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tv   Conservative Political Action Conference - Labor Sec. Acosta  CSPAN  February 22, 2018 6:42pm-7:03pm EST

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mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids in fact it's cold as hell and there's no one there to raise them if you did and all this science i don't understand >> eric trump, one of the president's sons speaking at turning point usa at the conservative political action conference being held outside washington, d.c. we will be hearing from the president himself tomorrow morning just past 10:00 a.m. eastern time. earlier today, attendees heard from members of the president's cabinet as well as texas senator ted cruz talking about global threats and free speech on campus. we will have more live coverage at cpac tomorrow. the president addressing the a.m.rence at 10:05
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eastern time. labor secretary alexander acosta dressed conference earlier today. we will take a look at his remarks now. >> hello! everybody back from lunch? everybody excited about the afternoon? good job. with alighted to be here good friend. we both have the privilege of serving in the previous administration together, and now, i get to call you mr. secretary. [laughter] >> first of all, you need to know a little bit. i think it is so impressive. harvard -- not only harvard law, but harvard undergrad. i am impressed. the president said he was going to surround himself with some of america's best and brightest, and boy did he ever. >> thank you. >> parents were refugees from
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communist cuba? >> that's correct. >> you actually were a clerk for justice -- the thirdalito in circuit. [laughter] >> impressive. so the president did not let us down at the best and brightest. when we start with what -- why don't we start with what does the secretary of labor do and then we will get into the meat of it, how about that? >> when i describe the department of labor, i put it into three buckets. first, in essence, we enforce the laws. we have workplace laws, we have workplace safety laws, we make sure the labor laws are followed, and that is incredibly important. that is a law-enforcement function. the second part that is really the department of labor, as we have a workforce education component.
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you know, i know that secretary devos is speaking letter today, and she and i worked very closely together, because she is at the department of education. i am up the department of labor, but it is our job to provide workforce education to the men and women that are working, so we want to make sure they are not just ready for today's jobs, but for tomorrow's jobs. upscaling.onstantly than a loth broader of folks realize. for example, employee benefits, the health care one receives from employers, retirement benefits, all of that comes under the department of labor. >> big job. let's talk about trump for a minute. crumbs for a minute. let's talk about crumbs in the form of tax cuts that brought us more jobs, higher wages, .mployee bonuses
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thank you for the part that you have played a met -- played in that. we like to think we played a small part in helping to develop policy and helping to shepherd it through. how important do you think tax reform is in creating jobs in this country? >> i would ask that question to the more policy than 4 million americans that have thus far increase inonus, an retirement savings. 4 million americans and counting. >> here, here. >> that is a lot of folks out there. those are not crumbs. [laughter] >> you know, when you look at the checks that people actually received in december and all the way through, who could call that crumbs other than someone who is totally out of touch with the rest of america? [laughter] >> is also goes to something i
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think is so important. look at this economy. in essence, it has become a trump economy. if you look at the unemployment rate, the lowest in 17 years. four .1%. the federal reserve is saying it's logical even lower. ago --e over them a year over a year ago, they said 3% growth, never going to happen. well, you know, we are at 3% growth and continuing to grow. , the second lowest jobless claims since 1973. >> here, here. >> here is why it was the second lowest, because the lowest level was just last month. so that tells you how great this economy is doing. >> in the last panel, we heard a little bit about deregulation this fantastic job that
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administration is doing, and i know you have some interesting views on deregulation. if not just about cost. it's also about -- >> liberty. my me talk about this a little bit. you just heard from mr. mcgann that 22-1. 22 regulations have been taken off the book for every regulation put on the books, right? and the way government looks at regulations and a lot of folks look at washington -- in washington look at regulations is what is the cost versus the benefit? they tend to monetize this. that's important. we don't want to impose cost on the american workforce, on the american people. but i think that is only part of the question. washington likes to measure. they like to say "we have taken off x billion dollars in
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burden." and that's really important to measure and easy to measure. but here is the question i would ask all of you. what is the cost in terms of liberty? that is a lot harder to talk about because that is qualitative. it is not quantitative. you need to make judgments. ultimately, one of the things that makes america great is freedom, liberty. should not be regulated unless there is a real need for that regulation. [applause] >> thank you. i think it is so important that we start talking about deregulation in the context of liberty. let's offer freedom to the people to do as they believe is right unless there is a real reason not to do that. >> here, here. i am so glad you are in that job. let's talk for a minute about deregulation. i know that the president has
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asked you to look at how to lower the cost of health care. >> i know you have some innovative ideas. can you share that? sen. acosta: i am very excited about a proposal reported and we ask the public to comment and we welcome comments from all individuals and this is what this proposal is about. under obamacare, a different standard applies to what is called the large group market, the corporations, than to small businesses and sole proprietors. small businesses have a greater regulatory burden. now, when i looked at this, i asked, why would we put more of a burden on the small business than on the big corporation but that is what congress did. this is a problem because there are 11 million americans and
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their families working for small businesses or for themselves that do not get health care from their employer. they do not have that option. what this proposal would do is it would create what is called a small business health plan or an association health plan. by the way, someone who is working for themselves from home, running an etsy, ebay marketplace, would qualify for this proposal. [applause] >> wow. sen. acosta: sole proprietors, it would say they have the freedom to band together to create a large association and that large association can access the market just like a big corporation. this is about leveling the playing field. why should small businesses have greater regulation than the large corporations?
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it is transformative. those 11 million folks, they are in essence forced to not have health care or look to the individual market or the exchanges. that is expensive. more access, more choice, for more people at a more affordable rate. that is what that is about. [applause] >> wow. as the mom of a small businesswoman, thank you, thank you, thank you. one of the things of the president said was one of his top priorities was bringing jobs back to america. and the folks out there and the folks watching at home want to know, what is your part of that and what are you doing to bring those jobs back home? sen. acosta: we are working incredibly hard to bring those jobs to america and to engage in job creation.
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a few facts. 2.6 million net jobs since the election. 2.6 million more americans are working. [applause] and you know, i've heard it said, this is not about president trump. this is just a continuation of what was happening. you know the areas that have grown the most? manufacturing and construction. this is all about what president trump is doing to energize our economy and to create jobs. and something that we are doing at the department of labor is we are working to provide workforce education. because as these jobs are created, job creators want to hire more americans, but some americans are not getting the skills they need from our education system, so we need to hold higher education accountable. we need to say are you , graduating the students, are you graduating them with the
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right jobs in the right skills? and do those skills lead to family-sustaining jobs? we also need to say, look, there are a lot of options out there. allow individuals to follow their career path of choice. for some, that may be college graduation. for others it may be a , certificate. is it a family-sustaining job? the standard. >> excellent. [applause] >> well, in my preparation for our time together this afternoon, i learned a new term . it was called the "gig" economy. can you explain what a "gig" is? explain what you up the labor department are doing to respond to this new thing?
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sen. acosta: if you are a musician, you take on a gig. right? but here is what i like to call it. but i like to call it the entrepreneurial enconomy because we have so many americans out there that have used technology to start their small businesses that have been empowered to do what they want and to design their own working environment. from the uber driver to that man or woman that runs an ebay marketplace from their home, store, these are entrepreneurs, and they are what make america great. >> here, here. sen. acosta: and here is the issue. we have not changed our labor laws in decades. and so, these are the individuals that do not have access to health care because health care does not think about them. these are the individuals that , you know, do not easily fall within the employer/employee structure. and so one of the reasons i am
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, so excited about this health care proposal is not only that it is going to make health care more affordable and more accessible, but it is going to isnowledge that our economy changing, that our economy is full of entrepreneurs. it's going to recognize that this small businesswoman, small businessman, needs to be treated on the same level as the corporations. >> very good. we only have a few minutes remaining. and i want the american people to know who you are. i want them to understand why someone would commit their lives to coming in, going through what you had to go through in the nomination process. why do you do it? why did you commit your life to public service? sen. acosta: well, i have always had a deep commitment to public
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service. i had the privilege -- we actually worked together in president george w. bush's administration. i was at the department of justice. i was an assistant secretary and a u.s. attorney, and i found that fulfilling. and to be here as a member president trump's cabinet is an incredible honor for me. but more importantly, i feel really good about what i do. you know, this proposal to offer health care, private, non-government health care to 11 million americans and their families changes lives. it gives them options. you know, those individuals that are thinking, do i start my own business, do i leave my employer and do what i dreamed of but , maybe i cannot because i can't because i can't get health care? maybe now they can do it. that makes me feel really good about what i do. i want to go one step deeper.
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and i had a thought a few weeks ago. i was at the state of the union. and i walked in, and i had the privilege of sitting in the second row. and it struck me that my parents came here as refugees, nothing on them. they had been in high school. they married young. they went right to work. college was not a possibility for them. and here i am in the second row in the house of representatives as the president of the united states delivers the state of the union. [applause] >> wow. sen. acosta: this is not about me.
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because the story is replicated thousands and thousands of times across america at different levels. because that is what makes this nation special -- merit, opportunity, freedom. that is what makes this nation unique and great. that is something we need to protect. >> here, here. [applause] sen. acosta: and that is why , despite all of the noise and as you know, the confirmations have changed despite all of that , noise, these are incredible opportunities. because for a short period of we are empowered to be defenders of that liberty and that is something really, really special. >> indeed, it is.
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secretary acosta, on behalf of everyone here and everyone watching we want to thank you , for your service to this country that we love and to , think the kids on the project -- from the projects, and the kid who was the son of refugees can make it to this stage, do we love this country are what? -- or what? [applause] >> thank you. sen. acosta: thank you very much. ♪ him >> junta saturday at 9 a.m. at the american civil -- speakers include
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peter carmichael. james robertson. author of the unsold civil war. author of the divided family and civil war america. from the georgia university law center, the political theory of the american founding. based on consent, virtue is needed in more than any other form of government. the people themselves pick the rulers. sunday at 4 p.m. on "real america." thety decides, about historic supreme court decision involving brown v. board of education.
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>> some kid stuff like colored people. colored kids don't like people. >> when the supreme court ruled segregation was illegal, these children were ready. >> at 6 p.m. on "american ," popular political cartoons from the early 20th century. cartoons appeared almost daily, usually on the front page of the paper. >> watch american history television, every weekend on c-span 3. next, the unranked -- un


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