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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 4, 2015 11:59pm-12:06am EDT

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minutes. [applause] rohi malik: hello, everybody. my name is rohi malik is that's my first time at the labour party conference. [applause] i am a bit nervous. i grew up in islington north and i knew jeremy corbyn before he
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was famous. [laughter] i know him from down my street on my way to school. i know him from countless campaigns from defending our local hospitals in islington to marching for peace and justice party i know him from the countless times he have helped parents of my friends. jeremy has always stood up for everybody in islington north was such commitment and dedication. and refugeesnhs are close to my heart. prisoners a political on death row and he escaped to this country, arrived without a word of english and british humidity with a new start and hope. -- humanity with a new start and hope. [applause]
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given great was opportunity by this country and he took of them. training and qualifying as a doctor in spending the last 25 years as a committed community gp. he is a great inspiration to me and last week i enrolled at manchester medical school because i like my daddy -- [applause] rohi: i tell you this story because my background leaves me to see the best in people and what they can contribute and achieve. a message of the summer has resonated with so many people. when jeremy announced he was running, i was excited. it energized me and my family and i realized it was bigger than that.


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