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tv   President Biden and French President Hold Bilateral Meeting at G7 Summit  CSPAN  June 12, 2021 1:14pm-1:19pm EDT

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will be made part of the formal hearing record. with that, the ways and means >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government sponsored by the television companies and more. ♪ buckeye broadband supports c-span as a public service along with these other providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> earlier today, president biden and french president emmanuel macron spoke briefly to the press at the g7 summit in cornwall, england.
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pres. biden: i am with the president of france. we are on. did you know that? we had a good couple of days so far. had a chance to spend some time with president macron, get to know him, and we have some things we have to talk about later, but things are going well . as we say back in the states, we are on the same page. thank you. pres. macron: thank you, mr. president. i want to thank you for yesterday and the working stations we had. we have to deal with this
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pandemic and the covid-19. we have to face challenges and crises, climate change can and for all of these issues, what we need is cooperation and i think it is great to have the u.s. president be willing to cooperate. i think that what you demonstrate is that for leadership -- leadership is partnership. pres. biden: i think we can do a lot, too. as i have said before, we are back. the u.s. is back. we feel very strongly about the cohesion of nato and i want to think that the european union is an incredibly strong and vibrant entity. it has a lot to do with the
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ability to not only handle this economic issue, but provide the backbone of support for nato. we are very supportive, very supportive. pres. macron: thank you. pres. biden: thank you. >> thank you guys. >> thank you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you guys. >> let's go. >> thank you guys, let's go. >> let's move, you guys. let's go, thank you. please watch your step. thank you.
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thank you guys. come on, you guys. thank you. i'm sorry, sir. keep going. let's go. no, let's go. watch your step. announcer: sunday, president biden holds a news conference following the conclusion of the g7 comment in england. we will have that at 9:45 eastern on c-span, online, or listen on the frese ezio -- c-span radio app. next, a senior executive with fisher-price and the ceo of its parent company testify about and to product safety. the consumer product safety commission recently than a range of sleepers, including


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