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tv   Sen. Durbin Reacts to Barr Hearing Outside Committee Room  CSPAN  May 1, 2019 7:54pm-7:59pm EDT

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his march letter. i also believe senators should have the opportunity to ask him about these subjects in questions directly. i have requested this to our chairman, to authorize a hearing with special counsel mueller and i hope that will happen soon. thank you, mr. chairman. >> we'll show you the entire hearing in just a few minutes. first, some reaction from senators outside of the hearing when it concluded. >> speak on what you heard today, do you think bill barr should resign? >> i'm not calling for his resignation. i'm deeply concerned in his involvement in criminal referrals from the mueller investigation, 14 pending cases spawned by this investigation, i believe he should step aside. i don't think he has the objectivity we should expect of an attorney general who has the authority over this investigation.
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discover able to anything about other investigations? >> he said he could not recall. >> do you think he had conversations? >> it leads me to believe something this serious, this important, someone wouldn't easily forget. >> senator, any indication from the chair as to whether you'll get to question mueller? >> i raised it when i asked about future witnesses. i think bob mueller and mr. mcgahn are critical. they should both be called. >> why do you think he would not want to hear from mull her >> why did they pick the smallest room to have the hearing today? they want this to go away. they want to talk about hillary clinton's emails. they don't want to get into. they want this to disappear. >> why do you think mueller is yet to respond to other requests? >> i don't know he may be waiting for some direction from the department of justice, i don't know. >> do you believe they're
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stonewalling this? > i wouldn't be surprised. >> do you think he's not complying with the democratic investigation is somehow forcing the impeachment issue? >> i don't know about that, but if we're going stote a standard that congress doesn't haveover night authority over the executive branch of government that's a dramatic change. there's always been tension and stress in how far can we go, how much can we ask for that's natural. but the idea that we're not going to talk to you, you don't get to see anything, that's a dramatic change. they want this to go away. they don't want any further conversation about. this i don't think it's going to go away that quickly. i think the russian threat continues and until this president acknowledges that head on we're going to continue to have pressure from our party to really maintain some respect for the integrity of this process.
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>> one of your colleagues, kamla harris, called the attorney general bias. do you think he was representing the people or was he representing president trump? >> virtually everyone on our side of the aisle accused the attorney general of bias and when it came down to it, she raised a question and i did too. this notion that he can issue these summary conclusions about the mueller report and then when we read it it turns upside down. the fact is, he came out in a position as an advocate for the president. when this mueller report came out he decided to take it on his own to address the issue of obstruction and conclude with mr. rosenstein there was no crime. that, i think, showed a bias which i hoped it wouldn't. >> did he continue to advocate for that today? >> he did. >> where does that leave the the senate at this point? earlier today it was barr
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potentially lied to congress, now it's misrepresenting, he's representing the president, not the people. is there remedy for it? >> i'm a member of the abject minority in the senate. when it comes to holding a hear, holding someone responsible, bringing them back for serious questions, it's in the hands of the republican majority. thank you. > thank you. >> ok. >> can you -- you got him to narrow down quick question on exactly what you wanted to hear. do you feel like there's room for him moving forward? >> i do believe that. i believe that what was absolutely enlightening and should be deeply troubling to the entire american public is that he made a decision and didn't


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