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tv   Navarro  CSPAN  August 10, 2020 4:29am-4:33am EDT

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we want to address the needs of the american people. my constitutional advisors tell me they are absurdly unconstitutional, but right now, our focus -- and that is a parallel thing. thet now, the focus, priority has to be on, again, meeting the needs of the american people. sufficiently allocating sources resources to send children to school, not threatening schools that if they don't have optional attendance, they won't get federal dollars. >> so, given that, are negotiations going to resume? speaker pelosi: i hope so. i hope so. but we have a difference, and here is why. example, millions of children in america are food insecure, and their families as well. but i always focus on the children. in our bill, we have tens of billions of dollars to address the hunger needs in our country. they are exacerbated during the pandemic. we have tens of billions of dollars. they have $250,000.
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$250,000. >> assuming negotiations continue and a deal happens maybe in a week or two weeks, i assume all of these executive orders become null and void? mr. navarro: if congress solves the problem, there is no need for the president to take executive action. ok? we will see what we get. here is the point -- let's not go there. let's go to this. we have four actions president trump has taken that will help workers, the unemployed, renters, homeowners, and students. students who have student loans. what we need is a sincere negotiation. we have to believe both sides actually want a deal, and there is this theory, chuck, that the democrats would prefer to see the economy go in the tank for another 90 days, because that harms the president. i hope that capitol hill has not become that cynical, but watching this negotiation makes me wonder.
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because we have been willing to bend. chuck: i take your points. mr. navarro: we have been willing to bend. chuck: i think he has a reputation of killing more deals. mr. navarro: that is not fair. he is a great negotiator. what we don't want is to have this break down. we went up there in good faith. you did not see our side going out in the rotunda and throwing grenades, it was the other side doing that. ♪ >> c-span's "washington journal ," every day, we are taking your issues of the day. coming up this morning, the latest campaign 2020 news with university of virginia's "sabato's cristobal" managing editor kyle kondik. and recent news on the fight against the coronavirus in the u.s. with american public health association's dr. georges benjamin. watch "washington journal," live
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at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning, and be sure to join with your calls, facebook comments, texts, and tweets. ♪ >> this week, c-span's "the " looks at people who have run for candidate. starting this week at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. on monday, 1844 candidate henry clay. ♪ >> c-span has covered every minute of every political convention since 1984, and we are not stopping now. this month's political conventions will be like none other in history, with the coronavirus pandemic, plans for
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both gatherings are being offered. the democrat national convention on august 17 and president trump will accept his party's nomination the following week. what c-span for live coverage starting on monday, august 17th, and the republican ,onvention starting monday august point forth, live on demand on, or listen free with the free c-span radio app. c-span, your unfiltered view of politics. >> next, the senate transportation committe confirmation hearing hears about positions for the transportation department and the boards of surface transportation and amtrak. this is an hour and a half. [indistinct conversations]


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