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tv   Russia at U.N. Security Council Meeting on Venezuela  CSPAN  January 26, 2019 4:48pm-5:05pm EST

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venezuelan people. our nations must stand up for the rule of law and support the leader that the venezuelan people have affirmed as their legitimate interim president. we hope fair elections happen as soon as possible. in 1961 president kennedy spoke in caracas, "we will be partners in building a better life for our people." america's ambition has not changed. we stand with the venezuelan people as they stand to build a better life for themselves, and cannot ignore the suffering in this proud nation. nor should other countries who care about freedom and prosperity. we call on members of the security council to support venezuela's democratic transition and interim president juan guaido's role in it. thank you. , thank you, mr. president. we are grateful for our briefing.
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we have no doubt that today's meeting has been called by the american delegation for only one person -- only one purpose, to continue destabilizing the situation i am posing on this country's on approaches and recipes with which it has encountered recently. the meeting, with which we are being forced to be present, is another element of the strategy of the united states. this unethical ploy is involved in the security council. we would like to share with you our principal views and what is taking place. honest, thesolutely
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topic is not at all the situation in venezuela as organizers are trying to present it. today the council is divided on this issue. today we are examining unfortunate most typical case of direct called international peace and security, created by the threat and the use of force against a political independence of the state paid the author of the u.n. charter -- and by the way, among those authors, and one of the main authors were the united to save theied world from these kinds of events and included this warning in chapter 2.4. washington has an open the book for quite a long time. interference by the united states and major interference of another state is not new.
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andicans have not changed judging by everything do not intend to change the relationship with latin america, as they inherited exclusive interest of the united states, a backyard we can do anything you want without taking into account the interest of the people living there. we are talking about the reincarnation of the monroe doctrine, which president trump -- back in 1913 president woodrow wilson spoke about how the united states intended to teach the republics of south america to elect good people. today that lesson is being , who dare venezuela in recent past to conduct an that does notlicy comply with the economic and political interests with him and then watches over the western hemisphere. i would like to quilt the works
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-- put the words of the -- quotes the words of another american president. he was one of the founding this a, he considered political project and charlie believed that the creation made --possible between humanity i'm talking about franklin --ano roosevelt did roosevelt. influence the balance of powers and exclusive alliances that have been tried for centuries and always failed. , the policy of the united states and the west is in stark contrast to these noble and just ideals. changes our favorite political game -- changes are a
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favorite geopolitical game for the united states. if heirs of the statement confirmed by the international court as part of the iran-contra affair. the tame -- at the time -- the cubans would remember the bay of pigs and the chileans would never forget the role of the united states in overthrowing salvador. the attempt by the united states otherose their will on nations is being complemented with another chapter. this is some of what washington has done in latin america. asia, the middle east, the specific -- the pacific region and europe have quite a bit to add to this list. air ofenting out of thin so-called evidence of
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interference in the elections, as well is the accusation of other countries in maligned absurds appears not only but practically funny. on the 20th of may the venezuelan people went against nicolas maduro as a president of the estate by giving him 68% vote. and anticipating the situation, washington did everything possible to discredit the vote and cast a shadow on the reelected executives in particular there is enough evidence that a number of opposition candidates, the strong this pressure was exerted so they would with john their candidates and not compete in the elections. ultimately, using the pretext as part of the opposition in the united states, start
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implementing a plan to overthrow legitimate authorities in the country. americans actively ofticipated as members congress and these proceeds -- in this process. that ofeel of the old the attempt to overthrow the government, washington try to destabilize situation. it was notknow possible to adopt an anti-venezuela resolution. there are not able to push that through. there is not enough support in the organization for these plans, which is quite indicative. were witnessing the culmination of these efforts, trying to coincide with the inauguration of a legitimately elected president paid the
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opponents of a legitimate government, having failed to defeat maduro, including by havecally removing him chosen a scenario of maximum confrontation on the 23rd of january. the president at the national a something proclaim themselves as the interim president of venezuela. the united states at a number of other countries and medially recognize that. thus confirming they have the advantage over were directly involved in this artificial of a parallel government, which now threaten serious destabilization. adviser johnrity bolton a bolshevik style the creation of all that is a nonprofit he on at your. on the other hand the allies of
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the opposition have promised national support. we strongly condemn those pushing the venezuelans to fighting, to the edge of a bloody bloodbath. united states are getting the picture of confrontation between the regime and the people of venezuela. this picture is far from reality. venezuela of obviously has brought support by the people. geological surveys by one of the structures of the organizations to the opposition, the leader, which is creating positioned in , is not supported by almost 70% of the people of venezuela. the distinguished representative of the united kingdom talked
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boxes inff in the venezuela, saw the elections were rigged. there are no ballot boxes in venezuela used in a system of voting. on christian for most are against the violation of international law, particularly the u.n., which clearly condemns any interference in the internal affairs and independent state paid -- estate. american leaders are making suggestions they may be willing to use force and talking about all options being on the table. we want to ask him directly, does that mean the united states is ready to use military force against a sovereign state under a bogus pretext? here in this room we need to hear a clear answer.
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secretary of state pompeo claims china, russia, cuba, syria and iran are supporting maduro. his secretary of state would find time to stay in this room a little longer, he would hear directly how these countries are not there to regime, theyaduro are there to support international law. of they in the context notion of a rules-based order promoted by our colleagues, such actions of overthrowing rogue
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regimes are welcomed by them. internationalists qualify such ,iolations of the u.n. charter behavior unacceptable that undermines the principles of the u.n. charter and the basic norms of international behavior. we would also like to address our latin american partners. in case you continue with you actions, the illegality of what is taking place in venezuela is flagrant and leadership salutes this in following washington, rubberstamps threatening against an independent state. to resolve the venezuelan crisis, a number of obvious and
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simple steps need to be taken. interference needs to stop. end toeeds to be an propping up leaders of the opposition. secondly, all efforts should be made to launch an in anvenezuelan dialogue attempt to find a solution in the negotiation. the determining role can and venezuela.layed by similar initiatives are already being put forward. thirdly, we should refrain from discriminatory measures against this country. economic crisis, to a large extent provoked by those the first to were cry about the suffering of the venezuelan people.
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i would like to correct not block thedid presidential statement by the united states. we made constructive amendments that we made sure work wholeheartedly supported members of the security council. many of whom have already done that. some of them have already supported that. is up to the american delegation. we are not sure this statement is based on carefully weighed rmsessment which confi the sovereignty of venezuela. it is unacceptable and the constitution should be respected. tobelieve it is important lower the rhetoric and to
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refrain from threats and ultimatums. to contribute to having a dialogue begin in venezuela. contribute too this. we call everyone. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. sunday morning, a democratic pollster and a republican pollster discussed public opinion of the government in the 2020 presidential race. a university law professor talks about his book on the history and role of special prosecutors. "washingtonatch journal" live at 7:00 eastern, sunday morning. join the discussion.
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