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tv   Washington Journal 02062018  CSPAN  February 6, 2018 6:59am-9:01am EST

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to the floor this week, along with a short-term funding bill. no votes are scheduled. but coverage on c-span2. defense secretary james mattis will take questions from the house armed services committee and 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3. unfoldswhere history daily. created as aan was public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. the house intelligence committee voted monday evening to release the democratic memo that was drafted to try to rebuff the republican memo that alleges that the fbi abused surveillance laws. this hour, don bacon will talk about the house intelligence committee memos and the government funding deadline.
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he will also be joined by jim himes who serves on the intelligence committee, to get the latest from the connecticut democrat on the memos and the russian investigation. ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, february 6, 2018. the senate is reconvening today, the houses meeting, and we are looking at a government shutdown. we will talk about where it but we begin a, day after the dow jones industrial average size largest ever single day point decline. with investors anxiously eyeing the opening bell today and the democrats in congress already casting blame for the drop on president trump, we want to hear what you think. republicans can call
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202-748-8001. with democrats calling 202-748-8000. ,and independents, 202-748-8002. you can catch up with us on social media on twitter at c-spanwj, and all span. good tuesday morning. you can start calling now. we begin on the front pages of the wall street journal, the headline, a plunge in races 2018 gains. the dow jones industrial average down over 1000 points, or 4.6% yesterday combined with the falls on friday, the index has lost 7% in two days, a break in the tranquility characterized by the markets for much of the past two years. the washington times in their wrapup on the markets yesterday say that some analysts have called it "the trump correction"
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with investors fearing that the economy could be overheated and recent bubbles were about the pop. the story noting that president trump, who has repeatedly linked the wall street record to his deregulatory policies, was at a factory yesterday talking up the economic boom when the dow jones industrial average took its worst loss in 6.5 years. the president made no mention of the troubles on the markets at the ohio speech, but the vice president did address the stock market overnight on his. in alaska -- stop in alaska on his way to deal of the games. -- olympic games. >> we could not be more proud of the fact the stock market has increased by thousands of points since election day of 2016, but today's selloff represents what
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is very likely, simply the ebb and flow of our stock markets, and we recognize that. the most important numbers to focus on are the fundamentals. the fundamentals continue to be very strong. in the last jobs report, 200,000 more jobs created. unemployment at a 17 year low. probably the most encouraging number for me, as a former governor that watched how stubborn the wage number is, has seen wages rise by 2.9% in the most recent report. and it should give every american the sign of this economy is on the move and they can be confident the president will continue to advance the kinds of policies, rolling back excessive taxes, regulations, freeing up access to american energy, like in alaska, which has continued to contribute to the real momentum that is obvious in the fundamentals of our economy. host: a different take on what yesterday meant from house
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minority whip, a democrat from maryland. the drop reflects the growing concern that the economy cannot keep pace with the promises made by this president and republicans. it will bring worry for families across the country about whether they will be able to afford to send their children to college, purchase a home or retire securely. reports indicate that the tax law played a role in yesterday stock market decline, because the law was pursued for political goals and benefiting wealthy donors, rather than policy goals and abused in middle class and encouraging small business growth, the has led to an explosion in the deficit and harming our economy. that is not good for families or small business owners. and some other tweets yesterday. the congresswoman, democrat from washington, saying "why is the stock market crashing, the scam that creates a numerous deficits paid for by working americans.
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housep has controlled -- and senate, leading to a default." democrat of minnesota saying "if you are going to take credit for the stock market going up, will you also take blame for a going down?" he asked president trump. , democrats, in 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. tell us what you think of the movement on the market, the dow jones dropping over 1000 points yesterday. we will see what happens today. jared from brooklyn, republicans line. good morning. caller: i think that the democrats blame donald trump on everything. changeset is just, it all the time, there is nothing we can do about it. even though i do not agree with donald trump on everything, i do
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not think it is his fault. the democrats hate donald trump and they want to care about the deficit, even though they want to expand the government to extraordinary levels. it is not really smart. host: do you think the president has tied is a ministration too -- his administration too much to the markets in his first year in office? caller: i do not know, but the market -- the president should not be butting into the market under any administration, republican or democrat, so the market is independent of the president, sort of. i think. host: the new york times today has an article with the headline "a run with the bulls has its perils," noting that no president in modern times has tied his fortune to the stock market as much as donald trump, who has said that the meteor rise is a sign of success in the american economy.
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the selloff demonstrates why most of -- most presidents avoid talking about stock prices. we want to hear your thoughts. keith in florida, republicans line. go ahead. caller: i think the democratic party has sabotaged the stock market. janet yellen just left, what does that tell you? i think she flipped a couple of switches on her way out of the door and she did something to the economy, the stock market, and has helped to cause the drop. host: what would be the purpose of that? caller: -- democratic stuff. host: what would be the purpose of doing that? caller: do make him look bad in her to the american people and republican party. that is all the democrats have on their minds. desert,m in palm
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california. caller: thank you for taking my call. what do you expect when they do not even pass a budget? they do not have a budget to go on and they pass all these continuing resolutions. the people in charge do not know what the hell they are doing and the congress does not hold them accountable. republicane -- the majority in the senate and house, and you can watch as the investigations go full-blown if the republicans do not stand up and do something about this guy. thank you. host: al in maryland, line for democrats. al, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for allowing me to make a comment on the stock market performance. it is not interpretive to donald fundamentalsy, is of simple trading.
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there have been tremendous gains in the stock market and people are sitting on tremendous profits, with a fixed amount of shares, and what they are simply doing is selling off, taking their profits, and they are going to buy back in and increase the amount of shares they have in their core holdings. there is no politics associated with it, the economy is doing fine. and everything is shoring up with regards to the support of the stock market. it is how traders are doing selloffs to provide them profit. that is my comment. host: investors anxiously awaiting to see what happens today and looking for signs in the markets overseas. here is the story from the washington post from early this morning, global markets falling sharply today following the volatile day in u.s. trading yesterday. renewing questions about whether the long-running stock rally is
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potentially testing president trump. nbc news this morning taking a look at what markets, the world stock markets nosediving for a fourth day today, having seen $4 trillion wiped off from what eight days ago where a record high values. we are getting your thoughts this morning about what happened yesterday in the markets and how much you think it is tied to the policies of this president and what is happening in washington dc. for republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. monty in texas, independent. go ahead. are you with us? caller: i am sorry, name is marcus. i just want to say as a young 33-year-old man, actually a black man, it has come to the
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time where i wish my generation would understand that the people who are older than us are not going to be put to handle this problem. i have been watching c-span for a long time and it is amazing how the people who are making comments on here are so uninformed. i want to send a shout out to everybody in my generation that it is time for us to take over this country, because these older people are not understanding what is going on. j, in washington, on the line for republicans. what do you think about what happened yesterday? caller: the 5000 went from a trillion dollars to 27 join dollars of false money. now it is taking a drop because manipulation, the stock market that we look out, only covers that arer assets
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manipulated and only sold on the retail level. a friend of mine worked the lockey corporation, and i looked at their stock. it was taking a job and all he said was contract negotiations. we manipulate the stock to tell the union we are not making money. we negotiate a contract and then the following quarter, of course, the stock will go up. so it is a manipulation process. wet: in about 15 minutes will be joined by congressman don bacon, republican from nebraska, and then at about -- in 45 minutes we will be joined by jim himes from connecticut. the house comes in at 9:00 a.m., so we will take you there when they do come in. jim himes, a member of the financial services committee, here is a tweet from him.
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trumpng for two president explaining how the drop in the stock market is caused by james comey and democrats and black athletes." was wayites, "this overdue. democrats know this, but are using it to smear the administration. they had nothing to say about the great economy." from becky, "what goes up, must come down. that is why most intelligent people do not the claimed ownership of the market." the washington post taking a look at how president trump has claimed success of the stock market over his first year in december, ang in twitter post from the president in which he said "the dow rises 5000 points for the first time ever, make america great again." it was the 50th time he mentioned the stock market since taking office on twitter.
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hasthe stock markets' fall prompted a number of democrats saying that president trump should shoulder more of the blame. we are getting your thoughts, do you think he should shoulder more of the blame? tony from new jersey, what do you think? caller: good morning. this is typical of this president. it is amazing how you had that caller a couple calls ago already blaming it on janet yellen. remember the labour statistic numbers that were not real when obama was in office, then all of a sudden they became real under him? fake,resident is such a you want to talk about fake news, if anything is not in his favor it is always somebody else's fault. now, that article you just read about him explaining the stock market drop, i really want to see what he is going to say.
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it is amazing how these republicans, they sit at home and think about something to justify every time he says something stupid or does something stupid, they are right there to justify it, or blame somebody else -- the blame game. no matter what, it is another election coming up soon, so all of this stuff, the russian investigation and everything is piling up and piling up. i have never seen a president that has created so much chaos until we got this idiot. host: john in longmeadow, massachusetts. line for independence. go ahead. caller: i do not think it has anything to do a janet yellen or donald trump, it is just the market going from weak and too strong -- hands to strong hands. host: bernice in north dakota, go ahead.
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withr: i am really upset washington journal being so anti-trump. host: how are we being anti-trump, bernice? caller: because you always quote the left wing liberal media. you always quote the left-wing liberal media, you always quote the papers that are anti-trump. finally somebody did quote fox news. and --[indiscernible] and i really do not enjoy it anymore. the stock markets have nothing to do with trump, the drop had a nothing to do with him. host: we begin today by playing a clip of the vice president talking about this overnight. caller: what? host: we begin today by playing
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a clip of the vice president talking about the stock market. who do you trust? caller: you need to do more of the right wing, you have to be faird -- or you have to be with the left wing and the right wing. you cannot always quote the left-wing things. calls on the your stock market in just a second, but as we said we are moving toward that potential government shutdown that would happen on thursday at midnight, is a spending deal is not reached. to talk more about where we are in that process we are joined on the phone by christina marcos of "the hill" newspaper. what is the status of the latest possible continuing resolution deal? christina: we are two days away from a shutdown and congress does not know how it will avoid a shutdown. so the plan for today is the
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house is going to vote on yet another stopgap measure that would go into effect in march. there was a full year of funding for the defense apartment. democrats have pledged to block such a measure because they want parity for defense and nondefense spending programs and because they do not have a not clearl yet it is how it will avoid a shutdown. speaker paul ryan is feeling the pressure from conservatives in the freedom caucus and from defense hawks who are not exactly thrilled about what would be the fifth stopgap bill since september. host: what is going to happen in the next 48 hours? can you take us through the timing and with the speaker is hoping will happen? cristina: it is expected the house will pass the stopgap measure, presumably all or just about all republican votes. then it could either be stripped
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of defense spending, the spinning provision, it could be stripped out of the senate and sent back to the house as is. if they take up to avoid another shutdown, or there is also possibly a way that democrats and senate republicans could reach some kind of spending d eal and send it back over to the house. it is all up in the air. it is like last month where we did have a three day shutdown, atause everybody was saying the start of the week, there will not be a shutdown, but there was no plan to avoid one. now we are in the same position. host: can you walk through why the opposition to a full year defense spending provision? cristina: democrats are insisting that there is parity for nondefense spending programs, but defense hawks are
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insistent that the spending caps should be lifted for the pentagon and they are frustrated about there not being full-year funding for the pentagon. in february, we are a few months into the current fiscal year and they say it hurts the military readiness when they have to rely on these stopgap measures that do not address military needs. host: we are only two days away, is there a backup plan if this provision is stripped out? where does that leave the house? cristina: the thing is, there is not a backup plan right now, so we will see what happens. host: i know you have also been covering the status of the anti-sexual harassment legislation that we have been following here on "washington journal," the bill moving through congress. explain where it is. cristina: the house will vote on by part of an,
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overhaul of the reporting system for sexual harassment. it will streamline the process, cut back on some of the steps to make a move the faster, and also prohibit the practice of allowing taxpayer-funded settlements for lawmakers accused of harassment. and in the event that members of congress reaches settlements for harassment cases, they will be required to pay back the taxpayers within 90 days. the office of compliance, the office that handles the workplace disputes, will also be required to issue reports stating what kind of settlements have been issued and identify lawmaker offices involved. host: is it something the senate would have to take up as well? cristina: it is. it is expected to pass the house easily later this afternoon, possibly on a voice vote. it is not clear when the senate would take it up. hill"you can watch "the
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newspaper for that. we always appreciate your time. cristina: thank you for having me. host: we are taking your calls this morning a day after the dow jones dropped almost 1200 points. we will see what happens today, investors are anxiously watching, some on capitol hill already blaming the trump administration for what is happening. we want to hear from you this morning. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. ray, thank you for waiting in homestead, pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: first off, i wish you would give me a little bit of time to say what i need to say. i only call in once a month, unlike other people who call every day. first off, to the people who say that donald trump was not responsible i would like to see a montage of of the hundreds --
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of all the hundreds of times he has said it. it would be interesting to see. his policies, the reasons why we are going down, immigration will tighten up the labor market, the labor market is already tight and wages are going up, businesses do not like to see it, so they will cause a problem so that they have more cheap labor to deal with. and as far as the stock market crash and everybody saying stay in, i wish donald trump would explain to people who are retiring how they will made up for the money that he caused them to lose and he did it with his policies, as far as i am concerned. there is no market going up this fast and sustained. i had my investor pull me out three weeks ago, because i knew this was coming. and telling people to stay in the markets. if you are in the markets, now you have to tell people that you need to work another three years to get back the money that you lost.
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i am sure that people will be happy with that. anyway, that is all i have to say. i will call you in a month. host: melvin in asheville, north carolina. independent. go ahead. caller: uh, i want to speak the --his -- about host: about the stock market? caller: yes, i want to talk about the top market. 666, iday when it hit 5 think that was a sign from the supreme being of god himself that was telling america that they are the beast, that the number of the beast is 666, according to the bible. host: we will go to ed, a republican. caller: good morning. how angry the black
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callers are when they call in. host: how do you know what color the callers are, and what does it matter? caller: we lived with obama for eight years. host: we will watch her language as we move forward. charles in south carolina, go ahead. caller: hi. the question i have is, people have a forgotten that this country came out of chaos from the bush administration, obama took over in reconstructed the country in eight years. now we have an obama inertia. donald trump did not do anything saw him take office. what are we going to do in the next three years? that is the question. the market plunging does not have anything else to do than the people invested money is
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getting discouraged. the people paying taxes is getting discouraged. we are not taxing anything, no import. every import to protect national labor, if we do not do that we will be dependent on china and saigon, and hong kong and japan, and in a country that brings things here. we are paying them money. we have to stop the bleeding. we have to tax imports. we have to protect our labor and our national industry. host: the washington post in their wrap up of what happened yesterday. and the president's interest in the stock market in his first year of his presidency, notes that president trump's economic team is largely untested in times of uncertainty and many investors are watching the action of his newly sworn in pick for the federal reserve
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chairmanship to see how quickly he is willing to raise interest rates in the face of rising inflation. the treasury secretary briefs president trump on the fall yesterday during his trip to ohio, but the president made no mention of financial troubles in his public remarks. although in his public remarks, he did raise eyebrows when he used the term "treasonous" when referring the democrats and how they acted last week. here is what he had to say. president trump: it got to a point where i really did not even want to look too much over to that side, because honestly it was bad energy. it was that energy. you are up there, you have half the room going wild, they loved everything and they want to do something great for our country. and you have the other side, even on really positive news like that, they were like -- yes, deaf.
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and un-american, un-american. somebody said treasonous. why not? [laughter] [applause] can we call that treason? why not? they certainly did not seem to love our country very much. but you look at that and it is really, very sad. host: if you missed his remarks yesterday you can watch them in their entirety on time for more of your calls as we are talking about the stock market. we will be joined in a couple minutes by congressman don bacon, republican of alaska. matthew, vancouver, washington. go ahead. caller: what i believe is going on is when donald trump got elected people got excited about the economy being better, and maybe they were spending more than they should, which brought the stock market up. as tax season is here people are starting to say, maybe i spent
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too much. it made people nervous and they pulled it their money out. so it dropped even more. it is like when we had the gas prices go way up, in 2007, people got nervous and they stopped spending so much because they needed gas money, which caused us to lose money in people whose jobs, and then they had the mortgage crisis.i think it is people's attitude about what they believe is happening. now i believe the general rule of thumb is, do not pull your money out when it drops. go for the long-term and it will pick back up. rockefeller said that. john d. rockefeller said that a long time ago. that is my take. host: tim in florida, go ahead. are you with us? caller: yeah. donald trump is doing a good job, they just need to leave him
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alone and let him do his thing. the market will go back up. if you want to pick on somebody, pick on nancy pelosi, she is the one -- the one that has the in,crats all filing following her. the young guy called into said he was 33 years old and he wanted younger people to be eyeing them, that is the one that you need to get out of there, nancy pelosi. then the democrats will probably come around and do something right. host: your tweets before we leave the segment. jody writes "where is the boone for the economy from the record-breaking tax cuts? if i am to believe my eyes with a selloff, they are plugging the whole where the trickle-down was the flow." "the drop was expected because the feds look at a possible rate increase, however it is not a
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true measure of the economy. stores shuttering their doors is a bigger concern." we will talk more about it today, and we will also have an opportunity for open phones later. up next, don bacon of nebraska joins us to discuss the house intelligence committee memo and the government funding deadline. later we will talk about those same topics with the jim himes of connecticut. we will be right back. ♪ announcer: sunday on c-span, new york times staff photographer doug mills talks about the photos he took covering president trump. >> he enjoys having us around. i believe despite his constant, you know, comments about fake news and the media and so forth, i feel like he enjoys having us
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because it drives his message, it helps drives the news of the day, which he can do everyday and he does every day, constantly driving the message, therefore having us around really allows him to do that. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, on c-span. since been's history -- the series landmark cases returns this month. each week experts join us to discuss the constitutional issues into personal stories behind the significant supreme court decisions. beginning on monday, for very 26, live at 9:00 eastern. to help you follow all 12 cases, we have a companion guide written by tony mauro. landmark cases, volume two. $8.95 plussts shipping and handling.
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washington journal continues. host: congressman don bacon joins us, a republican from nebraska, he said on the homeland security committee. a retired general. we are getting your thoughts on what happened in the stock market yesterday, the washington times saying analysts are calling this the "trump correction." what do you think? rep. bacon: we have to keep in perspective it is the 99th biggest drop in total value by percentage, so it is not like the number one or two. but with all the climbs, we were about to have a correction and it is a good time to buy. host: the trump correction is the term that washington times used, do you think there is any responsibility from the trump administration, have they tied themselves too much to the stock market? rep. bacon: i think the stock market operates independent of a lot of things. every president will have a
7:34 am
correction, so i do not put a lot of stock into this, or a lot of importance into it. it will come back up. host: what can congress do to help or bring stability? rep. bacon: i think the policies we have now, with tax reform, was the right policy and we want to maintain a high level of gdp growth, bring money from overseas from corporations that were keeping money overseas and investing overseas because of our tax policies. the tax reform we passed is encouraging companies to bring the money back and reinvest and we are seeing over 200 companies giving bonuses and raises now, investing in our country, like apple. $350 billion back, creating new jobs. and we have the right policies, we need to be patient. host: what is the potential government shutdown do to the markets and what is the possibility of a debt ceiling
7:35 am
increase not happening? is it something congress can help with? rep. bacon: people want to see stability, i do not like -- do not think they like to see the gridlock between the two parties. we should be able to pass the budget and get appropriations bills out of the senate, which the democrats will not allow us to do. gridlock impacts the confidence of our country and how people perceive it, so there is an impact and we should be able to do better. host: congressman don bacon with us. we invite the viewer is to join us. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. we mentioned, you are a member of the house homeland security committee. your thoughts on the release of the new memo last week. is it something you supported? rep. bacon: i asked for the release. and i think we have to be careful not to overstate what it does or does not do. evidencewas strictly
7:36 am
that the senior leadership at the department of justice and the fbi did a wiretap and three renewals, based on the dossier, which smith was paid $160,000 to do by the dnc and clinton campaign. i think that is the focus, the wiretaps against carter page. and i think the fisa court deserved to know what was funded and i do not think it was well done. but to put more analysis on that or overhyped it is also wrong. host: yesterday, the intelligence committee, the house intelligence committee voted to release the democratic memo. here is congressman adam schiff, ranking member of the committee, last night after the vote. >> this evening from the house intelligence committee voted to release the minority response to the majority's memo.
7:37 am
we think it will help inform the public of the many distortions and and accuracies in the majority memo. we have also asked the support of our transmittal to the white house that unlike the process used with the majority memo, that the department of justice and fbi be consulted, that they vete the opportunity to b the information. we want to make sure that those men best position to do that have the opportunity to do so. we've already had the memo for several days. we also want to make sure that any reductions that are made our fully explained to our committee by the fbi or department of justice, and likewise by the white house, we want to mature the white house does not read act -- redact the memo for political purses -- purposes. the majority found itself in a -- position when it released the
7:38 am
memo and refused to release the democratic response. i think they were compelled to take the action they did today. and we think that this'll be useful information for the american people to see. host: your reaction? rep. bacon: i believe in transparency, i support the release of the memo and i would say that the reason they were not released together was their memo was put together much later, and i think that statement, it was not right to release them separately was wrong. now that the memo is ready and it has been vetted, i am for releasing it. host: you mentioned concern for how the fisa process was used. jim himes will be joining us this morning. he had a statement on twitter addressing those concerned by republicans, "if you have real concerns about the fisa process, you would do interviews, alert the inspectors general, you would not jam through a memo that coincidentally -- the
7:39 am
president's fantasies." rep. bacon: i am not part of the committee, they do things behind closed doors, but they should do hearings on this. when the fbi and attorney general are doing wiretaps based on a political document that the clinton campaign and the democratic national party paid $160,000 to have done, that begs a question. there should be hearings on it. host: we will let you give your questions. don bacon with us for the next one in minutes. california, line for republicans. ted, go ahead. caller: i want to make a comment on the stock market. i think it is a leading indicator. it reflects the collective expectations of market participants about future economic activity. so i think as people have been saying, things are looking good, so people are thinking about the
7:40 am
interest rates might be going up, so that is what you are looking at. i want to make that quick comment. rep. bacon: i think the interest rate discussion is a factor. folks will make judgments because of that. again, the drop was the 99th biggest drop in value. we have to look at it in perspective, it was the 99th. i think the time to invest is now. host: oklahoma, the line for independents. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. and secondly, i would like to ask representative bacon -- you stated a moment ago that the reason for the fisa warrant was the dossier. there has been other reporting that says there were independent basis, because of the comments made by mr. papadopoulos.
7:41 am
so either you purposefully said it was solely the dossier, based on the dossier, or you are uninformed about the other evidence that may have been used in the application for fisa. i am wondering would you acknowledge that there was other evidence other than the dossier? that is my question. rep. bacon: the statements i have heard from leaders from the department of justice and fbi, they said they did the wiretap on carter page based on the dossier, that there were no other factors contributing to that. they would not been a wiretap without the dossier. granted there are other wiretaps going on, but for carter page, it appears it was based primarily on the dossier. host: key largo, florida, line for republicans. caller: i agree with what the gentleman, mr. bacon, just said. schulz had done things
7:42 am
to bernie sanders, i think we should go further into the state department investigation too. thank you. rep. bacon: i think one of the things i would like to may be express, a lot of americans feel this way, we have to be careful that we do not use the tools of justice for political reasons. that is the real factor, if the department of justice can be used by whatever political power or party against political opponents, that is a terrible thing to have happen. we sought earlier in the obama administration with the irs. so we want to make sure that we have good oversight when we see abuses, that we call them out and we vet. this is what we are doing, we want to make sure there is not a problem. the perception is when you base a dossier that was funded at $160,000 from the clinton
7:43 am
campaign and democratic national party, use it as a basis for a wiretap, that should be a concern. host: wade, an independent. go ahead. caller: i watched the sunday morning news this week and there was a guy from south carolina that said, even without the dossier there still would've been enough evidence for a fisa court. memolso, i can write a too. this memo is more of an opinion piece than it is any kind of factual evidence anyway. i think that you guys are putting a hood over the american people, saying it is based off of the dossier, where the republicans even say it would not matter if they had enough evidence. your own republicans said that over the weekend. rep. bacon: there was leadership from the fbi that said without the dossier, that a wiretap would not have been done on carter page.
7:44 am
there may be other investigations, maybe a separate, but when it came to him the dossier was the cornerstone for the wiretap requests. host: how do you feel about the robert mueller investigation? do you think it should be allowed to continue. rep. bacon: yes. when i look at both chairmen, they said that this was not intended to undercut or to stop the investigation. i think it is important that we dig deeper into what russia is doing. i have been an intelligence officer since 1985, i had about three years of retirement, now in congress, but the soviets have a long history of trying to interfere in elections. i do not think they are trying to do it to favor trump or clinton, they are trying to divide us. they want to create a partisan wedge and i think you would have to say that they were successful. we see the same things in europe. in the recent election in
7:45 am
france, they pointed it out to the electorate, we know what russia is trying to do and you need to tune them out. we should have done the same thing. we knew from august of 2016 that the russians were involved in we should have been better at warning the american voters what they were trying to do. and i think it would've helped. host: do think that the memo undermines the investigation at all? rep. bacon: not when both airmen say that this has been very focused on the carter page wiretap itself. and we do know what to over hype this, this is focused on the wiretap and part of the oversight of congress is to ensure that pfizer is not been abused. -- fisa is not being abused. host: do you think that is what was communicated to the public? rep. bacon: this is about potential abuses with the wiretap and i think we need to keep communicating. host: what changes should be
7:46 am
made to the process? rep. bacon: let's understand what the issue is. i welcome the democrat memo. we should have hearings. and i think of the fbi and department of justice abuse -- they are not the rank and file, we are talking about the senior leadership, the top appointed officials. if they did that they should be held into account. host: anthony, independent. go ahead. caller: good morning. i have a couple questions. republicans the curiousrious -- were about our children paying our debt. now we have a debt that we are looking for people to take a long. if you choose to back that loan -- that is my question. rep. bacon: thank you for your question. i have not heard about the chinese wanting to support the
7:47 am
loans. we should be concerned about our debt, we are at about 20 chilean $20ars and our debt -- trillion and we are passing it on to our kids and grandkids. so i think we should be concerned. and we should be fiscally responsible. i agree. host: in the short term, how concerned are you about a potential government shutdown on thursday? rep. bacon: we will have a continuing resolution vote today. i think that those are very corrosive to our government and our funding for our military. it has suffered badly. and if you go back to 2010, the military has been reduced 18% and we have had 36 cr's, so you do not get the pay raises when you want to them, you do not get money for cyber defense, you have to weigh into the budget is passed. we have undermined the military and this past year we had 80 fatalities from training, alone.
7:48 am
that should concern us. folks were not trained adequately, and as a military commander i've had to go to people's homes and talk about the loss of a loved one, and it was because of loss of training. that is terrible. yet congress cannot get an appropriations bill through the senate, because of a filibuster. that is part of the problem. we will be voting the defense appropriations bill and it, we will do community health centers, we will also have an extension for diabetes health care. so i think it is a good bill that the democrats and republicans will like. hadt does fund the military we have funding for community health centers, and diabetes, which i think americans want. host: you talk about the impact on the military. you are in afghanistan at the end of last year, we were operating under continuing resolutions at that point as
7:49 am
well. what is a specific example of the impact on the ground in afghanistan that you saw? rep. bacon: when you need more weapons systems, or you need more a munitions, you are forced to buy them at the previous year's level, which in this case is inadequate. aircraftent out an -- lend out an aircraft, the skipper told us that one fighter pilots train back home, you are only getting 11 hours a month flying. that is one third of what they used to get when i was a captain in the air force. so we are sending folks out with one third of the training because of funding shortfalls. and the budget fixes that, but you cannot execute the budget with a cr, we have to pass the budget and appropriate the money. with the defense bill we have ready to pass, it will give us a full pay raise, the first in a decade, and we will plus up
7:50 am
missile defense and cyber defense, and we work on our military force with modernization, we will push up manpower to spread the weight of the deployments around better. you cannot do that with a cr. it is imperative we get the bill passed. trip,coming out from that you were optimistic about the u.s. efforts there? rep. bacon: i was optimistic in iraq, modestly optimistic about what i saw in afghanistan. isis controls no real estate in iraq. there are fighters and hiding. the taliban in afghanistan has had the momentum through august and when the president changed the policy it pulled the rug out from underneath them. we thought that they would take over -- but the change of policy said we would stay there until the conditions allow us to leave, not based on a time. the confidence of
7:51 am
those in afghanistan has skyrocketed. we have their back. now they are fighting more aggressively. we have seen land taken back from the taliban. we have seen more taliban coming forward to talk about peace. i think it is too early to say that it is permanent, but the momentum has changed and it is on our side. host: the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction released a report very critical about the amount of information out there for the public to know what is going on in afghanistan, saying it is getting smaller. hey was what he wrote. "the enemy knows what the situation is, the afghan military knows what the situation is, the only people who do not know what is going on are the people who are paying for it, and that is the american taxpayers." is there something you are doing
7:52 am
about that concern? rep. bacon: there are two areas he was concerned about. one is how much information do we put out, how many afghans are under government control versus taliban control. a province by province review. the second is how well we are doing with training with the afghan forces. we have been transparent with both up until this past year, but the concern is, why should we tell the taliban how well we are doing with training? what is our perception of how we are doing on the ground? some would say it is a healthy tension between transparency to constituents, versus how much do you want to let the enemy know how well we are doing. i think we have seen a change in our thought process. wthis is a healthy tension. this is what we do in war, to figure out the balance. host: 10 minutes left with congressman don bacon.
7:53 am
dorothy, go ahead. caller: good morning. this is my first time calling in. i have tried to call several times. i want to thank representative bacon for representing my district, my city, where i live in omaha. i want to tell him thank you for being there to represent us in washington dc and donald is doing an awesome job. you guys on washington journal are doing a great job too. rep. bacon: thank you, i appreciate that. teresa frome michigan, go ahead. caller: i think you are being misleading to your people, because another thing they cannot do with the budget is work on one that they have not got. warrant,r as the fisa backhave been going on him
7:54 am
in 2013, then they let it go off, then they restarted it comment. papadopoulos's to whoever and gates had his little trip to go to russia. if the people cannot see how obvious it is, all the connections mr. trump has to russia, and the games mr. nunez is playing, then they are pretty blind. host: congressman? rep. bacon: there is still doubt if the russians were involved in our elections, trying to create divide, i do not think that there is evidence of criminal collusion, but that is why we have an investigation and we will see what the robert mueller investigation puts out. this memo, again, i think also the question, when you use a political document paid for by
7:55 am
political opponents to start a wiretap against a political opponent, we have a problem. i think it deserves vetting and transparency, and there is another side of the story, we welcome hearing that as well. as a democracy, looking at both sides is a healthy thing. vis in fort lauderdale, florida. go ahead. caller: good morning. i would like to ask the representative, he mentioned transparency and the fact he wants everything to be in the open. now, the president yesterday had a, i guess some type of a rally called, all -- he democratic people in congress "treasonous." i've always respected the republican party, they a voice had a voice, sometimes a voice of reason.
7:56 am
but to have mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, and representatives now, are you willing to say that the president was wrong for calling members of congress "treasonous"? rep. bacon: that is a good question and i appreciate your comments. i think it is not the appropriate word to use, i know what the intent was and i was at the state of the union. when he was speaking on record low in employment -- low unemployment, he was reporting a lot of good things going on in the country, yet we saw the anger and hate from nancy pelosi and others, he is referring to that. treasonous was the wrong word in my mind. you should have talked about the hate. and frankly, i think on both sides of the aisle we have to be doing better on civility and the way that we talk to each other. it is good to be honest.
7:57 am
doing thee to stop name-calling, the character assassination. but the fact is there was a lot of hate demonstrated at the state of the union a lot of -- and a lot of rancor. i think the country is tired of it. ever since tuesday, i have heard it on radio talk shows, do you believe how angry nancy pelosi and a chuck schumer, all of these folks were -- they are right. we cannot let hate trump the good things going on in our country. the fact is there are a lot of good things going on in our country, and americans first, and of the anger has gotten too much. treasonous was not the right word to use. host: paige is a democrat. good morning. caller: i would like to say that there is a reason for us to be
7:58 am
angry. justr one, the republicans recertified the fisa warrant about a year ago. now they are making a big deal about it. and another thing, this is the fourth time they have gone to get an authorization for carter page. it is not the first time. this is the fourth time. who is lying? why are you trying to twist things up? and the ignorant people who cannot listen and understand are rolling along with trump. this country is going to the dogs, because of the republicans and liars like this gentleman here. rep. bacon: thank you. the fisa was extended for 702. it is a large program and there have been abuses in the broader program, which i think we witnessed with of this memo. but the 702 is a small subset
7:59 am
and it allows us to collect overseas. terrorists those we have captured or killed, we were able to get through this 702 program. i stand by the vote to extend fisa for national security reasons. the package overall, we need to look at how to safeguard it so we do not have the abuses we saw. the point about carter page, there was the original fisa requests based on the dossier, then they did three extensions. it has been done four times and all four times the use the dossier as a reason for the wiretap. i think that was wrong. it was a political dossier paid for by the democratic party and hillary clinton. host: you said the nunez memo helped bring transparency to the process, do you think it would be helpful to release the pfizer warned application -- fisa warned application and the renewals, could that bring more
8:00 am
transpired of that we all know what is going on as opposed the memos written by members of congress? rep. bacon: i am not opposed to that as long as it has been reviewed. this i have been dealing with classifieds since 1985. there was no classified information in this memo. we need to look at the application. that being said, if it is unclassified, i would be willing to support that. host: michigan. glenn. republican. go ahead. guest: i would like to -- caller: i would like to agree with the person that came on there -- everything needs to be secret over there. you can't go out and tell those people. there is a problem with the media. there is a lot of left out there. it creates a lot of havoc. you heard the last couple colors. people need to settle down and
8:01 am
relax. things are doing great. there's always the one thing we can do in support of donald trump -- super majority. get him out to 65, 67, the most possible, and report our president. 24ave watched hillary for hours. i would like you guys to step into the middle of little bit more. i have lost a little bit of interest in c-span, but i still come back to you guys. i love this guy on tv right now. he is a smart man and he needs to stick in there and do his job. hopefully the democrats can stop -- i cannot believe this is such a -- how can they stand there with the fellows and all be one? they are not one. host: congressman? guest: i appreciate the feedback. i think there are a lot of good things going on in the country
8:02 am
right now and we cannot let the angry the trail cover that. our economic growth is moving at a good port -- good pace and there are estimates we'll get to 3%, 4% gdp growth next quarter as companies are bringing money back from overseas investing in america right now. with tax reform, we see companies expanding, pay raises. bonuses are being given up. 401k enhancements. that is a great thing. i see great progress with our foreign affairs, foreign relations. what we do in iraq right now is an incredible success story. we see positive trends in afghanistan. we are pulling allies together when it comes to north korea -- what russia is doing in europe and the baltics. i think there are a lot of things to be positive about. there are a lot of good policies being done by this administration. i wish we could tone down the anger and the vitriol on both
8:03 am
sides because in reality the policies are making a difference right now. host: time for one or two more calls -- jonathan, springfield, missouri, line four democrats. electionring the 2016 -- i looked at a couple of andces with huffington post pbs newshour -- is stated if hillary clinton won the presidency russia would send threats to us. that is one question. the second question is why would trump fire the fbi director comey for going into the russian investigation to see what is going on? guest: when it comes to fbi relieved, iey being am not in the administration. this is my observation. he came and spoke to congress, and i would say he was treated very rudely by the democrat side there,house when he was
8:04 am
and the folks on the republican side also had some issues with him. on my perspective, i am a beingan, i saw he was not held in high regard by both sides of the house, and i think there was a loss of confidence. part of it was how he handled the clinton email investigation when he initially exonerated her then put her back under investigation. you go through the whole process. both sides loss of confidence. i personally thought it was the right time to replace the fbi director and put someone who has the confidence of both parties in congress. i thought both parties said walked away from mr. comey. host: last call. florida. go ahead. caller: i have a couple different points. give me a second. first you start out talking about the deficit and how it has gotten so outrageous and it is so crazy, but then we have been
8:05 am
under sequestration for i cannot even remember how long. we haven't doing continuing resolutions since the 1990's. the government has been underfunded. you are not even spending the money you want to spend. you went through all the things we need to spend more money on, but we're not getting the money because we don't have it because of the budget resolution. that,e go through fast-forward, and we get to the point where it seems to me that all republicans do -- i am independent. i am getting of the democrats, too. all republicans do is point out the evil things that democrats do, and all democrats do is point up the evil things that republicans do. host: congressman bacon. we will leave it there. your thoughts? guest: i think the anger and vitriol needs to be turned down on both sides. when it comes to the budget, i
8:06 am
am for constrained spending where we have it right now on the domestic side. spending, hold the with maybe some areas like v.a., which we have increased funding for. nih. on the military side, people do not realize week of the military by 18% since 2010 while we are fighting two wars. so, we have proposed increasing that funding back by 10% of that 18%, so it would be an 8% reduction overall. i think that is fair for what we have asked our military to do and it is what our military needs if we want to continue what we are doing in afghanistan, iraq, the tour -- .eter russia unfortunately, the senate has been unable to pass an appropriations bill because the senate democrats refused to hold on it, holding it hostage -- vote on it, holding it hostage, yet of sides agree we need to
8:07 am
raise money for the defense. we're going to pass the defense bill with the cr today, and i hope senate will pass that cr with the defense bill because i military and national security needs it. host: congressman don bacon from nebraska. we appreciate the time. guest: thank you. host: we will be joined by jim himes, democrat from connecticut. stick around. we will be right back. ♪ "q&a," doug mills talks about the photos he took while covered president trump. doug mills: obviously he enjoys
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written by tony morrow. volume two.ases" to get your copy go to >> "washington journal" continues. tungsten jim himes is back at our desk -- a democrat from connecticut. how concerned are you this morning, the morning after the largest ever single-day point decline on the dow jones? guest: markets go up, markets go down. of aarket has had one hell run the last nine years. the idea that we're going to get any adjustment shouldn't surprise anyone. what is surprising is the president would choose to do what president have not done -- me.upside is all now yesterday your help talk about the downside if it is all him. guest: how much is he to blame
8:10 am
for the downside? guest: the president has very little effect for the economy generally. starting six-months into his term, president obama had a growing economy. the president has very little impact on the economy unless you do something like go to war. what if we do something like have another government shutdown on thursday? well, the idea of a government shutdown is not a new thing for the market. if you look at what happened to weeks ago when there was a shutdown, if you would happen a couple of years ago, there might be some near-term noise, some loss of confidence, but fundamentally the market will reflect what investors think about the private sector and
8:11 am
their ability to generate profits over time. host: how concerned is the market over congress's ability to raise the debt ceiling coming up? guest: that is a slightly different issue. that is the one thing in the near term short of, suddenly, a war, would have a dramatic impact on the stock market. again, the markets have seen before long time, the lyrical back and forth, noise, silliness around the debt ceiling -- here is seven that does absolutely nothing to control the debt, but every once in a while it rears its ugly -- ugly head. when the to the moment markets believed we would stop servicing united states debt, at that point there would be hell to pay, but until now i don't think they actually believe that would happen. host: in the next 48 hours -- what happens with the continuing resolution. will you support it? guest: it depends what is in it. i have not seen it. i am much or anyone has seen it on capitol hill. running the government on a week by week basis -- the single
8:12 am
large centipede on the planet is largestst centipede -- entity on the planet is an enormous issue. voting against continuing resolutions for a while because i want to see the government -- we need to stay over the weekend or a holiday to get a budget done, that is what we should do. guest: do you think we should take -- host: do you think we should take the military out of the continuing resolution process and vote on that separately? that is a we are hearing might be included in this latest containing resolution. there was will recall a deal made many years ago because our groups of congress that want to see the military budget increase, then there are groups that want to see things like research and development, work on cures for diseases -- that funding, assistance for you people that want to get education.
8:13 am
the deal was we would put severe caps on on both sides of the budget -- military and nonmilitary spending. that was until deal everyone made and everyone was comfortable with. now the proposition is let's spend a lot more on our military, but not let's spend any more, basically, on helping kids get educated, rebuilding our bridges, our court system. that is not going to fly, at least with democrats. democrats may not be essential in the house today, but they are essential in the senate. the idea we're going to let the military spending grow, grow, grow, while everything else is forced to contract will not fly in the senate. with your work, house intelligence committee -- were you surprised with support democrats risley -- received when it came to reap -- releasing the democratic memo? guest: i am not surprised. the chairs of this should be transparent, so it is hard to turn around and vote against
8:14 am
releasing the democratic memo. donald trump does not strike me tothe kind of guy to say yes putting facts out there that are contrary to his narrative. in the next five days we need to see whether we will get permission. host: what can you tell us about the democratic memo at this point? is it a point by point refuting of the nunes memo? guest: that is exactly what it is any mexico blood freely important points. 1 -- exactly what it is, and it makes a couple of really important points. this is really not about the origins of the russia investigation. that investigation was underway for months before the carter page fisa application even existed. memo willdemocratic show is the application for the fisa -- this is what we are down
8:15 am
to --fisa abuses in the case of carter page. it will show the judge knew the le dossier came from a politically motivated source. the judge knew. we will also explain the fact that in a fisa application, the dossier was just part of the application, and the nunes memo was dishonest about what andrew mccabe said about the importance of that information. we will get it out there, hopefully, if the president agrees. we will have that debate. what i worry about is the ugly political purpose the memorandum has served. we will hear from those callers today -- their people that say the f yeah i is compromised, -- the fbi is compromised, the judicial system is compromised. people trying to set up a world -- i have no idea what robert
8:16 am
mueller will say, but if he says i found the following three examples of wrongdoing, a meaningful number of people will say he was compromised, the fbi was called mice. there is a time -- compromised. there was a time when people who were leaders stood up and said the integrity of the justice system is critical. there was a time where john mccain would shut down a woman in a town hall who said president obama was a muslim. sadly, that day is gone. is the use of information from a politically motivated source in a fisa application concerning to you? guest: not only is it not concerning so long as it is adequately disclosed, but i would ask your viewers to consider the fact law enforcement uses informants informants.riminal a few thousands can you use a sources every day.
8:17 am
all of those sources, all of those informants have biases one way or another. i don't think i've ever been a source that doesn't have some bias. the job of some judge is to judge whether that bias infected the information, the evidence being presented. host: you are saying that was done here? guest: it was disclosed to the judge there was a political bias and no one has suggested the judge just said oh, ok, this information must be true. this is a federal judge. the federal judge looks in totality, mix a decision. they are not alleging that whatever went to the fisa court was untrue. we just heard that it was paid for by the democrats. people need to remember the totality andt the information. information always comes from biased sources. the reason we care about who makes -- we make a judge.
8:18 am
the judge sits down and says do i feel there is probable cause, in that case the judge said four times yes, i do. host: stephen is up first from connecticut. independent. go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. like air are kind of coming out of a balloon. it really was a disappointment to me. me,know what interests honestly, is the midterms coming up. elections,bout ways -- wave elections, and i think it is true. i think it is comparable to what happened to obama. mccain,ant to say john new hampshire's favorite son, we are pulling for you. to pennsylvania's
8:19 am
18th district. that by double digits. there will be the will be watching. host: congressman himes, what will you be watching? guest: [laughter] guest: it will be extended see. there is a lot in the question. i am gratified that lots of americans in rural places are standing up and saying i am not comfortable with this president and i am going to express that discomfort by going to the polls, showing up in march is. i am the democrat -- marches. democrat appear. but when the president -- in my first speech a republican stood president obama and city you live. when the president says you're
8:20 am
not clapping for me -- a lot of people say that is not my country. it is a debate of ideas that we celebrate. we don't call our political opponents because they did not stand up and applaud for me traders. i think the president will suffer substantial setbacks as he should. host: durham, north korea. richard. independent. -- north carolina. richard. independent. caller: i would like to say the most common issue today is actually race. look at what russia did when they exploited us with social blackwhen they mentioned lives matter, the issued in ferguson, missouri, and we are leaving ourselves open because we won't address it and we are too cowardly to look at the issue straight up and front. unless we decide to solve this
8:21 am
issue of race, we are always going to be exploitable to enemies like russia, china, the middle east, and i think it is a very dumb, naive thing to not even mention this when most of these men that come on here, alle empty suits, mostly white men who avoid the issue altogether, even if you mention way around it. host: richard, let's give congressman himes a chance to respond. richard is right at a very deep level. it is nothing we are comfortable talking about as a society, but the undertones of race that flow through our politics -- it is hard to talk about. if you talk about it, someone will call you a racist or someone will say you are a
8:22 am
snowflake whatever it may be. race permeates our political dialogue. isn't it that -- this president will, almost every single day, including in willuper bowl message criticize african-american athletes for taking a knee during the anthem and they are doing that because what they are saying is not that i am unpatriotic, not that i'm not standing by veterans, but i want to tell the story of my community, african-americans -- how mike unity feels when we are pulled over by a police -- community feels when we are pulled over by a policeman. the president attacks those people for exercising first amendment rights. when you have other people expressing first amendment rights saying we want more freedom of religion -- the president celebrates that first amendment right. you will not convince me in the disparate treatment this president applies not just to black athletes taking a knee
8:23 am
during the anthem, but you name it, the cast of "hamilton," which happens to be a group of people from communities of color, and i can go on and on -- you're not going to convince me this president does not think dramatically different about the interests of our communities of color and this president think about what people in this country. host: ingrid. florida. line four democrats. caller: good morning. good morning, representative himes. i wanted to talk to you about the mueller probe. i just saw this morning the president's lawyers are not muellerhim to go before without first having the questions given to him, and i remember last month that his physicians proclaimed that he was in excellent health, and i don't understand why this president is supposed to be
8:24 am
special, to have questions written, given to him --can you explain that, sir? guest: i can certainly explain why the president's lawyers don't want him being interviewed by law enforcement. we could argue a little bit about whether this president lies a lot or a little bit, but this president every single day lies. if you are doing that on fox news -- telling the nation of the biggest inauguration crowds ever, the biggest tv audience for your state of the union address, even though that is provably not true, even though that does not matter, you have now perjured yourself and committed a felony if you do that under oath. you make the right point which is nobody in this country is above the law. if the fbi or anyone else wants to interview you, even if you are the president, you show up and you get interviewed or you take advantage of your fifth
8:25 am
amendment protections and say i don't want to testify. just saying i'm above the law i don't need to answer, that is not an option. host: yet, it is the president calling your ranking member the liar, "little adam schiff," he called him -- guest: what can you say, right? it is in the of politics that you don't punch downwards. here is a president taking on an in the minority in the house of representatives doing it in typical fashion, simply making stuff up. adam schiff is one of the most honest man of integrity that i know, but the fact the president would deem this a presidential thing to do says a lot more
8:26 am
about the president that does adam schiff. host: how did he react to you after reading that tweet yesterday5 -- yesterday? host: -- guest: adam? host: yeah. guest: he chuckled. never in the history of this the president protecting member of the minority in the house of representatives, but that is this president. host: bill. canton, illinois. caller: i have more of a statement than i do a question. i am a white, middle-class, educated -- i have always been a democrat my whole life, and me and about 39 others voted for trump. we feel like the democratic party has voted -- abandon the middle class. they represent the illegal immigrants more than they do the actual citizens of the united states. until the democratic party shows me and others like me that they
8:27 am
represent middle-class america, we are not voting for you, and that is the bottom line, period. thank you. guest: i hear you loud and clear on that, and that is not the first time this democrat or a .emocrat has heard that as you might imagine, in the past year that has been an immense amount of soul-searching on that question because communities that he used to vote for us in big ways did not do that. they voted for donald trump, who offered lies like we are bringing the coal mining. in this country we do not have either/or, zero-some politics. we're going to stand up for dreamers -- individuals who were dragged here illegally at age two from countries they have never been back to, that don't know those countries. when the president says we're going to throw you out, we are going to say we are a country of immigrants, a country of deep
8:28 am
values. our motto says out of many one. that does not mean we are not going to stand up for the family in the midwest sitting around the kitchen table saying how are we going to pay for college for our kids? how are we going to pity's health care bills? it is not either or. i'm not going to argue with you. we got the second part wrong. it is not either/or. we can do both. time withd a little the tax overhaul, which delivered huge amounts of money to corporations. i understand some corporations are raising wages, but delivered huge amounts of money to corporations and the very wealthiest people in this country. you can now leave $22 million to your children tax-free. i want you to look at the difference between what donald trump and republicans delivered to you and what they deliver to
8:29 am
the family that will leave $22 million for your children and ask yourself who is looking out for you. host: i want to spend more time on the dreamers issue. this from yesterday -- a bipartisan proposal to resolve the impasse was dismissed by the white house is insufficient. the proposal by john mccain and christopher kuhn would grant to top a plan introduced in the house, but president trump tweeted the idea is a waste of time because it spending tohorize build new barriers along the border. where do we go from here? guest: there is a deal to be done because in excess of 80% of americans think we should give the dreamers a path to stay here legally. they should stay
8:30 am
employed, out of trouble with the law, pay their taxes with everybody else, and there is a deal to be done there. as a democrat, some of the things the president wants, a little bit of money to look at his famous border wall -- we are in the minority, we have to make optimizes. the president hasn't presented with deal -- has been presented with deal after deal. member this is not a problem that exists because of the looking for democrats. because --blem that problem because president trump said we're going to throw dreamers out. he did not need to do that. he created this problem. it is on him to look at one of these deals and say i will take that deal. host: time for a couple more calls. rodney. alabama. line for republicans. caller: yeah. this guest you have has drank the kool-aid. first of all on so many levels
8:31 am
everything you have said is incorrect and wrong. if i literally $22 million or two in a $20 million to my children -- -- $220 million to my children -- that is money i have already paid taxes on, you knucklehead. democrats typically want to keep all my money. that is first. we know the truth is coming and you don't have a rock to stand on. you ought to be thinking we have to throw the ballots off the sinking ship because trump wasn't supposed to be arrested. you guys got it coming -- elected. you guys got it coming. calling from is the state of alabama which for the first time elected a democratic senator. ship, not only sinking not an alabama, where we ever imagined we would have democratic representation, that is a function of florida lukens
8:32 am
saw fit to move -- republicans saw fit to put forward. let's set aside the inheritance tax -- the president embraced a man for whom there were credible allegations of child molestation. under those circumstances, the democrats are not on a sinking ship. -- i don't know his circumstances, that we can talk about inheritance taxes, the top marginal rates, the rate people in this country pay -- the fact of the matter is in this country a small group of people are doing really, really well. i've been a lot of them, a very affluent district. the middle class is worried. as usual, the folks living in .overty are getting left behind when individual like rodney says you need to protect the families handy $22 million down to their children -- handing $22 million
8:33 am
down to the children, it is ,ccruing to the very top end top 1%, top 2% of this country. by the way, we hear the public and say you need to spend more money on -- republican say we need to spend more money on defense. where is it going to come from? whethereeds to decide he wants to pay a lot more for that, or maybe some of the people that really benefited from thousands of points of increased in the stock market -- maybe we ask them to help pay for it, too. host: daniel. go ahead. caller: i'm a democrat and i am disgruntled. it is unfair we have a president that goes on record saying some of the things that he has said that are really an appropriate and we do not have enough people really challenging him. i think it is unfair that people on the right can go so far to the right that as soon as we have someone on the left going a
8:34 am
little bit to the left like bernie sanders he is considered crazy. host: what would you like to see democrats do? caller: i think democrats need callsus more on universal -- some of that appeal to me, who is in my 30's, working all the time, trying to survive. i don't think it is fair republican can get whatever they want when it comes to military spending, bombing countries overseas, but when it comes time to college tuition, free health care, anything like that, democrats caved in and let him get away with that whatever he wants -- whatever he wants. guest: two are for the comments. i hope you heard what i said to bill who called in from the midwest. we have taken into her -- we did a lot of thinking -- heart, we have did -- we have done a lot aboutnking collectively
8:35 am
the fact that we have not been listening to concerns people have around the kitchen table. while the stock market has done well, while you can now leave $22 million to your children without tax -- that middle-class family, and ever present a lot of them, they sit at the dinner table and say maybe we can pay the college costs, maybe, but if we get sick and our premiums go up or if i want to contribute to the 401(k) to have a decent retirement --that is not going to happen. that is where we need to be and where we are. maybe we have not been focused enough on those things, and that his criticism we democrats will take on board. that is who we are. all you need to look at -- dean to do is look at this tax plan -- the first thing they did when they got here with donald trump they were going to repeal the affordable care act. that was going to have the effect of throwing 20 million americans off their health insurance. you are right.
8:36 am
we need to stay focused on those issues that really every day people around the kitchen table care about. it cannot only be about pointing at us and saying you need to do this. this only works when folks like you organize, get involved, get your neighbors, and make sure people get out to vote to express their opinions about what we should be doing. host: last call from betty. green bay, wisconsin. independent. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. the reason i am calling, and i would like your opinion, the saying "make america great again." "again" should be on it because america is great, and the reason i am calling is because mr. trump is degrading the fbi, the justice department, all the institutions that made us great. if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here. host: congressman?
8:37 am
guest: thank you, betty -- i couldn't agree more. america has and always will be great. "hen you add the word "again you are demeaning the country and doing something darker than that -- you are telling people it used to be better when things were simpler. economically, for a lot of people, that may be true. what else a great country does, a great country embraces different points of views. the country does not have a president that calls different points of view treasonous or un-american. market capitalism is unbelievable, but it leaves too many people behind -- there are too many middle-class families again sitting around the kitchen table saying how do i make this work? i don't care if you are a democrat or a republican, you should be able to say that is different than it used to be 50 years ago. let's fix that. that is a challenge at a time when the president is focused on mudslinging and delivery as much
8:38 am
money as possible to the very wealthy in this country. there is a huge opportunity for all of us to get back in for the democratic party to get back to leading the effort to make sure people that sit around the kitchen table with a lot of anxiety feel like the government has their backs. host: before you go, what the president is focused on at least a couple minutes ago -- the story of the driver who hit and linebacker, the undocumented immigrant, the president tweeting out a couple of moments ago dead in anbody is accident, and the president turns that into a partisan moment and targets illegal immigrants.
8:39 am
all you need to know. it is tragic to hear someone is dead. people die because american citizens hit them, drink too much, cause havoc -- that tells you all you need to know about this president. does that mean illegal immigration is not a problem? of course it is a problem. we should solve it, but we should come together and do what the american people expect us to do -- solve it in an intelligent way. congressman jim himes, democrat from connecticut. join us. the road. guest: thank you. host: coming up, open phones until 9:00 a.m. you can start calling in now. the numbers are on your screen. we will be right back. c-span's history series landmark cases returns with a look at 12 new supreme court cases. historians and experts join us
8:40 am
to discuss the constitutional issues behind these six supreme court -- these supreme court issues. to help you follow all 12 cases we have a companion guide written by veteran supreme court journalist tony morrow," volume 2.ases," your copy, go to "q&a," doug mills talks about the photos he took while covering president trump. doug mills: odyssey, he enjoys having us around. commentsis constant about fake news in the media and so forth, i really feel he enjoys having us around because it helps drive his message, it helps drive the news of the day
8:41 am
which he can do every day and does every day. he is constantly driving the message. therefore having us around really allows him to do that. "q&a" sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. "washington journal" continues. host: it is open phones on "washington journal." any topic you can call in host: we will be in open phones until about 9:00 a.m. when the house is expected to come in we will take you there live for gavel-to-gavel coverage as always on c-span. here are the front pages from around the country today -- many, most focusing on yesterday's performance of the stock market. "the sacramento bee" -- host: to the front page of "the
8:42 am
day" this morning out of new england. host: a few more -- host: 20 are your thoughts this morning. phone lines are open. jackson is up first in connecticut. line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you, brian lamb, for c-span, and thank you to the moderators like you, jon, who do an outstanding job at moderating. one follow-up comment about representative himes, he was facing a lot of unfair criticism in the calls. when i speak to other democrats disgruntled about the current president what they tell me is where are the rising stars of the democrat party for the next generation of presidential
8:43 am
nominees? i am from new york. democrat, butomo in connecticut we have representative himes, senator mark warner, of course, in virginia, and two representatives in houston, sheila jackson lee, a college colleague of mine, debt classmate of mine, -- classmate of mine, and adam schiff. there is a pool of like-minded democrats who will eventually president isge the in the process host: you say will eventually -- when will that happen, when do
8:44 am
those folks step up and what is keeping them from stepping into those lows -- roles? caller: i think it is a very tough position to run for president, number one. , feel there should be for presidente obama to get involved in a judicial interpretation that the electoral college should be proportional rather than winner take all across the nation. 2000 to 2016, in the result of the election was nominees at the not win the popular vote. i think the electoral college should be reinterpreted for the 21st century. it was designed by alexander hamilton to prevent scoundrels from becoming president.
8:45 am
it doesn't work anymore. , really think the popular vote as in france -- they get to pieces of paper. the ballotoes to boxes and puts one in the ballot trashcan,one in the and that is how they look the that would deliver us from what happened in florida --h the butterfly basket ballot, and what happened in 2016 -- the poor timing for the clinton campaign with the revelations of mr. comey. host: speaking of the judicial branch, this story out of pennsylvania today -- the supreme court yesterday denied a request from pennsylvania
8:46 am
re-drawing to delay congressional lines. host: illinois. for republicans. good morning. -- lynn -- line for republicans. caller: i come from the former soviet union. i was brought to the united states at the age of nine.
8:47 am
i became a democrat right away because they work for the unions, for the working people. than the democrats seemed to socialisticwards values, and pretty soon the were bad, the good, andcipient was right now it is to the point where they have gone even from being socialists -- they have gone very close to being timing us. -- conde nast's. this is something to do with political parties. this is people that are socialist or communist versus capitalist, the people for trump. that is why trump won.
8:48 am
, we would be a -- communistuntry country by now. this was the worst thing i have seen in my life -- i could not believe my eyes. host: that turn you are talking about toward socialistic values, when did that happen, in your mind? caller: it started happening more with obama than anybody. i definitely became republican. i got scared, actually, because my values were just going completely in the opposite direction of what i grew up with. in tennessee -- athens, tennessee. independent. go ahead. caller: good morning. i agree with what that woman
8:49 am
just said. that is not why i called. i am calling to explain to you why i voted for donald trump. i'm a senior citizen, and i have been watching hillary clinton ale, so there is not much i didn't know about her when she ran for the presidency. i voted for donald trump because i voted against hillary clinton at all costs. i prayed she would not get it because i knew she would ruin our country. i knew for the reason that the woman just said -- they were turning socialist. donald trump now is turning our country in the right direction. but i do believe this -- the reason he was pounding his own chest is to offset the fact that everyone is against him. i think if everyone just shut him run hisand let
8:50 am
office, he would stop pounding his own chest. you think i really believe is that donald trump should shut his mouth and stop tweeting, and i would make a big difference in our country. that is all i have to say. host: claudia. tallahassee, florida. line for democrats. caller: i have listened to the first two callers and i am very that they believe the united states is better off when there are poor people , when people don't have opportunities, when people can't go to school go to colleges -- i have a real problem with people who think that if you get help or assistance from your government that somehow that is -- somehow that is a socialistic, bad thing to have it. these are people -- one was an
8:51 am
immigrant. then trace my way back to 1830's. how is her opinion any better than mine? how can these people who are so disappointed that a black man was elected president of the united states, they would rather have a rapist. they would rather have an abuser, a woman abuser. a man who treated his wife like dirt in front of the country. they would want to listen to this man. i am totally disappointed and hurt that we have people like this who have an opinion and voice it out there for young people to hear. greg. richfield.
8:52 am
go ahead. caller: interesting, the last three callers -- my point is about political rhetoric in this country. you can see how tennessee, illinois, politely express their views. the caller from florida was harsher. the previous guests the cap saint donald trump lies -- that cap saying donald trump lies, let's resist -- it is the democrats calling president trump all sorts of names. this is the political rhetoric in this country. you can see the last few calls. host: oklahoma. independent. go ahead. caller: i don't understand why everybody doesn't tell the truth about donald trump? dodger inraft vietnam. he had bone spurs he said. vietnam, heied in went, unlike donald trump.
8:53 am
host: people have been focusing on the nunes memo. diane tweets nunes and the republicans are testing the waters. the memo is the start of a host: max writes in host: and one more from liberty asking why do republicans consider the nunes memo tweet revenge? yesterday the president, in an aside, was apparently referencing the nunes memo. here is that part of his speech. [video clip] mr. trump: i think everyone is one to be supportive.
8:54 am
we people that will support us or it all goes back to where it worse, but did we catch them in the act or what? you know what i'm talking about. they are very embarrassed. they never thought they would get caught. we caught them. it is so much fun. we are, like, the great sleuth. host: and now after yesterday's vote by the house intelligence committee, the democratic memo goes to the white house. it will be reviewed by the white house. president and his advisers have five days to decide whether to block its release. we will see what happened in the democratic memo. a few more ministry for the house comes in. michelle is in chicago. line for democrats. caller: yes, regarding the dreamers, their parents came here for jobs.
8:55 am
no one -- the republicans or democrats discuss the fact of who are employing these people -- probably illegally employing them, and it is not just the people that does your house services. it is big farms and other industries. there needs to be talked about first. -- against their employers. host: charlie. line for republicans. go ahead. caller: i had an idea about illegal immigration and what we do with illegal immigrants on the way out of the country when they are sent back to mexico or across the border -- i was thinking if we put tent cities up along the border and have them build a wall, paid them
8:56 am
minimum wage, and when we send them back across the border we send them back with a few bucks in their pocket. that might make everyone happy, and i thought that was a cool idea. thanks for taking my call. a plan from a bipartisan group of senators released this week when it comes to the daca deal. it mirrors e-house-sponsored version of the -- mirrors a house-sponsored version. it would grant legal status to dreamers that have been in the country since 2013, a larger pool than president trump supports legalizing. the measure would not authorize spending the $25 billion trump is seeking for the border. because it does not include that money, president trump tweeting out yesterday that effort is "a total waste of time."
8:57 am
jack. dover, new hampshire. line for independents. the morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: doing well. to the in reference representative from connecticut about how to pay for all of this -- i think a good start would be is if they stop all these boondoggles, these rich reads the republicans, -- retreats that republicans, democrats -- stay in washington, do your job. they spend a lot of money in third-world countries studying transgender, how it affects it. i forget the number. they can take a pay cut. they worry about where the money is going to come from. that is my view. i agree with the gentleman in florida that was on that said it is all political rhetoric. one party is trying to outdo the other.
8:58 am
i think it is a disgrace the way the american people are not supporting the president. he is the president of the united states and it is total disrespect. democrats should, you know, suck it up and get over it. you mentioned the retreats being held. this week on wednesday, house democrats are expected to head to their retreat. nbc news noting that former vice president joe biden will give a keynote to kick off the conference centered around the theme "united for a better tomorrow." by appearance will be joined eric holder and terry mcauliffe. lamarr is in philadelphia. for democrats -- line for
8:59 am
democrats. caller: good morning, c-span. i have a question for america in regards to the fisa warned. carter page, with all his to russia, hists trip to russia, he set himself up to be spied on. how can they say his civil rights have been violated when he constantly runs to russia -- his views on russia is that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but republicans argue his civil rights have been violated. i don't get it. host: lewis. republican. caller: good morning. to her for taking my call. i have a simple comment. i'm a supplement. math is one plus one equals two. i was drafted in my area. i am proud of my country.
9:00 am
one president trump lies, why can we call him a liar or say mr. president, you are a liar? this is not true. check the facts. google, president trump lies 71%. itt: we will have to end there. the house is coming in fourth to -- for the day. we would back tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern. the c-span bus tour continues in mississippi. take you live to the floor of the house of representative's. ilies. the speaker: pursuant to the order o of the house of january , 2018, the chair will now recognize members from lists bm


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