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tv   Hudson Institute Discussion on Human Rights in China  CSPAN  December 20, 2019 5:49am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning everybody. please take your seats we will start our program. welcome to the hudson institute i direct the director for really jet - - religious freedom happy holidays and i also want to draw your attention to the crisis in china against the population there it is one of the worst with religious persecutions of our day or hour age it is a crisis of religious persecution and of human rights violations of epic proportions.
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all people should be concerned for china and the rising power that seems to make us a model not just within its borders but exporting the model it is a deep concern to me as someone who monitors religious freedom around the world. it is my deep privilege to introduce the ambassador at large from the state department sam brownback who will be giving the keynote address in just a moment ago i have known the ambassador for about 25 years when he was in the senate working together including suda sudan. so i am very pleased in this
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position and someone who has been empowered under this administration and through congress and really is the face of religious freedom as a priority and foreign policy and to organize and innovate hundreds or thousands from all over the world who are deeply invested in religious freedoms the czar survivors of religious persecution from across the globe please join me to welcome sam brownback. [applause]
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>> i appreciate that greatly it's a pleasure to be back at hudson and to be on the phone with the prime minister of sudan that is not normal thing 25 years ago fighting the regime state-sponsored terrorism that united states experienced firsthand but it shows if you keep after then you can win and you will win. and for those of great hope in the world the hope things continue to move forward in the right direction also thank you to the hudson institute secretary of state mike pompeo at different times to speak here regarding china i have looked at both of those and they offer a template of us
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policy this is the first in decades to take on china and the repressive regime repressive regime that is brilliant and tough and good and confronting china and it's important that we do that i'm pleased to join that discussion is a key priority the peoples republic of china the government brutal campaign for oppression against other muslims thank you to hudson institute to keep the conversation going this administration has recognized it's important to analyze to these abuses from all angles
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so hopefully that one day is no longer true that it is a war that will not win in the meantime chinese government continues to engage in a high-stakes game of subterfuge attempting to cloak the truth in this direction of the true intentions and activities but we will not be fooled. the chinese government can refer to inhumane treatment as war on terror to count religious extremist to label the internment camps as vocational training centers to claim detail knee's have graduated but the evidence is clear this is not just war on faith but truth that international norms we know
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the facts earlier this year ambassador nathan sales co. offered an op-ed the repressive campaign is not counterterrorism it is one more chapter in the long history of oppression of tibetan buddhists, christian buddhists, christians, and others. terrorism is a very real threat including the united states and china with peaceful practices and the identity of terrorism is beyond disingenuous and unconscionable. also unconscionable was high-tech surveillance and monitoring throughout the region that is the future of what it will look like you are seeing the front wave of that
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also for many muslims for doing the regular daily prayers. and to study the carotid remove them and to destroy the mosques and the cultural heritage sites and detaining more than 1 million members of muslim minority groups in the internment camps of april 2017 in the current day world 2019 muslim people in the internment camps really that is almost unthinkable in this day and age. these are the abuses that the government tries to hide and deny. so if it was a game changer and the china cables recently came to light as secretary
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pompeo said these are consistent with an overwhelming and growing body of evidence the chinese communist party is committing human rights violations and abuses against individuals and mass detention. and in these papers we see the background of it these documents reveal they have orchestrated this is not random but intentional they would have us believe or bully to believe it can now read these documents to see for themselves the depth of breath of what is happening. if you know anything about chin china, you also know the prc government's campaign of repression is not unique because the ccp first installed the regent party secretary chen quan guo
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remember that name. chen quan guo live in to bet in week one - - including religious life. and then he took his playbook to amplify that tactic and economist magazine with tibet to replicating repression and my fear and the headstone - - princeton one - - hudson institute as well that this is going to continue and increase around the world. they need to be stopped now. so the document strength and this administration ongoing
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resolve is to respond and importantly accounting for accountability with abuses around the world that's why the department of state previously designated china as a country of concern with the national religious freedom act to engage in severe violations of religious freedom as we all know such religious freedom violations are hardly the only abuse the government is perpetrating elsewhere. when a country doesn't respect the right to practice one's faith and everything that entails, we often see other rights significantly imperiled like the freedom of associatio association, speech, and freedom of movement.
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addition to the country of a concern designation specific to religious freedom violations we have seen a multifaceted us response. the crisis in both ministerial's as well as the global hall for religious freedom the first ever by head of state to call for the topic of religious freedom at the un general assembly. resulting powerful testimony from survivors and family members in two consecutive statements of concern -underscore the prc government escalating repression of religious groups in china. i will stop here in just a moment and note as well that last week was another testimony on capitol hill in our ministry three young people who testified they told us family members were convicted of seven and nine
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years than the younger family member is out speaking. god bless the people that are willing to speak out but it comes at a significant cost to them personally and their families. a number of agencies have executed well targeted actions the department of state imposed visa sanctions for their role of campaign of repression. the department of commerce added 28 government commercial entities to the list which prevents them from buying us products or importing technology that could be used to suppress religious or ethnic minorities us custom border patrol holds a release order to make sure products made by chinese companies do not end up in american stores. a growing number of international actors are calling out these abuses we
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want to see more of this in the months ahead and will continue to encourage stakeholders to take up the mantle. the multilateral response is similarly vital. the united states and for other countries cohosted a panel discussion on the un general assembly along with the eu representatives and the delegation in 20 ngos with standing room only a truly remarkable turnout with the family members addressed sharing their harrowing stories and an eyewitness testimony this is factual testimony they provide no longer allegations that eyewitnesses. the united states is among 23 signatories of human rights violations and abuses
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delivered at the un committee in october i am also working with a group to launch a priority ministerial call the international religious freedom alliance. once launched will be the first ever international body to vote on freedom of religion to bring together like-minded one - - like-minded countries and this is the first new international human rights organization to focus on the issue of international religious freedom we hope to have that launched the first part of next year. i'm excited by this opportunity and reaching out to a number of countries to bring them on boar board. as i close want to humanize the repression in china. innocent civilians peacefully practicing their faith as their conscious leads and
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happiness for themselves they do not need their way of thinking reprogrammed they do not need a government controlling every aspect of their lives. they need and they deserve freedom. freedom of religion to practice their faith peacefully as they see fit. that's what i and others are working towards in this administration. thank you again to the hudson institute for posting this discussion today and inviting me in previously hosting the vice president and secretary of state to discuss human rights abuses in china. the expertise you bring to the discussion is tremendously helpful to the administration continue to employ a variety of tools to call on the republican people of china the chinese communist party to
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immediately release all those arbitrarily detained and to end its draconian policies that for more than two years have terrorized a religious and ethnic minority groups. we will continue to push back on china's one faith. i hope you will continue to join us in that endeavor. thank you very much. [applause] >> welcome everyone. thank you ambassador and thank
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you to all of you and our c-span viewers to be with us here today with a panel discussion with us policy response. institute launch this program in early 2017 to help challenge with a post 9/11 political complacency over what the chinese communist party claims as its own war on terrorism in the northwestern territory. that reappraisal was urgently needed then and it is long overdue for decades the league of muslim people have suffered from institutionalized oppression and discrimination. the longest of 2016 the installation as the new party
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boss made clear it will be ramping up the efforts to subjugate the people secretary chad was already known for his harsh policies and under his command over the last three years it has been transformed into the most heavily surveilled and oppressive state the world has arguably ever seen. the communist party has since gone to extraordinary lengths to repress information and propaganda about what it's doing including here in the united states but in september 2018 a long time human rights activist is here with us today and an american citizen spoke here at the panel at hudson six days later two of her family members her aunt and sister vanished. and her whereabouts are
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unknown today but what we do know thanks to the vital work of three panelists and countless others many of whom have risked their lives is that efforts of 1 million over 10 percent of the population have been forced into mass internment camps for reeducation and the prc clear intent fits the very original definition chinese communist rule has dismissed reports about the internment camps and the abuses inside as fake news by western journalist and think tanks to persuade a large part of the world that the camps are vocational training centers. last month the league of classified party documents obtained by the international consortium revealed the party
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story is a lie. the china cable expose in chilling detail how it has planned and implemented a larger scale persecution of a distinct ethnic religious group since the end of world war ii. the papers provide a glimpse into their blueprint. here with us today to discuss this and what it should mean for us policy are the leading us-based experts i'm happy to welcome back from axios and if anybody knows anything about china they know her byline with the international consortium for investigative journalism and also from the daily beast and foreign policies second doctor adrian who is now a senior fellow at the victims royal foundation and research has been key to
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establish the existence of the camps in the first place to document build up of the prc police state and then a lawyer in the league of human rights project that he founded in 2003. also born in a education camp at the height of the revolution it's important to keep that in mind after we hear from her speakers we will have a q&a. we will be conducting that differently today you will receive paces of paper and pencils to write concise questions and we will collect them halfway to the panel to address them when we have time for questions at the end. thank you again. >> thank you for the introduction and also thank you to the hudson institute for yet another panel on this
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important issue as lead reporter for the china cable project along with 75 journalist around the world and about three months ago i was handed a stack of documents and said here you have two months. when i saw them i thought this is very important but the more i looked into them the more i realized how truly groundbreaking they were i will briefly talk about each set and then go to the key take away for each one. first we call it the operating manual for the camp that was disseminated november 2017 who is his right-hand man also classified intelligence briefing and a bulletin that detailed for the very first
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time very detailed insight look at the operations of the integrated platform which is a data collection of a policing platform that is behind much of the police state that we see and also a document that shows the tragedy of what happened to one individual man sentence ten years in prison so to convince fellow muslims not to watch pornography and pray regularly. this is for the first time in the chinese government's own words, and admission that the camps are not voluntary that they are highly secured prisonlike detention centers. in their own words that talks
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about security rigid camp personnel to prevent escape and prevent abnormal. those two instructions that are given to carry those out to prove the chinese communist government speaking points about the camps our lives. it is not normal for a boarding school or a vocational institute to prevent the escapes of their students to put up high walls or demand absolute secrecy of their personnel and put up barbed wire and guards but yet all of these are explicitly spelled out in the document. or to prevent abnormal death is even more chilling. what it shows is the entire
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party state knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that by putting these people in these facilities they were putting their lives at grave risk. now, it is a bare-bones minimal degree of good that the command is not to cause abnormal death but what it shows to me as of november 2017 these were not intended to be mass murder camps however it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt and the government's own words that the conditions are dire and the security level is potentially deadly. so to statements from these documents is the use of the classification and point system inside the camp that is
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a miniature version so detainees are awarded points based on behavior and part of those points are awarded on test scores and some are used to determine when they are to be released that determines your freedom or maybe even your life or life of a family member. and i will highlight once again the final commandment of the program is to maintain strict secrecy and this is very significant because as the current talk at one - - talking points on the efficacy of these camps to be positive way to create a peaceful and
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prosperous way a good policy they are proud of it and other countries however in 2017 they were ashamed of it and they knew that would be banned by the international community if made public which is why they had special directions to keep these camps a secret prick i will move briefly to the bulletin. what you have here are the internal workings of how police officers on the local level were communicating even receiving orders from an artificial intelligence powered policing system. so one part of this size sat with her literally hours because i found it so shocking in a period of one week there is a set of algorithms more
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than 24000 people named it to local police department in one week 15000 were detained and put into camps based on some unknown set of algorithms. this system was determining these people were being rounded up and put into camps based on some computer that is a total violation of human rights this is not policing it is a slight exaggeration a real-life manifestation of the minority report movie there was no question so the rest of that bulletin dove into issues regarding this more than 15000 people it's not how do we know they were guilty know, the issues raised why couldn't we
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detain even more of those people cracks they were almost 9000 that escaped why couldn't we detain them cracks you get an image of this machine set in motion a similar industrialized bureaucratic way to enable as we saw in world war ii the separation between the morality and the moral obligation of these individuals in the actual commands of the police officers have to make decisions they are just following their orders and it makes human rights violations on a massive scale much more possible from those human beings have been tasked to carry that out. >> really? do you have a sense of what the chinese people themselves no about the camps? >> i will say the chinese
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government in may denied a visa to go to china so because of that i cannot speak on the ground to chinese people themselves but my understanding of reading the reports and to read chinese social media in speaking with people on the ground that most have no idea what is going on. certainly that was true one year ago they had no sense there was any regime of surveillance there. now because the chinese government has come out with an official line of propaganda , so they are there one - - they are aware there are facilities or training centers but they don't have any idea in fact i have spoken and had phone calls with people in
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china who have tried to spread the word and their friends and family members do not believe them because it seems unbelievable. on top of that i will add there is a deep-seated prejudice with the regularly practice discrimination there are the's prejudices and stereotypes. this is not true of course as they have a predilection of whatever is coming to them. >> thank you. it is a privilege to be invited to the hudson institute. it is my pleasure to be here to give you a very short
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presentation internment is a generation of separation and involuntary labor. the attempt that i will make to string together to look at the long-term implications for what we just heard about which is a long-term plan and with the long-term scheme. and that gave the overhaul for that internment strategy and then to give some specific
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insight but also what it does for reeducation interestingly the available data shows and publish in my paper that has clearly targeted we already know about academics and intellectual targets but on the ground specially between ages 30 through 59 with higher representation than what they are represented in articles lately there have been of those that are taken to
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internment sons, males why only three to 4 percent cracks in some regions of three.four between eight.4 percent that is a wide range to underline what we have been suspecting and thinking and believing we have here the internment and part of that internment is winding down and that some persons are shifted out it's important to keep in mind the long-term plan who they have
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been breaking because it's on the inside and could change them forever. the second aspect is a massive increase in the ability to shelter minority children through to those facilities from young ages. was particular entry showing on the ground of a vocational internment camp. he's comes in all shapes and sizes and with the industrial
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parks but the interesting aspect is how involuntary labor is social reengineering by the states propaganda to have nurseries for infants in a particular example of three young children the youngest was only 13 months old was put in labor and her kids are taken care of in the caretaking system. conclusion. the next step i believe is to move into the divestment against one particular example
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from a well-known as well as similar other western companies. would like to very briefly on this complex topic that due to a shortage of time those of involuntary labor are not limited and with those minority regions which is very
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complex. so increasingly with the transfers of the minority laborers puffer mosso chinese companies and all that no i conclude. >> thank you. i would like to begin by thanking the hudson institute that organize a public event on this crisis it's an honor to be up here for those who
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care about human rights. the first of the nature and about at home and abroad. and the control documents to be systematic and targeted and then to give orders to show no mercy. for the communist party and that is absolutely necessary. 's the chinese government does not publicly admit this and
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communist party rule. and with those five takeaways my first of the 403 pages of the new york times is 96 pages the papers also show and with those internal investigations and local officials. it is breathtaking to see the level of fear and then took a
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risk to leak these documents they said they hope president xi when not escape culpability two days ago there was an intense investigation and tightening of information since the leak. wanted his wife are sadly taken away. and the family had no connection to the leak third it is hard evidence of the chinese government we have been telling the world about their experience but those met with skepticism we have proof of intent and punishment and confirmation that papers prove the assault is an explicit
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order to round up everyone who should be rounded up. the papers also document for crimes against humanity and genocide. president xi has the expression of extremism and contagion. so the population has this disease from intervention. and the chinese government tried to hide what it was doing. they knew they would be horrified and desperate to find their missing or detained relatives. and that they would say if
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they were to complain. what they were doing from the world. and then president xi anticipated criticism and told officials or if hostile forces aligned those forces and since then they use the word meaning concentration and for the purposes of punishment transformation because of their race and ethnicity and religious practices that makes it reasonable and appropriate for concentration camps so what the international response has been and with
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those methods and that government and rational organizations have the consequences to annoy the communist party. the turkish foreign minister to stay silent on the issue the united kingdom and germany and eu and australia have spoken up with unfettered access to the camps. no country has announced sanctions nobody has called an ambassador in this horribly inadequate response many officials widespread to the director of national intelligence to the an ambassador or condemnation.
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and secretary pompeo has come out for his criticism of china's treatment and said beijing cannot hide the human rights violations. on december 3rd with a human rights bill with a vote 407 / one as evidence of persecution. and then to have a decent chance also a strong support in the senate and in conclusion that should be on
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the desk of policy members and these documents should compel to get on the right side of history. and with the nation communist party of china. so what more will it take with business as usual. and when it's too late. and then to respond cannot be wished away with a few words of concern. and this was genocidal intent. thank you. [applause]
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