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tv   President Hosts Hispanic Heritage Month Event  CSPAN  October 6, 2017 5:17pm-5:43pm EDT

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central park called sheep's meadow and that is why, there were sheep on it. sunday 6 p.m. on american rtifact, architect and preservationist jobie hill on saving slave houses. this is a type of preservation, slave houses are disappears at are from the landscape so by that is one hem, way of preserving them. toumenting them and through my also a way to share information and get it out there them.arn from >> 7 p.m. on oral histories, we continue our series on photo an interview th with losian perkins. sandy erwin, who of d up on the front page the post. her yelling at the freshmen up against the wall with their chins tucked in like this in that photograph tran
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everywhere in the world. i'm convinced that story helped make the stop at the post. history t.v. all weekend every weekend on c-span 3. >> coming up next, remarks from president trump celebrating heritage month, peaking about administration's hurricane response in puerto rico and tax reform plan the resident believes will benefit latino businesses and families. this is about 20 minutes.
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pres. trump: thank you, thank you, thank you. you should. you should. with you, it's great to be you and secretary and the reasurer and to every hispanic american serving in the white across our l administration. thank you very much. applause] pres. trump: it's a great lady, ege for the first melania, and i to be with you all today. very much. we want to welcome our mbassadors, members of congress, local officials and hispanic community and faith guests from across the white house. you are really special people. with us.worked so hard how 's performers, julius, was she? was she good? huh? fantastic. was
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and yes movement orchestra and that they've done and the incredible job they've done, thank you very much. e're honored to have you all hispanic lebrate heritage month. >> please, first lady, please come up here. got back , we just from puerto rico together, it as really quite a sight, we're doing a great job there, they are great people. they are great people. lot. have been through a thank you. as we gather for the remain ion, our hearts heavy and sad for the victims of the horrible mass murder in las
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nevada, iwednesday in visited with brave survivors in the hospital and with heroic police officers, responders and everyday americans who acted with speed to save countless lives. more l on this earth is powerful than the love and american people. all of america is praying for grieving andnd the we will be with them today and them forever.h applause] pres. trump: i spent a lot of through the hospital with melania and seeing some were so e people who seriously wounded. we will never leave their side. also praying for the rico.e of puerto
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we love puerto rico. puerto rico. love puerto and we're marshaling every our al resource at disposal. earlier this week i traveled to oversee federal response to the two devastating hurricanes. remember, it was two. it was one and then another and that second one was brutal. and they struck the great and beautiful island and we now have than 15,000 federal 15,000.el on the island, we will not rest until that job is done. long road of s a recovery ahead, very long road. know that its people are proud and resillient and they strong.e back time ve spent a lot of
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with governor rusello, who is a terrific person, on tuesday. we will be there all the time to help puerto rico recover, restore, rebuild, we're working together closely with your great governor and your congresswoman, jessica, rific, terrific. [applause] with them : we stand and with all of those who have suffered through natural disasters over the past several eeks, including those in texas and florida and louisiana got hit and got hit very hard and state of alabama was incredible, they helped so many florida ming up from and georgia, likewise, so many people.le and also, we have to remember his, the virgin islands, u.s. virgin islands. govern
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friend , who is like a of mine i spoke to him so much on the phone, the job he has so hard and re hit not much was left, but they're and the spirit of incredible, u.s. virgin islands. in our heartsping and prayers all of those affected by the disastrous earthquake in mexico. in recent weeks, through times we've ficult seen americans coming together from all races and all to unite as one people under god and i will tell to mexico andrews gracious,dent was very called me yesterday and thanked talentedve some really people that went there to help unbelievable difficult problem that they have, that earthquake was thestating and i appreciate president of mexico and they
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kind in their response, but that was a tragic event and fantastic job.a i want to thank our first responders and the people. you. thank you. you have a wonderful president that.ico, i can tell you when america unified, there is we cannot when we empower the hopes of our people, especially these young, fantastic people right in front so e who perform brilliantly, when we embrace the human and the beauty of life and then you just look out, task too large and no dream beyond your reach, no dream. there is no dream beyond your reach, you know that, right? very young ome
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people up front that you can't see. [applause] pres. trump: no matter who we where we come from, we are all americans and we are all bound together by our love for this country and for its flag for each other. great love. thank you. [applause] very trump: thank you much. same spirit of unity, togetherness and love, we're thrilled to have all of you here at the white house, the white house, what a special place, right? you've read about the white house, you've heard. who was at the white house before? you have some congressmen that were, right, right? not too many. special place, but this is a celebration of heritage month. right? [applause] big deal.p: that's a
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that's a great thing, from the hispanic ays, americans have enriched our country and helped shape our history. contributions through the generations to art and music and literature to science, exploration are extraordinary, the spirit and reativity that shines through hispanic heritage is woven into our great bric of nation. our amazing hispanic american embody our great american values of faith and and hard security work and freedom. [applause] those valuesent to s why countless citizens of hispanic decent have served in uniform to defend our country, our flag.ns and
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60 hispanic americans have been congressional medal of honor for outstanding bravery that?tle, did you know 60. that's a lot. that's a lot. [applause] medal rump: great, great of honor. did you say we have? oh. wow. that's fantastic. do you mind if i go up and shake hand? i'll interrupt our speech. i want to shake hands with somebody -- [applause] -- . trump: [applause]
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pres. trump: i heard you were here, i'm glad i got to meet you, the medal of honor, that's thank you for being here, we appreciate it. thank you. today we're grateful to have more than a quarter million americans serve nothing our military. we salute all of those who our nation and who defend our way of life. you here today represents a vital part of the and the this nation nation that i love and that you love. children, you lead our churches, you protect our and you defend our nation. leaders in re government, faith and business, antastic people in this audience. i know some of them. and believe me, they're very they're very smart.
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sometimes they're too tough, but that's okay. to deal with it. i have to deal with it. fantastic people. fact, today hispanic american owned small businesses are rate, at a tremendous especially among our latinas. [applause] res. trump: raise your hands, go ahead. tough to compete with, i will you. who are leading the way and starting new businesses, you are leading the ay, way. you guys better get going. and once we pass ristoric tax having lan and we are not only reform, largest tax our in the history of country. [applause] does anybody in this room mind getting a massive tax cut? anybody?
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does anybody object to paying less taxes? don't see any hands. okay. but hispanic american businesses families will prosper like never before, this tax cut and reform is going very well and it's going to be tremendous country, including the fact that we're the highest taxed nation in the world and we will go from that to being down n the lower rung of taxes, so we'll be paying far, far less, that is very important for businesses and our jobs. we're working everyday to secure a future of peace, prosperity and sovereignty for every citizen and we hope for a future of freedom and prosperity throughout the entire hemisphere. we have taken decisive action to tand with the good people of cuba and venezuela.
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applause] great people. great, great people. announced before a wonderful crowd in little year, we arlier this will not lift sanctions on the uban regime until it delivers full political freedom for the cuban people. [applause] pres. trump: the same failed ideology that has brought oppression to cuba has but suffering and misery everywhere and every place it has been anywhere in world. communism is the past, freedom future. with the people of
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venezuela, who are suffering ruthless socialism of the meduro regime. we resist socialist oppression and call for restoration of emocracy and freedom for the citizens of venezuela. [applause] res. trump: many hispanic americans understand very personally why it is so mportant for us to defend our nation. god-given freedom, we want god-given it is of dom and uphold the rule law. our commitment to these values has been the source of america's prosperity, the foundation of our security and these values us a beacon, absolute the nations of the world. s we celebrate hispanic
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heritage month, we're grateful for all of you who have communities o our and for your continued leadership in america. with your help, we will strengthen our country's great faith and family and freedom and we will build one great american future. it's a tremendous honor to have at the white house and i want to thank you, i want to god you.z god bless the united states of america. >> thank you. [applause] pres. trump: god bless the united states of america. with that, i'd like to welcome a who is cial person, doing a tremendous job as our labor, secretary accosta, alex, keep it up. up, alex, thank you.
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thank you. labor: e] secretary of thank you. it is wonderful to be celebrating with you, the first lady, with friends, colleagues and guests. miami as son of cuban immigrants, i saw first opportunities this nation offers. did not attendts college, they worked hard, they work incredibly hard to give me did not things they have. and that's why i'm here today. testament to what merica means for so many hispanics. your presidency and your administration very much stand principle that hard work nd merit far more than outward physical characteristics are what matters. surprise then that your
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administration is working hard o remove obstacles, to return dollars to the workers of america by reducing taxes so americans can succeed on their own merit and their own work. though at home at times may speak different languages, the work, the drive, the aspiration for the american ream is not something that is uniquely hispanic tis uniquely american. it is. [applause] this nation,labor: his great nation provides all of us with a unique opportunity to succeed through hard work and resilience. and so on this hispanic heritage express ll of us gratitude for the opportunities provides.nation i'd like to take a moment to nvite someone who is already
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accomplished so much, the treasurer of the united states. [applause] of the united states: thank you, mr. president and acaosta, for the onderful remarks, it was a pleasure to tell the first lady she is beautiful in person. [applause] treasurer of the united states: it is a pleasure to join all of you here today in celebrating hispanic heritage month. serving new administration, latina to foster conomic growth and promote prosperity and stability is a privilege and an honor. the 44th sworn in as treasurer of the united states, the secretary said that it was a country to live in where someone could go from learning the value of a there at very young age, to one day
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name on it. 've had my -- [applause] treasurer of the united states: i've had my share barriers to success, each of which motivated me to work never , save wisely and stop acquiring an education by hatever means possible, learning by example, council and lassrooms and optimizing every opportunity to excel. regardless of cultural those who , it is embrace the challenge of helping become more productive and of greater value to their communities who have the most significant impact. as become more productive and treasurer, i'm committed to using my office and all of the bring the elp american dream within the reach of all americans. thank you. [applause] treasurer of the united states:
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yes. you. pres. trump: again, thank you very much. it is such a great honor to have to say, these two of special people and course, very special first lady, to have them with us is really terrific. secretary acosta worked very could have done better, he went to harvard. but have done better, that's okay. they have done such an incredible job and i want to you both very much. thank you. applause] pres. trump: thank you very much. thank you. [applause]
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>> look now at prime-time schedule on c-span networks. eastern on c-span, the u.s. supreme court hearing oral argument over legislative in wisconsin. after lower court concluded the tate's republican-drawn map constitutes partisan gerrymandering. n c-span 2, discussion on upcoming 19th national congress of the communist party of china, th.inning october 18 on c-span 3, we'll show testimony from defense secretary mattis and joint chief of staff chair general joseph in ord on military strategy afghanistan. >> c-span cities tour takes book t.v. and american history t.v. pierre, south dakota to history and literary life of a state's capital city. t.v.,noon eastern on book
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author nathan sanderson talks in his book n "controlled recklessness," and the cattle ranching industry in south dakota, essential along with mining and rail road and e growth of our state in the early part of the 20th century. the pioneer girl memoirs of ores laura engles wilder. research and publishing program of the south dakota society that is esigned to study and publish a comprehensive edition of laura wilder's "pioneer girl," her autobiography. american history t.v. tour the south dakota state capital. there are ook up, also four areas with flags, the south dakota flag,
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there is the flag from dakota a flag for the united states, of course, there are also flags for spain and france controlled this territory at different times. one corner rner has has white flag, red flag, one lack and one yellow, those are the native american colors that symbolize four directions. >> hear about lewis and clark encounter with the missouri and why the meeting was important to the area. watch c-span cities tour of pierre, south dakota today noon eastern on c-span 2's book t.v., and sunday 2 p.m. on american history t.v. on c-span 3. working n cities tour, with our cable affiliates and isits cities across the country. >> "washington journal" continues. >> president of the committee for responsible federal budget, joining us this morning after the


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