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tv   House Foreign Affairs Cmte. Chair Eliot Engel on NBC Meet the Press  CSPAN  October 13, 2019 12:39pm-12:42pm EDT

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it has been moving quickly. we will be meeting again to monitor the situation and be taking in new information. we are ready to go at a moments notice to put on sanctions. we have warned the turks. i spoke to the finance minister on friday, the state department has also had conversations, they know what we will do if we do not stop these activities. >> do you hope the house will vote -- i hope the house will vote for my bill, two bills we are putting up this week, and it is bipartisan, by the way. michael krol is the ranking republican on my foreign affairs committee, and he is doing this with me, the whole bill. what this essentially does, first of all, it condemns the president's policy with regard to the kurds, which is very important, and slaps sanctions on turkey and all the people involved with what is going on. that do, though?
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are sanctions at this point going to do anything? the president threatens sanctions on friday and it did not stop the turks from doing what they are doing. >> it is not going to stop it. we have to have some kind of response. i can think of nothing more disgusting in all the years i have been in congress than what this president is allowing to happen with the kurds. they have been our loyal and faithful allies are so many years and after this, who, again, would trust the united states to be an ally of them? who would think it pays for them to align themselves with us? nobody. this is going to make people flee from us. it is absolutely disgraceful that the president of the united states is facilitating all of this. on q&a, historian jeff quinn discusses his book "the vagabonds," about the summer road trips taken by henry ford and thomas edison between 1914 to 1925.
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>> the idea was that they wanted to go out and have fun. they wanted to demonstrate hey, guess what? you can get in your car and do these things too. but they were not going to like their own campfires, eat cold beans out of cans or put blankets on the ground. all these different amenities, they had a refrigerated car powered by edison batteries so they could have fresh dairy. they had chefs who would prepare gourmet meals at night. in the morning, they would dress in freshly ironed clothes, but you can see, they were so famous and america was so grateful to them that it didn't matter. the point was hey, we are out in cars and traveling and seeing these things. you can do it too. p.m. eastern 8:00 on c-span's q&a. this past week, the supreme court heard oral argument for two coid


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