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tv   President Departs to Camp David  CSPAN  May 1, 2020 6:37pm-6:44pm EDT

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coronavirus that can pass between humans and animals. join the conversation tonight on c-span. sunday night, on cuba day. q&a, how a south sudanese videogame developer is bringing peace and conflict resolution to a wider audience. much of the population is under the age of 30. we were born in war and raised for. when i was playing grand theft about ifs like, how young people started playing this videogame. violent, butt is because they're the same things happening in my country. it will feel like this is not how things are done. how about playing david again
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for peace and conflict resolution? >> sunday night, on c-span's cuba day -- q&a. today, president trump stopped to speak with the press before departing the white house for camp david. >> i'm going to camp david for a working weekend we're spending a we of time on meeting leader look back to that very soon. we will be doing something big at the lincoln memorial will be back soon some of you will be around the area. >> a north korean leader surfaced. pres. trump: i would rather not comment on it yet.
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we will have somebody say at the appropriate time. [inaudible] pres. trump: i think he is doing a very good job. the president is doing very well .n brazil they have been hit very hard. >> do you know if he is alive? pres. trump: i don't want to say that. [inaudible] pres. trump: we are not happy with what happened. this is a bad situation all over the world, but we will be having a lot to say about that.
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are you going to be socially distant during your work weekend? pres. trump: i will. what do you have to say about opening up in georgia? pres. trump: i didn't say that. the spot or tattoo parlor, i think it's wonderful. i want to see us open safely but i didn't like spas or tattoo parlors. but i said nothing about georgia other than that. i like states opening safely and quickly because we have to get our country back. thank you.
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♪ >> television has changed since c-span began, but our mission you cans to provide an watch all of c-span's public affairs programming on television, online, or error-free radio app. or be part of the conversation through c-span's daily washington journal program. c-span cannot created by private service anda public
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brought suit today by eric television provider. >> while the pandemic continues, members of congress are working from their home districts. 30% of folks are at the automotive industry. they are considered essential workers. these are folks who put groceries on our table and i think it's really important highlight that they are the ones keeping us afloat. >> this is a very serious issue. people to listen to the state and local authorities and health experts. and just stay away from others right now. it is a war at the united states is at war with this virus.
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>> stay in touch using the newly created congressional directory. it has all of the information you will need. .rder your copy online today oh yea, oh yea, all persons having business before the honorable supreme court of the united states are urged to give their attention. >> for the first time in history, here the u.s. supreme court live. due to the pandemic, the court is hearing oral arguments in 10 cases. c-span will provide live coverage. first, the justices here the case of the u.s. patent and trademark office. it concerns the travel companies fight to trademark its website.
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be a part of history and listen to the supreme court oral arguments as they are heard justices. live on demand on and immediately following the session, join jeffrey rosen of the national constitution center leading a live discussion with scholars. earlier today, henry mcmaster held a coronavirus briefing, announcing he was changing the previously mandatory home or work order. outside dininged would be live at restaurants that could accommodate social distancing. thank you for coming again. this is ff


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