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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  October 30, 2010 6:15pm-6:30pm EDT

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that may just mention that rick really did not answer the question that you asked. it has a history of entry and evasively and all of his depositions that he has given. he invites people to go to i would like everybody to look at i care about the best interest of the child. i think it should be left up to the judge and the social worker and the people who are closest to that child to make a decision about the best and most loving home environment for that individual child to be living in. >> mr. scott, many people watching right now are facing foreclosure or they are so under water with their mortgage
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because their value has dropped by 50% or more in some cases that they may be forced to walk away. does the government have a role in helping these people that are teetering on the edge or have lost their dream house? >> hr government caused the problem by making money to cheat. the way to solve this is to go to my seven-step plan. get people back to work. if we follow my plan, we will get people moving back into the state who have a job, and our home values will go up. that is the way to help consumers get the value of their homes up. >> is there anything specific, someone right now who is watching and thinking that is nice, as soon as those people go back to work of will be saved. that is not the case for them. is there any help that could be extended to these koreans?
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>> what government can do is make sure this -- extended to these floridians? >> we can make sure that homeowners are treated fairly if they are going through a foreclosure, things like that. my belief is we will all terms of the problem by getting this date back to work. i have lived the american dream. i father was a truck driver with a sixth grade education. he was laid off almost every thanksgiving. i never had a christmas when he had a job. but we are is we had to go out and work hard. that is what i want to do as governor. >> and the governor do something to help these home owners who are either out of a home or about to be out of a home? >> the detail what i have actually already done in the let me tell you what i have actually already done. i approached the members of the florida bar.
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as we have seen, it takes a lawyer to try to figure out how to navigate through this morass in the system. i approach the florida bar, and in conjunction with meet that put together a florida attorney is setting homes. at the height of the program, we had 1000 lawyers who were willing to give free time to counsel with families at risk of foreclosure. is something i am very proud of the bar stepping up and doing. right now, today, you can go to my official website. we have given hundreds of seminars around the state, pulling together lenders and community leaders and credit counselors and consumer credit people to help floridians figure out how to stay in their homes. those are the kind of help i would propose we continue to give, and i will give it i am elected the next governor. >> a question about taxation. floridians pay a sales tax if they buy an item in a store on main street, but not if they buy the same item online.
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there has been a proposal to establish an internet sales tax. they think it is a good idea? >> now is not the time to be talking about any tax increases. floridians are hurting. our economy is challenge, and i would not propose any tax increase at all in any area at the present time. >> the florida retail association says it was level -- says it would level the playing field. correct the problem with the lack of internet sales tax is, our local mom-and-pop stores who are paying rents are highly disadvantage, because if you want to buy a pair of shoes, it
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is cheaper to go on the internet and buy because you don't have to pay sales tax. down the road, we do have to address the fairness issue, because our local retailers are very disadvantaged on the sales tax issues, but i do not advocate any increase in sales taxes. >> i am against any tax increases. our taxes are too high. i proposed dropping broadly taxes and phasing out the business tax. my opponent continues not to respond to the letter about our spending proposals that are going to cost $12.5 billion and what tax she is going to increase. we see tonight that she is receptive to increasing the internet sales tax, property tax increases, water tax, cable tax increases.
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she is going to have to propose some tax increases to pay for all the things she has proposed. no different than what president obama has done. >> there are florida retailers that believe that levels the playing field. >> i understand the issue, but i am against any tax increases at all. we are taxed enough. i will do anything i can to reduce taxes and get money back in the pockets of businesses and individuals so they can get the economy going again. any tax increase kills jobs. >> i am going to stand here and say there you go again. i said earlier in this debate that you are just throwing mud. i don't know where you get that number, $12 billion. there is no number like that in
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any of my plans. this is what we cannot trust rick scott. he just keeps bringing back the same mud and dirt over and over again, and i don't want the listeners at home to think he can just throw the same statement now that i talked about without having to respond. >> my opponent is clearly an obama liberal. [applause] >> please, no applause. >> she proposes all the spending ideas and has no earthly idea what they are going to cost. she is not responsible for what the taxes are going to be. we know that all of obama's proposals are going to cost a lot of money. it's killing jobs across the country.
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>> unfortunately we are going to have to leave it there. each candidate has an opportunity to share final thought. alex sink won the toss. you have a minute and 30 seconds. >> thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to participate in this very important debate, and again, thanks to all the sponsors and friends in the audience tonight. i came to florida 26 years ago to follow my dreams, just like many floridians have come to our wonderful state. i wanted to make a good living and raise a family, and i have been very blessed and fortunate that i have been able to realize those dreams. but we know that our state has enormous economic challenges right now. the reason i am running for governor is because i want to bring my values to the governor's office. i am still that girl who grew up on a family farm. the values i learned there were that the most important thing in life is your character and your integrity and being honest. it is important to be accountable and responsible for
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your own actions. when your neighbor's need help, you have to go and offer a helping hand to your neighbors. all i want for florida is to bring those values into the governor's office, and that is how i will lead to our state as your next governor. of what is a stronger economy. i want more accountable government, and i don't want to be anybody's governor but yours. tonight, if you believe in a stronger economy and more jobs, i am inviting you to come with me. if you believe in local control of schools, not tallahassee politicians and bureaucrats, come with me. if you think character and integrity are really important in the person who is our next governor, then i will ask you to trust your vote to meet for november 2. thank you so much. >> i would like to thank
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leadership flora, the florida press association, and nova southeastern for hosting this event, and all be for taking the time to watch. on november 2, you have a clear choice between a tallahassee insider, and obama liberal, some who believes that obama's policies or the right policies for our state, or an outsider who has a lot of life experiences and has built private sector jobs. our state is clearly heading in the wrong direction. almost 80% of our homeowners under water on their mortgage. we clearly need new ideas and someone with a proven record of getting results. i am not a politician. i am an outsider and a business person. i build businesses. i put my own money up. i have created jobs and balanced budgets and help people accountable and cut costs. i have a detailed, seven-step plan. i will hold tallahassee accountable for every dollar that is spent. i will cut state spending and
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create private-sector jobs. if you are happy with the way that tallahassee is operating, if you are happy with finances, you should probably vote for my opponent. if you want jobs, if you want to turn the state around, if you want to change the way tallahassee works, then i asked you for your vote. my commitment to you is i will take my 35 years of business experience and run the state for the benefit of taxpayers and families. thank you very much. [applause] >> that concludes tonight's debate. our thanks to everyone involved in putting together this event. make sure you go out and vote. thanks to everyone for watching. have a great night. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> here is some look at the political news across the country.
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candidates who were hoping support from independent voters find them going to republicans. one exception is new hampshire, where two races are look to be split between the two main parties. leaningate race is goin toward the republican. meanwhile, in virginia's ninth district race, support is slipping for rick belcher. he was up 12 points. now the race is too close to call. hasressman frank poll loapalone seen his support diminished drastically.
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we are showing debates and events from key races around the country. in the lineup tonight, at 8:00 p.m., we will show you the rally to restore sanity and or fear that took place here in the mall at washington, d.c.. it was organized by john stewart and steven colbert. after that at 10:00 p.m., we will have remarks by house minority leader john boehner, who campaigned in ohio today for sixth district candidate republican bill johnson. at 10:15 p.m., we will show you president obama's remarks at a chicago rally today for aleksei jenulius. >> lincoln, in the early months of his presidency, think of churchill in the battle of britain. i am not sure we have seen that
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from recent presidents. >> this week, the obama presidency, the midterm elections and politics in america. that is sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. in addition to all of this season's campaign coverage and archive debates, there is more at the suspended a library, including nonfiction authors, the american story, and everything we have aired since 1987, all free and indexed online at the c-span video library. >> this week on the communicators, the effect on telecom policy if republicans take over the house. >> with control of congress up for grabs in two states, the commitst


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