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tv   Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister  CSPAN  February 2, 2018 4:35pm-5:28pm EST

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had to get out of town. night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. , but today20 years has featured writers for conversations about their books. this year's project, best-selling fiction writers. join us live sunday at noon ,astern with colson whitehead which was awarded the pulitzer prize. >> deputy prime minister on his
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country's future relationship with the u.s. and the role they played. other topics include iran and russia. this happened yesterday at the american enterprise institute in washington. it is just short of one hour. >> welcome to the american enterprise institute. i think you will this extraordinarily interesting. excuse my pronunciation. he was appointed human affairs fordeputy prime minister foreign affairs. he is here for a series of
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conversations with the department of of defense, and department of state. what is going to happen today? the minister will join us in .it-down on the stage then open up to questions from the talking. there is a lot to talk about. been at ther has center of an ugly agreement that has divided u.s. allies and so divisions within the u.s. government. we are interested to hear your perspective. careful on the steps.
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>> good morning. thank you for inviting me today. hope i will be able to shed the light on some issues with .aking place in our region that i can propose some ideas. u.s. has been allies for 45 years. we have dozens for -- dozens of agreement. this week, our countries met for historic dialogue & financial defendingincluding developingity,
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international enforcement and the joy commencement. u.s. has a unique partnership. when the u.s. was searching in the middle east, it is all welcoming them. largest air the force base in the world. teachers and students on living and working in qatar. we are surrounded by a powerful players in the middle east. some of these nations are bent on intimidation, aggression and war. make no mistake, these powers
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are refuting -- are feuding for domination. forcesonflicted by these , not committed to the starvation and devastation. the illegal blockage is one of many instances of sabotage intended to leave my country into submission. -- these intimidation methods
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and investments between qatar in the united states. there is the silver lining of , able to show resilience and survive overseas. other countries might not be able to withstand an attack example afterseen example across the region. the danger of short-term aggression is happening before our eyes. the long-term danger of aggression will eventually read .ountries around the globe
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worse, by lady groundwork for the next generation of terrorism. the needs and rights of the citizens are not met. us,e many are surrounding -- e is a hidden that can provide justice and security to its citizens. as i told secretary tillerson the u.s. it has a critical part of that. ending the turmoil in the middle leadership.rther it is necessary to restore lasting security throughout the region.
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they have been fighting terrorism for many years. we agree that terrorism must not byy be destroyed, but also lifting up against the precipice and hope through lasting social transformation. repeatedly using love of power over the car of love is detrimental.
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we need to and terrorism financing an extreme ideologies. it made put aside personal feelings and hope the gcc can be rebuilt. we wish for unity. can't ignore the resort bond between the countries of the gcc and the family culture and turmoil chef connect us stronger. it is our hopes that it is on shared interests. be governed byo reason over impulse.
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and would need to serve the best interests of all those numbers. regarding the middle east region, we cannot rebuild these diplomatics more pressure is put on our players. this security plan must find common ground and include an arbitration mechanism that gives small and large nations equal protection and sequences for those -- i hope the international community will join me in voting dialogue ofgic coexistence which can serve as a foundation of healing and ultimately prosperity for the region. thank you. [applause]
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wanted to touch on a point that you stress the future of the gcc. timeieve this is the first with your counterparts in many months and it ended quite abruptly. been any indication of you seeing any optimism on the road to a potential resolution dialogue or more specifically, convened by kuwait or only still at an impasse?
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-- when he offered and also in orderthe invitation to see a solution. when you have a conflict between parties and one of the parties is unwilling to engage toward dialogue -- n this for the first was time the leaders see each other
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.ace-to-face done everything showing the goodwill towards the solution. number ofthink the issues that have been raised by her neighbors have everything interference. they allege in the neighbors affairs since 2014 that if there point, it appears there's not much momentum or will. a potentialhis has
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opportunity in light of president trump's phone call and amir earlier this month hosting a came david cell summit later this spring. does this give and windows to at least find an opportunity to have a proactive window to kind of fund away to bridge some of those differences for the think there's no -- there's too much light? meetingnsider the itself in the leaders meeting together at least once -- a step .owards success it should be driven by their willingness to cannot be driven by force. .e need good intention
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mentioned that this is unnecessary and an unstable region. if we are agreeing on a principle that all countries are equal, there is no difference between the big and small countries. all of the countries is the same right and the same responsibilities and a new principal would govern between all the countries rated we cannot go back before. we hope it will be restored one day. -- youou see now mentioned a mechanism for a degree of monitoring or
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rebuilding those principles. would you think the moment the united states and the secretary of state has been quite accurate a mediation that there's moment for u.s. leadership in bringing the parties to the table for such a mechanism? i think many had increasingly seen as a deadlock that, hend of break sees us as them trying to propose a set of principles? >> deftly the intervention of the notice will make a
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difference. us this commitment for this crisis and he always called for a united country. conversationas a meeting, he stressed the importance to come together. too, we believe we need start a just and fair process. of state started to propose some good proposes which can become a baseline for veryiation and qatar was responsive. also, we sent back what we thought about. the othergnored by
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side, we cannot do anything. i think there has certainly of a letter to nikki haley about the state and certainly to agree that the mo you is not public. there's also been a view that -- mou inuoye -- amy you and those who were not part of the negotiations. is there any way to shed light and where ite mou is headed? is this the first step? or the be additional steps taken? >> to the mo signed between theu
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united states and qatar was part of the president's visit to the gcc. this process objective is to build capacity within the and also -- they established very clear which is achieved by timeframe. i believe there are some of the that know theress
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progress we have achieved and and byvery clear threat other departments in the counterterrorism and there's a clear statement that qatar and lotunited states provide a in this fight. even in the military aspect of it. will you do in six months a temperature check on the progress made so far? currentlynk that steps have been taken so far from both washington and no media orraised in the
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is that a beginning framework? >> it is not something that we will stop the cooperation. there are some issues which can issuesslated, but other which we are to have with the united states. we have a joint review between .he united states and qatar u.s. and task force getting and everything is promising. some of the items are ahead of schedule.
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>> there are still other members that have not signed a gou. get the uae past to and saudi arabia to also agree to those benchmarks? terror finance issues are not just defined by borders, both a trans regional challenge to request it is a challenge everywhere. beenvolution of this has varied, especially the last few years. countries camese up with that.
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regarding the gcc and its was part of our developt to enhance and our capabilities and terrorism financing in partnership with .he united states , i don't countries know. >> looking at a few regional , one to look at it is iran has taken a strong position in support of qatar. what are the larger implications of a stronger relationship with tehran at the moment?
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to understandeed the geography of the region. have one land border and it is being located without even any notification. it is the only way to supply the food and medicine and other supplies for the country. from the eastern side, we have and the other side -- sure, we will have this
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communication. forwardat, the only way for our ships to bring the supplies some of the food supplies and medicine supplies is by iran's. we don't have any other access to bring our stuff. this doesn't mean we have an agreement with iran. this is never the case. we comply with the international law and politics we disagree with. syriat comes to policy in , we are on the other side of the equation. it comes to the policy in yemen -- the way forward and to overcome
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the challenges is not by confrontation. we have to reach understanding should respect each other's sovereignty and agree on common interests of security and no one interfere with the unter -- the other countries. we believe those proxies should continue and the people are the one who are going to pay the price. channels ofall dialogue need to be open. broader,ooking at the president trump's statements on pushing back to iran. -- having one of the
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largest military bases in the region, in light of these geopolitical realities in atling with iranian proxies they kind of build off of the president's visit last year that there are some areas used as an progress onto make decreasing the behavior of iran. >> the only way is a political solution. there is no military solution. if you look at those areas like yemen, what is the price they
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are paying right now? --re are more than 29 people 20 million people in need. 500, than iraq, the stability is starting to be restored. they suffering from security issues. one paying the price of those proxies. the colombian and people of syria. -- the people of yemen and syria. -- atk we need to agree the end, we resort to dialogue.
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you see at the moment and his face for political dialogue on -- yemen?-- human everybody should stop supporting to fuelho just wants the fire. this is something we have seen now. the results of the last few years. region's rich and has a lot of resources. the problem is security. wars, we dol these not see any positive progress.
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we have just seen terrorism around in the countries. seems more chaos and those countries will take longer time to be dealt themselves. >> it was announced in recent -- certainly, there has bilateralber of visit. direction ofe the your relationship? do you see what their intentions are in the relationship? >> first of all, turkey is an important country in the region.
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a member of nato. also, if you look at the relationship, we have a lot of common interests together. when it comes to supplies and .hatever support we have announcing,y are is nothing military related to the security region.n of the
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it is the same that allows the -- daesh.nst dinesh adding to this, the bilateral connection between the countries. >> the announcement for the ands reporting of potential how potential complications under u.s. treasury sanction law.
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wherere a certain area in light-- the value of the current regional environment or is this because of this balancing navigating the relationship between mosque -- washington and moscow or is it speculated? assure is qatar compliance.d a we are taking everything into consideration. we have a very strong relationship with the united states and we have this relationship with other countries. i think there is a degree of
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concern in washington about proven zone intentions in the regions. in terms of building regional cooperation like syria and others, quite a number of differences. it does not create an environment -- conflicts arethe continuing, everyone will have their interests in. need genuinee security dialogue in the region.
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keeping all the other inches aside. interests if we think about which country will influence each country, we will never -- >> you seem to be having a moment in washington, d.c. with the trump administration, particularly your to fight to meetings. lots of positive statements from both tillerson and that is. you been able to succeed over the last few months in this spat with your rivals and do you see the tide turning turning to your
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-- see the tide in washington turning to your favor? consider what we have achieved now with the -- it is aes as winning situation for the gulf or the -- a losing situation for the other. people in the gulf, bay loss a lot from what we call a needless crisis. have partnership based on transparency.
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the u.s. is recognizing this alliance. using this as a platform trying to intensify this cooperation. hmongquestion is about and kuwait. they have taken a neutral role in this conflict. how are you planning to invest.
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place with nice investments in your area. his something you are looking to help with economic issues as well. >> we have very strong relationships. this investment is continuing and ongoing. we have investments in state and infrastructure and manufacturing. joint investments in the energy sector. our investment plan their is not something that a small. is -- our plan is to expand. >> question in the back. thank you, josh rogan,
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washington post. thank you for your time. according to the readout of president trump's recent call -- me amireter, thanked him. as you know, there has been some criticism from the u.s. congress about this. not toughlleged it is enough and they criticize the fact it has been held in secret. they should whether your country cantaken steps to combat comment on if you -- deceptive can you, on if steps have been taken and if the
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memorandum should the cap secret pt secret?p t -- mentioned as i just to enter, the memorandum is ongoing. asis something that cannot of a meeting between united states and the gcc. u.s. agencies are
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.ecognizing their efforts we don't want to be caught from there trying to , but it will affect their national interest. we have seen that this propaganda is fueled by -- they are trying to create this kind of misperception. our goal is reaching out to the people and clarifying the situation. .atar has been cooperative
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the u.s. government knows this and recognizes this. thank you. a recent wave of meetings on which american leaders and other leaders and each of them after this meetings said they asked leadership to change the coverage of the palestinian issue. assured there will be a change? regarding the visits from don'tent parties, we distinguish between religion and background. all of them are welcome.
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it is very clear the government should not interfere in the media. also, they should comply with and iftional standards , they cancomplaining twond file this complaint different bodies which are a justng the media and -- out of it.the we are questioning algiers or a clear mechanism.
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thank you. of turkey's operation and what is your opinion on the fight against isis and terrorism? we see they have good soldiers who are fighting terrorism and they are committed to the security of the country, but we need to look at the security which is connected by some of the movement. supporting any country which will take care of their own national security i think is
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done by coordination of forces and the other allies. i think this is the right of any country. >> thank you. me that the central point was qatar's strong stance against terrorism. can we take that to mean that you unequivocally opposed all nonstate groups that espouse terrorism and actively carry out terrorism in pursuit of their goals such as hezbollah or other groups in the region? >> the terrorism act in itself
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-- it is a very clear policy. between those nonstate actors and sunni or shia. we judge the behavior, not the rock on of the people. >> thank you. it has come in a -- come at a time of something gas prices. dolphiname time, the pipeline for example stays open. my question is how sustainable is the status of the blockade or is it a ticking clock? or is there a tightening of screws that might impact that
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clock in terms of the sustainability of the economy? result, the the country with the current blessed with are natural resources, but also having good management for those resources. impact onde has an which ismic situation the first few days or weeks from what they taken. the problem doesn't lie there. countries tryther to manipulate the market. stores about stage the economic situation in order
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to destress the economy. are undermining it, but these things we are resisting. it has a disturbing fact. just to stay away . see any risk of aggression. the only thing we see is the provocation. >> thank you. i'm with al jazeera television
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and i say it probably. let me ask you this in english. wise in fact qatar has not until now officially announced who was behind the hacking of the qatar news agency? it is a legal process. aware of where they have reached come about until now, we cannot disclose the information of who was behind the attack and i don't want to undermine this. but afteral question, that i ask you all to remain so the minister can go to his next appointment.
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>> thank you. my question is about iraq. the leadership has been seen as and hascle to stability the country goes to elections in a few months, what initiatives ae there to try to create poor vision for the future? encourage the people to build their political affiliation based on their national identity. now is are seeing right .ifferent backgrounds
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we don't like to interfere in not our- this is policy. we talked to city leaders, sure leaders in different politicians to have a united front among .hem and, to stay together for a better future.
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