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tv   Discussion on Elections Mail- In Voting  CSPAN  July 27, 2020 1:59am-2:55am EDT

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>> president trump says he opposes mail-in voting in the upcoming election because of the possibility of fraud. next, the center for conservative women hosts a forum on the issue, looking at voter roles and accountability. we can get started. i am the public relations officer for the center for conservative women. so happy to have you join us this afternoon. here at the center for conservative women, our mission is to pair women for effective leadership -- our materials, programs, and initiatives support ideas and efforts that are pro america, profamily, support for enterprises and entrepreneurship , and we encourage our students to be active ambassadors at their workplace and within their
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community. learningterested in more about the center for conservative women. you can visit our website or reach out to us to get our monthly email newsletter. we can jump into the webinar. a rising sophomore at the university, studying computer science, i.t., and math. we are so happy to have her here with us this summer. >> good afternoon, everybody. i am very excited to be introducing our teacher. she is a partner and political law attorney for the washington, d.c. office. a member of the -- with over 40 years of experience, she issued candidates, campaigns, and individuals on state and federal campaign finance law, election law, and compliance issues.
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she practices before the federal election commission, the ethics committees of the house and senate, as well as bodies and agencies. she represents numerous candidates, campaigns, and members of congress, as well as state and national political parties. she served as legal counsel to as senatorial committee and the national congressional -- cocounsel for the national rifle association in a supreme court case for the federal campaign finance law. our organization, center for conservative women, awarded her -- she is an inspiration to many young women like myself. today, she will be discussing the loopholes in the mail-in ballot system and how susceptible our election turnout could become without voter id and in person voting. you so much.
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it is great to be with you. to talkn to be able about the election year and what is happening and some issues around that. let me just give you a little bit of a preface. first of all, i love doing things with the center for isservative women because it a great organization. it has helped so many young conservative women on campuses and high schools across america to be able to know that they are when they are suffering from the efforts to silence them by the leftists on campus. actually, there are a lot of other people who share their views and you are not wrong. you may be outnumbered but you are not wrong. it is a great thing to have their work of the center for conservative women working so hard to lift up young women all over the country as it has done for many years.
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i hope you take to heart all the lessons and things that the centers for conservative women have to offer. i love speaking to and with an hearing from the center and all of the wonderful young women associated with it. today, we are going to talk about the election. we are going to talk about election integrity and how we protect the integrity of america's elections when they are under assault. let me give you a little bit of background. that theo be ballotsnt did not print for the beginning part of the nation's history. the ballots were actually andted and handed out delivered and counted by political parties, political party bosses, and early in the 20th century, there came to be an effort.
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interestingly, pushed by the progressive movement in the early 20th century, to take the control of elections out of the hands of party bosses and political and campaign operatives and move that machinery out of the political parties and into the hands of government agencies where you have, hopefully, you would train election officials and they would be nonpartisan and that is not always the case. we know that. the theory was that we should not allow the political parties to control the election process. political parties could control the campaign process but we needed to separate. that was the argument. theica needed to separate campaigning from the election one ofry it's off, and
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the manifestations of that was literally to adopt what was called the australian ballot. thatustralian ballot means the country of australia was the first country that actually decided that the government should print ballot, distribute the ballot, collect the ballot, cap the ballot, rather than party bosses. that was done in the early part of the 20th century, where you began to -- america began to institute, within the state, remember, the process of conducting elections is not a federal procedure. under the u.s. constitution, it is delegated to the state. the states are responsible for ,onducting the elections responsible for what the constitution says. the time, place, and manner. electing even the federal officials. that is why we have 50 state
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laws that govern the election aocess who qualifies as candidate. how everything about the elections are to be conducted. that is a province of the state. -- ite are seeing now started 20 years ago when bill clinton was president. law wasonal motor voter passed and that was one of the very first things that the clinton administration wanted to get done. it's always interesting to me, when democrats and leftists are docted, the first thing they is they start messing with the process, the political process when nancy pelosi became speaker of the house in 2007, the first thing that was in
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order on her agenda was a major overhaul. the federal lobbying law. they did not really change very much, frankly, tweaking around the edges, but that was the very first bill. when the democrats took over congress, in the 2018 election, massiven 2019 it was a 2000 plus page bill to rewrite the election laws, to federalize the elections, to rewrite campaign finance laws, to change all kinds of things related to political process. it is something the left is fixated upon. it's always trying to manipulate and rewrite the process in hopes of changing the outcome. iswhat we are seeing in 2020 a situation where there are over 100 lawsuits, most of them filed
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lawyers for the democratic national committee who are funded by george soros and other left-wing groups and donors to force states, through the courts, to have their election laws rewritten. and not by the legislatures. the legislatures have written trying to force changes in the statutes by judges without true opportunity. let me just go through some of the things i talked about. one of the things you hear a lot 2016, there was all this russian interference in the election. really? i think it was finally confirmed that somehow, some russian ot posted something like 100,000 dollars of ads on facebook. does anybody believe that that
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changed the outcome of the 2016 election? no, it did not. it had no impact. however, that has been used as a a pretext it was for getting facebook and twitter and all the big tech companies to either say they are not going to allow any political conversation or ads or to try to platforms from any election related communication. of course, that really ends up only applying to conservatives so it is a silencing of conservative views, which may deem to be hate speech. if we say we believe that america is not a racist country, they deem that to be hate speech. i believe america is a wonderful country. that would be deemed hate speech by the big tech companies. we have seen all of the pressure
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onsilence conservatives elections and political elite related issue -- politically related issues and statements. we have also seen an effort by, as i said, these lawsuits that have been filed all over the country to change the election laws. now, instead of it being we have foreign interference, now, they have pivoted, and the concern is -- the suppose it concern is because of covid-19, we have to completely up and the up-end the election laws of the states. here is something that has been demand to the court's to -- number one, we know that over the last decade, we no longer .ave an election day the constitution provides for an
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election day. and is set by federal law the first tuesday after the first monday of november. that is when all federal candidates are to be elected. that is when you are supposed to have the election. we know the beginning -- that beginning 10 or 15 years ago, states began to allow early voting, and in some states on the west coast, they have moved to eliminate their polling places altogether and have -- and now have all mail-in voting in oregon, in washington state, and now, colorado. what does that mean for our democracy? it means we are not all operating under the same set of information when we cast our ballot. ballots will start being cast in many places in mid-september. so something happens in october. the people have already voted
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and have lost their ability to make a decision based on the same information as a neighbor in another state -- a neighbor in their own states may have based their decision upon because they did not vote until election day. we have seen that change, and the big issue that is being raised today in the court cases and hammering by the left and the rushrats today is by everyil-in voting state and that was one of the things that was included in this hr one. that is a provision that was caresed in the pandemic act that congress -- the legislation that nancy pelosi introduced in response to the pandemic. their argument is people are not going to be able to leave their homes so we have to have all-mail voting --
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voting. there are so many things wrong with this premise. the new york times wrote an article about eight years ago in which it acknowledged that with an increase in mail voting in some states and across the country that the ability of election officials to monitor and ensure the integrity of the ballot and the election outcome was greatly diminished. when you have mail voting is that you have voting where they really are not able to ensure that the safeguards to protect the integrity of the election, to guard against fraud, to guard against those who would want to unduly pressure the most vulnerable populations, whether it is the elderly, whether it is people with somewhat diminished mental capacity, people who live
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in group homes, people who live in assisted living facilities, that there's really no way for the laws that are on the books to protect those populations, those voting populations. there is no way those can be enforced. nationalthis enormous push by the media, by the left, to impose all mail voting. one of the things that brings to the u.s. post office is able to process on a timely basis all of the ballots if everybody is asking for a ballot and voting by mail. what is going to happen with the postal service? let me give you some examples. office of service, inspector general, just did a study, released a study, of the
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and specialn election since then. their goal, let me just say, hasr goal, the post office established a goal to only lose 4% of the ballot. now think about that. sure goal is not to make that 100% of the ballots are received timely, processed, and returned timely to the election facility so that they can be received, processed, and counted timely. their goal is to make sure that 96% of the ballots are received timely and returned timely. that is their goal. that is their stated goal. how many millions of ballots does that represent? overommission did a study
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several cycles and found that there were literally millions, millions of ballots that either were misdelivered, delivered well after the deadline, or never delivered, millions of ballots. now, if the post office tells the public we have a goal of only losing 4% of your votes, and we did not meet that goal, we got close, but it's actually closer to 5% that we know that the post office admits they did not process in time for that voters vote to be counted. the left always says we have to make sure that every single vote is counted. i agree with that. we want every legally eligible voter to have the certainty that his or her ballot is going to be counted and that his or her
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expression of his or her opinion is counted. ballots do not ensure that, and in fact, the system for returning the ballots has proven that they cannot handle and ensure that 100% of the voters ballots will actually be returned. andived, returned, delivered on time to be counted. we start with that, that is a big problem. a few weeks ago, a few months ago, actually, a number of us, watching all of the issues that have been presented in all this different litigation, we assembled a task force of election law experts from across attorneys,'s election officials, people -- scholars, secretaries of state,
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and we collectively put together thest of what we call standard for voting by mail. if you are going to -- and every state has some system for voting by mail, and so, what we wanted to do as a group of people who have been involved in this arena for a long time wanted to collectively assemble our experience and our beliefs and our thoughts, and we generated and produced in june some national standards for voting by mail. i think we may have those available to post on the screen. do we have those? event, there are a number of issues that relate to these issues. -- there theyis are.
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historically, what we wanted people to understand is that voting by mail compromises the election system. time we are going to remove the voting process from the immediate personal scrutiny of election officials, we run the risk of creating problems, fraud, and lost ballots. we know that they are istorically -- vote by mail is historically vulnerable to intimidation, and manipulation, fraud, and chaos. in the new york primary, there are races for the new york primary in june where we still do not know the outcome, a little more than a month later. now, one of the things that most election laws put in place, laws enacted by the legislature, is to create certainty.
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absolute certainty. certainty of the election results. doesf the things that mail not allow for -- mail voting does not allow for is immediate information, determination of certainty ofand the results, and it's really important that we pay attention to that, particularly in a presidential election, where electors in the electoral college meet. they will meet barely a month after the election. we cannot afford to have a situation where the electoral college cannot meet its required constitutional date because they are still trying to locate, find, and process absentee ballots or ballots by mail. this is a huge problem. we saw in these standards
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examples going back many years, and even in recent elections, absentee buckets of ballots were found in an apartment building near the trashcan in nevada. an entire set of elections in miami-dade county were set aside because of a massive fraud scheme that was involved. it went to absentee ballots in the voting by mail. here are the four principles. look in that box there on the screen. there are four principles that are really important for all of the mail voting. number one, election officials must not automatically mail ballots to everyone on the voter role. one of the things that we know from a number of years and many, many studies, is that the voter rolls themselves are not capped
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out by the election officials. they are not current. in many cases, they are a mess. they have many more people on the rolls than there are eligible adults of voting age population in that jurisdiction. you have more people on the olls than who actually have live there and vote -- who actually live there and vote. that's what ? -- guess what? they are going to be sending ballots to a lot of dead people. they will be sending multiple ballot to a single address because some people might have moved. if you are in an apartment building, you may have a person living in that apartment may receive four or five or six ballots. you tell me, isn't that a huge opportunity for fraud? particularly if you do not have safeguards in place so that the person sending back the ballot has to have some identifying
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information, some process to know that that is actually the voter who is eligible to vote. number one, we must not have jurisdictions sending ballots bring that back down, please. can you see that? i want to see that. there we go. right there. i want everyone to see that box. nope, nope, nope. it is moving again. [laughter] >> ok. there we go. all right. so we don't want to have automatic mailing of ballots. that is a recipe for fraud and disaster. be adly, there has to process for safeguarding the return of the ballots. that is a hugely important principle. there are those who want to set up -- one of the things the post office says is we cannot process
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properly all these ballots. maybe we will set up a receptacle and people can drop upir ballots in -- draw their ballots in these receptacles. a big problem with that is those receptacles can be stuffed, they can be stolen, they can be manipulated, and does not necessarily a way for the postal authorities. if you do that, there's no way for the postal authorities to thatark every envelope contains a returned ballot. that has to be a way to make a way tohat there is return any mail ballot that is secure and that makes certain that it includes some way to identify that the person who sent the ballot is actually a
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registered voter. do notnting process -- send it out. don't just mail ballots to everybody. number two principle is the return of the ballots. this is done which has to have certain safeguards to make sure it comes from the ballot -- from the voter to the election official, to the election office, which means there's another thing that many of these lawsuits are trying to get done. they are trying to get courts to or reallyaign workers anybody to go around and collect ballots. that is also an opportunity for fraud. not most states have a requirement that only the voter or a personal representative of the voter, immediate family member, can return a ballot for a voter.
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either i have to return my own ballot or if i am disabled, a family member or somebody who has been given authority by me to return the ballot can return a ballot for me. cannot, around and collect ballots and turn them in. we have seen cases -- the heritage foundation is -- has just published a study of four different cases showing the fraud that has happened when -- with regard to return ballots. in fact, one of those cases was in north carolina where a political operative has copied over a period of years signatures of voters so he was able to use those signatures to pretend and to essentially defraud the voter by saying --
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by returning ballots in what is called ballot harvesting. he was harvesting their ballots and returning them, selecting them and returning them, and making sure they were voting them the way he wanted them to be voted. ballot harvesting is a huge problem. most states prohibit it. democrats have filed lawsuits in a number of states to invalidate those lawsuits, prohibit ballot harvesting. i will say this. representatives house committee, the minority ranking member of that committee -- representative rodney davis just released a study a few weeks ago that left out what happened in california in 2018, and what had happened was california had changed its law to allow ballot harvesting, and what they found was that
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political operatives went around after the election, figured out who had not voted, got people to vote, and turned in literally hundreds and hundreds and bringing itballots, to election officials so elections that had been determined on election day within another week after all located surprisingly amazingly and delivered to the election official in it switched the outcome of the election. from republicans to democrats. it's one of the ways that control of thek house of representatives so i guess that would be a good reason why we would see them wanting to have federal legislation allowing ballot harvesting in all 50 states, mandating ballot harvesting, and why they are suing all over the country to force states, to thee judges, to invalidate
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laws that prohibit ballot harvesting and to allow them to says,lly do what it figure out who the voters are, get them to vote, collect and return them after the election. lawsuits,of these it's getting rid of or extending the deadlines for the return of ballots. , you have toay have sent it in time that it is in the election office by the close of election day so it can be counted along with all of the other ballots. they are trying in a number of cases to get judges to say you can have longer to return your ballots. that is one of the reasons they want to be able to have those two things to be able to collect more ballots after the election where they see what the races are, where they need more votes, and get ballots voted.
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i think that is fraud, and so far, a number of judges who have been asked to do those two so far we are doing pretty well in terms of election integrity. judges are not allowing some cases to go forward. we will see what happens with that. can you bring it back up? ok. we need to go fast. can you do that? there we go. the next thing that is an important principle in voting by mail is there has to be a way where the ballots are returned to the elections office. there is a way to compare
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signatures or voter id numbers. or last four digits of a social security number. cases some people have proposed a thumbprint. the ballotsmatch being returned to the person who is a registered voter. so you don't have people voting on someone else's ballot. the processing of fallis needs to be transparent. tore is a way for citizens honestly vote. a way for local party operatives for observing what is happening in the election process, whether the accounting or the composition of a valid prior to it being finalized. things like that. what we don't want to see is a
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backslide as states and a country to the days when political parties and the political operatives are the ones who are controlling the election machinery. i'm a big believer in having campaign representatives going on.hat is in terms of processing the ballots. so there is transparency. there is somehow a determination that this test ballot isd invalid. there is a way to notify the voter and say your ballot has been challenged. can you verify your identity? that he canake sure send his palette in and make sure everything is fine. they ought to have a chance to say, that really was mine. they really want to know if someone is voting and there may
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-- named that it really was not there ballot. alreadyd out they have been marked as voting when they have not in voting at all. way to securee a this. in advance.ned we need to make sure the moment the polls close, that ballot, whether it is cast and increasing their polling place or cast by mail, are counted immediately. we go back to having the certainty that we need insofar as the outcome of the election. finally, i think it is important principle that we do not want to see a situation in which i do not believe that all male voting is -- mail voting is appropriate. it. some states have done oregon is one of the states that all mail voting.
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i'm not sure we want to emulate oregon. the system in oregon has progressive,more left-wing elected officials. i think we are seeing that play out in portland right now. those of us who believe in interaction -- election integrity believe it is important to always have an election day. we should always have polling places for people to go to the polls and cast their ballots. minded person who wants to vote on election day. i know a lot of people who say they want to vote on election day. importantat is in the civil exercise. we want to make sure we do not
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eliminate the ability to vote on election day. there has always been this discussion in the last four years about how we want to eliminate foreign interference in our election. let me tell you the number one way there is foreign interference. that is for election officials onlyt make certain that citizens of the united states are casting ballots in their jurisdictions. billl know the motor voter where you go get a driver's go to certain service agencies. they register you to vote. not everyone can go to the social service agencies or assistance. at everyone who goes to get driver's license as a citizen of the united states. registrations come
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back from the department of motor vehicles and they get dumped into the voter registration rules. eligiblehose are not in the federal time to register to about an election if you are not a u.s. citizen. it is a federal crime to cast a ballot if you are not a citizen. it is important for election integrity for the elected officials to make sure that they run those lists that come back from that and other sources. some states have different roles -- rules about who is eligible. election officials are supposed clean their voter rules.
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there is a national change of address system. there is the social security administration. there are databases that local officials can run against to make sure only those who are -- eligiblee bull to vote are on the voter role. about foreignried interference, the number one interference is when you have noncitizens voting in our elections. that may all things seem dry and nonimportant but they are important if we want to
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maintain the integrity of elections. one of the things that will be sadly needed in 2020 are people who are willing to say, i will work the polls. i will go to the training. i will help with the processing of ballots. we will need young people who are willing to go and be trained and willing to work the election and be part of the election machinery. somethingt to find you can do as a citizen to help with the election process and fraudure you help prevent , i would urge you to contact your election board, say i would like to be an election official. they will be excited to have young people willing to work. much, butid, not very
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i urge you to consider becoming not a poll watcher but an election judge, and election poll worker in the 2020 election. with that i am happy to stop and answer questions. >> dimensions there are officials. what are the consequences for election officials if they are caught registering illegal immigrants? are any of these people actually charged?
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are you aware of the type of action that is taken against vista prevented in the future? >> there have been cases where are a group of citizens who went through and looked at the voter rolls. it is a tedious process. they did it after the election. they turned it over to district attorneys in the state of north carolina. people who had registered and voted who were not citizens. or who were otherwise ineligible . i do wish there was an effort by the department of justice to say
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these are the laws and we will prosecute people. when someone goes to the dmv and the dmv says you would like to register to vote, there is a place on the warm that says whether they are or not a citizen. some have challenged that they don't even wanted on the form. it would be appropriate for those of the department of motor vehicles to say if you are not a citizen you should not register.
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it is very hard to get prosecutors to prosecute those. to see if they voted when they should not have. foundation is a public interest law firm. they are in the process of getting ready to release a the number ofows duplicate votes. the number of noncitizen boats that were cast. that would be very useful. perhaps to law enforcement and prosecutors. of somet the attention election officials that they need to do a better job of cleaning their voter rolls. i was very shocked to see and
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the post office goal is only to lose 4% of ballots. that is quite a lot. we have this problem. a lot of ballots not even being counted. we also have the problem of a lot of pallets being sent to people who are not even alive. in the document you mentioned, step one is to clean about her roles. dead, noncitizens, those who have relocated. this is a massive undertaking by the state. to be completely honest, do you think it is even a realistic
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goal? i understand the standpoint. a lot of records are clean after 10 years. is this a realistic goal? it is federal law. the federal law requires it. they're supposed to claim the voter rolls. that is at the local level. county by county, jurisdiction by jurisdiction. that is where the voter rolls are maintained. they may be uploaded into a state database. the maintenance of the voter list is normally conducted by the counties. by the local jurisdictions. they always say they do not have enough money. congress just appropriated statens of dollars to the
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, to the election assistance committees for grants to the state to deal with covid related issues. the very first covid related issue is, let's get the voter rolls feigned up. those have to be done by a week from monday. under federal law you cannot change the voter rolls within 90 days of an election. this is the kind of thing that should be done. immediately starting after the election in an odd numbered year. to make sure those roles are ready to go. when they start trying to clean the rolls, there are a dozen left-wing groups to come in and
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sue them. the law used to be in oklahoma that if you had not voted in any election for war years or more, you were moved off the roles. you were moved to inactive status. that is called voter suppression by left-wing groups. i don't think it should be mandatory to vote. if i choose not to vote, my name should not be on the roles as an active voter. we now see why it is such a bad
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idea to keep active voters on the role. tim mail ballots to everyone on the role. i have a voter registration card and i carry it with me. say we cannot take that. they don't want any kind of identity. you just walk up and say your name. it was on typing paper. a friend of mine got 10 of them, all the different people who had previously lived in her apartment. she could go to, vote at different locations around the city 10 times.
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that tells you how insane the system is. there are people who have moved out of the district years earlier and yet they were receiving those voter cards. the left has treated as villains any election officials who say we have to clean up the voter rolls. those of us who try to argue that our balance as well. n. you just can't wi what about the issue now being
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postagehat return mail may come to a violation of the poll tax method? postage on aput ballot? if somebody believes that, they should be against voting by mail. and just say everyone has a shot. the only way you can vote absentee is if you have an excuse. you will be out of the jurisdiction on election day. you are in the hospital. you are infirm. anything like that. i don't think that is a poll tax. but i think those who are promoting it ought to vote by mail. there should be postage paid on the ballot.
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for the return carrier. so nobody has to do that. if you're going to make sure that a ballot has been postmarked, when it is returned, it will not be postmarked again. those are not going to be stamped. will be the date it is sent to the voters. the voters have to send it back in an envelope and have that stamp and postmarked for the return. postage,epay all the you are never going to know if that ballot was legitimately sent and received. maybe it was sent before the day of the election.
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in some states, there is a leeway that if it is postmarked by election day, they were counted. how will they do that? it creates another problem. that is why i think we have to be very hesitant to going to massive voting by mail. this will be our final question. as voter fraud consistently gotten worse or are we just noticing it more? with any human enterprise, there are always people who want to game the system. people who want to break the rules. of percentages, i think there are different levels
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of irregularities and fraud. depending on where the election is being held. i guess i would just close with saying this, i started out talking about the changes in election administration in the early parts of the 20th century. the whole point of those changes was to renew the ability of party bosses and party operatives and workers to demand who were noteople able to decide for themselves. secret ballots that affects people from being influenced by bosses or political operatives. the ability of election machinery to be held by the government. but the campaign observers do what they do. those two things. what i think is happening now is all of these advances that remain in the early part of the 20th century to protect the
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integrity of the ballot, to protect the vulnerable so they could vote in secret and vote the way they felt they wanted to vote, that they would not be pressured by partisans, all of that now is being stripped away through these legal actions by the left and the democrats. they are doing this under the guise of protecting the right to vote. that is what we have to be villages -- vigilant to try to stop. >> as a way to wrap up, what final advice do you have for young college-age conservative women across the country who remain as champions for conservative philosophy at their schools and to promote just elections? >> first of all you have to remember you are not alone. that is a great thing about the
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center for conservative women. always know you have a home there. you have to be strong. you are up against him all. stick to your principles. be strong in your faith. in your commitment to your principles in your country. get involved. really want to help to protect the integrity of american elections, call your local elections officials and say you want to work the polls. it is something should start doing. we need you and we hope you will do that. havingk you so much for us and joining us today. to all the people listening right now, i will be sure to send you the recording of our video today as well as the document shared with us. we hope to see you at our next webinar. thank you.


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