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tv   President Trump Holds Coronavirus News Conference  CSPAN  July 30, 2020 5:36pm-5:42pm EDT

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c-span3 takes you live now to the white house where president trump is about to give an update on the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic.
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congressman jamie raskin, democrat of maryland, and a member of the judiciary committee here with us this morning. he's also serving on the committee of the coronavirus crisis. let's begin with yesterday's tech hearing. we learned this morning that the anti-trust subcommittee will put a report out in august about what to do next. what do you think that report will say? >> gretta, thank you for having me. this was the first hearing that we've had about the profound anti-trust issues that have emerged in the new tech age, and in the 19th century, america wrestled with the robber barons
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and today we've got cyber barons and these are the lords and titans of big tech who have every bit as much power as john d. rockefeller and the vanderbilts and the people who control the new industrial people. there are huge come glom rats and they've done remarkable things and none of this is to begrudge any achievements of the individuals who were there yesterday but we've got to look at it structural in terms of what this does to small business competition, new entrants to the market, manipulation of prices and all of the old-fashioned, anti-competitive practices that have been updated for the high tech world. in addition to that, we've got all kinds of spillover effects in terms of the privacy of americans, the free speech of americans, civil rights questions, and democracy itself which was threatened profoundly
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obviously with the russians' sweeping and systematic assault on the 2016 election. all those things we asked about. it was a very substantive and productive exchange. we learned a lot and i think our report is going to come out with very specific recommendations about what needs to be done to protect small businesses, the privacy and free speech of americans and to protect american democracy against hostile state and non-state actors that are using the internet to try to manipulate american politics. >> what will those recommendations be or what do you think they should be? >> well, you know, it's a little bit too early to say because we're sort of processing and digesting all of this. i mean, one thing that i tried to zero in on yesterday was the confusion of roles that different entities are playing. amazon is both a marketplace for
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products which is remarkable what they've done, but then they also are a competitor against the different products that are coming on. so they've got all of the data and all the information from the much smaller businesses that are trying to advertise there and they have access to lots of information about the market that their competitors don't have because they control this marketplace. that's one example of the kind of thing that has become a real problem in anti-trust terms, and we need to update anti-trust law and regulation to deal with those kinds of problems. >> i want to invite our viewers to join the conversation. if you're a democrat, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-248-8001. independents, 202-248-8002. thank you very much. let me begin by expressing o


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