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tv   Louisiana Gov. Bel Edwards Holds Coronavirus Briefing  CSPAN  May 1, 2020 7:20pm-8:01pm EDT

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hygiene. >> i've taken two trips overseas and i've gotten a phone that is -- check out from the travel office, it's not associated with me, it's a travel phone and i take a travel phone and many but some don't know it's a priority because you never know when you plug that in, what might get loaded on it, who might come in contact with it. iat's one of the steps that take. announcer: virginia democratic abigail spane berger on the steps she takes to safeguard or capitol hill office. communicators" monday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. today, governor john bel edwards gave an update on the state's response to the pandemic.s the governor urged louisianans stay-at-homeh a order, extended to may 15. he talked about allowing people at outdoor restaurants as long as they wear masks and
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observe social distancing guidelines. this is 35 minutes. edwards: good afternoon. thank you for tuning in. obviously. the stay-at-home order has been extended. part of that order requires employees interacting with the masks or facial coverings but i'm encouraging mask up, anyns to time you're around people who are not in your immediate household. that's inside or outside. when you're wearing a mask, andre protecting others when they wear masks, they're protecting you. it's an important part of spread and we need to do this along with social
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hygiene in order to make sure we can move into phase one of the reopening on may 15. it's also just the neighborly thing to do so we're encouraging you to do that. both the c.d.c. and louisiana health recommend the mask usage. sharee been working to s.formation with louisianan many households received a phone call from me earlier today. to assure people that was real. we make those calls to landlines and the people who opt in on their cell phones. for this by up registering for smart 9-1-1 at today we are reporting 710 new cases of covid-19 for a total of
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28,711. that is a larger increase than we have reported in a number of days. it is somewhat startling, but i want people to understand that 381 of these new cases came from two commercial labs who were reporting for the very first time today, and many of those test results are days and actually weeks old, we found out. obviously, this is going to happen on occasion as new labs come on line for the first time. we are working with the labs to let them know they are under an obligation to report all of the results not just to ldh but also to c.d.c. i just wanted to point that out. but we are reporting 710. if you take away the 381 of those that came from those two
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labs, it puts us more in line over thee we have been last number of days. unfortunately, we do have 65 new deaths to report today, bringing the total to 1,927. it strikes me that we are getting very close to 2,000. it seemed like just the other day, we broke the 1,000 mark. obviously, we grieve for every single one of those individuals. and we should keep their families in our thoughts and prayers. currently there are 1,607 patients hospitalized across the state of louisiana with covid-19. that is plus six since yesterday. there are 230 on ventilators, from yesterday. and we are reporting that we have completed 168,251 tests across the state. so as you can see, hospitalizations and ventilator usage better overall across the
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state, over the last number of days. but i do want to remind you that this is not true for every state.of the we are very proud of the progress that has been made overall. especially in region one. parish, jefferson parish area. especially when you consider where we were just a few weeks ago with case growths, growths leading the country, and in fact, leading the world. almost all of the focus down in that particular area. but if you just focus only on jefferson parish and you see the improvements there, then your perception of reality skewed.lly if you look at what is happening across the state as a whole, because the progress is not even. the good news is, where we have growing cases and hospitalizations, it's not the rapid rise that we were seeing
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in new orleans at one time, but it's still very concerning. obviously, the bottom line is that we have more work to do. and that is what i am trying to get the people across louisiana to focus on as we move through the next two weeks. be here i think before we know it. but we have work to do to continue to slow the spread. that is why we need to follow the stay-at-home order and continue to social distance and follow the hygiene practices we have been talking about. i would remind individuals that the white house guidelines had those three criteria we need to meet -- one is symptoms, covid-19-like symptoms being reported across emergency rooms across the state of louisiana. the number of cases across the state, and certainly hospitalizations. you've heard us talking about
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and have seen signs yourselves been talkingve about, the flattening of the curve.irus i want everyone to understand that i appreciate, and they should all appreciate the work that louisianans are putting in to make this happen. because it has happened, in large part. but just like this past sunday, when you really dig into the see some areas where it's not quite so rosy. i am reminded of what i was taught at west point and the army, you never want to fight and bleed and die for the same terrain twice. so when you make progress, you don't want to give it up and then see the cases spike again and have to go back to more restrictions. which is obviously the reason that we chose to follow those guidelines. we did need them.
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and we needed to stay where we were for the most part in order to make sure that those three things were all moving in the right direction before we proceed to phase one. i do want to show you what the data actually looks like, especially in the areas of concern. i will show you graphic number one now. so, this information is actually coming from the cdc itself. they are tracking down at the parish level and they prepare this information. that is why it is dated as of april 24th. this is what we were looking at this past sunday. these are the slides right here. these calculate the three-day moving average of daily changes and incidents of infections per
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people. each column represents the day-to-day difference in the average. and is color-coded based on the slope -- based on the lower high -- low or high incidence. these curves include cases through april 24. it shows some problem areas, as you can see. regions two, baton rouge, region katie anna, and eight, up in the monroe area, are increasing. region 9, the north shore, has plateaued. this is what we were looking at this past sunday. with respect to hospitalizations, these are the three regions that i wanted to show you. this is more up-to-date, because it contains data through april 30. this is measured using hospitalizations per capita reported to the department of health. it is slightly different than we
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saw last week. it is actually a little bit better. that's, obviously, good news, but the data does show three problem areas still with respect to hospitalizations. those being in regions 2, baton rouge, and 8, monroe, with hospitalizations increasing currently, and hospitalizations plateauing in the region 6 area, which is in central louisiana. monroe area is the area of greatest concern at the moment. there is a 7-14 day lag time between when you have contact with a virus, doesn't have to be someone, and when those symptoms up, when the test results come in and so forth. so i wanted to make sure we are reminding people of that. now, bottom line is, we still have some work to do. that is what we are trying to
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impart to people. i wanted to remind folks, too, that with a few exceptions, nonemergency medical procedures are now open. we're encouraging inpatient and outpatient hospitals, but even clinics and dental offices -- this opened up this past monday. if you have been putting off going to see the doctor, you might want to reengage. it's a great time to reengage with your provider to see if now is the right time for you to come in for a visit and to have an outstanding matter taken care of. i can tell you that based on the guidance we have given from the department of health, to the clinics and hospitals, the various health care providers, it is safe to do so. they are going to make sure they are following social distancing. the use of p.p.e. is required.
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there will be cleaning the area more frequently, and so forth we say this because there was a reason we opened up these procedures again. that is because our population is less healthy than we want it to be, and we need people to be as healthy as they can be if they are exposed to this virus, because that will better enable them to fight it off and to have the best possible result. so i do encourage people to reach out to their providers if they have been putting something off. as it relates to their medical condition and treatments. before i take questions, i do want to say that with the legislature returning to baton rouge next week, we are going to be making some adjustments as to when and where we hold these briefings. i will be moving back to the state capital in the afternoons, at least. and my communications team is
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going to release more details on forward later today. i have a couple of questions from the public that i wanted to get to today. first, with testing increasing, how soon before tests will be available for everyone, especially those who are asymptomatic? that is a really good question. obviously, the goal is to get to where we have tests available for everyone. but we are not increasing our capacity to test that rapidly, so we are certainly not there. but we are in the process of ramping up our testing capacity. which is why you heard me yesterday talk about the 200,000 tests per month that we intend to do going forward starting in the month of may to get to 4.3% of our population. but at that level, we are not
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going to have enough to go to asymptomatic people across our entire population. the plan that dr. birx put forward, her blueprint, her plan for testing, does not call for that. asymptomatic people will be tested, but in those sentinel settings. it is health care providers, people living in nursing homes, potentially people in jails and congregate settings. where it's most important that we get our testing to them. that is a great question, but we are just not there yet. when we get there, we will certainly let you all know. however, anybody who becomes symptomatic needs to be tested. and contact your provider if you have any questions about that call to 211. ben from lake charles has asked
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a question. when it comes to food preparation, who should wear a mask? the preparers, the waiters, the delivery drivers, etc.? this is actually a common question we are getting these days. him for asking it. i will remind everyone again, the extended stay-at-home order requires that employees of any business who interact with the public must be wearing a mask or other facial covering and that is at all times, when they're dealing with the public, with customers. certainly, that would include waiters and delivery drivers. both the cdc and the department of health here in louisiana all recommend that every person over the age of two years old or who does not have some breathing orficulty, wear that mask facial coverings. they should do so any time you around others who are not part of your immediate household whether you're indoors or outdoors.
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that mask is meant to protect others from you, and when they wear it, it is protect you from them. so it's being good neighbors, again. with that, i am going to pause with that, i am going to pause for my prepared remarks and take some questions. >> [indiscernible] gov. edwards: monday. >> yesterday, armed protesters stormed the state capitol in michigan. i find it unbelievable it is legal to carry firearms into the capitol. the tried to storm on to floor of the senate. the state police finally stopped them. senators started to grab bulletproof vests. i don't expect anything like here. but what provisions have we made to prevent that kind of scenario here? gov. edwards: the laws are a little different here, for one. you are not allowed to carry like that into the capitol. but number two, i don't expect to see that. obviously, we have some individuals around the state who
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want to give voice to their opinions, which are different than mine at the moment with respect to the necessity of the order.-home they have ample opportunity to do that, you know, that is part of being an american, it's part of living in louisiana. i would ask those individuals to do so in an appropriate, safe manner. if they do that, there will not be any problems, like you saw in michigan. i, like them, look forward to the day when we can ease these restrictions, open up our economy, get more businesses people back to work. i would remind folks of a couple we're talkinge about it. the plan that we are following with, i believe, great fidelity, is the plan that the white house
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put forward, that has been the that is what we are doing. that is why you did not see the president voice any displeasure or disagreement with the decisions that we made here in louisiana with respect to the phased approach of reopening our economy. second thing i would remind people is, there are many businesses in louisiana that closed, unlike happened in other states, particularly in retail across louisiana.f we've already gone to the medical and surgical procedures being reopened. we are moving forward today with on-premises dining outdoors for restaurants and malls.e pickup at we are doing what we believe we can reasonably do right now to those cases don't spike back up, especially before we
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have that additional testing expect tohich we start coming in in earnest over the next week. but i do believe we will continue to have some individuals here in louisiana will want to protest. i would encourage them to do that in a safe, appropriate way. their voices are being heard. they'll continue to be heard. we are going to get through this. i can just assure you. but in the meantime, i need everyone to be focused on the fact that we need to meet those threshold criteria. that means we need to, over the advantageeeks, take of this time to keep the case spread down so that we don't back into thele hospitals and that we can one.ed to phase reporter: is it fair to say that cases in other regions you've looked at and rouge,lizations in baton are those are the main
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challenges we have to get past on may 15?phase one gov. edwards: that is fair to say today based on the data we are seeing. but again, we are going to have another period of time that we are going to be evaluating the state as a whole and every region. so i don't know that if in three days, it might be another one. i'm hopeful that the entire state, by every region in the state as a whole, will look better. but the slide we showed you today that was actually prepared by the c.d.c. itself based on the results and dated from 24th of april, that's the actual others, thatmany informed my decision on this past monday to extend the order.-home yes, that is our current concern in addition to the information that we gave you about hospitalizations that is more current. i don't know and this is what
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with.ying to be careful i don't know if a week from now, it will be those same regions. regionly every single will be doing better. reporter: going back to the outdoor dining, obviously, when you came in here monday and made the announcement of the extension of the stay-at-home order, was allowing the outdoor maybe a consolation? we can't give you all that we but we can at least go this far? with beautiful weather expected this weekend, is there a concern that people will be lenient in some places? gov. edwards: we obviously have a little bit of concern that people are going to do things they shouldn't do. with theinconsistent c.d.c. and guidance we've issued. a concern that restaurants will operate within
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the guidelines. louisiana people operate within those guidelines, we'll be just fine. i wouldn't say it is a consolation at all. it is an understanding that the risk of transmission is much diminished outdoors compared to indoors where the air is typically recirculated by an air conditioner that kind of takes everybody's virus, circulates it, and blows it back on other people. so it is just a recognition of that and trying to make sure that we can do what is safe and what also should help the economy, especially with restaurants able to take advantage of it. but putting those restrictions on them so you can continue to social distance. you're not going to have waited tables and so forth. we just believe that's safe. i wouldn't call it a consolation any sort. it's just a progression as we open up the economy. going forward.
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yes, sir? todayer: two labs responsible for unreported testing, is there any indication how common that problem is? and how concerned should we be? gov. edwards: nobody asked alex a question yesterday. i am going to ask him to answer that question today. pay.not earning his we know we have more labs coming online. sometimes, it's going to take a bit to get them into the fold fully and reporting every day that we want them to report. so we're doing everything we can to be proactive and reach out to them of what their tion are to report to the toartment of health and c.d.c., by the way, every day their test results, both negatives.nd
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to the extent this is going to continue to happen, alex may have a better idea of how many labs we expect to come online over time. >> it is hard to give an actual number because part of what's toerlying this is our desire know all of the tests happening statewide. we do know that there are many sites that have these point of care tests and the federal government noted they felt there were some 600,000 that were not being reported to them. one of the first things we try to do is surge the number of labs that could be testing. many of the smaller labs do not have the capacity to do the electronic reporting that the labs what my teams are working on is reaching out and working with them individually to make sure they have an understanding of the platform for reporting and we are able to do that consistently.
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the team is telling us over the next two weeks, we will continue to see these occasionally. i would not expect we are going to see this on a daily basis, necessarily. know it's going to be on the larger size, as well. what we are going to do going forward is report the number as we have it, then give you the context like we did today. saying if we didn't have those numbers, this is what we would be looking at. with those numbers, this is what it looks like. results we got today went back as far as march. we are in a better position looking at criteria, knowing we are getting as much lab reporting going forward. we are trying to give you as much warning and nuance about those going forward. when we look at gating criteria, we look at syndromes, syndromic and hospitalizations. so even as we see the increase
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in cases, that is not going to skew the overall picture looking so even as we see the increase at the other two factors. we are going to continue updating on a weekly basis our estimate of people who have recovered over time. that is another big thing we are looking at. what is our burden of covid-19 in the state. those cases, even if they are added to the overall charts, if they are old enough, they probably would be covered in the recovered number, as well. you'll see a lot of that going forward. you will see 20 something individuals who have been refreshing and looking at our dashboard. we appreciate the vigilance of the public and following along. i want to make sure it is clear to them we are sharing the data as transparently as possible. >> you had a heat map up the other day. i could understand the spike in areas -- baton rouge and last 8. not -- lafayette.
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i'm not sure why northeast up.siana seems to be going that's a rural area. i just want to know, what you think of that? >> there can be a number of reasons. the first answer i can give you is i do not know specifically what is driving that. one is, we still need to get more testing. thee giving you down to parish level data about what the total tests performed on parish.s of that we are looking at that data we havely to see if enough reach into that community. and where we don't, we're testing resources there to see if we can identify more people. as we do that, you're going to see these pockets of increased that.that come from just like the pockets we just talked about with the new laboratory suddenly reporting its old data. when we look at the north, we do have a pattern where we saw plateaued hospitalizations -- the data we were looking at weekend.the plateaued hospitalizations across the shreveport quarter
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all the way to monroe. we are seeing case increases as well especially in the monroe area, and we are concerned with that pattern. we want to make sure that we diligence in practicing social distancing, in staying at home and hopefully if not already, in wearing masks. staying home certainly if you are sick going forward, because those are areas we are watching very closely. those are trends that are not comforting in the same way when we look at the greater new orleans area and we see a clear drop in everything. that's what we want to see statewide. >> we know the department of corrections tested 155 prisoners in saintn's prison gabriel. 75% came back positive. some of them did not exhibit symptoms. what can be done to help mitigate that? indication we need to
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continue assessing asymptomatic crowds aree gathered? >> that pattern is something we have seen in a number of facilities in the state and in talking with ambassador birx and others, that is a pattern that is being seen nationally. the cdc has released two reports, one about a nursing home in seattle and one of a homeless facility in seattle. in both of those cases, there were significant individuals who at the time of the first case being identified were asymptomatic. many of those go on to develop rather, on retests, they go on to develop symptoms even though they were positive. concern is all that period of time where we know the virus is being shed before the symptoms. i think we talked about at the beginning of the week, we have been working with the cdc to understand the evidence and develop guidance about what we do in those settings across the state. what you will see is us certainly leaning into doing more testing in those settings where we really want to get a sense of everybody that could
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possibly be shedding virus. that will mean there is going to be more repeat testing in those settings, as well. just being negative on that first check does not mean you won't turn negative in a few days. our goal in all the settings, especially nursing homes, where we know individuals are at for complications and poor outcomes from covid, our asl is to identify as early possible and then isolate individuals who could be shedding virus so that we can maintain as much as possible a population of individuals who are never really exposed. >> this is clearly a hotspot, though. at this prison, now that the testing has been done, what's next? what is the next step you do after the testing? i'm not sure you can isolate 117 people. >> i would defer that question about isolation to the corrections. i'm sure they are solving that. we are working with them, what are the methods, same as what we do for a nursing home or any other facility. we have essentially a structured assessment called the infection
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control assessment and response plan where we comprehensive go to bottom, not only looking at the population infected and exposed, but what are your practices, your protective equipment available, all those things, and we're working with them closelyol that, the same as with any state.y around the >> the fda just gave temporary approval for the drug, it.n't pronounce >> remdesivir. >> yes, thank you. it's being used next week in rouge. as far as a doctor perspective, can you talk about that being used for treatment and maybe in layman's terms, as well? so people understand what it will look like. >> the study dr. fauci talked about on wednesday is one being conducted in a number of international settings and really on patients who are hospitalized. it is important for folks to know that. we are not talking about the general public. the study that was done.
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it was a very large study, over 1,000 patients. being a large study means we have a little bit more -- a lot more confidence in the kind of results that come back. this is a study that was planned to go much further, but all studies that deal with patients have what is called the data safety monitoring board. the goal of the board is to periodically get updates on data. and if there is a sign of harm were clear benefit, to call it early and say there is no longer a question of whether there is a benefit here. it is no longer ethical to have people get a placebo to get the non-active drug. that is what happened here. the data safety monitoring board looked at the data and said clear significant decrease in the amount of time people who get this drug are hospital.n the versusve it was 11 14-day difference. that made them feel like they needed to stop the trial and give the option of starting the drug on other individuals rather than waiting to see how they do. the other thing they were looking for, the secondary
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outcome, was mortality. deaths associated. if someone takes this drug, do we reduce death? there was a reduction. it is not what we call significant. where we apply statistical hadods and we say if we this data, enough of these data, would we feel strongly enough the time there would be a difference between taking the drug and not taking the drug. it did not quite meet that goal, but there was a difference between 11% deaths in the general untreated public in these trials and 8% for those getting the drug. it did not yet prove statistically significant. our hope is that if there is broader access to that drug as thatarn more about it, there may be a real difference there. our hope is that there are a number of therapies that will get developed that will create a big difference in mortality. heartening data in the near term. >> so as far as this drug being a treatment --
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[indiscernible] >> hospitalized for covid. didn't just limit it for care unitan intensive setting. i have not seen the data myself. i don't know if there would be differences in those settings. it is not for the general public who have a positive test and it is not a drug being tested, this data was not about using it to prevent somebody from getting infected. those peopley just who had a clear diagnosis and were in the hospital where they were doing the study. >> anyone else? gov. edwards: dr. fauci said that the exciting thing here was not just that it appears we have a therapeutic treatment that is effective and safe, although limited to those in the have an idea they of how remdesivir works. so this gives more pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to take that approach, refine it, and have it be more effective and potentially more effective a larger segment of the
7:55 pm it is a building block. this may be the very first safe and effective therapeutic treatment. blockecomes the building for others. that is where he was most excited the other day. it just so happened the news broke while alex was sitting on the couch next to dr. tony fauci. sir? >> do you have any plans to go to a restaurant this weekend? would you feel comfortable doing so? gov. edwards: i would feel comfortable going to a restaurant outdoors. i would. the question was whether i have plans. i don't have plans until my wife tells me what they are, but if that is what she wants to do, then i am sure that we will. it is going to be a beautiful weekend. we are encouraging people to get outdoors safely, especially to exercise. and helps relieve stress. it helps relieve stress.
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it helps you to stay in good condition and so forth. i think we are going to have some great weather. we do ask people to go out and take advantage of this weather. the advantage of the opportunity you have to eat at a restaurant on-premises outdoors, remembering to wear your mask to and from your table, making sure that you're social distancing from others who are not part of household.ate and just do everything else that we have been talking about. but if it was not a safe thing to do, we would not be allowing it in terms of the lifting of the restrictions we have in place as of today. i want to thank you-all for covering this as you have. i greatly look forward to the day, don't know when it is going to be here, when we have other things that are really the headline news here in louisiana and across the country. but until then, we are going to do everything we can to keep the
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people of louisiana safe in this practically unprecedented -- i guess it is unprecedented in our lifetimes, anyway, public health pandemic.s with this i want to encourage the people of louisiana to continue to do what they can to comply with the stay-at-home order. good hygiene, social distancing, so that we can stop the spread, make sure that we meet those threshold criteria, and that we can move forward with the continued easing of restrictions and open up more of our economy to get more of our businesses open, get more people back to work, but do all of that in a way that protects public health, does not see a spike in cases, so that we then maybe have to hit the brakes for a while. i'm just asking folks to be focused on that. we will get through this together. i can assure you. god bless. you will get some more information from our communications team about the
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next press conference, when and where that is going to be. thank you all very much. businessesent having before the honorable, the supreme court of the united to give theirshed attention. the court is now sitting. announcer: for the first time in hear the u.s. supreme court live. this month, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the court is hearing oral arguments in 10 teleconference. c-span will provide live coverage of each of these sessions. up on monday at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the justices hear the and of u.s. patent trademark office versus the case concerns the travel company's fight to trademark its website. be part of history, listen to the supreme court oral arguments
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liveard by the justices, monday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, on demand at or listen on the free c-span radio app. immediately following the court session, join jeffrey rosen of the national center leading a live discussion with scholars. >> i heard that you have done checks in your .ffice members of congress don't know how to practice good cyber hygiene. >> i've taken two trips overseas and i've gotten a phone that is -- check out from the travel office, it's not associated with me, it's a travel phone and i take a travel phone and many members do this but some don't know it's a priority because you never know where you plug that phone in, what might get loaded on it, who might come in contact with it.
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that's one of the steps that i take. steps she takes to safeguard her capitol hill office. watch "the communicators" monday night on c-span 2. ♪ primetime. journal" for the next hour, a special edition of c-span's "washington journal." your questions about the coronavirus start now. host: we welcome you to another primetime edition of the "washington journal." the death toll has exceeded 54,000. the fda approving a new experimental drug remdesivir for emergency use. it was tested at a number of leading medical facilities


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