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tv   Senators Warner and Schumer on Special Counsel for Russia Investigation  CSPAN  May 19, 2017 10:31am-10:39am EDT

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reporter: the deputy attorney general give his commitment that mueller will have the resources he needs whatever -- senator blumenthal: he did. that was a very important point that i said the special prosecutor has to have the independent resources and unlimited mandate to follow the evidence wherever it may lead. eporter: thank you, sir. reporter: senator. >> well, we just completed an hour and a half session with the deputy attorney general. i think it helped inform a lot of the members who may not be on the intelligence committee. senator warner: biggest takeaway i think from most members was the appointment of bob mueller as the special
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counsel, special prosecutor that the deputy attorney general is going to give him very wide leeway and he did not answer specifics on virtually any question that was asked in terms of questions about the memo or other items. so why don't -- i'll just leave it at that and take one quick question. reporter: senator blumenthal told us it's now become a criminal investigation. was that your takeaway? senator warner: again, as someone who's on the intel committee and perhaps open to more -- much more information than many of the other members, i don't want to characterize -- comment on that. reporter: the timing of when rod rosenstein knew director comey was going to be fired, we heard from senator mccaskill that he knew on may 8. was that your understanding? senator warner: again, i don't want to -- in light of where we are in our investigation, i will have more to say about
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this but i won't -- reporter: what are your concerns that mueller's investigation will end up swamping yours and a lot of people -- [inaudible] senator warner: i made a strong comment to the deputy attorney general that we have different purposes and different standards. e are looking at counterintelligence. in many ways the justice department looks more at criminal. they have a much different standard. there may be factual collaboration that falls short of full legal collusion. o in many ways our purview and -- is broader than what may be some of the justice department /f.b.i. investigation. reporter: are you going to have trouble getting access? senator warner: that's a great question and i got some clarity. i think we have to -- a lot of that responsibility in terms of
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deconfelix, i think the deputy attorney general passed a lot of that responsibility onto bob mueller, and i know the chairman and i talked about making sure as soon as possible -- early next week, we will get a chance to sit down with him. reporter: whether your request for comey to testify in an open hearing, whether he will be able to accept that? senator warner: i am -- i have no information at this point that would preclude, that would in any way indicate that would be -- again, let's realize what's happened here. the deputy attorney general has appointed a special prosecutor, which i called for, to make sure there was further independence. that special prosecutor will basically take over what was already happening at the f.b.i. and at the d.o.j. and i would be very discouraged
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if somehow this new director renew a to somehow special prosecutor which would preclude jim comey from testifying in public before our committee. because clearly it had been -- i believe mr. comey's intent to testify, choose a venue and testify. nothing has really changed. the scope of the investigation is still the same, if not broader in terms of what mr. mueller has been tasked with. i could see -- i could not understand there would not be any reason why a few days ago director comey had the intent to testify and my hope sooner than later because congress breaks in another week. i would -- if the opportunity presents itself i would -- again, i'd like to get it done as soon as possible. reporter: senator warner said you and chairman burr expect to sit down next week with director mueller -- senator warner: that is my
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hope. i think we're going through the normal course of how do we get to him and how do we -- i can't think of -- i can't think of anything i wouldn't clear on my schedule that i would sit down with mr. mueller. thank you. reporter: senator schumer. senator schumer: ok. i am going to make a very brief statement and that will be it. first, if one thing is clear from the meeting we just had it is that mr. mueller has broad and wide ranging authority to follow the facts wherever they go and that gives me some confidence and should give the american people some confidence because he is a man of great integrity and experience. second, after this meeting, it's clear as ever that the intelligence committee in the senate has to continue its work
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and it should continue full throttle ahead and the need for former director comey to come testify in public soon is as great as ever. thank you. that's it. >> senators met mid amp with the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general this morning, meeting with members of the u.s. house over at the capitol visitor's senator. there he is coming in just a short while ago at the auditorium at the capitol visitor's center. they are hearing from him now on the firing of james comey and other issues. and then the house will come back in session. we expect that to be about 11:15 or so. and when they come back they'll
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finish up the week. national police week, taking up a number of police-related and law enforcement bills, including a bill that would authorize federal probation officers, allowing them to arrest someone if there is probable cause that person has interfered with the officer's duties. they'll vote on that coming up when they return. we'll have live coverage here on c-span. in the meantime, part of this morning's "washington journal." host: back at the table this morning, congressman jim himes who sits on the intelligence committee. on nsa and separate security and the chair of the new commission. >> we will break away here and take you live to the capitol visitor's center. darrell issa. mr. issa: will have the breath of scope if necessary to follow any and all


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