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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize High School  CSPAN  April 11, 2018 6:49am-6:59am EDT

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too many congress men and congresswoman are beholden to them and they should be beholden to the people themselves, they should be working for us, the people for >> in my state an important issue is education. i think our schools need to be funded properly. our future. are if they are well educated that we have well-educated students in the workforce, people in the workforce and the future is better for all of us. announcer: this is part of the c-span capital store. unfoldswhere history daily. in 1979, c-span was created as public service by america's cable television company sent today we continue to give them unfiltered -- we continue to give you unfiltered coverage of the white house, supreme court, policy events and washington, d.c., and around the country.
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c-span tv is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. on c-span, we feature our studentcam contest winners. we asked middle and high school students to choose a provision of the constitution and tell us why it was important to them. 11th graders at ramsey high school in burlington, alabama, one. c-span is available there through spectrum. in their winning segment, they tell us about the 15th amendment. take a look. ,> if i ask you this question who counted among "we the people" when our constitution , well, not necessarily too many people. certainly, i would not. certainly not people who were held in human bondage.
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>> the 15th amendment is very important to our constitution because what it does is it protects the rights of every citizen. be right to vote and not disenfranchised for boating weather to for your sexual preference, race, gender, or even if you had a past conviction. it is a true democracy and our country to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to have input and that input comes by the way of your vote. possible it could be barack obama that was president, it's possible if you want to go that deep. >> black citizens, elected like they not feel
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could own not. they were poor. you had to not be poor to be elected. i think we would be having serious marches and the unstable. would be clackum black suffrage was rejected and although states. >> black by -- suffrage was rejected in all of those estates. couple of southern states, tennessee and north carolina, obviously slaves were not permitted to vote anywhere. >> honestly, i believe if there were no 15th amendment there would be a supremacy attitude and i see thaty is re-evolving.
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i believe we come from a serious camp of just being black and white but i do know there is a hateful spirit i believe is trying to capture our country .nd take it back >> even though the 15th amendment grants people from different backgrounds the right to vote, whether they vote or not depends upon who is a running. voting percentage has dropped from first time after reaching a record high of 66.6%. the latino black voter turnout rate held steady compared to 2012. of the united states population of eligible voters were not registered to vote in 2014. ♪ in the voting business here. we register folks to vote.
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we produce the voter rolls the go the different polls throughout jefferson county. so we want every eligible voter to cast their vote on election day. vote, your views in the hands to be of the public officials. so, if a large segment of people people vote then those their opinion and the amendments are laws that are offered. >> thanks to the power of the [indiscernible] --
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y -- leaningand toward the people doing the voting. so when you see younger people being more involved in the voting process, exercising their vote, i'm part of generation x, i'm 37-years-old this year. -- more we vote [indiscernible] >> my basic adage is, if you don't vote then you should not
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complain. >> i think a lot of people don't vote for the same reason a lot --people don't >> a lot of things have to be taught at a young age. voting should be talked about before age 18. >> people do not vote because they forget how hard it was for vote. to get the right to if we focus so much on science and technology and math as we should, we kind of get away from history and i think it has been proven that every single vote matters. >> black females are extremely and aal a lot of times lot of times a lot of us check out because people that are running --
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>> that it takes one who had a love for people to serve in government in order to reinvigorate, energize the base and say your vote matters. your vote is your voice. you have no voice if you do not vote. >> in the southeast, we said all , all of theses hoops for people not to vote and i think it is because some of the things in the election, sometimes unfortunately people are not aggressive. to keep it that way, we restrict. that are wheres young people, hispanic people, black people do not vote. ♪
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announcer: to watch all the prize-winning documentaries and this year's student competition, go to ♪ announcer: sunday on c-span's q&a, senior fellow and author hoover institute's real ferguson tower."ook "the square >> would a striking to me when i interact with these groups is not their power but often their sense of our list us. if you think about the events of 2016, just to take an example, not many members of the supposedly world government planned that britain would leave united union and for example, take the financial crisis. noboat


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