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tv   Public Affairs Event  CSPAN  September 17, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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and the use that. google, apple, microsoft, a major factor in this industry. s when we sprint, we are -- when we talk about sparint, we are talking about a very complicated company. these technologies are coming as well. the industry is not voice. it is all data.
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unlike when they reach puberty -- reviewed the alltell merger, when you look at key cities across the u.s., you see the correlation from one city to another is not high. verizon is the largest provider. when you cut down the line, you are not going to correlate highly. unlike the alltell case, the justice department said, we are looking at four national companies. we will keep four national companies.
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there are local markets that are easy to district. those are the things we would say they got wrong. the third thing is the public policy issue. the public policy issues include jobs. we should say that jobs trump everything. economic developments going nowhere. economic development is frozen throughout the country. >> would you be opposed if this were a sprint-t-mobile merger? >> it would depend on the circumstances. first would be jobs. second would be broadband billed out. there is a highly complex
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financial structure. they have the cable companies backing them, time warner and comcast. we do not see a duopoly danger. it is not in their best interests to see sprint go away. verizon has their hands full with vodaphone. they own 40% of verizon. there is no way verizon will focus on buying up sprint. to your question about sprint-t- mobile, we would see it as a problem for public interest.
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before the national labor relations board election, they moved work out of the country. to san francisco. 400 workers lost their jobs when that center closed. >> we have time for one more question from doug holtz-eakin. uenwald.uliana gre >> will the obama administration have problems with your position? >> the president has had a policy for rural build out? .
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when we have a chance to get it, we ignore it. it is a problem. >> this is "the communicators." we will continue to follow this issue on "the communicators." thank you very much. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> on monday, the senate began its as 2:00 p.m. eastern. -- begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. on tuesday, the house returns for legislative business. later in the week, they are
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continuing a resolution that would continue funding for short-term government programs from october 1 to october 14. watch live coverage of the house at 2:00 p.m. eastern here on c- span. last night, republican presidential candidate michele bachmann addressed the california republican party convention at its banquet in los angeles. all of the presidential candidates were invited to speak. only rep michele bachmann, thaddeus mccotter, and ron paul chose to participate. this is about 30 minutes.
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>> my name is michele bachmann and i am running for the republican nomination for president of the united states. you produced ronald reagan and he serves as the example for us all. thank you for what you have given to our country. we are in a time when we should be rejoicing and we should be absolutely thrilled at the opportunities we have before us. the country is facing severe attacks in some many ways, from the economy to housing. we have seen that housing has dropped in value. it is amazing. from 2008 until the first quarter of this year, housing
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prices have dropped 19%. that is stunning. housing is one of the pillars and the backbones of our country. housing has been attacked like none other. that cannot go forward. why are we excite it? we see the jobs report was the worst in 60 -- why are excited? the jobs report was the worst in 60 years. why should we be excited? when we look at the value of the dollar -- if you pull a dollar out and you take a look at its -- since barack obama has been president of the united states, that dollar has lost 12% of its value. we need a sound dollar in this country. we are not getting it under this
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president. why be excited? take a look at what the reaction has been to president obama and his policies. take a look at the reaction. the back to just when obamacare was passed. in the senate, harry reid slammed the obamacare through. when he did, there was a reaction all across the country. it was christmas eve, if you recall. it came at a time when people were florida -- were floored. they were doing everything they could to get the attention of their representatives. tens of thousands of americans came to washington, d.c. to let their voices be known. no one listened. the american people decided to send a signal. they said you will listen.
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scott brown was elected senator from the state of massachusetts in the ted kennedy's seats. . people all across the country came together to deliver that loud signal. they did not go to sleep after that election. we had an election in 2010. this wonderful entity known as the tea party organically sprung up across america and decided, in response to a one trillion dollars stimulus that produce no new jobs the with-a $1 trillion stimulus that produce no new jobs -- $1 trillion stimulus that produced no new jobs, the tea partiers brought up. this wonderful entity known as the tea party is really an idea. this idea consists of this.
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the tea party believes we are taxed enough already. [applause] the tea party believes government should not spend more money than what it takes in. the tea party believes this quaint notion that government should react within the bounds of the constitution. when an amazing radical group of americans. those are the animating principles of the republican party coincidentally. it is amazing that we take the line that the tea party movement has brought back in to america's founding documents and the tea party movement showed up with republicans and disaffected democrats and independents.
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we got 63 new house republicans elected, the largest switch since the 1930's in congress. i am sari, california. we saw the -- i am sorry, california. we saw the gabble go out the speaker pelosi's hands - gavel speakervel go out of pelosi's hands and go into speaker boehner's hands. the soil here to announce to you tonight that we will take our country back. we will make barack obama and one term president. [applause] president obama's numbers are the lowest they have ever been.
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they have not hit rock bottom yet. i think election day in 2012 will probably be the lowest that they are yet. that is why i know that i know that i know that we have got a message and we have got a winning streak. 2012 will not just be a blowout election for the presidency. 2012 will be a wave election that goes all across the united states. it will even take in the golden state. i am so excited about what is to come. do not be disheartened. do not be downhearted. i know you have had a tough election in this state. maybe more than a few.
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this is my advice from you -- my advice for you. if i were you, i would go out and recruit the finest candidates you can find from county supervisors to the school board to your state assembly to the state senate, every race in every office you have. if there are any republicans from marin county, i would even be recruiting from marin county. i know we have got them. this is not competent i am about what we can do. i started my campaign yesterday morning up in marin county in california. we had a houseful of people who were practically spilling out into the yard. i am here to tell you, conservatives and republicans across america cannot wait to take their country back, even in
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marin county. [applause] the i am here to tell you it is entirely possible because i am the first republican woman ever to get elected out of minnesota. you think you have a tough neighborhood good? senator al franken. that is all i have to tell you. that is the tough neighborhood i get elected out of. i had a distinct advantage. i grew up in a home where it was three brothers and no sisters. that is the best preparation for politics any girl could ever have. the boys learned pretty quickly in our family, do not mess with your sister. it is great training. i have to apologize to you tonight. i did not bring my teleprompter is with me tonight. -- teleprompter with me tonight.
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you have never seen a president with a teleprompter. in a michele bachmann white house, there will be no teleprompter. i believe californians can take the raw truth. there will be no czars in the michele bachmann white house. [applause] i really like the constitution. i think we should follow it, don't you? that is what i think. here is something else i want you to know about me. i will never step one to go out of the united states and apologize for our great country. [applause]
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why would we apologize for the greatest animating principle of this nation that has ever been contained in a political document? they were set down by thomas jefferson himself when he wrote that all of us are created equal. we have been given liberty and we have been given power by a creator god. this nation is on parallel in the world because we have been blessed by god, because the founders of this nation recognize that we would all be in peril if they did not get down on their knees and ask god for his blessing, not just in the riding of that document, but
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throughout fighting for our libber -- writing of that document, but threw out fighting for our liberty. some 235 years later, we are the beneficiaries of what they have done for us. we need to consider and not take lightly the fact that, not only did they pour out their life blood and treasure and their sacred honor as that document records, we also need to realize that they set forth something for that is their example for us to live up to. because of the sacrifice they made for us, they set that example for every succeeding generation to live up to that example, to live up to those words that they wrote down and that they paid for even with their very lives. we can never forgets that every
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-- forget that every generation 4235 years has successfully transferred that torch -- for 235 years has successfully transferred that torch, that chain of liberty, a chain of liberty. they forged that chain up until now, 2011. that is the question we have to consider now. will we now come when that chain has been handed to us, will we successfully fashion our chain in this generation so that the next generation will have the opportunities and the chances we know today? i know it is possible. i know people all across america cannot wait to fashion that chain.
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they look to washington, d.c. and they say, we do not think that will happen anymore. if you look at polling data, it is almost 3/4 of the american people who answer this to the question -- do you think the next generation will be as well- off as we are today? 3/4 of those who answer the survey will say that, i do not think the next generation will be as well off. do you know that in our history, we have never seen 3/4 of american people pessimistic about what did the next generation will have the same standard of living or better. i also see something else. in the midst of that pessimism no matter where i go across america, i see the hearts and minds of the american people. they still have the hope and the
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belief that america will do better. in 2012, that will be the year that we take the nation back. i have absolutely no doubt that people are looking for their champion. they want to know that the person they give the nomination to will have a core of commission that at their sole - - soul, there will be a person who says what they mean and mean what they say. [applause] when they in trust that person with a position in the oval office at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, that person will be a person who has been core of conviction and those conditions resemble those convictions of the declaration of independence, of the constitution of the united states, of the bill of rights,
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of the northwest ordinance, and the animating principles that created the most magnificent nation in 5000 years of recorded human history. you tell me, what other nation parallels this nation? there is none. we are the privileged people who are able to be born in this nation and thrive in this nation, and grow in this nation, and contribute to this nation and rear up one more generation to receive these blessings. last weekend, my husband and i celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. [applause] in the midst of that anniversary, we shared with one another what we are so
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profoundly grateful for. our five biological children. they are our legacy. they are the best part of what we will ever produce as a couple. they are wonderful young people. our oldest is a physician. beyond this one just went off to college about three years ago. i cannot tell you -- they are great kids. we are loving this empty nest. i have got to tell you, it feels good about now. over the years, we brought 23 great foster children into our home. we have raised them and they graduated from high school. they are launched into the world. we have been the proud parents of 28 wonderful children. you are looking at the old woman in the issue right here tonight. -- in the shoe right here
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tonight. [applause] i know that is what your heart is as well. to make sure your children and your grandchildren are the beneficiaries of the greatness that is america. that is why when we watch television and when we hear the president of the united states and when we see the abuse of the executive power that he has been given -- how dare i say that? i say that because you need to look no further than the signature issue of his presidency, which is obamacare. for the first time in our nation's history, the federal government has said to us, you will buy a product or service because the government told you so as a condition up your citizenship in the united states. by the way, by the government saying that to all of you, the government is setting the price of what that product or service
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will be. have you ever heard of anything more malicious from our government? there has not been. recently this week, one more federal judge said, sorry, that is unconstitutional. [applause] i know that i know that i know that we will again -- i promise you as president of the united states -- i will not rest until we repeal obamacare. [applause] i know we can. i know we will because, as nominee of the republican party, i will also tell you i will not rest until i can he lead 13 more like-minded titanium-spined
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senators who will work with me to also appeal of obamacare. i will raise money for them and i will do whatever it takes to make sure they are elected. we must have a filibuster senate. that is the magic number we need, to get 13 more senators, so we get up to the '60s and interim -- 60 senator mark. minnesota delivered that 60 a senator. that is how we got obamacare. -- 60th senator. we have to win this election in 2012. we cannot have the other team sitting in the office at 1600 pennsylvania ave. we have to have someone who is a constitutional conservative who
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will not take no for an answer, who is willing to push the boulder up the hill. that is what it will take to repeal obamacare. it will take a miracle. i believe in miracles. i believe in the one who gives miracles. i know it can happen. this is why we have to do it. i was there when obamacare passed. this is what sets it apart from all the candidates in this race. i have been in washington, d.c. for five years. from day one, i did not go there to cash a check or to vote right. i went to fight. bill selling -- i am a. congressman, but i am not a politician. i spent my life in the private sector building a business and building a family. i worked as a federal tax litigation attorney.
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i have seen how devastating high taxes are on businesses and farmers. i have seen how tough it is to start a business. a husband and i came from modest circumstances. my parents were middle-class. my father was an engineer. like millions of american families, my parents were divorced when i was a young junior high girls. when that happens, our parents -- our family went below poverty. that often happens in a divorce. our home was sold. my mother took all of her wedding gifts and put them on card tables and they were all sold in the driveway. it happens to so many people. it was myself and my brothers. a mother did the best she could. she was a full time at home of the. shesaid this to me -- i mean this with no disrespect or condescension at all -- the one in our family has taken public
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assistance. we are not about to do it either. she said, i want you to not lose hope. we will get through this period with our faith, we will hold together as a family. life will not always be what it is today. my brothers got jobs delivering papers. i got a job babysitting. i made 50 cents an hour back then. it was big money. we helped out. i had to buy my own clothes and my own classes. my mother could not afford it. she did the best she could. i do not say that so she feels -- so that you feel sorry for us. this happens to some many people. my husband and i say this to our own children -- never despise small beginnings. d allows suffering and hard times to come into our lives. that can be used to bust us --
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to buffet us. we learned the value of a dollar. we learned that necessity was the mother of invention. we learned how to stretch like never before. it was the greatest lesson we could ever learn. i became a christian when i was 16 years of age. i worked myself through college. we got married after college. we worked really hard. we pulled together capital. in time, we built our own business. we all go to clinics. we are proud of the fact that we are able to provide jobs and turn a profit. earning a profit is a good thing. i believe in earning a profit. [applause] small businesses and small business creators are the backbone, the merkel job creation engine of this country. online -- the miracle job
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creators of this country. unlike barack obama, i do not believe someone who makes $200,000 are billionaires are millionaires and should have additional tax burdens. they are not evil. they are what is right about america. they are investing in america. they are turning america around. [applause] as president of the united states, my goal will be to turn the economy around. it could news is, we can do it. the fund is not that tough. it is possible to be able to do. number 1, the federal government needs to shrink so that the private sector can grow. this is not that hard. [applause] let me just give you one brief example. at the beginning of recession -- i know they tell us we are in a
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recovery -- but at the beginning of the recession, there was only one employee at the department of transportation that made one and to $70,000 a year. 18 months into the recession, -- they were having a party at our expense. it is possible for government to tighten their belts. that is where we began, by cutting back on government spending. as a tax lawyer, i will tell you the tax code is 3.8 million words. if i had my way -- and this is what i hope to do -- i would like to see the end of the tax code. let's put it out of its mystery
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and bring about new tax reform that its lack -- its misery so that your tax form is the size of a postcard. we can do this. it is entirely possible. if any of you know the great economist, art, he loves the idea of mine. i told him just like when liberals come in they have the mother of all spending bills, i would like to have the mother of all repeal bills. my goal would be to take the $1.10 trillion in job killing regulations that job creators deal with every year and put those in one big bill and get these 13 after senators and push that through. s and thata senator' opens up job creation -- 13
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extra senators and push that through. that will open up job creation. i also want to repeal dodd- frank. [applause] when i went into the united states congress, i was assigned to the fed to services committee. my chairman was barney frank. the-i was assigned to be financial services committee. was assigned to the financial services committee -- i was assigned to the financial services committee. barney frank was my chairman. it is difficult to get a mortgage and get the credit that a business needs. michael will be to fully be appealed the dodd-frank bill as well. -- my goal will be to fully repealed the dodd-frank bill as well.
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here is something we can do immediately to turn the economy around. there is $1.20 trillion in earnings that are overseas that american companies have already earned. we have the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. why not have the repatriation tax -- when you take money earned overseas that you have to pay tax on overseas -- when it comes into the united states to have to pay an extra tax. why not have a 0% repatriation tax. you will immediately bring $1.20 trillion in money that taxpayers do not pay tax or interest on and you would have that money wash across the american economy, not through government fingers, but through the people who aren't in the most efficient and effective way you -- who earned it in the most efficient and effective way you
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could. legalize american energy production. if we legalize american energy production, we would create 1.4 million high-paying jobs. why wouldn't you? the benefit would be to increase american energy production by 50%. this is a great untold story that maybe they did not tell you one evening news. the congressional research service put out a report this year that said the united states was the number 1 energy resource rich nation in the world. we have 25% of the coal in the world here in the united states of america. president recently had to put some rules on hold because his
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rules would have effectively shut down 20% of all coal-fired plants in the united states. %% of our 45 electricity from coal-fired plants. he had to do that or we would have seemed more jobs lost across the united states. we have billions and billions of barrels of oil in the united states. in the atlantic, in the pacific, in the gulf region. i have been up to and why. this is one of the most current it places a with-i have been up to and what are -- i have been up to anwar. the epa, which is the job killing agency of the united
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states, the epa has done everything they can to stop us from accessing natural gas. insulin for all of it. also for solar, wind -- i am for all of it. i believe american energy is one of the greatest fields we have to do business in the united states. let's have it all weekend do it reached possibly. it is not that hard if you try. that is why the next president of the united states has to understand the problems of the nation, understand and apply the solutions and have the political will and courage to see it through and make it happen. [applause] my entire life has been spent dealing with economics and economic issues and with the business world. i am proud to have had that in
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our background. in my time in denied this states congress, i have been privileged to be appointed to the intelligence committee. we are a tiny committee, as we need to be. we deal with the nation's classified secrets. as concerned as i am about the economy, i am probably equally if not more so concerned about what i see in the foreign policy arena. in the time that the president has been in office, he has sent some extremely dangerous signals to the rest of the world about weakness in the area of foreign policy. i say that with all due respect. i also say that with every ounce of conviction that is within my being. as president of the united states, i will stand with israel. [applause]
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every president since it is run declared her sovereignty 11 minutes after israel -- every president since israel declared her sovereignty, the president recognized israel. it was the greatest act he could have done to tell the world united states recognize israel and the world needed to recognize that the united states would be there in the eighth formal backing for israel. that has helped israel maintain her sovereignty and independence. every president since then has stood with israel and has had israel also back in a tough neighborhood of 26 hostile
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nations that surround israel. that is until may of this year when barack obama called on israel to retreat to hurt indefensible 1967 borders. you wonder why we have had the hostilities of this arab spring. now we have seen the turkish nation expel these israeli -- expelled the israeli ambassador. we saw president mubarak fall as president, sat on his hands. we have seen the uprisings across the -- we saw president mubarak fall as president obama sat on his hands. these are perilous times that we are looking at. that must be the exit music
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right now. i will have to wind up. these are perilous times. something that we need to keep in mind as we are moving into this next election. our nominee for our party must stand squarely and clearly with the best interests of the united states when it comes to foreign policy. one thing i want to conclude with is ronald reagan. ronald reagan won the cold war because he understood something. he understood that for the united states to remain and be the number one military powerhouse of the world, i happen to believe the world is better when the united states is the number 1 military powerhouse of the world. [applause] ronald reagan understood that in order to do that, the united states also had to be the number
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1 economic power house of the world. we remain in that wonderful position today. we are told by the international monetary fund that within five years, we will be clips from that perch. i am here to stay that i think 2012 is the window of opportunity where we can reclaim economic greatness. when we can reclaim opposition as the military powerhouse in the world. and we must because we are facing threats from around the world. the united states dominance is in our overhead architecture. that would be with the satellite system. no other nation can touch the dominance the united states has in its present abominate declaration that we would not be
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able to access the international space station because the shuttle program will no longer be with us because we will no longer have a way to get up to the international space station. do you know how we have to get up there? we have to beg the russians, may we have a right to be able to get a there? what do we have that is circling the united states and circling the globe? satellites. we have satellites and we have many sensitive satellites that are up there. what are we also see? china has blinded one of our satellites with a laser. this is not too hard to figure out this scenario. if we have a nation that blinds a critical component of our overall architecture and our dominance and we have no way to get that satellite because we are busy hitchhiking, do you see that quickly we could lose that
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dominance? which nation is seeking in an all-out effort a new military presence on the globe temple china. china is seen that military presence. i want to have been so -- china is seeing that military presence. i want to have peaceful relations with china. ronald reagan said we have that relation by adopting peace through strength. as the commander in chief of this nation, that is my policy as well. i thought research in the air force. is that thought in the army. my father retired in the navy. i have absolute respect and admiration for our military. i will make sure our military is fully restored. we must maintain the number one
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military presence in the world. that is job one. [applause] let me conclude by saying to all of you this evening, i know without a shadow of a doubt that we to get there are enough. i know it will not just the republicans to go to the polls this fall who take this nation that. i know it will be disaffected democrats that i fully intend to reach out to and say we will bring the solutions that will bring this nation back. join us and let's take the nation that. it will not be just disaffected democrats. it will be independents who will join us to come and widen this next to take the country back. -- net to take this country
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back. it will be people who have never been political a day in their lives. they will get all of the couch. they will join us. they will help spread the that - the net. they will help us take -- spread the net. it will be the tea party. all of us will come together on this wonderful umbrella. we will keep the faith. we will forge that link on the chain. we will enjoy an unparalleled future based in liberty and based in the thought given protections -- god-given protections that we have enjoyed for 235 years. let's join together. in 2012, we will birth that new
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beginning and we will be the greatest nation on earth. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. thank you, everyone. i ovlove you all. god bless you. ♪
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>> more road to the white house coverage tomorrow night with president a candidate rick perry in lynchburg, virginia. and another chance to hear representative michele bachmann speak. >> what more video of the can it. . track campaign contributions. it is easy to use. it has candidate by the face and
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links to c-span media partners in the early primary and caucus states. >> you hear the boom and the next thing you hear, you hear them cry out in pain,. . the next thing you hear, if i have lost anything special, shoot me. >> rob jones was severely wounded in afghanistan. the film follows rob as he copes with the loss of his legs and his rehabilitation. >> on monday, the senate begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern. they will take up a culture --
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btrade agreement with south korea and panama. on tuesday, the house returns at 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. members will address a number of suspension bills. later in the week, they are expected to extend funding for short-term government programs from october 1 to november 18. votes on the measure are possible on wednesday. live coverage of the house at 2:00 p.m. eastern here on c- span. on monday, president obama will outline how he will pay for the proposals in his jobs plan without adding to the deficit. in his weekly address, he discusses some of his measures and urges congress to pass it. and the republican address talks about how federal regulations are hampering job creation.
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>> i have spent some time traveling the country and talking to folks outside of washington. the number one issue for the people i meet is how can we get back to the place where we are creating good middle-class jobs that pay well and offer security. that is the job -- the idea behind the american jobs act. it puts people back to work and more money back in the pockets of people who are working. it was construction workers back to work modernizing our schools and bibuilding our roads and bridges. this jobs bill gives tax credits to companies that hire our veterans. if you sign up to fight for our country, the last thing you should have to do is fight for a job when you come home. this bill connects long-term unemployment to temporary work to keep skills sharp while people look for work. it gives college graduates the hope for a job next summer.
7:53 pm
the bill cuts taxes for small business owners in america. it does them even more for small business owners who hire new workers and raise workers' salaries. it cuts taxes for working families in america so that you will have more money in your pockets and businesses know they will have more customers for what they sell. that is the american jobs act. you can check it out for yourself. it will not add to the deficit. it will be paid for. on monday, i will lay out my plan for how we will pay for this plan and pay down our debt by calling some basic principles. making sure we live within our means and asking everyone to pay for their fair share. we have to get congress to pass this stops bill. everything in the american jobs at is the kind of idea that has is thepportive-- ac -- act
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kind of idea that has been supported by democrats and republicans. some of them would rather wait another year and work together right now. most americans do not have the luxury of waiting. it was three years ago this week when a financial crisis on wall street may think typical for working folks on main street. too many are still emerging as a result. it's time for action is now. no more games. no -- the time for action is now. no more games, gridlock, or do they. it is time to put country before party . -- opr delay. it is time to get to work and show the world once again why denied this states of america remains the greatest nation on earth. -- the united states of america remains the greatest nation on earth. >> i have the honor of representing the people in the six congressional districts.
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what a sixth of the 50,000 people are out of work in illinois-- 650,000 people are out of work in illinois. there is unsustainable debt, the constant threat of higher taxes and excessive regulation. today, i would like to talk about excessive regulation and how they heard shots and household budgets and what -- and what we can do about it. appropriate in this fossil regulations help protect our health and safety. things have changed quickly and for the worst -- appropriate regulations help protect our health and safety. there are hundreds of rules in the pipeline that will cost our economy more than $100 million each annually. what may be a face less regulation to most can have a profound impact on local economies and families like yours. one rule has chicago white
7:56 pm
metalcasting fighting to survive in a tough economy. already facing a stream of regulations, they will face new regulations from the unelected bureaucrats implementing a back door national energy tax after it failed in the congress. the company already has one employee expense that his time dealing with existing federal audits, certification requirements and complex paperwork. by now you have heard about the case of boeing, one of the world's leading manufacturers. this chicago-based company invested $1 billion in south carolina that would generate thousands of good paying jobs only to be sued by the government and told the plant cannot open. when the government sued them -- no one who is elected suited them. -- sued them.
7:57 pm
i would like to share with you the story of gibson guitars. it was raided by 26 armed federal agents. no one has explained to the company but they did wrong or how to rectify the situation. how can god create is expected to prosper with the threat of a federal raid hanging over them. -- how can companies be expected to prosper with the threat of federal rates hanging over them. a business owner said please do not challenge us with more rules and regulations from washington. i could not have said it better myself. that farmer was one of several job creators who attended president obama's speech to congress. republicans are listening to america's job creators and addressing their concerns with real solutions.
7:58 pm
eric cantor has scheduled several bills for a vote this fall to cut red tape and address the excessive washington- imposed regulations that hamper job creation. this week, the house passed a bill to eliminate the barriers boeing faces the it adopts the government from selling a ploy is where it can and cannot create jobs. we can take common-sense -- from telling an employer where they can or cannot create jobs. it is important that these rules are expected and dependable. that created should be able to focus on their work, not on washington's busywork. in a speech last week, hasn't talked about the urgency of this moment. he said we can -- the about the talked urgency of this moment. he can call on the democrat-led senate to pass a jobs bill we
7:59 pm
passed in the house and the ones that are on their way, that includes the boeing bill i mentioned. there is also common-sense legislation that gives congress a say before washington imposes new rules and regulations. the people's representative should be allowed to hold accountable under the thick democrat who make it harder to create jobs. i hope the president will consider our idea as we look at his. let's look at the people and find common ground to remove barriers to job creation. let's help small business's return to creating jobs so they can -- businesses return to creating jobs. thank you for listening. >> president obama will be at the united nations headquarters next week. on tuesday, he meets to discuss the transitional council of libya ahe


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