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tv   South Carolina Republican Party  CSPAN  May 19, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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ress 'select' to shop%',du=300,sn=323031303031,lp=etv%',tt=41i am signing off and will see you tomorrow night pouring our today's special thank you for watching. --keep ordering. [♪ music ♪] welcome to hsn, i am your host, amy morrison. i would love to chat with you tonight because i meant my favorite place and yours the this is our final hour with the legendary curtis stone what is in store for you.he is a new generation of chefsand we are thrilled to have him here away3 big television show, and around the world in 80 plates. will be seen to night.
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coming up later on will be his hardstuff hard anodized cook that $100 off with free shipping and handling and by the flex pay that end at midnight tonight. is hard anodized and it works on and i've never been able to say that about another hard anodized cookware set. this is his stainless steel spice mill that will give you such precision in the way that it writes because there is ceramic inside and it is priced $69.95 with free shipping and handling and two flex pay of $34.98. we only 410 remaining and we saved it just for you tonight on saturday night, for your eyes only. the 5 piece acrylic presentation rings that set 166-250.
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it is $29.95 whether you want to make layered crab did, it is very cool because presentation makes a lot. curtis stone is joining us and he is an amazing shaft who you have seen on around the world in 80 and was one of the masters of season 3 on the biggest loser. he is the manufacturer and owner of his own company and welcome. i am so glad you are here for your last show parian >>guest: i am so excited to be here because it is a special experience to be here at hsn varian i designed this toplineline and
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realized that people were faced with cookwaredifficult area i wanted to design a product it would make the entire experience more simple. >>host: you three choices and this is fabulous! i own this because nothing else does what this does. your choice of a loaf pan, muffin round pan. >>guest: i used to make muffins and this would happen and they would not come hell and they would statay stuck in there.i decided to create bakeware that would allow you to pop out the muffins
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just like that. >>host: what is nice is that we get crispy mess that we love from aluminum but it does not pop out from aluminum. - crispness you can do everything with this. chance. when we launched this one month ago it completely sold out and there is nothing like this. >>guest: this does not stop at baking in cooking area land at that and you have an incredible meatloaf, slice and away you go. you
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have all different types of los into simply the puppet out and there you go. [laughter] >>host: this is my favorite. when you looked at the construction of this you will see that it is aluminum so it will heat up quickly, with baking you do have to be very precise.this will allow you to take something out of the covenant will stop cooking and clot faster because of the silicone and no need to worry about overheating your brownies, for example. i did not know i had his loaf pan, it was a sample that was given to. you can do a miniature souffle (...) >>guest: that is3 manager coffeecake. i selected items that are normally very sticky and would not come out easily. this is
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actually brownie mix add eight again,and a gamma, they pop out. >>host: this is a perfect 5-star review on the last time this patented muffin was here, it sold out. >>guest: iolite to these with a crescendo(...) and here is 8 for lesley ann machado with a bit of asparagus and again simply got them out. there is literally no work to do. >>host: this is what
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we love about curtis because you can look like he spent hours in the kitchen when you only spend minutes. he and autographed cookbook here at hsn. >>guest: these poached eggs and they come out easily. >>host: is that not so cool? >>guest: who need to poach eggs when you can glacis and directing into the oven.poach cook them right in the oven. >>host: these are all theme everything will pop out easily. >>guest: with this, there is no need for a paper liner because you simply pop this
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right out. will simply make this inside and it will pop out. >>host: you will get the crest nes to get from aluminum. this is the last show with curtis stone. the telephone lines are very busy, so please use express automated ordering scan & shop using your mobile device and our qr code, or go to bread, cinnamon rolls (...) >>guest: simply to push it down and popped out >>host: is that not brilliant for $29.95? from bread to cinnamon rolls, no need to worry about soaking or scrubbing knees. >>guest: this is the day cinnamon roll and you can see how
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sticky this isthere is no way this would have come out of a regular " bam.loaf pan. i recommend making a double batch giving some to your friends and saving some for the family. >>host: this was saved for you for tonight at $29.95 your choice of the muffin pan, loaf or round pam. you can make breakfast, and normally when i use silicone they are not cooked properly or chris but with this you will get even heating. >>guest: i was conscious of that when i designed this. i wanted to literally pop feltthat out and look at the
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color there. now you have this delicious warm bread that is fantastic. >>host: you could get two of the traditional 9 in. round pan and bake a cake. they will last forever and that is the quality the products from curtis stone. he's the manufacturer and3 the ceo andy heat handles everything. >guest: this is macaroni and cheese and the beautiful thing is if you have children this will give them or control so they are not eating too much. you pop this out and look at that. >>host: get that
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paria that is if you ordered these you will love to make because everything will pop out easily pariany. why not buy 2 or three of these? whether you choose the muffin pan, loaf pan or cake pan this is simple solutions priced at $29.95. >>guest: these are a manager meatloaf muffins which give you many portion control. this is so convenient. >>host: this is
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crispy and you will not get that with silicone. that is what separates the men from the boys. this will allow you to get professional results thatoutside and dewey on the inside. >>guest: that is an alternative to a brownie and it is so good. this is a copy crumb cake filled with blueberries and it does not stick at all. >>host: do not forget about curtis stone's book that we will be talking about later.this is the 4 piece ceramic mini casserole set that is by dollars of this visit only at 166-267.
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only 400 of those remaining parian the star of the show is the hardstuff.i've never been able to say with hard anodized and that it was induction say until today.we will tell you what curtis stone has done to make his collection superior. you may find his products in the department stores, but not at this price or in this configuration. >>guest: you eat with your eyes first. this will allow you to present your food at home just like asiaa shaftremeasured and you will receive an
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extra-large, large medium, and one small. this piece will help to push everything down and it is a very cool for those of you who like to entertain do not forget about the cookbook from curtis because everything he with too little titles. it is simple and cz s'mores perfectly back to this. how do we work our >>guest: restaurant and you get a crab cakes you will think they are so beautiful and if you wonder i did make them at6 c13 this is how.i designed it this presentation ring set put some
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parchment paper down, and now impressing. the pressing crab enamel i created a crab cake. you will end up with incredible restaurant quality. >>host: everything leave-inng will be the restaurant look time after time. if you want your presentation to look out of this world perfect this is for you. do not forget about the. >>guest: this
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because it is so will tie optional. here is a solialad withan incredible presentation that looks like it came out of the five-star restaurant. >>host: it is the little things that spice of being in the just by presenting salad like that to your family do you not think they will eat it more? >>guest: we all make burgers at our houses and we all know they taste better when we do that. i have6 c13 cheese and spices and i'm rolling this out with a rolling pin. >>host: that is a burger! [laughter] >>guest: you take the top layer of film off cut
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them now and then when you go through you have beautiful burgers that took you no time at all to make. >>host: this 2995 $29.95 and you will receive4 rings andand the tamper. >>guest: the thing about getting children into the kitchen and (...)i tell parents that the thing is to get the children into the kitchen so they will start to enjoy it more and.
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>>host: do you this? do you know how quick and easy this will be for you? what did you spend on a dinner tonight? you can present that home and you can save money. >>guest: this is tomato mozzarella salad and over here is a crab salad with avocado. press this and down, place the crab on top press down a again and make sure that it is nice and evensure to use the lines to make it nice and even. now you have this beautiful
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presentation bill will only take a moment to us, it is saturday night and this is the last show with curtis stone until basically the fall season. no one has this season or is offering this collection that we have. you may his products in gourmet stores or twice what we are offering here atvhsn varian by the way we have a great today's special coming up at midnight from diane gilman. fe and you get one each extra large medium small, and the+ will arrive beautifully box set your house. maybe you want to do
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something fun and colorful, this will allow you to do that. look at the burgers, solid, look at that! >>guest: you take the mozzarella and the tomatoes and to add a tiny bit of pressure. >>host: are the edges shark? no end look at how you are cutting those out! >>guest: i want to step it up (...) >>host: this will not arrive in time for your holidays unless you ordered it right now. >>guest: you can cut
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out of 8 dough en make de collar. this is a very personalcorset- styl. imagine serving that to the guests at your dinner table. is that% from items in your refrigerator like yogurt granola honey and you simply put it inside of the ring, press it down and go-ahead and
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layerer it up. >>host: this is only $29.95 and available in all four sizes it is not one, you get all for extra large large, and small and it will arrive in beautifully boxed for you. this is the making it perfect for when we are having a dinner party at want to impress everyone. this for one-quarter the cost it would cost you to get >>guest: you can do this with ice parfait you name it and you can make absolutely beautiful. >>host: it looks like a work ofart.
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from working with the biggest loser you know how important portion control is. >>guest: this will allow you to layer to the perfect height for you. >>host: only one minute remaining and this is the perfect time to pick this up. curtis stone is 175-124. so many times i am making burgers and some thick and some are not and the next thing that you know some are burned and others are not. how many of us are serving a hit like this? would you not like to serve a dip like this? this is exclusive to hsn! is
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exclusive to hsn have fun and enjoy cooking in the kitchen. you really have a great solution for everyone and i have never thought of something like this. >>guest: i am making a bunch of half moons be baked like that for use in so many different ways. >>host: you will have all with this area only a of remaining with all four pieces and everything that you can create and celebrate and have fun in the kitchen while looking like a gourmet chef. 6 c13 stone is a big author who has written four books. >>guest: this would be perfect bother stay around the corner. >>host: there are 200 of the cookbook
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remaining and each one is autographed by curtis stone. it is relaxed cooking with easy recipes like brunch that will blow your mind (...) [reading] is color and hard ground, there are 200 remaining, 175 d124-124.we want to let you know about diane gilman who is celebrating 18 years here at- hsn and this very first today's special done in her capri jeggings. we have averaged and tall and 7 different color choices at a price that is
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$27 on two credit card payments. there is a lot more going on and wait until you see what curtis stone has coming up next. we have his hard anodized cookware and so much more. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you for joining us during the hsn spa- light. did you know that you can have a chance to a proform email us at to [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: the top chef from crocobravos top shaft is here with us today. 6 c17 c1a lot of his products are exclusive to us here at hsn and this is something that everyone needs. only 400 remaining no batteries needed, and it does everything you need to season properly. >>guest: not belong in your kitchen? i designed this based on the idea of the oilcan.this will literally
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a allow you to 4opour this out fantastically. i came up with a pepper grinder that has a shape and will fit nicely into your hand. >>host: how easy is that too old? >>guest: this is so easy to hold and have in your hands. now you can do this at home. >>host: [laughter] this is all in stainless steel and this is the world launch, only here at hsn varian. >>guest: that ceramic mechanism is a patented
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technology13 take to ceramic styles and with them against one another which will allow you to decide how course you want your pepper to be. that that or if you loosen it up you can change it to a medium a stake, then you will lose in this all the wayc13 incredibly course pepper. if you are making a pepper steak, if you will put the cover on the plate, press the meat into the and the go-
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ahead and added more and press down again. before you cook it you will need salt as well and the great thing about this spice mill is that it works with both salt and pepper. tighten all the way to make that a fine. >>host: this is a brand new item! 183-8956 to $9.95 with free shipping and handling or two flex pay of $34.98 and the stainless steel oilcan item 166-178.3 >>guest: is that not beautiful? this will come with a funnel making it very easy to refill. all you
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will do is put the bottle on pepper and it goes right in.[laughter] >>host: it is perfect for father's day or for anyone who enjoys to cut.ook. seasoning is very important and it is something that we take for grantedkind of crap for in a regular pasta dish it would ruin the flavor of the dish. >>guest: i have a variety of seed like fennel in here and
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you can mix them all together and then add them to your chicken or to your state combinations. >>host: here is oil can and dipping dish priced6 c13 $59.95 with free shipping and handling. this is your last chance to get all of these items from curtis stone because he will love be back until early september, 166-178.curtis stone won the critically acclaimed head of chef's in many restaurants in londonderry we want to remind you of the pop album silicone making c baking 105
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in your choice of muffin pan a loaf pan, item250 gives you all for4 rings is only $29.95. in 18 years diane gilman has never done the capri jegging. get your hsn card and it will be hundred $13 and is coming. in 25 minutes. the blouse that i am wearing as part of our bonus by today. >>guest: if there is
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anyone out there who bought this and wants to talk to us about this please give us a telephone call area. >>host: call customer support at 1-800-540-8662.: call us on our testimonial talk line at 1-866-376- talk. this is exclusive to hsn! only 400 and this is a $100 discount which we have never done before. free shipping and handling this is the last hour that you can get these on 5 credit-card payments. a stainless steel bottom so you can use this for induction. [reading] not all
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hard anodized is equal. this collection that curtis stone created is safe to 450 degrees. this is not but it is very durable. most of the hard anodized you will see is 3 mm this is 4 mm which is why this professional cookware. this hasa stainless% bottom and there is not another hard anodized collection out there that will work on induction.
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this is almost $78 and you also get the steamer insert 10" 1 1/2 qt 8" and 10". we are in the final 400 and this is the final show of the visit. why is it so difficult to find a hard anodized collection that works on induction? >>guest: i hard anodized because it is durable and able to take a bit of punishment. this is the hardest metal known to man so you will not scratch it. i added stainless steel to the bottom to give it extra strength and it will be able to be used on any type of cooktop that you have from induction
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to gas to elector.electric. this is a beautiful, like ok, hard cookware collection i created. >>host: this stainless steel that is sandwiched into the hard. this one pan should cost around $400! usually this is a disk and this is crafted so beautifully. >>guest: she loves this, does she done a lot of cooking shows and have never seen hard anodized that is in this thick has nonstick and is light weight. this is the cookware that everybody dreams about. >>guest: the beauty
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of this is that you can get it incredibly hot 400 degrees. here are some filets inthe 8" going to break all of the rules. over here is parmesan (...) >>host: all of those are available >>guest: i put a bit
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of oil on the from the oilcan. make sure to cook in nonstick pan with a limited amount of oil is what i tell everyone on the biggest loser. this is called the lazy asparagus all let and it will finish in one moment. you're going to stir this around and i am using a stainless steel 4 denim never read any problems. this is a very tough material. >>host: this is professional hard anodized and the largest collection that wehere at
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hsn.this is for mm thickness with stainless steel bottom that is actually incorporated into the hard anodized aluminum which will make it light weight, and it will heat up very quickly. a couple hundred remain and (...) [background noise] >>guest: you would never believe that came out of a nonstick pan right? >>host: hello, you are live on the air (...) >>caller: hi, how are+ >>host: how are you? >>caller: i am a little nervous because you are one of my favorite chefs. >>host: [laughter] >>guest: >>caller: i have a thing for curtis stone. [laughter] >>guest: [laughter] >>host: what did you order tonight?
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>>caller: i ordered the muffin pan because my daughter is having a birthday party in a couple of weeks. i want the entire hard anodized collection because it looks amazing. >>host: the quality that curtis stone is offering is amazing. i go to the high professional stores and thousand dollars collections' you see, your seeing the same quality right here. to your house and you will have a great night. >>guest: fun with the bakeware because it will pop out easily. >>host: it is so cool and you will love it parian. >>caller: and curtis stone, your stock is amazing!
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>>host: [laughter] >>guest: >>host: thank you and goodbye. >>guest: this is the parmesan cheese and a look at that, there is no cleaning up to do. itwill let this get cool, break it up into a (...) >>host: that is delicious >>guest: this is the cleaning up. rack and white bit out
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and you are done. >>host: alot of times with stainless steel you up to polished and clean also with copper, but not with this collection. you have the large cooking vessels that you need and the professionals use and can only be found a year at hsn. curtis stone is for his final show and there3 400 lucky people that canis exclusive collection. this is a in the oven up to 450 degrees. this panfor $79. when you feel this in your hands, youw the quality that you have received. just
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like technology change in our cellular telephones, it has changed in our and eventually everyone will have induction because it is the way of the future. remember when cellular telephones came out they were big like this and now they are the size of your wallet. this is the most durable and lightweight and it will not stick with the stainless steel on the bottom that is incorporated in. curtis stone owns the6 c13 manufacturesf his products so his heart and soul is in every one of these pieces. that is not a disk, it is actually a part of the construction of this hard collection. this one that pot would cost to over this would be 3 and
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$77 anywhere else and at hsn is normally $349.95 today it is $100 off at two under $49.95 with free shipping and handling. this is the 2.5 qt with hollow handles steamer insert, 10" saute pan 1 1/2 qt, ' ands 10". the 5 flexible payments of $49.99 goes away
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and about 10 minutes as well as the free shipping and something great for you and your familyet free professional quality cookware. the biggest thing a chef need to have is the highest quality durable cookware. >>guest: that is absolutely the case. at home you want something that is easy to clean, it is durable, and is e= testimonial talk line at 1-866-376- tlight weight. oven that once i lose in this up it will slide right out. now you have an incredible
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omelet. >>host: the thickness is so important and this is 4 mm thick! >>guest: yes, i will give you the balance of the light weight with the durability. this is the 10 in. frypan that i added a bit of oil and some onions stillto add some shrimp, peppers (...)ost: the flavors are clean. >>guest: is that not incredible? ah
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fry and in thegarlic grown upd up. toss it together and you are cooking like in a here is the salmon, skin side down and it will never stick. >>host: call us on our testimonial talk line at 1-866-376- talk. there are only couple of minutes left in collection unless it sells out first. hard anodized3 most durable cookware that you cand professionals have been using it high- end kitchen for years. you have
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watched curtis stone for years on various television shows and here he is bringing you everything he has learned. [background noise] was a small child because my mother was a great cook and when i was 18 i started cooking professionally. >>host: how many of us have the embarrassing cookware collections that burns everything? it is not you, your recipes, your stove top, it is your cookware. invest in the best and that is what you are doing on this saturday night. i am so glad that everyone is doing this and do not forget about the cookbook 175-124.
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hello to wanda, you are live on the air. that is the way we want to clean up the kitchen, right wanda? >>guest: now i can start cooking again. >>caller: (...)i love it because it is light weight and i am very happy with my purchased. >>guest: me what your favorite thing is you have cooked in the collection so far? >>caller: steaks, mac and cheese, spaghetti [laughter] >>guest: i want to come over for i just
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love this cookware collection. i purchased one and that unfortunately my husband left the moneymessed them up6 c13 you came on with your collection i decided to try it. all right look at. >>host: what would you tell everybody who is watching (...) o we lost wanda, thank you for your telephone call. >>guest: is that not incredible? now i'm going to show you the versatility. this is 10 in. deep saute with and look lids. the
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handle is not hot to the touch so you are able to lift it up. >>host: what was the biggest problem that people have with cooking when you are on take-home >>guest: we did 140 episodes of take shove take-home chef and the biggest problem was they had no confidence. after spending a day with me i would get them on the right i'm going3 cook in the same saute pan, it is that simple. i found that once people have confidence in
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their kitchen they love to cook.what they needed was the right tools. that was a little spicy. [laughter] >>guest: all or (...) >>host: how you get it that them you buy it 3 slicedpre i'm going to make risotto which we all knowsticks to everything. i have
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carrots, bacon parsley a place it all in here. >>host: % risotto, you can go crazy with it. >>guest: (...) [background noise] >>host: 5 flexible payments argon in the next five minutes parian it is under $50 to get top-notch quality cookware to your house. this is of and say to 450 degrees which is unheard of! you also get in. to court, won 8 in. and 10 in. and all of the matching lid
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[reading] we are saving $100 off of our price. if you go into the high end department stores to will find these items for hundreds of dollars more and remember she is the owner and designer and mastermind behind this collection. >>guest: you how the steamer works you will never burn yourself and this is a very healthy way to cook. here, vegetables and year pork in here (...) >>host: >>host: you can slow
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cook inside of this. enjoy this and i am glad your loving the collection. do not wait because the free shipping and handling one under dollar discount, and flexpay will be gone. do not go anywhere because we're celebrating 18 years with diane gilman who was never ever offer this today's special. the bill is standing by with more spot lights. >>guest: how much more exciting dozen get then having curtis stone making you a midnight snack? i am here to tell you that we have our go to guide to hsn and we want to share with you our marketplace on it gives you an opportunity for a variety of things like adding things
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to your house. you can shop for global chic we also offer something called a showstoppers [♪ music ♪] >>host: our show stoppers are very exciting starting with carol carol brodie at the freshwater pearl necklace priced at $79.90 with three flex pay. wei east will be here this morning with the white lotus hydration for home and away with this visit only pricing $62.10. the dg2 one
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shoulder patio dress or scarf hem patio dress will be on at 80 am tomorrow morning and it is brand-new.check out all of our showstopper items on right now it is animal new day at hsn and let us take a look at today's special from diane gilman. [♪ music ♪] [♪ music ♪] >>host: we have waited 18 years regina queen to create by and kill men, dg2 sent his stretch denim cropped jenkins. never in the history has she ever done this stretch denim jeans, never. >>guest: they are


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