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tv   House GOP Leader Mc Carthy News Conference on Mueller Testimony  CSPAN  July 28, 2019 1:30pm-1:53pm EDT

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i hope you will be messengers of the truth to the public. makingas a milestone in that sentiment be more informed. thank you very much.
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for more than two years, democrats have assessed -- obsessed about the investigation. going as far as faulty accusing that they had evidence -- falsely accusing that they had evidence of collusion. it only help to reinforce the fact that there is no collusion and no obstruction. it is well past the time to put this country first. the democrats are focused on bringing down the president. daysve gone to roughly 200 of this new democrat socialist majority. name me one thing they have solved. we have a challenge on our border. we have a trade agreement that would bring more jobs and make
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america stronger they will not bring it up. we have a challenge in our health care when it comes to surprise billing. thousands of americans. they have only focused on the mueller investigation. today is the end of the chapter. we we put politics aside and put the american people first. i would like to call up doug collins. >> i think what was interesting today, there was a painting of picture, the democrats say they want to paint a picture. let's start with today. today.ller came here for all the accusations out there that said there is collusion in plain sight, we put that to rest today. we are painting a picture right
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when they tried to paint a picture of obstruction and putting green checkmarks beside it. and mr. mueller says i disagree with your interpretation. there was agreement that there was foreign interference in our 2016 election. it -- is the answer to bring no solutions forward? they want to paint a picture of a president they despise. someone asked me yesterday, how did you prepare? i did not have to worry about it because that is all we talk about. isrything we come up with dog and show -- dog and pony shows. the american people are footing the bill.
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the question i have, if we are going to paint a picture, let's take the picture of what has happened. you have a democratic majority who has no agenda. mr. mueller has done his job and he presented a report. someone asked if he found anything new. the answer is no. mr. mueller simply said what was in the report. collusion and conspiracy are
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over. that is why we are fighting for real solutions instead of the continuation of the show. that is what was painted today. between the republican party and the trump campaign is over. there was no evidence. you had collusion through a agent whormer mi six was working supposedly with russian sources. we did not get any new information on that today. the democrats have refused to accept reality. i think as represented of collins said, this is over. hopefully, this will be the end of these hearings because the
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house intelligence committee has important work to do. if you look at the national security for this country, there is nothing more important right now than passing the united mexico/canadian agreement. solutions onmised immigration and they are not delivering it. two pressing issues not being dealt with. hopefully, after today, we will get back here in september and we will begin to work on immigration reform and to pass this very important trade agreement. i want to introduce mr. jordan. jordan: my colleagues are exactly right, it is time to move on. three years ago next week is when the trump russia investigation began. the fbi investigated for 10 months.
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the president is falsely accused. the fbi investigates it for 10 months and they find nothing. bob mueller takes over and he investigates it for 22 months. three years later and bob mueller found no collusion, no conspiracy. it is definitely time to move on. mattersstigation that -- the two investigations that matter, the one that mr. horwitz will have completed and the one that the attorney general has tasked john durham to do, which is to look into how this three year saga began. our country has lived through for these three years. those are the things that matter and i look forward to hearing about that. let's stop the investigation into something we have already spent three years on.
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>> sometimes he did not have total command of the details. do you have confidence that he was fully capable of running this investigation? what was your take away on his performance? they did not like the answers. for someone who ran an organization like you did, he had 488 pages, millions of documents. he had a command. he answered the questions. the bottom line, the democrats did not answer how he answered them. they are trying to find a way that what we did today actually mattered and they have not been wasting people's time or money. the people that was pictured today was a long time investigator who simply laid the
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fax out. -- facts out. >> you said he was totally exonerated. >> we discussed this issue of -- it was not something for him to exonerate. there was not enough there to find guilt. instead of going from the opposite and saying exoneration, which he is not there to do, it was also saying he did not have enough to go forward. if i was the democrats, i would be frustrated because they have promised that mueller investigation was the gold standard. is, they did not tell them what they wanted to hear. proof, evidence. -- youthe investigation
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have the investigation and the report. today, you have the hearing. you have a chairman of judiciary who ran for his chairmanship based upon that he would be the best person for impeachment. this has been their goal. none of the evidence has panned out. the only people who have been hurt are the american public. i watched the democrat press conference and i watched their body language. they know this is not what they want to see today. it was not the answers they wanted to hear. even when they laid out this said no.ueller this should be the end of the chapter of this book that we put america through. it is time to solve the problems. i understand this majority has no agenda. i understand they cannot pass something outside of a resolution. the american public expects more from this congress. advice for the best
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these democrats to put the american public first and move forward. mccarthy, you are with the president today at the white house during the hearings. what was his mood? was he watching the hearings? >> the president was working on issues. we were working on issues today. he caught some of it. he was very upbeat. i have watched as president be upbeat almost every single day. -- to think what this poor president had to go through as -- if you sit here for three years and hear someone say ally of you -- say a lie about you. the number of papers before him. he had people on the others actually lied to the american public. ahead of the intel committee. that is a question i have for
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the speaker of the house. knowing what she knows now, how can adam schiff still be chairman of the committee that we have to have trust in on the intel around the world when he lied to the american public? >> the special counsel raised concerns that this could be the new normal in terms of interference. they raise concerns about the president openly asking for help from wikileaks. -- you want to talk about would you guys support legislation that would tighten rules to make it clear that inappropriate for candidates to do that? paralyzedittee is so with their obsession with this president and they believe he should be impeached, we do not have hearings anymore. we do not have discussions anymore. we have put forward a bill. they can put forward a bill. the very committee in which mr.
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mueller talked about the very threat to our existence in our elections, we are not putting bills together. they are bankrupt of ideas or they do not want to have the hearings. democrats, ifhe you truly believe, talk about love for america, love for america would be doing legislation. clicks you would support making it crystal clear that the president should not have asked wikileaks for help? >> i would refer back to the house republican report from a year ago. he put out 45 recommendations. i would refer you to that report. if you want to see things that could be done to guard our election system against fraud. tomorrow we should have a hearing on the very issues you are talking about. instead, we will -- subpoena
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white house employees for other emails. the democrats continue this. when you are so focused on stopping the president, it is tough to do what is best for the country. it is tough to do what is best for our election system. we would support moving ahead. the focus and oversight and judiciary seems to be ongoing after the president. wei will tell you the things will work on peer to we work with everybody -- i will tell you the things we will work on. we will work with anybody who wants to make this border safer. more jobs are created. people gladly work on that tomorrow. we will work with them when it comes to health care. we will work to solve that. the challenge we have, the majority controls what is happening in committees and none of that has happened.
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none of that has happened. the only thing that has happened the entire year is something to do to undercut this president. now it is time to build up america and turn the pages. >> this is a question for all four of you. you have no concerns about the way the president conducts himself based on the molar report? -- based on the mueller report? >> he has created millions of jobs, the strongest economy. >> examples of a obstruction of justice from which robert mueller did not exonerate the president. >> there was no collusion. how do you get to obstruction? we watched the entire investigation for three years. think in the questioning of john radcliffe. the president has not done
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anything wrong in the process. i do not have a problem with this president. >> what i have concerns about is the fact that in 2016, two american citizens were spied on who were associated with the presidential campaign. the attorney general told us that is the case. we know they went to the fisa court. they spied on him for the better part of the year. scary. -- if they canat do this to a presidential campaign, imagine what they can do to you and i. imagine what they -- that is why the investigation bill barr is doing -- investigation bill barr is doing is so important. the attorney general says he does not think it was properly predicated.
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let's figure out if it was. thank god that is exactly what he is doing. accused of falsely something, you would be ticked off. that is the problem. the whole thing has played out over three years. they did not even charge the guy who started the whole darn thing. he lied to the fbi three times. thatcharged 13 russians nobody has even heard of. i do not get that. done, say it until it is investigation happening right now at the justice department is so important. >> his answer was it goes back
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to obstruction. his answer was no. john dean made an interesting point because one of the democrats asked him about -- if your boss gave you advice. you have to be careful here. this president has been attacked from day one. nothing happened to this investigation. >> do you think they president tried to interfere with the investigation? we answered that today right possible out every theory of obstruction. the only new thing i learned today was that even when doug
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collins says he is going to speak slower, he cannot. up johnson,rought who became the prime minister and indicated he might be compromised. can you explain what you mean by that? clicks it goes back to the origins of this investigations. is, he is mentioned in the report two dozen times. thatoint i was making is we know he has close ties to our , he worked at campuses that appear to have some type of relationship with multiple western governments. he taught nato courses. he was right here about 100 feet away in the capital visitors center in 2017.
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participating in a program at the u.s. capitol. the picture with johnson was a recent photo. the point i'm trying to make, if we really need to know more, comey said he was a russian agent. in the report, they do not say that. we really need to know the answer. what, mr. mueller stood by is in his report but that does not bring finality to who he is. we need to know who this guy really is. if he is a russian agent, we need to make sure our rest and -- russian -- our western allies
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know about it. >> it is time to put america first. it is time for democrats to close the chapter on this book they have tried for three years. it is time to get over the 2016 election. thank you. >> this article reporting the house judiciary committee has formally asked a federal judge to release former special counsel robert mueller's evidence, the material he gathered with a secret grand jury.
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house judiciary chairman has sought the grand jury evidence since the spring. the hearings -- they are available online. type mueller report at you can also read the report on our website and watch his statement, related house and senate floor speeches, other hearings and events. the trumparing on administration's immigration enforcement actions and the safety of migrant children held that detention facilities. immigration and customs enforcement acting director testifies. this appropriations subcommittee hearing is just over two hours. hours.


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