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tv   Campaign 2020 Interview with Pennsylvania Political Reporter Laura Olson  CSPAN  June 4, 2020 2:25am-2:36am EDT

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the nomination to be the ceo of the u.s. agency for global media which operates international broadcast outlets. the head of the centers redfielde control dr. testifies before a house appropriations subcommittee about the federal response to the coronavirus. 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> next, laura olson talks about the state of the 2020 presidential race in a keystone state where president trump won in 2016. she discusses how pennsylvania's political climate has changed, and what issues are driving decisions at the polls. including the economy and government response to the pandemic.
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>> joining me via zoom is laura olson to talk about the battleground state in 2020. let's go back to 2016. laura: pennsylvania is going to be a very close state again. all eyes on pennsylvania. it was pretty unusual change. democrats had done well. it was a swing state. he was able to flip some democratic areas that had previously supported obama. these were pretty pivotal changes. since then we have seen trends
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accelerating. there are some areas in the southeastern part of the state moving towards democrat, including local elections. democrats pick up some local races there. it was a boost to democratic motivations. -- delegations. it is interesting on the ground right now. >> pennsylvania joining michigan and wisconsin as so-called blue wall, for democrats. looking at 2020 with joe biden, who is from scranton, how did that play in your part of the state?
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laura: one unusual thing with not having rallies coming through the state, we would have been hearing a lot more from joe biden about scranton. one of the ways he has been looked at is the blue-collar, white working-class voters who have been turned off by the democratic party. we will see whether that is the key, whether it is the suburban voters who end up pushing things scranton is in the general northeastern bubble that trump was able to pick up some gains among democratic voters. we are still registered as democrats, but we have been voting more republican. joe biden on the top of the ticket may move some of that.
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>> pennsylvania has been the state that president trump has traveled to most. yes, less than three weeks allentown, he was headed to an equipment manufacturer to talk about his economic message. it is a key part of the state. we will see many more visits. joe biden was in pennsylvania this morning. gave a pointed speech. >> let's talk about the demonstrations taking place across philadelphia and in pittsburgh and scranton,
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pennsylvania. how did the george floyd demonstrations play into the campaign? and still dealing with coronavirus. layer addsst complications to an unusual election. this election got pushed back five weeks from where it was supposed to be held. due to the coronavirus. they need more time. it was an unusual election because it is the first time a voter can cast a ballot by mail. coronavirus, it was a pretty dramatic change. very voter heavy part of the state.
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so far, the state has not had to make some changes to help make sure that the voting goes smoothly. except for one change where the ballot could be counted for additional days. the county election office and areas that had unmasked. -- had the most unrest. those ballots could be counted for additional days to make sure if there are any delays or curfews, they can get to a mailbox, that it does not inhibit the ability to vote. >> if we talk to reporters like you in battleground states, one of the things that will make this campaign so different and interesting is that it has become a virtual campaign. most notably, the campaign rally will not happen. door-to-door canvassing will not happen.
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how will this unfold in a key state like pennsylvania? many people believe whoever wins pennsylvania wins the election. >> down ticket as well. normally, you would have the state, local and congressional candidates going to the presidential rallies to try to drive excitement. we did see joe biden in philadelphia this morning. it was shocking almost because we have not had any visits. they have been sticking to campaign by phone or social media. [indiscernible]
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they are pretty keyed in. we are also voting for delegates today. they will have to get creative. we will see how they will check in with voters on the ground. the philadelphia media market can be expensive and harder to get some airtime there. they will have to get creative. >> talking about uncharted territory, the mail-in ballot that we are seeing in pennsylvania. will we see that in the fall? will there be any resistance from republicans? there are 1.8 million ballots requested. [indiscernible]
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the secretary of state said there were 17 times as many mail-in ballots requested than in the 2016 election. that is a big challenge here. the mail-in ballot was a state law that was passed, not in response to the coronavirus. they made that change -- there needs to be additional changes. republicans have not been on board with it so far. just making sure that things go smoothly. we will have a lot of lessons that come out of this. we will have to make sure that it moves smoothly. especially with all the eyes that will be focused. >> my guess is that we will be checking in with you more often. in allentown, pennsylvania, thank you for being with us on
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c-span. >> thank you. >> thursday, the senate judiciary committee meets to consider authorizing subpoenas for individuals involved in the fbi investigation into possible ties between the chum campaign and russian officials. online at listen free on the c-span radio app. dc mayort, washington, muriel bowser holds a meeting on protests and civil unrest across the district. this is 45 minutes. i wanted to be here this morning to provide an response public safety . i am going to ask the chief to do that and then we will answer your questions. morning. thank you,or


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