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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Campaign Events and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 2, 2020 3:21pm-3:38pm EST

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a couple years after that, i was not here in iowa, but i was watching when you all changed what people thought was possible once again and give someone like thatrmission to believe one day i would be able to wear this wedding ring that i got on my hands. you did that. so, are you ready to make history one more time? ?re you ready for caucus night are you ready to bring your friends? i believe you can make me the the unitedent of states and i will work every minute to make you proud and heal this nation. thank you. thank you for being here on monday night. thank you. buttigieg and
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waterloo, iowa. there are 99 counties in iowa and president trump flipped this pete buttigieg has visited counties president obama visited in 2012 hoping to be the winner. caller, patricia. we are waiting for a tom steyer event to begin. what your thoughts and campaign 2020. thatr: my thought first is andie sanders sounds good could be a good -- a strong candidate, but i do not agree with his medicare for all because there's a lot of people on medicare now that has retired and paid the health care and not .eing treated fairly about that
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the premium is high. say we need like to pull bothe that will the house and the senate together so they can work as one body. wrong isver is morally not constitutionally right. i like bernie sanders, and i --nk except the medicare thing. greta: mark on our line for republicans. mark, are you supporting the president? caller: i am supporting donald trump. do have array or disease rare disease a
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called als. there's an fda approved trial that has been in the fda for 10 years and we want to know what that can do to get this out of trial. it is in the third place. it has shown good effect. i am one of the few in the reverseorld that has als. mark, i'm going to stop you there because tom steyer's bus is rounding the corner here. we are in coralville, iowa. just reminder, after he talks to voters inside he will come talk to all of you, taking your phone calls. stay with us on c-span. ,evin in tampa, florida democratic caller. caller: thank you.
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i'm supporting bernie sanders. i'm supporting bernie sanders because he is running on policy he has supported for decades. he is by and asked financial margin the most electable candidate running, whether it is republican, democrat, independent, doesn't matter. heis running on a platform is supported for decades. he was to get rid of citizens toted and give more power the every day, working american, and i think that is policy that everyone can get behind. greta: ok. we told you earlier tom steyer, who joined the presidential race later than the other candidates has done 80 stops in iowa. compare that to elizabeth war in. you heard from her -- elizabeth warren. she has done 100 events in the last two months. tiresm steyer bus
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approach the venue. peter inr from massachusetts, democratic caller. go ahead, peter. you thehello, thank area much. thank you for c-span. we need that and pbs. what i have been worried about on the democratic side is so much infighting. i think people have valid concerns for themselves and their lives, that as americans we need to reach beyond that and think about real priorities and when democracy is being undermined worldwide, we are the laughing stock of the world, it's about time to think about these greater priorities. and my heart goes out to people. the man who has als. of course that the top priority for them and it's a valid, but as americans we need to think
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will the priorities that bring america together and save our country and democracy. greta: ok. james, orlando, florida, republican. hi, james. caller: hello, how are you? i'm here. greta: james, go ahead. caller: yes, i'm originally from west virginia, but i moved to florida about 30 years ago. i'm a donald trump supporter would hundred percent -- 100%. i heard a caller mentioned the infighting with the democrat party. they said we needed to get straightened out -- well, the -- joets started this biden started this, but donald trump is to i am voting for. he is the only person in this campaign who can straighten this country out. he is going to get it straightened out, i promise you.
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right, james. lonnie, somerville, north carolina, republican. i am a small businessman. i did not like donald trump at all, but i want to make a plea to everyone -- these ideas of a -- i'm at-mandated small businessman. i'm sorry. the minimum wage will decimate our businesses. an can't have $15, $18, $20 our wages and then allow anyone to come into the country that of myto -- i mean, most employees are immigrants and i love immigrants but you can't just have open borders and unlimited wages depending --
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mandated by some government tribunal. it's a disaster. so i'm just asking everyone to please think about the of your policies. tom steyer is about to speak. his idea of shutting down fossil fuels is disastrous. i understand, i'm a great environmentalist. urge you to read up on your and lumber. he is the environmentalist who understands you have to sustain a standard of living for your population. thank you very much. greta: all right, lonnie. -- busyer's us is idling is idling. tom steyer has his strategy here. has been hims teaching president trump, arguing it was necessary to do
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so. he has reframed the debate here in iowa. his bus is called beat trump. florida, democratic caller. caller: good afternoon. thank you for taking my call. greta: you bet. caller: i'm supporting bernie sanders in this race because his policies -- he has never flip-flopped on anything. he has been steady throughout his career in politics and also i would like to answer one of your callers questions from oklahoma who said, why don't we like trump? and i'll tell you. i grew up in fort lee, new jersey. that name probably does not ring a bell, but that is where george washington bridge goes from new jersey to manhattan. i grew up 20 minutes away from where he grew up.
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the man is a moral. -- immoral. he has immoral business practices. he's giving away his salary because he has not separated himself from his business and he's using the government to make money for his business like that hotel that is in washington, d.c. president, ouras democracy is going to change for , and it's happening every day that he is in charge. he is changing what a president can do as far as getting away with legalities and he is just a very immoral man and we need to get him out of office. all right, jimmie's opinion in florida. bill is a republican. doylestown, i/o -- ohio. caller: yes, how are you today? greta: good. caller: i'm supporting donald
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trump. he has done more for this country in the three years he's been in, and the democrats spend all of their time trying to impeach him, wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers money, and he's still got more done than any president it's been in office. especially obama. i mean, trump, he -- he is the get it done guy. when he took out that general there that everybody was so upset about, nobody else would do anything like that. he steps up, and he is a man. ifm going to support him and he runs again after that, because once he's been impeached, the four years don't count. he can run again and again. and i really think that he will win. a lot of people, the democrats are getting tired of all the b
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in the that's going on country and he has done more than anyone else ever has. thank you. greta: west palm beach, florida, democratic caller. caller: thank you -- annette.i, caller: i'm on. i will to vote for joe biden. ken thomas from "the wall street journal" was just on. i think you should print all of , 100 senators in the united states, they all stood up , strangled behind them. they would not let one person speak at that senate. i don't have to stand for that as an american. andnoa inh -- and noah
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in hawaii. a republican. caller: hello. i am from the beautiful state of hawaii which is a democrat state. i grew up in a conservative family. i just thought i would call because i'm a young person and i thought i could like people know -- let people know what we're thinking. i'm a bit surprising. likes peteher buttigieg. which makes sense. they are older. they like a young, new face. they like him to forget -- to pretend they are progressive, but they are not. notink the republican will be voting for him. i think bernie sanders, tulsi gabbard, and andrew yang, surprisingly, are all favorable in the right of center places,
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but they are deeply progressive people, so i just think it's how policy is changing, i was playing out. -- it's abouty establishment and nonestablishment. i just want to hear tom steyer. he seems like -- i can't really gauge where he is at. that's my two cents. where he is physically at is johnson county in coralville, iowa. this population is a population .f 150,000 got 59.5% of caucus-goers. here, 66linton won percent to donald trump' s
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27.8%, but remember donald trump won the state, flipping it from blue to red. adam, montana, democratic caller. caller: hi. is i would like to get first-time voters and people who have never gone to the polls, get out there and change it. ok.a: kevin, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, democratic caller. i am hearing everything that a lot of the people are speaking about. bloomberg for michael . my reason for that is a lot of these politicians, you know, they take money for their campaigns, they take money to do what they are doing and of course, we do not know where their money is coming from. michael bloomberg, we at least know he is willing to stand --
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as they say, put your money where your mouth is and that's what he is doing. he is putting his money where his mouth is and he really does stand for the people and i really think he would be as good of a president as president obama was. ok, all right, kevin. you are our last color for now. when tom steyer gets done talking to the iowa voters -- for now.he last caller when tom steyer gets done talking to that i would voters, he will take your phone calls. [cheering] >> [indiscernible] tom steyer and cat taylor. i liked what i saw. it takes a lot of business acumen to go from $15 million to $36 billion and you don't have that happen by chance. you need a strat


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