues also included combating islam a phobia, workers rights, poverty, and the uk's rising knife crime problem. this is just under one hour. questions to the prime minister, question number one . >> thank you mr. speaker. mr. speaker, april marks 50 years since the launch of our longest sustained military operation. the beginning of our
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continuous deterrence. i'm sure all members from all sides of the house, will want to join me in paying tribute to all of the generations of royali navy submariner's, and their families who have sacrificed so much and all those involved in protecting our nation. tomorrow marks 70 years and the founding of nato. let me assure the house that under this government, the united kingdom will continue to play a leading role in nato as it continues its mission of keeping nearly 1 billion people safe. mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house i will have further such meetings later today . >> thank you very much.
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>> i wanted to raise another important issue, from the university, the issue regarding the nhs pension for doctors and consultants. the consequences are, doctors retiring early, toning down additional shares so paying high tax bills to the government , resulting in longer waiting times for patients, a shortage of doctors and consultants and raising as soon as possible to inform me regarding an answer her . >> prime minister . >> i'm aware of the issue he has raised and this is already in discussion with the department of health and social care. the chancellor is on the bench and has heard the point he has raised and i will make sure that what comes out of the discussions, is that we confirm that.
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>> this loyalty has been severely tested, is my right friend aware that the country and the world ponders that brexit means brexit and if were going to make a success of it, south end on see is been welcoming and to work in partnership with investment and licking at our prn building at new marina. will they consider bringing forward a meaningful vote, for which i believe there is a majority in the house, south end on see being considered as a city. [ cheering and applause ] >> prime minister. >> i like to say congratulations for so cleverly working bad in .
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>> the benefits and opportunitiesel when we've gone over this stage and delivered brexit for building a better britain and the better future, including in south end on sea, for all of us to be sure we get over this stage to get through brexit, build a better future, of which south end will be a leading part . >> jeremy corbin . >> thank you mr. speaker, i wish the people of south end well and i hope it doesn't become a city. [ laughter ] >> mr. speaker, i welcome the ministers offer of talks following the meetings i've held with members across the house and look forward to meeting her later today and welcome her willingness to compromise to resolve the brexit deadlock. here, here. . >> when the speaker began she promised to resolve the burning injustices facing the country so
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can she explain why, by the governments unofficial figures, poverty has risen for all ages under her administration? >> minister? >> nobody wants to see poverty rising, we take this very seriously indeed but, as i've seen and said previously, the only sustainable way to tackle poverty is with an economy and a system that helps make this work. that's why the portions we have are the lowest unemployment since the 1970s and the number of homes where no one works is at a record low. we also need to make sure that we are paid for and if i just give the right honorable gentlemen some figures, in 2010 under labor government someone working full-time on national minimum wage would've taken home 9200 pounds after-tax. now, thanks to our tax cut and the biggest increase in the national living wage, they will take him over 13,700 pounds.
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that's 4500 pounds more under conservative government . >>al mr. speaker, since 2010, child poverty has increased by half 1 million and working age poverty by 200,000 and pension poverty by 400,000. while, she's right to mention the national minimum wage, something her party strongly oppose the introduction of, we should be aware of what the national minimum wage actually means, 821 for over 25 and 421 to 24-year-olds it's only 7 r pounds 70 and it's just 3 pound 90 an hour, these are poverty wages. mr. speaker, there are now 8 million people in this country, in work and in poverty. many on middle incomes are making -- struggling to make ends meet. universal is failing will they
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at least hold the rollout of universal credit and agreed to a thorough review of it? >> prime minister . >> as a gentleman knows we are rolling out universal credit making changes to it. we changed one of the early of that when i became prime minister. we have sense, abolished the seven day waiting and have ensure that we've taken action to make it easier for those who are transferring onto universal credit in relation to housing benefit, but crucially, there's only one way to ensure that we see a sustainable deal with poverty and coming onto that the honorable gentlemen, we have a strong economy that delivers jobs and better jobs for people and that that can keep more of the money that they earn. what we know it's happened the
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labor government was banned 1000 billion pounds more than is being irproposed and a labor government that would put taxes , labour party that's opposed tax cut after tax cut. that's how you help working people to give people and work better jobs, high employment and that's conservative . >> jeremy corbin . >> she really ought to think for a moment about what she's just said. the last labor government had child poverty and they brought in children and sure stock in the last government reduce poverty across the whole he country. >> she seems to be ignoring the true impact of universal credit , the trestle trust is in areas where universal credit has been rolled out, food bank used has increased by over 50%.
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>> this week we also learned that another 400,000 pensioners are in poverty compared to 2010. so, why is the prime minister pressing ahead with cuts to pension credit for couples where one is of pension age and the other is not? >> prime minister . >> i said to the honorable gentlemen, etc. conservative government that we've seen the triple lock on the pension have further provided for the increases to pensioners year after year. it's under this conservative government that we've seen the introduction of the new pension arrangements for individuals who are pensioners. let's just remember, what we saw under a labor government, we saw a fee rise under pension and it was under labor . >> jeremy corbyn . >> this government brought
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400,000 more into poverty and age uk that i think you know a thing or two about that this proposal by the government is a substantial self ,. 15,000 pensioner household could be up to 7000 per year worse off as a result and the prime minister mentioned the triple locks, the government the mains testing went to fuel allowance, can the prime minister given unequivocal commitment this is no longer government policy and it won't be in the tory manifesto? [ laughter ] >> prime minister . >> can i say to the right honorable gentlemen, we've given this argument and we have captured this commitment to pensioners and what we've seen is we've seen a rise of 150,000
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per year. we want people to be able to live in dignity in their old age and that is what this government is delivering. >> jeremy corbyn . >> mr. speaker i'm sure the whole generation of washer women will be appalled at the lack of justice for them. over 1 million over 75 currently receive a free tv license, a scheme established by the last labor government. this government transferred the scheme to the bbc, without guaranteeing its funding. will the government take responsibility and guarantee, free tv licenses for the over 75? >> here, here. . >> to we be clear on the thing to do, the bbc is in a position to do that with the incumbent they receive . >> jeremy corbyn . >> the last labor government guaranteed free tv license for
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the over en75 but this governme appears to be outsourcing that policy to the bbc, i think it should be an item of public policy not set up somebody else to administer on behalf of the government. >> mr. speaker, the last labor government lifted 2 million pensioners out of polity, 2 million children were lifted out of poverty and homelessness was cut in half. contrast that with this government which has but half 1 million more children into poverty. 400,000 more pensioners into poverty and doubled homelessness. >> by this government, it's a political choice. there is nothing inevitable about rising poverty, homelessness and soaring food bank use in the fifth richest country on earth. so yes, let's work to try to resolve the brexit deadlock but, mr. speaker, unless this government, unless this
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government tackles insecure work, rising pensioner poverty, her government will be marked down for what it is, failure in the eyes of the people of this country. >> here, here. . prime minister . >> first i will say to the right honorable gentlemen, i didn't realize he was such a fan of the last labor government. he spent the entire time voting against it. but let's just talk about what is happening under this government. record rate of employment, wages growing at their fastest for a decade, debt falling, long-term plan for the nhs, the biggest in the nhs history. immigration system, more money for police, local counsel, schools. the biggest up grade and workers rights for over 20 years , freeing castles to build more homes.
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world-class public services . >> mr. russell miles, you are behaving in a truly delinquent fashion. calm yourself young man, i had to have words with you yesterday. you're a bit overeager, it's not that sort of thing i would ever have done as a back venture . >> prime minister . >> well done, public services. better job, more homes, a stronger economy, conservatives delivering on the things they back . >> general guillen . >> mr. speaker, this is world autism awareness, can i ask my right honorable friends that ask all departments to follow the example by taking initiative to improve engagement with people who have autism and their families. can i also ask you to endorse the autism awareness training course for members of orparliamt being offered through the
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groups that national society which will be held in this house on 3 may as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the autism act, it would be good to see every mt to go through this training course to better help their constituents. >> prime minister . >> 10a pay tribute to, my right honorable friends for the work she did to bring in the autism act. it was very important and groundbreaking in the first part of legislation to be linked to autism and i'd like to thank my right honorable friends for their work on this informed issue including highlighting awareness a week and also for ensuring that the autism training is available to members of parliament i hope she says that members across this house do take this out. we are reviewing the autism strategy to maintain it fits the purpose and so we will continue to look at the issue
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and my right, honorable friend highlighted in the work she did and i welcome and congratulate her on the work she continues to do on this issue . >> blackbird . >> mr. speaker, is one on that they support this of peter's order to support this revocation. but, all through this process, back to 2016, the fnp and the scottish government has sought compromise. we published document after document and we know that -- has read it and said it's an interesting document. [ laughter ] >> why does the prime minister continue to ignore scotland voices, why has she not invited the scottish government and the welsh government into formal talks? why is it that scotland's voices are being ignored by this prime minister and this government? >> prime minister .
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>> i meeting the prime minister scotland today we will be talking. >> letters here courteously the answer from the prime minister . >> as i said i meeting the first minister of scotland and wales today, but the the right, honorable gentlemen said why have i not met with the opposition but i'm happy to meet the brexit issue. i think i'm right in saying thaa they both want to ensure that we leave the european union with ideal, the right, honorable gentlemen is revoking article 50 meaning not leaving the european union at all . >> i'm well aware that my friend and colleague is speaking. [ crowd noise ] >> i will see this to the prime
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minister. >> members are becoming very overexcited, the right, honorable gentlemen has a right to be heard and he will be heard. >> mr. ian black bird . >> thank you misters beaker, let me make it clear that the voices of scotland will not be shouted down by conservatives in the room. the important part is you are having formal talks with the leader of the opposition. scotland will not accept a labor brexit. we are members of the european union and we will not be dragged out against our will. will the prime minister do informal talks what the scottish national party and other opposition parties to make sure our voices are heard, that desire to stay in the european union for the best deal for all of us is listen to and be respected.
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>> prime minister . >> he knows we've met before and talked with these issues and i'm always happy to meet party leaders across wathis houe . i want to find a way forward that delivers on the referendum that delivers brexit and does it as soon as possible but in a way that means we don't have to fight the european organization and in an orderly way for this country. the voices from scotland, i can ensure there are indeed strong voices for scotland in this house and they sit on the conservative -- [ crowd noise ] . >> mr. nigel adams. [ crowd noise ] >> uthank you, mr. speaker. can i urge, my right, honorable friend , the prime minister, can i urge her on behalf of all of the people of lb got to put her weight behind the campaign
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the selby railway station . >> here, here. . >> i'm sorry to disappoint colleagues. [ laughter ] >> this is very important mr. speaker, here, here. . >> it's totally unacceptable that in this day and age, those that are unable to walk upstairs, people with disabilities, are denied access and the people are demanding action. . here, here. . >> first of all, can i think my uncle sam, who has been servicing the government, he's worked very hard and i'm sorry he has resigned, but can i also thank him for raising the issue of transport particularly at stations for people with
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disabilities. he is considerable weight is been behind the campaign for a long time. [ crowd noise ] [ laughter ] and as a campaigner . >> the honorable gentlemen's qualities as a campaigner . >> she wasn't looking at him when she said it, it's on knowledge of the honorable gentlemen . >> as i said to the speaker, they've been campaigning on this issue hard on it for some time. and i just say to him that i understand that the department of transport will announce the stations that will benefit from the funding tomorrow if he could just have a little patience and wait for that announce met . >> mr. speaker, when the prime minister sits down later this afternoon with my right, honorable friend on the
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shadow of brexit secretary, she will your no doubt the labor's policy on brexit is to secure membership of the single market and crucially to get a people's vote . >> here, here. . cc >> if he accepts that miwill compromise, she could do a deal and leave office, will she do so? >> prime minister . >> i say to the honorable gentlemen that the purpose of meeting with the opposition today is to look at those areas that we agree on, there are a number of areas we agree on in relation to brexit. we both want to deliver leaving the eu with the deal and we want to protect jobs and we both want to ensure the reentry movement and we both recognize the importance of the withdrawal agreement. what we want to do now is to find a way forward that can command the support of the house and deliver on brexit and the result of the referendum and ensure that people can continue
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to have trust that that we are doing what they asked us to do. >> two men young from the same area with their whole lead ahead of them, was suffering with mental health problems and under the care of -- they tragically took their own lives. if you can imagine the grief endured by their families but they have since been campaigning for change and they have struggled with systemic issues for years. well, my right, honorable friend that we will work to have rifle change to southern health so that tragedies like this might be avoided . >> here, here. . prime minister . >> this is an important issue and i would like to extend my deepest and tempered these to the family and friends of the honorable ladies constituency referred to in her question.
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this is an important issue and it's very concerning. i understand the local trust and the counter counsel are working to resolve these issues and we want to resolve that we are transforming mental health services around the country and we remain committed to that. of course, we are providing record investments to these services. we have an ambitious plan in relation to increasing the workforce and ensuring we are dealing with these issues and i can reassure, my honorable friend that action will be taken to ensure that we can prevent incidents of this sort from happening in the future. it's a terrible incidents in our sympathies to family and friends of the victims. >> thank you misters speaker, this afternoon there is an honor of the 51 at christchurch. in this terror attack, mosques were targeted in birmingham and newcastle, there's a global rise of islam a phobia and in an article for the times this
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week, the chairman could not even utter the word islamaphobia, when will they conduct an inquiry and adopt the a ppg definition of islamaphobia? >> prime minister . >> gentlemen, as i believe i said before, when any allegation is made, the allegation of islamaphobia, complaints made about conservatives, elected conservatives, people in the conservative party, we look at those, very seriously and action is taken in relation to the individual. he referred to the attacks that have taken place against mosques and i absolutely condemn the attacks that take place against mosques and any place of worship.
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i'm pleased to say that my right, honorable friend the secretary supports places of worship to protect them against attacks that take place. this is no place in our society we should all work to ensure that people can go to the place of feworship, and can feel that they are safe and secure in this country. >> here, here. . >> mr. jones . >> does it remain the position of the by minister that the leader of the opposition is not fit to govern? >> [ crowd noise ] . >> yes i think, my right, honorable friend will refer from what i said what i think a labor government will do in relation to the party. the right honorable gentlemen and lead opposition and i have different opinions on the number of issues, and, may i just highlight one, one issue,
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when we suffered, a chemical weapons attack on the street, in this country, it was this government that stood up against the perpetrators, the right, honorable gentlemen said he refused to believe in our security agency, that's not the place of someone prime minister . >> jonathan edwards . >> the british government is completely dysfunctional. >> prime minister . >> the right, honorable gentlemen, if you look at whales , he talks about the government in wales and there are issues they should focus on but let's look at the national health service in wales, esa
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point in that direction, absolutely that's what we see, national health service for over a decade. >> over 50% of the british public has expressed having a final say on the brexit process , does the prime minister acknowledge that, with the ongoing impasse here at westminster, around brexit, it's best to passer deal and the ongoing endeavors of the house, to find a compromise, the british public a right to increasingly think they should have a finals day? >> prime minister . >> i know how he's campaign on this issue and he refers to the deals the government has e put forward and being rejected,
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it's a second wrecker random that's been rejected by this house. what i believe we should be doing is delivering on the result of the first referendum that took place . >>, >> and with autism have been unable to get the support they need and are not in school, every child with autism is unique and that's why oh awareness raising is essential. children on the autism bactrim say the worst thing about school is being picked on, will the prime minister commit to autism and diagnosis and promised to fund trainings for healthcare professional so that parents are left to fend for themselves? >> the honorable lady has again raised an issue and we all see
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cases where parents have found it very difficult to get some more for their children on the autism spectrum. it's important that we ensure there is that awareness and the ability to deal with the issue, she has raised an important issue. as i said in response to my right, honorable friend , we are looking again at the autism strategy because we want to make sure we have in place all we need to ensure that the support is there . >> thank you misters speaker. last week in chambers the prime minister said the biggest threat to us, to our defense and our economy, is the leader of the opposition. in her judgment, what now qualifies him for involvement in brexit? >> prime minister [ crowd noise ] >> can i say to to my honorable friend, every member of this house is involved in brexit.
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i want to deliver brexit in an orderly way and i want to do it as soon as possible and without having to fight european parliamentary elections and to do that we need an agreement through the house, withdrawal agreement and a deal. and the house has rejected every proposal that's gone forward so far as i just indicated in terms of various proposals and the second referendum and voting article 50. i believe what the public wants , is for us to work across this house to find a solution that delivers on brexit and the referendum and gives people and the politicians, what they are and has actually delivered for them. >> after two years of brexit deadlock, and a cabinet meeting, the best the prime minister can do is e invite the leader of th british labour party to become the cool order of part of
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brexit. let me ask them, if she were the leader of the opposition and invited into a trap like this, would she have been foolish enough to accept? >> prime minister >> across this house, i believe we all have a responsibility to ensure that we deliver brexit. across this house we all have a responsibility to ensure that we do that as soon as possible and we deliver brexit in an orderly way, i think it's entirely right and i think members of the public, expect us to reach out across this house, to find a way through this. they want a solution, the country needs a solution, the country deserves a solution and that's what i'm working to find . >> and nikki ford . >> thank you misters speaker. in the past fortnight there've been two incidents involving knife crimes. my constituents are extremely concerned. can my right, honorable friend
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, the prime minister give us an update on this week's knife crime summit . >> prime minister . >> can i say my right, honorable friend raises an important issue and the family and friends of her constituents, they have my sympathy. i was pleased to bring people from police, government, across government departments, community groups, justice, and healthcare and a whole wide range of activities together to recognize the importance of taking this holistic, collective approach to dealing with knife crimes. we will be consulting all public health duties. this is a public health issue and it's an important way to do it to make sure everyone is playing their part in dealing with knife crimes. i was able to meet after the summit, i was able to meet with the families who had lost children. i say children because these were teenagers,
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as a result of serious violence, knife crimes and a shooting. of the horror and the devastation of these attacks is brought home when you sit down and listen to the families who have seen a young life, promising young life cut short in this tragic way. we are committed as a government, across government to work not just across government but with society as a whole to deal with the scourge of serious violence that's taking so many young lives . >> here, here. . >> mr. speaker back in june, last year i asked the prime minister to recycle the submarines and today's report shows that they have no funded plans to do this work and no submarines of been dismantled since 1980, the year i was born. will the prime minister now extend to the cleanup to make sure that all the world navy
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submarines, so we can deal with this and make this part of her legacy and office? >> here, here. . >> prime minister . >> the right, honorable gentlemen, we do remain committed to dismantling the nuclear submarines as soon as it's possible , the responsible nuclear opry or maintains the decommission to meet safety and security standards. i think this is demonstrated by the recent success of the submarines followed immediately by the initial dismantling of resolution. this will continue to work in the new year decommission authority to achieve disposal of the submarines as soon as possible. and we are working on this and what work we did do during the 13 years on the commissioning issue. >> why is a conservative prime minister, who repeatedly told
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us that no deal is better than a bad deal, now approaching labor mps to block brexit when you have psconservative mps, th needs a european media [ crowd noise ] with a clean break . >> we have a bad deal and we have a good deal. and that we had a chance last friday to ensure that he would leave the european union on 22 may and i'm straight to those early that supported that motion, some of them i know and it was with a heavy heart that i want to ensure that we deliver brexit and in an orderly way, as soon as possible, without fighting european elect to do that we need to find a way that it this house agreeing with the
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agreement and agreeing the way forward and i've been sitting down with members across the house on that basis and will continue to do so to ensure we can find a way forward that this house can support. here, here. . >> the constituents has pros to be , using accessible -- she's faced abuse from adults, they have to remind everyone that there are people with invisible disabilities who have every right to use accessible toilet facilities and that society should have a heart, will the prime minister it join me in endorsing this campaign to stand on the toilet signage to ensure that anyone, anybody with a disability feels able to use accessible toilets without abuse. >> prime minister . >> can i command her for the work she's doing, coming out of
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her own t personal experience that he's raised an important issue and we want to make sure that people with these invisible disabilities can access public toilets in a way that does not lead to the abuse that sadly, grace suffered. >> the country voted for brexit and i'd like to see it delivered and i've looked at the balance myself and supported her deal and it's in her party to do so but, prime minister, if it comes to the point where we have to balance a no deal brexit versus the risk of letting down the country and ushering in a monster entity led government, [ crowd noise ], what do you think of that threat? >> prime minister .
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>> can i just say and thank you for the support she chose for the government deal and for the encouragement that she's given to support that deal. what i want to see is that we are able to deliver on her constituents and those across the country so we deliver brexit as soon as possible. in delivering brexit we need to ensure that we are delivering on the results of the referendum. as i said yesterday, that's what we would be looking to do . >> commissioner . >> thank you misters speaker. did the prime minister not say that she would meet the leader of the opposition, can the prime minister for the benefit of my party and also for all members, which of the opposition leaders, brexit policies does she think that she could accept? >> [ laughter ] >> can i say -- >> prime minister . >> i will be in discussion with the leader of the opposition and as i said earlier, i think we both want to deliver leading
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eu and deliver that with the deal. i think we both agree that the agreement is part of any deal and i think we both agree that we want to protect jobs and we want to ensure that the work is right and i think there are a number of areas in which we agree on the question is, can we come to an agreement, we can both support the command the support of this house and that's what the talks will be about . >> henry billingham . >> 20 years after that will she find time today to look at the situation regarding veterans some of whom are being arrested and charged with murder 50 years after the events of which there's no new evidence. what signal does the send to youngsters to join the armed forces and will she tried to make this part of her legacy, solving this? >> prime minister . >> i recognize the issue he's raised as a concern by
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honorable members, my right, honorable friend and members of the house. the conflict in dealing with this is not working well with anyone. as i said previously in the chamber, around 3500 people were killed in the vast majority were murdered by terrorists in many of these required an investigation including the deaths of hundreds of members of the security forces. the system to investigate does need to change provide such outcomes to victims and the troubles and ensure that our armed forces and police officers are not unfairly treated. the ministry of defense are looking at what more can be done to ensure services, in relation to service overseas including considering legislation and we continue to look at how best to move forward in relation to the issues. >> the police are doing a brilliant job despite iathe pressures dealing with a knife crime, drugs, domestic violence
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and so much more but they still getmu capital city funding whic makes the pressure worse, will the prime minister look at this urgently again and agree we would be better off spending billions on our police instead of brexit? >> prime minister . >> to the right, honorable gentlemen, we've been giving extra funding for knife crime and it's important we deal with this issue. he's raved and it's also important and that we have raised brexit and we deliver on the results as a referendum and do what's necessary to ensure that we are prepared to leave the european union which is exactly what we s feare doing. focused on the issue of serious violence and knife crimes and that has held earlier this week . >> misters speaker, in agreeing with the 14 members of the cabinet, you have paid for the united kingdom to leave the european union next week, can i ask my right, honorable friend if she will set out her vision
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of for the benefits that will come to the united kingdom of no deal? >> prime minister . >> thank you my right, honorable friend , he should not believe everything he read in the newspapers. >> here, here. . >> the government came to protect his vision yesterday i've always been clear that the opportunities are bright and we can build a greater version of great britain and we have a we good deal and that's s why i've been working to ensure that we can leave as soon as possible i do so as soon as possible and in an orderly way to ensure a brighter future . >> misters speaker, despite repeated efforts, calling upon the prime minister to adopt the definition of islamaphobia, the
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prime minister refuses, despite repeated calls for an independent inquiry, by the former chair, and the conservatives the prime minister again refuses. st misters speaker, just a few days ago they said i've never received an explanation, let in on an apology for the islamaphobia campaign the party ran against me in 2016. the attacks on me still continue. can i asked the prime minister directly today, who she now could show some leadership at the minimum and apologize for the islamaphobia campaign led by her party? >> here, here. . >> in response to her honorable friend earlier, allegations made in relation to the conservative party are investigated carefully and action gis taken. it's the government that's been doing more to ensure that the
7:50 pm
police can deal with issues around hate crimes as required. when i was home secretary, i called the police to make they were recording properly incidence of hate crime that took place. according to, so that we could better identify islamophobia that was taking place. i'm pleased to say that my right, honorable friend, the community and home secretary, chaired a round table on anti- muslim hate crime that is taken seriously by the conservative party and by the government. >> speaker, i think, it's worth remembering that for people outside, there's far more to life than brexit. by the questions today, we are very proud of local universities being the best university in the world for related subjects. one of the groups of athletes has been much underfunded in recent weeks, the athletes who took part in a special olympics in abu dhabi.
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27 athletes returned with 169 medals. will the prime minister congratulate them and does she think it must be time for gb to host the next special olympics? >> i will look very carefully at the suggestion my right, honorable friend have made. i'm sure everybody across this whole house will on congratulating our gb team on the significant haul of metals. and i say how much we value how much we value the local university and the work they do on sports related matters. >> cutting budgets to the bone, desperately concerned about the impact now on children. the prime minister's own advisers have been sent into schools and they are truly shocking. reducing lunch portions, holding back money for charity, even employing unqualified teachers. it is the prime minister agree
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with me that these belong in the workhouse, not 21st century england? >> the lady knows we are increasing the funding that is being made available to schools. 1.3billion extra. i'm sure the honorable lady, the honorable lady will want to welcome as i do the 22,500 more children including outstanding schools since 2010. >> thank you, mr. speaker. n further to the question from my honorable friend, i think the invitation the prime minister extended to me. for the summit on monday. would she agree with me that whilst members of police officers are important, we also need to send a message to people who would never wear a t-shirt made in a sweatshop, look carefully at the aaron miles of the food that they buy, yet seem not to make the connection between drug use they have in their personal lives, and the damage that's
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been done to young people in our streets? this is not acceptable. >> hear, hear. >> my humble friend raises a very important point. if we look at the extent to which that is gang-related, the extent to which it is drug related, many people across our society need to ask themselves what they are doing to ensure that we can deal with this issue of knife crime, what they are doing to ensure we don't see drug related gangs committing these crimes, and that we are able to rid our society of what i believe to be a curse of drugs, i believe it has impacts, it's bad, and that's why it's important as a government we have a very clear drug ndstrategy to take people off drugs, to ensure that we are dealing with this issue. my friend makes a very important point. it's not just a matter for government, it's not just a matter for police, it's for all of us across society to deal with these issues. >> mr. speaker, freedom of movement is a good thing.
7:54 pm
it's good economically, exercising free movement rights contributes to our gdp. it's good socially, our communities are more diverse and more successful as a result and it's good for our young people who can go to europe to study and to work. >> hear, hear. >> canha prime minister be honest about the benefits of freedom of movement and ensure that mwe retain those movements? >> what we want to ensure is that we have a migration system that enables us to welcome people into this country on the basis of the skills they will bring, the contribution they will make to this country, not on the country they happen to come from. when people voted to leave the european union in 2010, they sent a clear message they wanted things to change. one of the things they wanted to change was to bring in and to free movement and to ensure it is the uk's government that is able to make decisions about who can come to this country. >> mr. speaker, as the prime minister seeks to get short extension upon the short extension, will she make it
7:55 pm
absolutely clear to the european union that if they turn around and say no, it has to be a long extension, and you have to fight the european union elections, that she will say no, no, no, no? >> prime minister? >> i think my right honorable friend. we had the opportunity on friday to ensure that we, left on the 22nd of may, as i said earlier, i'm grateful to all of those who supported that motion. as i said with some difficulty with a very heavy heart. what i want to see now is able to find da position where we can across this house support the withdrawal agreement and the deal, which enables us to leave on the 22nd of may which enables us not to have to hold those european parliamentary elections, we can only do that if we come together and find a way forward that this house is willing to support. >> john roland?
7:56 pm
>> given that the prime minister and i are both from the boycott, not known for compromise in his prime, but like many of us have mellowed over the years. and in the spirit of the times, where the prime minister find time to look at the compromise proposals to the importance of evolution as advanced by the mayor of south yorkshire? >> prime minister. >> the honorable gentlemen, we are looking seriously at issues around yorkshire evolution. i know this has caused concern and different opinions as to how that should be taken forward. and he references jeffrey boycott. can i say one other thing i always admired around jeffrey boycott? he kept going and he got it in the end. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> further to the last question, what the prime minister has dealt with is a rather tricky issue that is
7:57 pm
brexit which ifi'm sure she wil move on to the much more difficult problem which is devolution in yorkshire. now that her secretary of state has rolled out the devolution to the whole of yorkshire, would she now consider a devolution deal to the yorkshire region include the city of york and the glorious county of north yorkshire? >> prime minister? >> we recognize that there is as i said and enthusiasm, a dedication in yorkshire to the concept of devolution. io and the ability and the potential of devolution has to release and harness local people's sense of identity with yorkshire. and to be an ongoing benefit to people of yorkshire. we do need to find the right proposals that will suit the area. and my right, honorable friend, i believe has met the leaders, about a different localized approach meto devolution in yorkshire from the one that did not meet our criteria, namely the one yorkshire proposal.
7:58 pm
>> mr. speaker, we heard from the cabinet yesterday, suggest that there were two proposals, cross party cooperation to solve the brexit crisis. one of them is to work with the leader of the opposition to deliver a labor brexit. and the other was to work with the 280 mps across the house who will support a deal, subject to the referendum. why does she trust the leader of the opposition more than the people? >> hear, hear. >> what i ewant to do is ensur that we find a resolution of this that the house can support such that we can deliver brexit and deliver it in a timely fashion, i believe it's important to do that as soon as possible and to do it, i want to do it as having, to certify european elections. the public would expect us to be willing to work across the chamber to find a resolution to this issue. ad
7:59 pm
>> thank you very much, mr. speaker. conservative -- recently submitted their bid for the future high street zone, will the prime minister add her support to this bid because the people deserve to have our town unlocked. does she agree with me it's only with conservatives in our town hall that we can continue to unlock after years of labor neglect? >> hear, hear. >> well, can i commend conservatives, for the work that they're doing on high street, my honorable friend tempts me to support one bid as well. the other, right, honorable friend who also would wish me to support the bid in their town. this money, i congratulate for all that they are doing to ensure the vitality of their town. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i find myself in the slightly
8:00 pm
curious position sandwiched between the liberal democrats and the wealth nationalists. and if i may, i would like to reassure my constituents and honorable members that i remain a progressive conservative while sadly an independent in this house. mr. speaker, the prime minister's late conversion to compromise is welcome but i'm sure that she will understand the skepticism of those of us who have been working on a cross party compromise for many, many months. can she reassure me that she will be entering these discussions with the leader of the opposition and other parties without the red lines that have bedeviled the brexit negotiation so far? >> i say to the honorable gentlemen, and i welcome the fact that he has indicated that he remains progressive conservative in his thinking on various issues, i approach these in a constructive spirit because i want to find a
8:01 pm
resolution of this issue. i want to ensure what people told us what we should do which is deliver brexit and do it in a way that's good for this country. >> order! washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you, coming up thursday morning, north carolina democratic congressman david price will be with us to talk about his concerns over a lack of affordable housing, and then kentucky republican congressman andy burns talks about democratic proposals for a financial services tax. be sure to watch sea pen washington journal live at 7:00 eastern thursday morning, join the discussion. coming up tonight on c- span 3, energy secretary rick perry testifies on the fiscal year 2020 budget for his department. then a discussion on u.s. immigration policy. later, military officials testify on prosecuting


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