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tv   Senator Paul on U.S. Missile Strikes in Syria  CSPAN  April 8, 2017 12:50am-12:56am EDT

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crisis in president obama did? sen. nelson: obama, when he did not strike, he got the agreement to eliminate all of the chemical weapons. that was a big accomplishment. but then assad cheated. i don't think there is any assad does -- if anything more, we should strike all the airfields and all of his air force. >> [indiscernible] sec. ross: sen. nelson: always a risk -- sen. nelson: always a risk of escalation, but there has to be a political settlement, and what the russians want is to have their base on the mediterranean. if that is part of a political settlement, i think you can get the russians engaged. getting iran engaged, however, is going to be a more difficult thing since syria, assad specifically, is their proxy. ok.
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your view of these strikes that president trump has made in syria. sen. paul: i think they are illegal and unconstitutional. we had an extensive debate when we found it -- when we found this discussion -- when we founded this country, the -- theist list a person federalist papers. they do not give the president the authority to go to war. no one is pretending we were under imminent attack by syria. the justification is atrocity. they should, in a delivered fashion and asked the senate and house to approve it, not after the fact, not patting us on the back and saying here is some information after we do what we want. i think this is wrong, but i also think the middle east has been wrong for 15 years. there was no authorization of the war against isis or anybody else for 15 years. >> what should have been done in the face of the chemical attack
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by assad? sen. paul: if you look at saddam hussein, a terrible tyrant who urds, we decided we were going to take him out. they all clamored us to take care of saddam hussein. one of the consequences was it made a run stronger. now they claim or to get rid of those in iran. to have regimeg change in iran. let's say we get a side and the get regime change. now there is going to be a new government. who will that be? one of the leaders of the islamic army, one of the many groups fighting against assad, trained in damascus at a radical invested university funded by the saudi's. there are 2 million christians in syria protected by assad. in fact, the christians that were in iraq so hated the war
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and the government that we helped institute upon them, they all fled and went to syria. it is a complicated region in the midst of a 1000-year-old war between sunni and shia. we should vote on it. we should have a vote of a declaration of war and make a decision as a people according to the constitution. >> what about the gassing of the children? sen. paul: i think it's terrific. nobody can see those images without being affected. as i watch for images around the world of atrocity, when i see children with their bellies swollen starving in various parts of africa, often starving because their leaders have either stolen the food, soul food on the black market, my first thought is sympathy towards the children and what can we do. wefirst thought is it that just drop another bomb on mogadishu to teach them a lesson. i'm not sure it works. it might work, but it's not constitutional to do it the way
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it was done. it could be better if there were a unified international advocacy for it. we have the problem of russia and china having vetoes on the security council doing anything. we should obey our rules. they are really important. we just put a supreme court justice in his as he is going to obey the law, but none of them will obey the law. they are so proud of getting him in because he obeys the law, but none of them obey the rule of the law. the rule of law -- the senate. both sides. how many complaints are the? saying weee of us should obey the constitution. i find it ironic that they are -- justice gorsuch is going to interpret the law, but they need to read the federalist papers. was it a crime in fathers say about war? >> did anyone in the industry's and call you before the strike?
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would you like to call you now? sen. paul: know, the whole point is it is a day late and a dollar short. patting us on the back and saying good boy, here is some information now, i'm going to go a hearing and that's what it will be. we are not asking you for permission. we are giving you a little bit of information. >> thank you very much, senator. really appreciate it. [indiscernible] sen. graham: yes. i want to applaud the president for taking action. necessary, andd, i hope it sends the right message not only to assign, but -- not only to a solid, -- not only to a son, not only to us on -- not only to


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