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tv   Campaign 2020 New York 16th Congressional Debate  CSPAN  June 20, 2020 3:43am-4:37am EDT

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is mia. i have been to all of the projects, within the district and you know what they tell me? aoc is mia. >> real quick response. >> i'm here. i'm here all the time. i do political education training. i drafted the green new deal for public housing, with residents. and experts in addition to the union and many others and making sure we get this. support forwe got the green new deal. make sure it has world-class clean air and water and energy efficient facilities within it. time, thank you for the you give us. there's going to do it for tonight's debate. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> candidates in the district
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rate face each other in the debate hosted by spectrum news new york one. focused on the converse, economic -- it focused on the coronavirus, economica recovery. the primary is june 23. ♪ >> good evening, i'm the political anchor. after months of a devastating health crisis, our city is starting to reopen. but that comes in the white of several weeks -- wake of several weeks of unrest. we're also keeping our eyes on the primary. that's for many seats, including congress, senate, and queensboro pregnant -- president. they will be grappling with issues we're dealing with in new york and around the country. we're pleased to offer a
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democratic emirate debate for the 16th congressional district, covering part of the bronx and lower westchester. he is a map of the district. include co-opt city, woodlawn, riverdale, new rochelle and rye. it is currently held by eliot engel. he is representative since 1989. here are the rules of this debate. it is a one minute response and a 32nd rebuttal. you can see the full debate at any time and i want to note we are taking this on tuesday, june 9. let's go now to opening statements. the order will be determined by random drawing. chris will go first.
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good evening. >> thank you. voters have a choice between four great individuals, three from art here. you can choose a career politician, whose focus solely on international issues and has had 32 years and hasn't gotten it done. on the other hand, your pick an individual with no experience as at the classroom, backed solely by money outside the district. what i ask you to do is listen to issues important to us and look at who has the experience to address them and who is the plan to move us forward on each and every one of these issues? that person is me. thank you. >> thank you. next we'll hear from mr. bowman. >> thank you. i have had the pleasure of serving this community as an educator. a already my career as
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principal before becoming a guidance counselor and for the last 10 per five years, i have served my community as a principal in the bronx. i have had the opportunity to organize parents, teachers, students, and by the proposal of my own school. in 2009, we opened our own school in. the northeast bronx our mission was to tap into the potential of our children, leverage the power of our family to fight against institutional racism and classism that exists within the system throughout the state and the country. we're proud of the work 'weve done, but there's more work to be done because our children who lived in poverty deal with extreme trauma and are suffering under democrat policy. it's time for change in the district and for the country. >> ok, thank you. next is mr. engel.
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i'm >> disappointed. the only latino was disbarred i really wish he would be here. >> i'm eliot engel. i'm running for another term as a member of congress. i want to say the country has changed in the past few weeks and i want to address that. i want to address the fact that black lives matter. i want to address the fact that there has been a tremendous outpouring of young people and old people and middle-aged people and our country will never be the same. the black imagine people feel, the indignity of physical day, and i hope all of us, no matter who was elected, will develop our time making sure racial equality in america becomes a reality. what happened to george floyd
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breaks my heart. it should not happen to anyone, certainly not to a human being. i hope they threw the book at those three cops and i hope it opens up a chance in america for us to really reassess and redo our law enforcement, because it can't continue to be the way it is now. i know in congress, we met yesterday. we're working on packages to make sure chokehold and other things are banned. there are so many things we can do because a black lives do matter. thank you. >> thank you. candidates, we are going to talk about the protests. we are in a time of great people, of course, and there are lots of questions about criminal justice swirling around, including some legislation that the next representative will
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have to get involved with and vote on. i wanted to ask each of you, what public actions have you taken on these issues the last few weeks since protests began? and if elected, what would be the top priority when it comes to camilla justice reform? let's go in the same order. >> these are big problems the country is facing. taken, and youre can find them on a website, are as follows. a, if i was in power in minneapolis, i would've a, charged the racist with murder one from day one. i would have started that trial jury, takingin a care of. i would have arrested the other three immediately. we needed leadership on these issues. i proposed on my website that it would make it a hate crime for any prosecuting officer who targets people of color.
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i would put in a reasonable and necessary standard, a standard under the law for many years that people understand, and those other standards before you can use force. -- are the standards before you can use force. i would required de-escalation tactics before you use force, and three strikes legislation. 18s individual had complaint against him. that should never have been allowed. he said been thrown off the force -- should have been thrown off the force. >> one thing the congress and mentioned, things have changed the last few weeks. if you're american, things have not changed at all. we deal with institutional is, and i a daily bas have deal with it my interlayer. the first time ever -- my entire life. the first time i was beaten by
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police was 11 years old. it's something we consistently deal with. as we engage with police brutality, we have to engage with all institutional racism, and where it exists. the federal policy we need to address involves immunity. right now, police have immunity. if they violate someone's civil rights, the person is not allowed to sue them. that is an acceptable. we need to increase police accountability, not just in terms of accountability, but federal investigation. if police commit a crime, we need the department of justice to investigate at a federal level in addition, we need to reallocate resources that have gone to militarizing the police .that's the crime bill that led to militarization
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of the police force. we need it for nurses, police force -- nurses, teachers, housing, so they can be deeper policed.s opposed -- de- >> please give us your response. what have you been doing and what would you do if reelected? >> what i would be doing is what my kids have been doing every day this week. i would go out to demonstrations and go to my district to demonstrate. not going tore change into weeks or three weeks, the country is changing in terms of how horrific this is an being over. -- being aware. there are things you take for granted. i think this is a tremendous thing in making people aware and abusing people as brothers and
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people as- embracing brothers and sisters. that's why congress tried to respond yesterday with some of the repose of -- the proposals. i'm working to make sure some things are eliminated in new york state, there is a built in the legislature which would allow people to take a look at the previous record. right now, you can't look at it. i think things are changing. enough,ore to do, not but it makes us aware. when i march and my kids, one in brooklyn, one in the bronx, tw o in the bronx, when they march, they were topped by the values taught by myself and their mother. i want to be with the people because there can't be a bear lesson taught and social action
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for positive change in this country. >> ok. let me ask each of you, there are calls for each of you to defund the police. i want to know if you disappointed that -- if you supported that. different people mean different parts of the. let me start with you -- of that. let me start with the. -- with you. >> i don't support defunding the police. what i do support is taking some of the money and using it for other methods of policing. there is not just one method of policing. i think we each have the structure of the police department. that doesn't mean we have to go with the model we had been using. i think that people can put their heads together, come up with a good plan, and i think we will be able to, by and large, move forward in a positive way. but it could take a while.
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we can't solve these problems overnight. but we're all in this -- i always like to quote, saying my good friend, a civil rights activist endorsing the for reelection, he says -- endorsing me for election, he says we all come here, but we are in the same boat together. we have to fix our society. it is wounded and it is broken and we have to change it and we have to work as hard as we can, and hopefully we will come up with a system where people will feel a modicum of fairness than what they feel right now. >> ok. mr. fink? >> my fear is that we need to demilitarized the police. we need to reallocate the amount that replaced to the police department all over the country and use them in the correct ways. we need to get rid of the ar-15's, i couldn't believe
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that we have two of armored vehicles in new york to take care of these issues, and that is a complete waste of money. we should get rid of those. we should get rid of military type weapons that are carried by police forces and reallocate that money to proper training, better testing, and social policing. i do agree with the carson that we have a lot -- the congressman that we have a long way to go. i am a father. i have a children, four is white, one is black. i don't want to live in a country where my one child is treated differently than other children by our police, so we need to make change and we need to make. change now not just -- need to make changes now. not just black people, but white people. >> how long are people of color in this country going to need to get there? how long are people in poverty
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going to need to get there? yes, i support defunding of the police because if we invest in jobs, there won't be any for as large a police force as we have and there won't be any for militarization of the police. and congressman engel, when you said you came here on different ships, you are absolutely correct. african-americans tend here on slave ships. we are the only people on this land that actually existed on this land as property, as capital. we were on the same boat. we are not on the same boat. people of african descent are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be killed by inice, incarcerated, live areas where housing has been neglected. we have to have conversations to deal with institutional racism and classism. and we can't say it is going to take a long while. the whole country is wising up.
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we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. >> did you want to respond? >> i did. i wasn't quoting myself. i was quoting john lewis, a civil rights hero in the 60's in alabama on the bridge, where he was beaten senseless, almost. he is the one who sit -- almost did. -- almost dead. he is the one who said that. he is an icon. i don't think his word can be doubted because he is one of the people who changed this country. >> fair enough. standby. we are going to take a short break. we'll be back with more of this debate in just a minute. ♪ >> welcome back to our democratic primary debate for the 16th congressional district which covers part of the bronx
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and lower westchester. we join eliot engel, chris fink and jamaal bowman. want to talk to you about the ongoing pandemic. the city is beginning to reopen but it is worth remembering the first major covid outbreak in this region took place in my hometown of new rochelle which falls within the 16th congressional district. i wanted to know from each of you as the pandemic swept through the area, what public actions did you take to help the community? get into a discussion of what we need to do going forward. let's start with you, mr. bowman. >> the pandemic hit new rochelle march 2. within eight days, new rochelle was contained. schools were closed, national guard was brought in, and food was distributed to those who needed it. shortly thereafter, i was rallying with the nurses outside of st. joseph hospital demanding ppe's because the federal
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government's response was lackluster in terms of ppe's not just here in the state, but across the country. i also had the privilege of serving at food pantries in yonkers and multiple areas of the bronx. the one thing i want to highlight -- the new rochelle response was accurate. unfortunately, the same response that not happen in yonkers and mount vernon. it took another 23 days to bring a testing site to co-opt city and another 53 days to bring testing sites to yonkers, mount vernon. the response was inadequate, and as we know, black and latino communities were disproportionately impacted by covid and out the responses lackluster terms of the community in new rochelle and those in poverty and other areas of the district. >> mr. fink? less than a mile from new
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rochelle, less than a mile of the epicenter of this pandemic. my family and i brought food to homeless shelters, food kitchens. we gave blood. so did my staff, because we knew blood was short at this period of time. we got out there and attended rallies in support of our community. what i also did was i came up with a plan. it is on my website. clearly, our nation and our federal government were not ready when we came into this pandemic. there were not prepared for it, they did not react quickly. i want to have a plan when we come out of it. that plan addresses social, environmental and economic. it gets usial story, safely back to work and trains health-care workers. on the environmental side, and make sure the last two months
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continue going forward and we get renewable energy. most importantly on the economic side, we get people back to work. we need to create jobs, all of our district, long term jobs that will support our people. >> mr. engel? people. meeting with people really didn't know what had hit them. in new rochelle, when this first started, i spoke with the people who were quarantined at the time to tell them we were behind them, that we would help them anyway possible. i went down to washington and got to work. 100,000ed $100,000 -- antibody tests. $5 million in funding to new york hospitals. money for community health centers in new rochelle and in mount vernon and places like that.
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i have been able to get more money into my district than any other member of congress. i was very proud of the money that i was able to bring in. w, that's what i did and erked with all th hospitals of new york to help them procure money that they needed for beds and other things like that. >> ok, let's spend a couple of minutes. what is the status as far as you are concerned of medical readiness, resiliency in the district, and if it needs improving, what would you do as a member of congress to make that happen? in any order. >> from the very beginning, we called on the federal government to do a lot more. the cares act was inadequate. this district is one of the most economically unequal in the country. one time $1200 checks were not
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going to get it done. we called for $2000 per month check to everyone who lost their job. we called for the cancellation of rent, the cancellation of utilities, and the cancellation of mom and pop mortgages. we called for undocumented immigrants to be a part of the cares package as well. i spoke to an undocumented immigrant recently who has four children who are american citizens and she has not received a dime from the federal government. which is unacceptable. , unless we readiness are going to do door-to-door testing, especially in places like co-opt city where they are so many seniors, so many have been homebound, i don't think we are ready to open up, opened back up just yet. i also want to comment on congressman ingle. engle. he reported via his social media that he would be giving out supplies and mount vernon.
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he put out multiple tweets he would be there doing so. in fact, he was in maryland. a reporter knocked on his home and congressman engel answered the door. he lied to the constituents of this district saying he was going to be here, when he was not. >> let's give him a chance to respond. >> mr. bowman, that is so ridiculous on its face. i work in washington. marilyn is right across the river from washington. when i first got elected to congress, my children were young and i brought them down with me. now they are in their 20's and 30's and they are back in new york. i still have that house where i go and i go down to washington. i don't think anybody would begrudge me for going down to washington. i fought in the heroes act. i got $5 billion in funding for new york hospitals.
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that is five times more than any other state got. that is work that i did. it's so ridiculous. i live in riverdale. everybody knows i live in riverdale. i have lived there for a long time. i am sort of like the mayor of riverdale. it just goes to show how much you don't know the district because everybody in riverdale knows me. very few know you because you really have not been in the district. you just decided you were going to move in and run for office. >> here's the issue. he said he was going to be in the district and he was not in the district. that is misleading, that is a lie. that is taking your constituents for granted. number one. let me finish, ok? number two, have when you feel the pain and the suffering that people are going through during the pandemic if you are not here? all of the other senior leaders from congress returned back to their districts here in new
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york. congressman engel stayed in maryland. if you wanted to stay in fine, but dot's not mislead the voters when you say you are going to be here when you were not here. >> the only person misleading the voters right now is you. senator charles bailey, who by the way, is supporting me. assemblyman who was supporting me. the three of us were giving food to the people. i couldn't make it, so the two of them gave it and i was not there. i was a sponsor. i was listed on there. >> you tweeted you were going to be there. >> no, no. i sponsored it. >> it's on the record. >> ok, i think we get the gist of this dispute. i'm sure people are fact checking as we speak and twitter will get the last word on that. mr. fink? >> i will let these to fight all
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night long but let me answer the question that neither of them answered. two things. contact tracing is the most important thing we could and should be doing right now with respect to this pandemic. it's shown to be effective all over the country. we need to do it here. the pandemic happened here for a reason. because of the concentration of human beings in our population. we need to follow that. second, the cares act. the cares act was a band-aid, an insufficient band-aid. that is why my plan will create jobs, not only in infrastructure, but jobs in the health care industry so that we can test, we can provide health care workers the ability to test and do contact tracing so that when this happens again and i can promise you, we are going to have another pandemic. it may be in the fall, it may be two years from now, but we need to be better prepared. the federal government cannot be
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caught flat-footed again. we need to focus on those two areas -- contact tracing and providing long-term jobs that address this issue before it becomes a pandemic. >> thank you. candidates, it is time now for the cross-examination. that is when each candidate will get a chance to ask one opponent one question. we're going to start with you, mr. fick. >> thank you. i would like to address this question to mr. bowman and i have asked him this before and he didn't answer this. company thatoup, a wanted to move to our district, let's say yonkers, and open a factory that is going to create solar panels and provide great, long-term, good paying jobs for people who work in that industry, and provide renewable energy to us going forward -- backers, the justice
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democrats, for some reason do not like the woman who runs that company. and they have given you $500,000 to support her campaign. i want to know, can you honestly tell me that you are going to vote in favor of your district or the people who backed you? >> i'm going to vote in favor of my district. i have not received half $1 million from aoc and the justice democrats. my campaign is fully campaign by small dollar donations. we have an average donation of $37. we don't take any money from all for ourt campaign. >> that's not really true. rebuttals, but we will come back to that probably in some other forum. mr. bowman, you get to ask a question of one of the rivals. >> yes, i'm going to ask
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congressman engel a question. congressman engel, will you apologize and take response ability -- will you apologize for saying you would be in the district giving out supplies and groceries during the pandemic when you were in fact in maryland? will you apologize for misleading the voters and will you take with possibility for that? >> what is your problem, mr. bowman, if i sponsor something, and give away the food, and i at the last minute i was not physically there? yesterday, we gave out food as well and i was there part of the time because i had to leave because i had another meeting to go to. the important thing is that if to handphysically there out the food but you do the programs. i have lived in this district since i was 12 years old. everyone knows me there. i help people. it does not matter whether i am there or i'm not there, as long as people get the help they
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need, that's what counts. i don't understand your dwelling on my physical presence one way or another. i was one of the 10 most effective lawmakers. it is because i am effective in what i do. it's because i bring home things to the district. it is because people know me and they see me. we have never seen you until you decided you were going to run for congress. nobody knew you. i'm sure you had your school and that was it, but you've done nothing in the community through the years. every battle we've had in this community in the years, you have been missing in action. i think you are the last one who should point the finger at anybody else. >> ok, mr. engel, you got to ask a question now. >> yeah, i would like to ask mr. bowman, where has he been? he has community night outs every single year, we're fighting against flooding in westchester.
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we were fighting about crime or anything, schools, where has he been? these bid with his school. by the way, i heard the parents of the schools made him resign because he was using his kids to do political campaign work for him. i heard that from a number of people. i think we got a question out of that. >> that is completely absurd. [laughter] orry, that last part was completely absurd. the middle school principal, which i am incredibly proud of. i didn't just open on my own community school in your district. we did have beyond the school. to build a health care attachment to the school. breaking ground on that this
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summer and we are very proud of that. we have worked with the alliance for quality education to increase funding for new york state schools to record numbers. we've worked with a coalition of justice to bring culturally responsive curriculum to our schools. we worked with jamaal bailey so he can fought for schools. he evoked my name at the state level when he pushed the bill to bring more practices to our schools. governorstified to cuomo's common core task force against the common core and that led to a moratorium on teaching evaluations two-state test. congressman engel, the reason why you have never seen me is because you are not here, you live in maryland. i'm here. principle of a school in your district.
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you're not seeing me means more of your absence than my my absence. >> thank you. everybody stand by. we are going to take a short break. we will be back with more of this debate for the 16th congressional district in just a minute. stay with us. ♪ welcome back to our democratic primary debate for new york's 16th congressional district. it is time for a lightning round were each candidate lancer my question with a brief response, usually yes or no. let's go right around in order. willelected or elected, you vote to have nancy pelosi continue as house speaker? >> yes. >> mr. bowman? >> it depends who's running. we will have to wait and see. >> mr. engel? >> absolutely, yes. >> mr. engel, should the u.s. cut its military budget? >> yes. >> mr. frank? >> absolutely.
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>> mr. bowman? >> yes. reallocate towards peace and diplomacy. >> mr. bowman, should the nypd be removed from the role of providing security in new york city public schools? >> absolutely, yes. >> mr. fink? >> absolutely, no. >> mr. engel? >> yes. >> mr. engel, should taxes be raised on households that earned more than $500,000 a year? >> yes. >> absolutely, let believe in a progressive tax system. >> mr. bowman? >> yes. >> ok. mr. bowman, should new york city police officers allowed to live in the surrounding suburbs? >> good question. i guess so, yeah. >> lightning round. hire them from the city. >> got it.
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mr. fink? >> absolutely not. under my crime plan, they would have to live in the city they work. >> mr. engel? >> yes. socialengel, should media companies be allowed to censor the content on their platform? >> no. >> mr. bowman? >> no. >> mr. fink? >> no, the first amendment gives us the right to free speech. medicalink, should all care for coronavirus be free? >> absolutely. >> mr. bowman? >> yes, all health care should be free. >> mr. engel? >> yes, and i also support medicare for all. >> mr. engel, at this time would you feel safe riding or having family members ride the new york city subway? >> yes. my kids ride it everyday to
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work. >> yes. i have taken the subway my whole career and i would do so in a heartbeat. >> mr. bowman? >> no, we still need to handle this pandemic. >> mr. bowman, what is the last social thing you did before social distancing became a thing? >> petitioning in mount vernon. >> mr. fink? >> same exact thing. i was a non-bird in getting signatures. >> mr. engel? >> with my wife. >> ok. mr. engel, do you think it is safer professional sports to start up in some sort of limited capacity? >> yes. >> mr. fink? >> i think they should start up in a capacity which does not have people in stance. >> mr. bowman? >> i don't know, man. no. >> i don't know sounds like a no. mr. bowman, should the democratic party hold an in
4:20 am
person national convention this summer? >> no. >> mr. fink?/ >> no. >> no. >> that is the lightning round. thank you, candidates. i wanted to move on to a different topic and it is one that kind of rolled throughout this campaign. we even touched on some of it tonight. that is the issue of experience versus change. i've got a particular question for each of you. mr. engel, what do you say to constituents who want change after more than three decades of your service in office? another way to put it would be, what do you plan to do in the next two years that you have not done in the last 32? >> well, i think finish the job. i'm now the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. we are doing a lot of investigations on president trump and his administration. about the inspector general being fired.
4:21 am
they have people trying to find out if things are on the up and up. as soon as they start making headway, he fires them. we are going after them. i'm leading the charge in this thing is going to blow up in the next few months. you will hear a lot of things because we have them hot on their tail. with seniority in the congress, there is clout. the seniority system works that way. if you have your committee chair, you can have more money for your district. you can do investigations like the ones i just described. i have brought home lots of dollars to my district because of my seniority. thatrms of making sure this administration is on the up and up, i was part of the speaker's kitchen cabinet when it came to the impeachment. i was one of the six committee chairs that carried the ball.
4:22 am
i have been doing a lot of work as the chairman. i'm very proud of it. i think you send someone back to congress has the experience, who has been doing his job. i feel -- fink, you have talked about how both mr. engel as an established longtime incumbent, that there are some drawbacks to that. i take it from your question to mr. bowman, you think his connections to the justice democrats and some of the progressive organizations is also a problem. on the other hand, you go in as a freshman -- there's a fine line, you could say, with being independent and being disconnected. how would you as a freshman plan to get things done if you are not part of any established national political formation? >> i have been able to get things done my entire career.
4:23 am
mr. engel talked about how his 32 years and his chairmanship gives them clout. we looked at the numbers and the numbers do not lie. he introduce 43 bills. none of them passed. zero. job, i would in my have been fired. in my career, i have represented state and local governments across the country. over 700 state and local governments. infrastructure in different municipalities. i have brought renewable energy to the tune of $24 billion of projects over the last 10 years. in the last nine years, my group has advised more municipal governments than any other group. nine years in a row, we have ranks number one. that is effective and that's experience in things that matter to our district. they don't care so much about the inspector general. people care about the roads
4:24 am
we drive on, the bridges we drive over and the schools our kids go in. they are all crumbling and they have been for 32 years. they care about solution and the climate crisis. everyone on this panel talks about the green new deal. i'm the only one who has any background or experience in energy and a plan to get it done. i'm not just saying let's get green. we have a plan to get it done. you need experience and you need to be effective and that's what i have been my whole career, and that's what i will be in congress. >> mr. engel, i give you a chance to respond on the. >> the committee for effective leadership ranks me the top 10 in congress. there are 435 members in congress, i think being top 10 shows you are doing pretty well. i don't know where he got this no bill passed. it shows you does not have an idea of how things work. you combined bills, you do all
4:25 am
kinds of things that way. believe me, i have had a lot of impact on this congress and past congresses. >> ok, we can fact-check. it is a vacuum introduced 43 bills and none became law. that's not a gray area, it's true. >> i don't believe it's true. >> let me go to mr. bowman. you have talked tonight and other times during the campaign about repealing the 1994 crime bill, but that law for all of its faults establishes the assault weapons ban. it also enables the justice department to enter consent decrees with local police departments. i'm wondering, you don't necessarily want to get rid of every element of that bill, right? >> correct. exactly, there are things in the bill that work. the violence against women act as part of that bill.
4:26 am
there are other parts that can be implemented that is not part of the crime bill. you take a look at repealing the crime bill, we have to introduce new legislation that will impact our community in a positive way. if you don't mind, i will go back to something that congressman engel mentioned. he mentioned over the next 10 years, it will go after trump and investigate trump. he has received an "f' for oversight in congress. that is number one. number two, we called for the impeachment of trump after we lost our campaign in mid-june. congressman engel did not get on board with impeaching trump until two months after that date. we've heard throughout the district that people are calling for change. we need 70,000 affordable homes as we speak in the district. our schools are underfunded by billions of dollars. three times more likely to die of asthma in the bronx than anywhere else. we need jobs in the job training
4:27 am
program. there is so much to fight for, and unfortunately, congressman engel's absence has forced people to tell us, he is not present, he is not engaged and it is time for a change. >> i will give you a moment to respond, but mr. bowman, he got an "f" from one group? >> forgive me if i do not remember the group, but he got an "f" for oversight. >> i have been a progressive democrat for all the years i have been in congress. that is why i have ratings of "a." that is why the congressional black caucus endorsed me. that is why the congressional hispanic caucus has endorsed me. i'm one of the clean votes, the on the progressive side and i have done that for years. people can make up things. the fact is -- >> a progressive does not take corporate pac money. >> what are you taking money
4:28 am
now? >> a progressive does not take corporate pac money. my campaign didn't. >> did i interrupt you? i didn't interrupt you. au're now getting half million dollars, and that money is dark money. it is not good for our institutions. you try to pretend -- you criticize me for t voting for te crime bill. it's an enough bill. there were other things. bernie sanders voted for the bill. you cannot just pick things out and pretend they are all by themselves. you ask anybody in congress, democrat or republican, they will tell you eliot engel is a hard-working progressive democrat for many years. i'm proud of it and i want to continue to do it. >> mr. fink? >> cannot just clear up, numbers
4:29 am
do not lie. politicians make up a lot of things, numbers do not lie. hisengel, 87% of contributions from outside of the district. very clear. mr. bowman, 94% of his from outside the district. that is not even counting the $500,000 he is getting from aoc. he gets more money from brooklyn. $30,000. than he gets from our district where he only has $21,000. that is in the sec filings. they are both finance from outside the district. i'm not. when you are going to go vote, who are you going to vote for? our district or the people that support the two of you? >> let me argue this.
4:30 am
me matter of $500,000 from justice democrats or an affiliated group. is that for independent expenditures? what is behind that number? >> it has nothing to do with our campaign. it is illegal for me to do so. i don't know why this keeps coming up. any act money. funded bypletely large donors. he is completely funded by weapons manufacturers, youmaceuticals companies are not a progressive when you are accountable. proposing the signature foreign-policy which is the array and deal.
4:31 am
fundedu look at who is and then he votes for, see the common interest. >> why don't you publicly state that you want eddie money pledged from the justice democrats. you don't want any commercials run. they are clearly supporting you. if you don't want to be there puppet, say we don't want your money. >> we are running grassroots campaign.
4:32 am
we appreciate that support. >> mr. frank is right. mr. bowman says what he says with a straight face. to pretend otherwise is disingenuous. upwhen the question comes about the various corporate pacs. >> i would want to take the money out of politics. new york city has a matching system. thefact of the matter is people can put money in or only wealthy people can run. they want to go the way the republic was formed. it is not illegal to do any of it. i'm going to do what i need to
4:33 am
do. tries to point his finger and everybody else and tries to deny he is bottom for -- paid for either justice democrats. >> there are plenty of disclosures on the fec website. decide whether it is good money or bad money or dark money. we've only got a couple of minutes left. i would like each of you to give your single best idea about what to do for public housing. the new york city housing authority is in the whole. there are a lot of different ideas. that's been talked about. let's put that aside. what is your best idea other than asking for mom -- more
4:34 am
money out of washington? >> that's a good question. there's a simple answer i can't believe the federal government has it taken care of. they have the ability and the access to tax exempt financing. cap that applies to housing. that should be eliminated for new york state. we have the same cap they had in iowa and oklahoma. my firstne of positions, we need to eliminate that cap because right now you can get tax-exempt money for almost free. thataucus has not pushed and it's unbelievable. it costs the federal government
4:35 am
very little. you could build housing everywhere. >> we need to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. we need to tax capital gains at 2%. they don'tmake sure get away without paying federal taxes. we need to build 12 million new social housing units. them with auild goal of net zero carbon emissions for the next two years. we to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share. millions of new manufacturing jobs, union jobs. >> i grew up in public housing. they were in the bronx. it provided good housing for me
4:36 am
and my family and it was a very well integrated project. we all went to the same schools. i've always been for affordable housing. my dad was a union welder. need to make these things priority. i know you said besides money, money makes the world go round. instead of giving tax breaks to the rich, we should build affordable housing. we need to check and see, i passed a bill to require the housing department to have a minimum amount of heat, people were freezing in their apartments. apartments, it's


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