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tv   Campaign 2020 Biden Campaign Election Update  CSPAN  November 5, 2020 3:27pm-3:51pm EST

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lawsuit. thank you all very much. have a great day. one more? >> any updates we could have access to? gabriel: we have been sending out reports about every half an hour of the ballot counts as they come in. the main thing is ballot processing and accounting is continuing. again, it has to go to tomorrow to get it accurately done. thanks a lot. >> vote counting continues in nevada and a number of other states today. looking at the map, joe biden has 264 electoral college votes to president trump's 214. in pennsylvania, the secretary
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of state said that we definitely could know the winner of the state by the end of the day. joe biden's presidential campaign held a news briefing as votes continue to be counted. campaign manager jennifer o'malley dillon spoke to reporters. jennifer: good morning. it is good to be with you today. o'malley dillon, president biden -- vice president biden's campaign manager. our goal for today is to give you an update on how things are going in the race and where we are headed. let me be very clear. our data shows that joe biden will be the next president of the united states and that the counting is happening now in the states and they are moving to us as we see the counting throughout this morning,
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yesterday and into today, that that accounting will continue to show our path to victory. joe biden now has won more votes than any presidential candidate in history and we are still counting. over 140 million votes have been counted so far with over 72 million going to vice president biden. the vice president has won more than 50% of the popular vote. voters have turned out in record numbers for the vice president. andees the same data we do donald trump continues to push a designed toategy keep people's votes from being strat -- from being counted. these legal suits are nothing but an attempt to distract and delay from what is now inevitable -- joe biden will be the next president of the united states. first, i want to walk you
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through where we are in the states. whatrday when we spoke, seems like a longer time ago than it probably actually is, we went through a number of states with you. first of all, wisconsin. counting is finished in the media have called that state for joe biden. we have won with confidence. we are carrying over 20,000 vote margin there. we feel very good about any past forward there with a big victory in wisconsin coming up yesterday. in nevada, the vice president leads by about 8000 votes. our data shows that we will win here. we expect counting to be finished and results announced today. we know that some of that data will come in at noon eastern time. so we are going to wait to see what that data puts forward. we expect some bounce in the data throughout the day.
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it is possible we might see some -personmore rural and in votes coming in during that noon window. with more favorable votes for us coming later in the day. do not be surprised if we bounce. we are talking about a small margin to begin with but we could see ups and downs throughout the day, depending on the order of the results coming through today. at the end of the day, when all the bolts -- votes were counted, we are confident we will be ahead in nevada. michigan, counting is finished in the media has called that state for joe biden. we have won michigan, another significant victory for us coming in later yesterday afternoon. let's head to pennsylvania. the counting continues today. we expect it will continue throughout the day. there are more than 600,000 ballots outstanding. and after counting yesterday, we continue to see ourselves
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nearing parity with donald trump your you probably watched ticker on most of the networks. the margin that donald trump is ahead, we need to close and we expect that gap to continue. data that from our the majority of the outstanding balance left or for the vice president, and that at the end of the day -- and let us hope it is the end of today, but at the end of the day we will win by a sizable margin of votes in pennsylvania. but we need to make sure that we continue to count there. that count is underway and we are going to be patient and wait for it, but our path forward is the path to victory in pennsylvania. in arizona come already a number of media outlets have called arizona for the vice president. we continue to feel confident about arizona and we believe we have won there, though the counting has not been finished. so we are waiting on arizona to continue to count. saw some counts last night and
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there will be more today. we do expect similar to nevada that some of the margin will continue to close today as more data comes in. from our understanding of how the data is going to be reported , we believe that will see some more rural and other counties that might be less favorable to us coming in earlier. a county that is very favorable for the vice president we understand it might not report until tomorrow. and maricopa county, the county where phoenix is, we know is likely to report at least some of their outstanding ballots, but not until later tonight. so the story of arizona is one where joe biden is going to win, but it is going to take its time. counting,hrough the we would expect to see and we will see a tightening of that margin throughout the day. but more favorable data will be coming in this evening and even
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into tomorrow. so, just be conscious of that and be calm as you see that throughout the day. two othertalk about states that are still in play. one that is getting a lot of attention and that we are also obviously very focused on. that would be georgia. this race, as we said the last time we spoke, is a true tossup. and we are seeing as of this morning, and i know the secretary of state just had a press conference, we are seeing us continuing to cut into the advantage that donald trump has. he is leading by about 18,000 votes, but there are a significant number of outstanding ballots that the secretary of state has spoke to that we expect to be coming in throughout the day. some counties like fulton county where atlanta is counted through the night. sense ofve a very good where the outstanding ballots are.
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mostly coming from or number craddick leaning areas as well as from million voters. places where the vice president has had significant support across the country. georgia ande that while continuing to be a tossup, while continuing to be something that is going to be very, very close, at this stage leans to the vice president. so keep an eye on georgia throughout the day as we are, but i think we are heading our path to close that 18,000 vote margin, and potentially overtake it. north carolina, the final state to speak to today, this race continues to be very tight. no real changes in terms of updated data, but we are staying on top of what is coming in, making sure we have a very good sense of that and will provide updates as we see throughout the day. so, hopefully that gives you a sense of how we are approaching and thinking about the state. we are grateful to everyone who is doing the hard, hard work of
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counting votes in these states. counting votes and counting every vote is a fundamental tenant of our democracy, and we are so grateful for the hard work that is being done. as we said, with people counting overnight, and they after day. keep at it by doing a great job, and we are grateful that it works. this is what is happening right now. this is how we are looking at the morning. i think the story of today is going to be a very positive story for the vice president, but also one where folks are going to need to stay patient and stay calm. the counting is happening, it is going to take time. we need to allow it to get done and get done well and we are very confident whatever happens with the counting and the timing, we will come out ahead. we are absolutely confident that joe biden will be the next president of the united states, and we are equally confident we are going to be able to watch the counting throughout the day and into tomorrow to finalize these last states that are going
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to put us over the top to 270. with that update, i am now going to hand his presentation over to bob bauer to talk a little bit more about how we are looking at donald trump's efforts in these final hours and the strategy that we are putting forth on our behalf. so, bob, over to you. mr. bauer: thank you, jen. i just wanted to put into the right frame and perspective what you are hearing about some about trump's claims and lawsuits. i think they are connected. lawsuits are meritless. they are intended to give the trump campaign the opportunity to argue that the vote counts are not going to stop. i want to go into these claims momentarily, but i want to emphasize that for their purposes, these lawsuits do not have to have merit. that is not the purpose. they are not bringing bona fide claims before the courts. it is to create an opportunity
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for them to message falsely about what is taking place in the electoral process. it is quite remarkable, these elections officials are working overnight, trying to get the count right. and the trump campaign is continually alleging irregularity, failures in the system, and fraud, without any basis. this is part of a broader misinformation campaign that involves some political theater. you may have heard about some loud noises being made by trump supporters at the polling places, the shouts of "stop the vote count" and the like. be aware that wherever this is happening, and it is happening and appropriately close proximity to polling places, law enforcement and election officials are clearing the places as quickly of this kind of heavier and assuring the vote counts can behavior -- can continue. all of it is intended to create a large cloud that it is the hope of the trump campaign nobody can see through, but it is not a thick cloud.
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it is not hard to see what they are doing. we see through it, so the courts, and so do election officials. let me close by saying a little bit so you have some grounding and what these lawsuits seem to be about. let's take three examples. georgia, michigan, and pennsylvania. so let's take georgia. in chatham county, the trump campaign showed up to alleged that 53 late arriving ballots were mixed with ballots received on time. what was the evidence of that? expressedump observer suspicion about something that may have happened when that observer left the room. that was it. that was the sole basis of it, an expression of suspicion. so the trump campaign requested that georgia county separate any and all late arriving ballots. well, that is interesting, because that is what election officials are already doing, because that is what the law requires. so you have a suspicion that is expressed as a basis for a
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lawsuit demanding election officials knew what election officials are already doing because the law requires it. i think it is kind of comic that that is what it involves. another example comes from michigan. in michigan, the trump campaign filed suit alleging that republican inspectors had been afforded the opportunity to visit collection drop boxes, and they asked the county to be halted. well, the collection from the drop boxes was conducted by trained election officials, as by law, and the claim is completely meritless. it is a messaging exercise. it has no other purpose but to confuse the public about what is taking place and to support their baseless claims of irregularity. final example from pennsylvania, they continue to file suits in this case, in many cases litigating over issues they have already litigated. so they are running out of ideas and are recycling them. in other instances they are filing over utterly immaterial
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matters like where they may be permitted to stand and observe while the counting takes place. as another example, they have intervened in a pending supreme court case involving pennsylvania. but their lawyers are already resenting the republican party there, so they are intervening one more time with the same legal team to duplicate a filing that is already taking place to give people the impression that something important is happening in the united states supreme court, but in fact, it is not. it's the same old case, it is the same party, arguing the same issues. nothing has changed. let me just close by saying this strategy of disrupting the vote count, as you can tell by the efforts of election officials continue to count, is doomed to fail. in the background, the noise is fraught, irregularity and the like, and lawsuits and the disruptive behavior are all for that purpose, of trying to get the vote count in and trying to
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confuse the public about what is taking place. we are making sure the public is clear about what is taking place and election officials operating under the law will make sure the vote count continues. thank you. anddillon: thanks, bob, thanks everyone. we are happy to take some questions. if you want to unmute yourself. >> can you hear me? ms. dillon: yes. >> thank you for doing this. i am wondering if you can speak a little bit more in depth about why you feel as certain as you do about arizona, and also curious if you have spoken or have any contact with the trump campaign today. ms. dillon: yeah, so, arizona, we felt good about.
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it would not be a presentation if i did not say i was bullish on arizona. that we really understand this is a race that we have been ahead. we expected all along to be close. as we look at the data that is outstanding, we see a number of democratic counties that are yet to report. today, we do expect the margin to be closing. we knew that even coming into election night after we started seeing results. so this is the trajectory we have been headed. we will win by tens of thousands of votes, but that margin will close. and as i said, arizona and nevada, i think there will be some bounce throughout the day, and the margin will tighten, but that is what we have been expecting all along. the only challenge with arizona is the data now as we understand
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it as we currently do in terms of timing, it could be tonight as well as more of maricopa tomorrow as well so it might take a little longer to get there.' we have not had contact out today and we are just plugging along with our focus on making sure that the votes are counted, and that we are pushing forward here. >> hi. thanks for holding this call. jen, i wanted to check and since you are stressing confidence of the ultimate results of this election. if you can speak about what the transition looks like imminently, what your plans will be announced in the coming days if the race is called in your favor. ms. dillon: the good thing is i am the campaign manager, so what i am focused on is getting these final votes done. we're very focused on making sure the counting goes on. the vice president is continuing
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to do the things that he has been doing every step of the way. not losing sight of the fact that kobe cases are rising day after day in this country and making sure he is briefing on that. so we will continue to focus on the campaign and closing up these final states. next.have chris smith, >> good morning. thanks for talking. one for each of you. jen, given where the count are, is there a state you think is going to come in first and get you over 270? well,b, we haven't -- have you seen any evidence of the attorney general bill barr getting involved in any of this maneuvering on trump's side, and do you expect to see it? ms. dillon: just to that first
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question, to be honest, i don't know. doing ourat we're best like everyone else is to get a sense of timing and monitoring that. more moving in a number of places this morning. certainly we know from an arizona standpoint the current timing puts us into tomorrow. pennsylvania has a large volume of ballots that still needs to go through, so that will take some time. at this stage it is not clear when that final count will come in this timing and we are just going to stay close on all of them. mr. bauer: as for the attorney general, we have not seen any indication of any kind of unusual or concerning activity there. they would be no basis for the department of justice to become involved. the conduct of these elections, it's the responsibility of the state. as we can all see, they are perfectly capable of conducting these count.
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and also of enforcing order. and indeed, that is what they are doing. so this is a state matter, not a matter for the department of justice, and we see no reason to believe that fundamental allocation of responsibility is one that the attorney general is fighting to challenge in any way. >> our last question. >> thank you so much. can you hear me ok? ms. dillon: yes. >> two quick questions. one is, what is your sense, your best sense of the remaining vote in philly? and i know there was an iteration of this, but in most remaining state, do you have any sense of if you can rank them for me in terms of your optimism? where do you think you are, if you can rank georgia, north carolina, nevada, pennsylvania?
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ms. dillon: pennsylvania and philly in particular, i know there is a lot of uncertainty about the exact numbers there, and i know there are a few different narratives swirling online. there are hundreds of thousands of ballots outstanding. we think it is probably in the 700,000-plus across the whole state. what we have seen in places like milwaukee and detroit and pittsburgh, and we also expect in philly, is very high turnout. so we think that there's still significant outstanding balance in philly, but of course across the entire state. and as folks know, the vice president has been carrying very, very high margins with vote by mail in particular, and from communities like these. so we expect that we will have a really strong showing today as the counting is underway.
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states and the optimism, look, i feel very, very good about the states. i think north carolina is a little bit tighter, a little bit tougher. we are looking for that moment in pennsylvania and georgia today, where we see that ticker overtake donald trump. we think it is going to happen. but i am confident in all four. bullish on all four of those states. i will expand my statement on bullishness outside of arizona, but we are very optimistic. we do not really care which state takes us over the top, we just want to keep going and make sure the count to get done. and as i said earlier, the counting is underway. we know that it is going to take a little bit of time and we support that and we are just going to stay calm and be patient. at the end of the day, we will be situated well regardless of what those early states are with the remainder of the ones in which take us over the top. with that, i think we are going
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to conclude here. take you so much everyone for joining us. we will keep staying in touch and being transparent as we learn more details. really looking forward to the hours at a bus and being together again with joe biden biden as our next president. thank you all. announcer: stay up-to-date on election results on /election. follow the presidential race, house, and senate races using your laptop, tablet or phone. announcer: you are watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government. created by america's cable television companies as a public service and brought to you today by your television provider. announcer: women for trump national cochair and trump campaign senior advisor corey lewandowski spoke to reporters this morning about a


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