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tv   Student Cam- 2nd Prize High School West  CSPAN  April 10, 2020 6:53am-7:00am EDT

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gov. bullock: it's a consistent time and time again, listening to public health officials to assess what steps should be taken. thank you very much. >> all month on c-span, we are featuring the winners of our student cam documentary winners -- competition. middle and high school students address the issue of which question do you want the 2020 presidential candidates to address? the winning entry is titled opportunity for all. president to talk about college being tuition free. >> opportunity, who gets it in
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america? is it something reserved for those at the top? opportunity, opportunity, for every one of our kids and i underline every one of our kids to get a first rate education. withu got kids coming out $200,000 worth of debt. they cannot survive and we are taking away opportunities from them and that's wrong. >> statistics show that when people go to college, in up they don't complete it, they have a different horizon of opportunity. thehe crisis is all over nation. kids are underon the age of 30 and have debt. we visited the cal state university chancellor's office to get their opinion on free college tuition. or three jobs depending on the semester in college. havehad been free, i would
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had more opportunity and more time to focus on my academics. theyen they leave college, have more purchasing power. people with more purchasing power cried the economy. people waiting longer to have children, they are waiting longer to buy houses, they are waiting longer to do a lot of things because they have debt that they are carrying over. >> access for all, access for anyone who wants to learn and spend time in a higher education institution is really important. we have done some development studies with students who are 18 and graduated from high school, they are in a middle area. there is a whole lot of phase of develop and after high school so in college it's an opportunity to expand their minds and their critical thinking skills to be more productive members of society. there are a few concerns to
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providing free college education. colleges are already underfunded so if it became free, i would worry that public universities, it would be hard for them to maintain the level of competitiveness and the quality that they are able to provide now and over time, the disparity between how good of an education you would get as public versus private institutions might become -- the gap might become big and unfair. >> there would have to be some type of carrot that either throughout the time you are there in the program because some might not necessarily feel as invested. , in terms offree what's keeping students in college. >> right now, we don't have the resources to pay for what a lot of publishers are promising
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unless we radically change our structure and that will mean that people who have more wealth will settle more of the burden because that's where of them -- where more of the money lays. it's a great idea but unless we do something to change the income flows to our government come our government will not have the funds to be able to do that. >> the united states is leading the world and economic power, military spending and technology. why can't we lead the world in providing free education? in all our interviews, we asked, do you know of any other countries that provide free higher education and if so, how do they offer it? >> i lived in europe most of my life. most european universities are free. so their taxes are covering that. but not everybody goes to university. >> in many industrialized
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countries, in more advanced societies, particularly tuition is kept low. it's kept affordable. and i think of it isn't free, they try to create support structures and economic packages to encourage people to go to university. >> in some countries, there is more public support for education. there are different tax structures. there are countries that have more of a flat tax so when you have a flat tax, you are depending on every dollar. if you make $10 million, you pay more in taxes than somebody else. >> the topic is important to us. in the coming years, we will be subject to this crisis. we could be negatively affected by terrible debt like many other students. >> is the college affordability crisis reaches a fever pitch, you want to take a step back and look at what happens to the free college movement.
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essentially, you saw that after the 2016 election, when people thought hillary clinton was going to win and you get a donald trump presidency and that momentum that had been building since 2005 kind of stops. that make politicians education and public education particularly a priority. in other words, we aren't investing as much in people. we are being reactive to problems in society and the world as opposed to trying to create a better future. >> if we inform people about the candidates, we can help future generations have the freedom to have a higher education and a future they enjoy. >> you can watch each student cam documentary online at >> coming up, we will hear the latest with university of chicago medicine chief infectious disease
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epidemiologist dr. emily landon. and later, u.s. attorney g. zachary terwilliger joins us to discuss law enforcement issues during the pandemic. "washington journal" is next. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] ♪ host: on this friday, april 10, one of the headline this morning covering the latest jobless figures reports that nearly 17 million americans have now lost their jobs due to the coronavirus and it took just 21 days. 21 days. and this as congress is said to be at an impasse of what to do next to help people, this economy, following this outbreak and pandemic and we want to get your thought this morning on what congress should be doing. should more be done by congress? is more needed? the senate did meet about half an hour yesterday. did not advance any legislation. do you think more is n


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