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tv   Reel America Hell- Bent for Election - 1944  CSPAN  August 16, 2020 10:35pm-10:50pm EDT

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visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] ♪ >> from george washington to george w. bush, every sunday we feature the presidency, a weekly series exploring the presidents, politics, policies, and legacies. you are watching american history tv on c-span3. next, a united auto workers animated film promoting president franklin roosevelt's campaign for a fourth term. it was directed by chuck jones, who helped create bugs bunny and other characters for warner bros. and in 1966 produced and , directed "how the grinch stole christmas." ♪
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[locomotive chugging] ♪ ♪
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["i've been working on the railroad" on harmonica] ♪ ♪ >> hey joe, joe. >> yes, sam? >> take a look at today's timetable. only one of these trains can get through to washington. 44 is a single track, you know. >> but sam, aren't the american people on board the win the war special?
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>> well, all but a few wreckers. see that switch, joe? you have got to sidetrack the peters limited. >> i am just the guy that can do it, sam. >> you can't if you don't fall asleep the switch like you did in november of 1942. >> don't worry about me. he will have to knock me out first. ♪ [train on railroad tracks] ♪
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♪ ♪ [beautiful dreamer] ♪ >> what happened? who are you? >> not at all, not at all. glad you dropped in, my boy. glad you dropped in. sam has been overworking. high production. he's been overworking you. ♪ let's talk this over, my boy. according to the papers, you are
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on the wrong track. it says here the win the war special isn't going through. all the workers are on strike. >> that is lie. we are out to win the war. >> i tell you this is roosevelt's war! ♪ ♪\
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>> you'll get pie in the sky when you die ♪ ♪ >> [inaudible] >> we want a platform to normalcy it is perfectly clear . everybody. sacrifices higher prices, taxes, negotiate a peace, democracy and bureaucracy. ♪ >> joe, he has lulled you to sleep again, joe.
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♪ >> joe, a little sales tax never hurt anybody. after all, joe, business is entitled to a fair profit during this war, but wages have to be frozen, joe. the workers are making too much money for their own good, and prices haven't risen very much, have they? ♪
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joe, there is a better way. ♪ [heavy breathing] ♪ [trains on tracks]
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>> mind if i smoke? >> yeah. i suppose you what my smoke for a change. >> wait, i have influence in washington. >> uncle sam. [crashing sound] ♪ >> clear the way to win the war, win the war, win the war. clear the way to win the war, you gotta get out and vote ♪
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if you want to have a better world, better world, better world, if you want to have a better world, you have to get out and vote ♪ now we are on the right track, right track, right track, now we are on the right track, we are going to win the war. right behind the president, the president, the president, right behind the president, for 1944 ♪ , go andnt and labor tell your neighbor that the new world special is coming get your reservation now for a greater nation now get your reservation now ♪ soldiers, all aboard for severance pay, disability insurance, free training and
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education, free employment with no delay farmers, got your ticket for crop insurance, lower prices, adequate credit? decent marketing facilities? fair prices for what a man grows? ♪ got get out and vote all aboard $200 billion national income, production, world trade but no pushing and no crowding , small business, protection from big business ♪ got get out and vote labor, jobs for everyone, full employment, full production, annual raise good housing, , social insurance, security in your old age. all aboard ♪ all aboard there will be a job for everyone, everyone, everyone you gotta get out and vote if you want to have security,
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security, security, if you want to have security, you gotta get out and vote they are growing big red apples to fill thoseant capsules, start voting, man, start voting get behind the president, president, president, get behind the president, the president and win the war behind the president and win the war ♪ vote! ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] reel america is winding back
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the clock to feature films on elections. 1940, we the people. it harkens back to the founding fathers and argues against an unprecedented third term for fdr. [bell rings] ♪ narrator: here, a century and a half ago, our nation was born. here was adopted the declaration of independence, which


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