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tv   U.S. House of Representatives House Debate on Tax Health Care Climate...  CSPAN  August 12, 2022 10:15pm-12:56am EDT

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we're putting people out front and making good on promises we've made. lowering drug prices and investing in our climate. mountain high legislative achievements have we. the rescue plan, chips, science act, and now this achievement for the american people. lyndon johnson was right. yesterday is not ours to recover. but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. the inflation reduction act headed to the president's desk, give joe biden credit, we stand here assured that tomorrow is ours to win. we've had bold dreams in this congress, we've delivered big on those dreams. none of this would have been possible without the dedication and expertise of the staff of the ways and means committee, the best in the business. they've worked nonstop for two years for the american people and today their hard work is on display for the world to witness and await the president's signature. the inflation reduction act sets our nation on a healthier, fairer and more pros pows pact. i urge -- prosperous path.
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i urge our the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey, mr. pallone, and the gentleman from kentucky, mr. guthrie, will each control 30 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new jersey. mr. pallone: madam speaker, i yield myself three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. pallone: madam speaker, i rise in strong support of h.r. 5376, the inflation reduction act. this is landmark legislation that is going to help reduce costs for american families while finally aggressively tackling the climate crisis. madam speaker, we simply cannot wait any longer to confront the climate crisis. extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more extreme. record high temperatures across the nation this summer, and these extreme weather events cause families, their loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods. this bill is the single largest investment in climate action in american history. we heard from the ways and means committee about the tax credits, the investment, production tax
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credits for renewables, for electric vehicles. but i want to talk about the provisions from the energy and commerce committee. it makes the -- the bill makes unparalleled investments in climate, clean energy and environmental justice so that we can slash climate pollution and meet our aggressive climate goals. i just want to highlight some of the things. a methane emissions reduction program, a greenhouse gas reduction fund to promote new green technology. investing in manufacturing that's green. reducing industrial emissions. a program for states and government entities to reduce climate pollution. a program for clean heavy duty vehicles for trucks and school buses to make them less pollutant. and appliance and building efficiency rebate to try to deal with emissions from buildings and appliances. in industrial emissions reduction program, an environmental and climate justice block grants, and also provisions to deal with ports that are a major source of
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pollution. so all of these are designed basically to try to make it, to create clean jobs, reduce energy costs for the average family, we estimate about $1,800 a years, and it's estimated that this bill will actually meet our climate -- reduce the. a pollution -- the amount of pollution or greenhouse gases into the climate by 40% in terms of what the u.s. has emitted since 2005. it goes very far toward achieving our goals as a nation, towards reducing the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. now, in addition to that, the inflation reduction act is also one of the most significant pieces of health care legislation to move through congress in over a decade. it breaks, and i want to stress this, it breaks big pharma's no monopoly on drug prices. it will lower prescription drug costs for seniors by empowering medicare to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs. it also caps the amount that seniors pay at $2,000 annually,
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caps the cost of insulin at $35 a month, and penalizes companies that unfairly hike prices by forcing them to pay a rebate to the federal government if their prices rise more than inflation. this legislation is necessary because nearly 20 years ago republicans prevented the federal government from negotiating prices for seniors. so today we're finally leveling the playing field, to ensure seniors are no longer forced to choose between putting food on the table and their life savings. i yield myself another 30 seconds. this legislation will r the costs of health care for millions of americans by extending enhanced affordable care act marketplace subsidies. these enhanced subsidies are delivering average savings of $2, 400 and set to expire at the end of the year but this bill extends them to the end of 2025. this legislation lays foundation for a future for all americans.
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i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. >> i yield myself five minutes. i rise in strong opposition to h.r. 5376 the mislabeled inflation reduction act. this is a tax and spend spree. washington democrats are trying to add more reckless government spending and raising taxes during a recession will combat inflation. even nonpartisan organizations say this bill will have no impact on inflation and at least half of the tax revenue for next year estimated to come from americans making less than $400,000 a year. and americans will see more i.r.s. audits because this bill gives ability to hire i.r.s.
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agents. we need to put our resources in hiring more border patrol officers and stop the flow of illicit drugs. more troubling parts of this bill are the health care provisions. i strongly disagree with using medicare money to pay for obamacare subsidies for the wealthy. medicare is at risk of insolvency and house democrats didn't give this amendment a chance to be considered. while democrats praise government pies setting or negotiation, they fail to mention that such policies would lead to at least 15 fewer drugs coming to market according to the nonpartisan congressionalbudget office. could it be the cure for alzheimer's or diabetes, it could be. they won't mention that c.b.o.
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says this bill will lead to higher prices on new drugs. they will give the h.h.s. secretary a slush fund despite h.h.s. botching the response to the covid-19 pandemic and politicizing guidance that kept schools closed. how can can anyone support giving billions of dollars in unrestricted authority to h.h.s. that we know will lead to less cures for our loved ones. let me be clear, we absolutely need to address the cost of prescription medications. there is an energy and commerce committee, there is a bipartisan bill ready to go, h.r. 19, that could achieve this, but the democrats have refused to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. our country is facing an energy crisis. despite this, democrat solutions to double down on the nearly
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$400 billion to be spent on far left green new deal policies and tax increases on energy that will be passed to consumer. as energy prices are at high levels they have included a new tax on natural gas and revived taxes ole petroleum products that will cost tens of billions of dollars of the i filed an amendment but again democrats refused to consider it. democrats want to create a slush fund at the e.p.a. for a national climate bank to subsidize the solar energy that is heavily dominated by the chinese chinese communist party. to conclude, this legislation not only crushes hope for patients and families living with devastating disease but
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lack a treatment or a cure but undermines our national security. i cannot vote for the more appropriately named inflation expansion act and join me in opposing and i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: i would like to yield a 1 1/2 to my neighbor from the state of delaware ms. blunt rochester. ms. blunt rochester: today i rise in support of the inflation reduction act. oh, what a day in america from lowering prescription drug prices to seniors to closing tax loopholes on the wealthiest corporations to making the largest investment in clean energy in history to tackle the climate crisis, the inflation reduction act will improve the
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lives of every single american and will pay down the deficit. i'm proud that the bill includes my climate smart port provisions with my colleague, which invests in ports across the nation like the port of will ming top, allowing them to upgrade facilities and create more good paying union jobs. in a session of congress that has seen remarkable legislation passed, the inflation reduction act is the capstone of our efforts to deliver. with this bill, we continue to put people over politics. thank you, and i yield become. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr.guthrie: i yield two minutes to the former chair of energy and commerce committee, retiring, fred upton.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. upton: is this bill going to reduce inflation? i don't think so. those of us know me that i'm not afraid to work across the aisle on important legislation that helps americans whether the chips act, the veterans act, infrastructure, but unfortunately the bill we are debating right now was not created in that same bipartisan manner. our economy is in a fragile state as we emerge from this pandemic and seen high inflation squeezing the middle class. now is not the time to raise taxes to the tune of over $16 billion on middle-income folks. the inflation reduction act does nothing to fix the problems at the i.r.s. instead they are going to hire more agents that are going to be hounding taxpayers and report
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and schedule c and schedule e. these folks are middle-income family owned small business owners who busted their butts to keep their doors open through the pandemic and we are sending the cavalry after them and increase costs. the i.r.s. needs to focus on clearing the backlog of millions business returns. i have helped hundreds of constituents who have been waiting one to two years for their tax refunds and with respect to inflation, a number of nonpartisan sources and those including democrats, this bill will increase. the energy sector has seen the brunt of this increase with gas prices climbing more than and natural gas prices going up
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close to do you living. on wednesday i offered an amendment to direct the bill not to go into effect unless the secretary of energy can certify that this is below the costs of 2021. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. pallone: i yield one minute one minute to the gentleman from illinois. >> madam speaker, last november, our house delegation went to glasgow. we told the world we were back and committed to building back better and putting science over politics. the world didn't believe us and we sat at that press conference. all of these reporters from europe said what about the senate, what about the filibuster? they had heard this song before and mired our enthusiasm, but they didn't share it.
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today, we are going to prove them wrong and remind them what the united states is capable of. we are about to pass the most impactful climate bill. you should be proud of that. we are on the path to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030. 40% isn't enough. we re-established u.s. credibility today and we have to re-establish u.s. leadership. the measure of our success is not what we pass today. today we remind the world of what we are capable of and celebrate tomorrow. let's get back to work. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky. ken ken we reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey. mr. pallone: i yield 1 1/2 minutes to the gentleman from california, mr. ruiz.
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>> i have taken care of patients. patients who ration their are medicine. one woman told me she made her insulin lasted longer because she would take half of a dose in order to make it last. no one should have to choose between medicine or put food on their table or pay their bills. that is why i support the inflation reduction act which will give seniors the relief they need. it ensures that people on medicare won't pay more than $35 a month and requires the secretary to negotiate prices lowering costs for seniors and caps out of pocket spending at $2,000 for medicare part d. these important steps will ensure that all seniors have access to health and life-saving
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medications regardless of how much money they have. that's not all this bill does. it will make investments to combat climate change and reduce our carbon emissions and make electric vehicle batteries with domestic like the lithium we are extracting. with this bill and the lithium in my district, we can power our clean energy future here in america with american materials. i yield. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr.guthrie: i yield three minutes do my good friend, mr. burgess of texas. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. burgess: i thank the gentleman from kentucky. i ask unanimous consent to place into the record a letter submitted by the members of the house g.o.p. doctors' caucus. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's request will be
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covered by general leave. mr. burgess: it explains how the health care policies would affect american patients. for 21 health care professionals who signed this letter, it is remarkable that none of our concerns were considered, all were ignored not only as members of the house and senate but as health care professionals as well. the point of the letter, this legislation will do the exact opposite of what the democrats intend. the legislation will kill research and development reduce quality of care and threaten access to life-saving drugs. we are going to see changes to part b reimbursements that will lead to a 40% cut to health care providers who provide care to medicare patients in their office. currently part b reimbursements for administering drugs are a
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calculation based off the average sales price plus 6%. now under this new system, part b payments to physicians are going to be calculated off of the maximum fair price. attractive term, but no one knows what it means because it is yet to be determined by whom the secretary of health and human services and we have seen how trustworthy they have been over the past two years. so the current 6% average sales price add-on payments to physicians, that's what doctors have come to rely on which will be based off a government set price versus the traditional price. this results in significant lower payments to physicians. wednesday afternoon late, i offered an amendment to fix this problem, unfortunately that was rejected on a party-line vote.
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these payment cuts threaten sustainable practices and will lead, let me say again will lead to physicians closing their doors and when practices close, the patient need does not disappear, care will shift to hospitals and will lead to increased costs and will limit access to treatments for patients across the country. aik attest there are significant consequences -- i can attest there are significant consequences to consolidation. democrats are using medicare as a piggy bank to pay for other things. what other things? oh, like subsidies to insurance companies, they want to reward insurance companies and punish doctors. it makes no sense. this legislation will do the exact opposite of what democrats intend. it is going to kill research and development. it is going to reduce the quality of care and it is going to threaten patient access to life-saving drugs. as the most senior doctor in
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congress and someone who deeply cares about the well-being of american patients, this bill is anti-doctor and anti-patient. we will live to see the consequences of this after final passage. i promise you that. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: thank you, madam speaker. i would yield a minute and a half now to another member of the energy and commerce committee, the gentleman from florida, mr. soto. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for a minute and a half. mr. soto: thank you, madam speaker. we have been elected to congress to solve the greatest challenges of our time. and today we are doing just that. we are taking action to combat climate change. we are taking action to lower drug prices for seniors with a $2,000 cap on out of pocket expenses. we are taking action to keep obamacare affordable for millions of floridians. we are taking action by increasing vaccine access with
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our happy act, and we are doing it all while reducing the deficit by over $300 billion over the next 10 years. we are lowering costs, we are fighting inflation and we are saving the planet. this is the largest investment to resolve the climate crisis in our nation's history. it will reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. when generations look back from how to, they -- now, they will read about how this was a turning point. how many more category 5 hurricanes? how many more massive wildfires, deadly floods, dried up rivers and record heat waves do you need? how many more seniors have to get sick or die because they can't afford their medication? how many more families have to get kicked off their health insurance? how much longer before you all get it? we're not waiting any longer. the republicans' plan is to do nothing. in contrast, we in the democratic majority will lead. today we will act, today we will
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do what is necessary to protect this generation and the next. thank you, madam chair, and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: thank you, madam speaker. i introduce into the record an editorial entitled "tilting at wind mills" which notes that the massive spending bill will reduce global temperatures by .082 degrees. i would like to introduce that into the record and recognize my good friend from iowa, dr. miller-meeks, for two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for two minutes. mrs. miller-meeks: thank you, madam speaker, and thank representative guthrie for yielding me time. i rise today in opposition of h.r. 5376, the inflation reduction act. as a physician and a former director of the iowa department of public health, i'm uniquely positioned to understand the true implications of this bill and how this bill will affect both doctors and patients and rural iowaans are no exception. interestingly, i just heard my colleague talk about how
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families were maybe kicked off their health care. it doesn't seem my colleagues on the other side of the aisle cared about that when they passed the affordable care act and premiums rose dramatically. allowing the federal government to set limits on drug pricing will limit competition and drastically reduce innovation within the pharmaceutical industry. innovation also comes even after f.d.a. approval to determine if drugs can be used for more than just their initial purpose. additionally, narrowing the drug formula by drug pricing through medicare and negotiations will end up taking medications that you may already be prescribed and taking successfully, taking them off of the formulary and not being covered. and let me also illustrate, when medicare part d went into effect, the fact that there was not a negotiation by medicare allowed generic drugs as low as $4 a medication. that was tremendously helpful to millions of seniors and
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continues to this day. the united states is the leading developer of new drugs, but without market competition, american companies will lose the incentive to undergo cutting edge research. what does that mean to the average person? it means less cures for rather diseases or debilitating diseases. less cures, less treatment for debilitating diseases. inevitably the united states will become dependent on countries like china for pharmaceutical research and development and patients will be limited in their options. and didn't we already see that through the pandemic? additionally this bill will extend to obamacare subsidies enacted in the american rescue plan which don't have income restrictions. rather than helping those who are most in need, the wealthiest americans will continue to see the average benefit. this enormous spending package is bad for iowaans, bad for the economy and bad for all working americans and bad for the future of american innovation. thank you, i yield back the balance of my time. mr. guthrie: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized.
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mr. pallone: madam speaker, i yield two minutes now to the gentlewoman who is the chair of our health subcommittee, the gentlewoman from california, ms. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for two minutes. ms. eshoo: madam speaker, i first want to thank the chairman, mr. pallone, of the energy and commerce committee for his leadership and all of my colleagues on the committee that have worked so hard. i think today is an hallelujah day. and i say this because two of the greatest challenges facing our country are the following. the climate crisis. this is the single largest investment to take the climate crisis on head-on. i hear from as young as first graders in my district caring about this issue. two years ago this time i had 77,000 evacuees from the wildfires in my congressional
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district. and so taking on the climate crisis is absolutely essential. seniors, the medicare beneficiaries, their prescription drug prices we are changing today because medicare will be able to directly negotiate and bring the prices down. cap insulin at $35 a month. the senate republicans sabotaged that cap on insulin for all americans. i don't know how any politician can go home and brag about that. the out-of-pocket costs for medicare beneficiaries will not exceed $2,000 a year. we're investing in the i.r.s. my constituents have been waiting for too long for their refunds. added staff is going to expedite the services that the i.r.s. and the american people need from
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the i.r.s. and finally, deficit reduction. yes, america, this is paid for. so this is truly an hallelujah day. this is a red, white and blue bill. it's good for all americans and it will advance our collective future of america. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: i'd like to yield now to the gentlewoman from florida who chairs the special committee on climate change, 1 1/2 minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for 1 1/2 minutes. >> madam speaker, as chair of the house-led committee on the climate crisis and as a mom, i'm proud to say the inflation reduction act is a big climate deal.
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ms. castor: this is the largest investment in clean energy and climate solutions ever in u.s. history. and it comes at a crucial time. we must you are jenltly slash climate -- urgently slash climate pollution to avoid the worst impacts and to lower costs, create good paying jobs and build safer, more resilient communities. and today i'm optimistic that america will lead the world in solving the climate crisis and want to thank the young people all across this country who pushed to us take this historic step. the inflation reduction act is also good news for floridians as democrats will lower the cost of prescription drugs, empower medicare to negotiate drug prices, institute a $2,000 cap, and much more. it's a big deal for 2.8 million floridians who purchase high quality health coverage under the affordable care act. with these tax credits, those policies will be more affordable. yes, this is good news indeed. a true people over politics moment for all of our neighbors. their health, their pocketbooks, and the obligation we have to
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our kids to provide a livable planet. i want to thank speaker pelosi for her vision, for the climate committee. my chairman, frank pallone, and my colleagues for their inspiring work and i urge a yes vote. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: thank you, madam speaker. this bill drives a massive bill out of unreliable wind and solar power. not nuclear, not natural gas and not base load power. i'd like to enter into the record a report from the north american electric reliability corporation, the authority on electric reliability, which underscores the risk of blackouts from oversupply of weather-dependent energy. this bill does not do what democrats say it will do. at this time i would like to yield three minutes to the republican whip, my good friend from louisiana, mr. scalise. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. scalise: thank you, madam speaker. i thank my friend from kentucky, mr. guthrie, for yielding. and i rise in strong opposition to this bill that will absolutely increase the deficit. it will absolutely increase
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inflation. and this bill will absolutely increase energy costs. in fact, there's a multibillion dollar new tax on new energy. i don't hear people saying they want to pay more money for gasoline. you'll be paying not only more for gasoline but you'll be paying more for utility bills in your household which are already skyrocketing because of president biden and speaker pelosi's radical far-left spending. they've already done the last year and a half. but it doesn't end there. $250 billion in cuts to medicare drugs. that's right. for seniors this bill cuts $250 billion out of medicare drug spending to help people in higher income brackets be eligible for more obamacare subsidies. so a massive wealth transfer away from seniors to higher income people to get subsidies for obamacare. and then let's talk about these 87,000 i.r.s. agents.
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you think just about any nfl stadium in america filled completely with new i.r.s. agents. that's right. more than doubling the size of the i.r.s. to go after lower income people. and they love saying on the other side, don't worry, it's not going to touch them. there's only one problem. it doesn't stand up to the facts. there was an amendment in the senate right here, very simple, one page amendment to protect people making under $400,000 from new audits by the i.r.s. this amendment was voted down on a party-line vote because they want that army of 87,000 i.r.s. agents going after lower income people and in fact the smoking gun came out this morning. they don't have a full c.b.o. report on this bill. you heard the old adage, you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. that's what they're doing today. that's why they're rushing this bill through today. it doesn't even have a review from the congressional budget office. but just a few hours ago we got this. and it was a confirmation that the i.r.s. agents will be
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getting about $20 billion in new taxes from people making less than $400,000. that's right. the c.b.o. just confirmed it a few hours ago. so president biden, who made that promise, multiple times, if you make under $400,000, don't worry, your taxes don't go up. this bill breaks president biden's promise. it's confirmed by the c.b.o. and there was an amendment to stop it from happening and every democrat voted against it. they wouldn't allow us to bring that amendment here on the floor because they're ramming it through, because they don't want people to know what's inside of this bill. $700 billion-plus in new taxes. budget gimmicks that say for the new taxes over 10 years, they're only going to account for three years of spending which means if you account for full 10 years, it increases the deficit, and of course during inflation times, this crisis we're facing economically, this bill will increase inflation in gas prices. let's reject the bill. go back to the drawing board.
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i yield back the balance of my time. i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new england is recognized -- new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: thank you. i yield now a minute and a half to a member of the energy and commerce committee, the gentlewoman from brooklyn, new york, ms. clarke. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognize. mr. clarke: thank you, madam speaker. i thank our chairman. i rise today in support of h.r. 5376, the inflation reduction act of 2022. this monumental generational investment in our nation's future will lower prescription drug prices, energy costs and extend health care coverage for millions of americans and deliver a vital down payment of resources in our stand against the climate crisis, all while creating millions of well paying jobs across america. moreover, it makes good on our promise moreover it makes good on our promise to fight for the most vulnerable communities now and forever. the journey to today has been
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challenge to say the least. i am at long last elated to know that the change americans need and demand is finally here. thanks to the hard work and ceaseless resolve of president joe biden, my deppic colleagues on the senate side and every individual who seriously took their duty to fight tooth and nail to better the lives of every american in our care, our pursuit of progress has never been stronger. so communities of color ark or seenor, pregnant and postpartum people, individuals and families living on low wages an everyone else who has long born the brunt of too many hardships, this legislation is the initial steps they have long-awaited. the inflation reduction act will prevent thousands of premature deaths by improve airing quality in densely populated communities with high environmental justice needs. with that, madam chair -- madam speaker, i yield back.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized mr. guthrie: thank you, madam speaker. i yield two minutes to my good friend from ohio, member of the energy and commerce committee, mr. lat tasm the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. latta: i thank my friend for yielding. i rise in opposition to h.r. 5376, a bill the democrats claim will reduce inflation when in reality it will do the exact opposite. american families are struggling to keep the lights on at home. far too many people in this country are worrying about the costs associated with putting food on their tables and gas in their tanks. and yet, the majority has decided now is the time to double down on their tax and spend policies with american taxpayers footing the bill. it is also concerning that this bill promotes anti-american energy policies. it will put aside $250 billion at the department of energy to
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subsidize the rush to green energy. this is picking winners and losers in the energy market and will scare away investments in base load power sources. american small businesses need access to more reliable energy, not less if the grid becomes too reliant on intermittent green energy sources we'll begin to see manufacturers shutter their operations. though it is hard to see how this bill could be salvaged i did offer an amendment to try to prevent this outcome. my amendment would have required the secretary of energy to certify that the bill would not negatively impact electric grid reliability before funding could be used. considering the devastating consequences that would result for american families and businesses, it makes perfect sense that the government should do its due diligence in examining all possible outcomes. unfortunately the majority chose not to consider my amendment on the house floor today. i urge my colleagues to vote no on this legislation that will
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increase taxes on american family, institute price increases to block innovation in medical injures -- medical cure prorks mote irresponsible spending on green new deal carveouts and derays reliability of the electric grid. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized mr. pallone: i yield a minute and a half to the gentleman from oregon, a member of the energy and commerce committee, mr. schrader. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for a minute and a half. mr. schrader: thank you, madam speaker. i rise in complete support of h.r. 5376, the inflation reduction act. during my time in congress i dedicated my service to improving our health care system and working to lower the costs of prescription drugs. i'm ecstatic that the bill before us today includes mine and rep. peter' drug framework to rein in drug prices for
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seniors and protect innovation. the medicare costs will be transformative. it will allow medicare to negotiate drug prices and provide lasting financial relief to our most vulnerable seniors by establishing a $2,000 out of pocket maximum for spending on prescription drugs. prescription drug costs portions of the bill will proserve the scientific creativity ecosystem that's necessary to the development of life-changing and life-saving treatments and cures and the close to $300 billion deficit reduction portion of the bill will be huge for the overall viability of our troubled medicare system going forward. this will be the biggest improvement in medicare since the inception of pardon d almost 20 years. i'm proud to be a leading advocate in finding a path forward to deliver relief on
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prescription drugs. i would like to thank my colleagues in both chambers. i thank you and i yield back the remainder of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: i yield two minutes to my good friend from florida, mr. bilirakis. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized mr. bilirakis: thank you, madam speaker. i want to thank my good friend from the great state of kentucky as well. i rise in strong opposition to the inflation recession i.r.s. army act. as the american people struggle to put food on their tables and gas in their cars, democrats bring us here today to raise american's taxes and destabilize our prescription drug market. my colleagues across the aisle want everyone to believe that this bill will drive down the cost of drugs. but they fail to mention that this policy will severely stifle innovation, unfortunately. as a proud advocate for
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individuals suffering with cancer, rare diseases, and neurodegenerative deszs such as ample l.s., alzheimer's and parkinson's, i'm committed to seeing cures come to market. but policies like this one will heartlessly jeopardize the likelihood of these breakthroughs. i would like to see my democratic colleagues work with us on the productive solutions found in the lower costs more cures act which would drive down the cost of drugs for the american people but not destroy the innovative research and development that is uniquely american. sadly it seems more thought was put into targeting average americans with an i.r.s. army and over one million new audits than in helping them find cures for their life-threatening ailments, unfortunately. floridian december serve better and the american people deserve better. than this bogus piece of legislation that will raise
10:56 pm
taxes and reduce the number of cures and treatments coming to market. i yield back. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: thank you, madam speaker. i yield a minute and a half to the gentlewoman from michigan, a member of the energy and commerce committee, mrs. dingell. the gentlewoman is recognized for a minute and a half. mrs. dingell: thank you, madam speaker. i rise in strong support of the inflation reduction act. this land mark package is finally on the house floor, after over a year of hard work and rolling up our sleeves. this bill will serve all americans by bringing down energy and health costs, reversing inflation, reducing the deficit, cleaning up our environment, and sparking a new clean energy economy. it is responsibly paid for and middle class families will not see any increased taxes.
10:57 pm
this is a defining moment for tackling the climate crisis this bold legislation represents the single largest investment in clean energy. environmental justice and climate actions in american history. including the greenhouse gas reduction fund and increased investments in both the atvm loan program and the domestic manufacturing conversion grant program. based on legislation i helped write. the automotive industry is fully committed to going electric. while this legislation may pose some challenges in the short term, it will strengthen the long-term trajectory of the automotive industry, our domestic supply chains and american manufacturing. it's bringing jobs home. strengthening our supply chain. and reducing our dependency on
10:58 pm
foreign manufacturing. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. mrs. dingell: i urge my colleagues to support this legislation. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized mr. guthrie: i yield two minutes to my good friend from ohio, mr. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. johnson: i rise to highlight my amendment that the majority refuses to even bring to a vote. my amendment is simple. it would amend this so-called inflation reduction act by striking from the bill the methane emissions reduction program which is a fancy term for what could more accurately be described as a tax on american natural gas. in my district in eastern and southeastern ohio oil and gas workers get up every day to produce our valuable natural resources that are used to generate electricity, power manufacture, heat and cool our homes, can cook our food and more recently to use our american natural gas to rescue
10:59 pm
our european allies who find themselves under vladimir putin's tyrannical thumb this methane tax yep air dieseses all of this and it represents yet another attack by the majority on american fossil fuels. that have brought more people out of poverty around the world than any other energy source on the planet. when i talk to producers in my district, i give them a lot of credit. these companies, without being asked, are quite literally innovative every day. they use constituent of the art technology to capture as much of their methane emissions as possible and they are proud to do it. and what's their reward? well, they get a new tax anyway. it is also worth noting that the e.p.a. is already working on rule making for regulating methane emissions and the authors of this bill knew that. all to appease the radical environmentalist left. madam speaker, i want to be clear that this isn't, and i quote, a methane reduction program, it's a massive tax on
11:00 pm
american producers, american businesses, and american workers. it's a tax on job creators in ohio. it's a tax on hardworking americans trying to heat and cool our homes. and a tax on feeding our families and a tax on the american way of life. we should strike this provision from the bill, madam speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized mr. pallone: thank you, madam speaker. i yield now a minute and a half to the gentlewoman from minnesota, a member tv of the energy and commerce committee, ms. craig. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for a minute and a half. ms. craig: thank you, madam speaker. today is the day that we deliver on many of our promises to the american people. we are going to lower the cost of health care for millions of americans. we are going to invest in american energy independence and reduce carbon emissions. we are going to do this in a
11:01 pm
responsible way. as we reduce the deficit in the process. the inflation reduction act takes historic strides to make health care more affordable by capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month for those on medicare. capping out of pocket drug corses for our nation's seniors at $2,000 a year. and empowering medicare to negotiate drug prices for our seniors. we also extend the a.c.a. tax credit, ensuring that we continue along the path of these historic rates of uninsured in our nation. we are going to make the largest investment in clean energy in our nation's history, reduce carbon emissions by 40% this decade and invest in biofuels infrastructure for minnesota's family farmers. colleagues, today, the will of our constituents will prevail over special interests.
11:02 pm
at least on this side of the aisle. this legislation will make a real difference in reducing costs for working families. i'm proud to support it and i encourage my colleagues to do the same. thank you and i yield. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky -- also reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: thank you, madam speaker. i yield a minute and a half to the gentlewoman from washington state, dr. kim schleyer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for a minute and a half. ms. schrier: thank you madam speaker. i am so excited to vote today for this climate and health care bill and here's why. this bill is the answer to the questions that my constituents have been asking since day one. here's what i'm hearing. dr. schrier, you have diabetes too. i can't afford my ininsulin, i
11:03 pm
have to ration at the end of the month, won't you do something? here's the answer. $35 a month insulin. i'm a senior, i have a fixed income, i can't afford high drug price, iwhy can't medicare negotiate them? here's your answer. medicare getting the power to negotiate the costs of prescription drugs. also, i'm a senior, there's too many out of pocket costs for me -- this caps them at $2,000. and finally right now we have fires burning in washington state. and i have farmers who have seen reduced crop yields because of extreme heat. and they say, can't you do something about climate? and here's the answer, the biggest investment in climate solutions that we have ever had. this bill brings relief. it brings financial relief to families who are feeling the high inflation and gas prices and you know how it does it? by finally making sure that the wealthiest corporations pay
11:04 pm
their fair share of taxes and it does it without raising tax on middle class families. i am so excited about this bill because it answers the requests of the people i represent. and that's why i am so excited to vote for it today. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: i yield two minutes to the gentleman from texas, mr. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. pfluger: thank you, madam speaker. i'd mr. pfluger: i rise to speak against the so-called inflation reduction act, the piece of legislation that weakens america, that weakens our businesses, increases the cost of energy for all americans and our families. and funds a new $87,000 person army of i.r.s. agents that are coming after low and middle income families. here's a good rule of thumb for this legislation. if you up of biden's chosen gree new deal companies, you'll get a
11:05 pm
handout from american taxpayers. for smaller american independent producers in district like mine, the permian basin, your reward for keeping the lights on is a new, poorly conceived natural gas tax that will raise the cost of everything and give china an edge on our american manufacturers. in fact, i offered an amendment to strike this provision but democrats voted it down in rules committee. voting against u.s. energy and voting for foreign energy. the democrat response is tax credits for the rich, a slush fund of loans to their favorite green companies, and more regulatory red tape to drive up energy costs for all of us. families are having to decide whether to fill up their tank or pay for everyday essentials at the grocery store because of high gas prices due to president biden's policies. but the crowning achievement of this legislation won't be inflation reduction, it will be a making america more dependent on our adversaries. more dependent on our
11:06 pm
adversaries for energy and dependent on china for critical minerals. if the goal is to reduce base load reliable power sources and increase our dependency on foreign nations, you are succeeding. if their goal is to create regulatory red tape to drive up energy cost from main street businesses an families, you are succeeding. if their goal is to help american families and small businesses, this piece of legislation is a fail. america asked for relief. and instead democrats will deliver new and higher taxes that will be enforced by an 87,000-person i.r.s. army. i urge my colleagues to vote for america and against this bill. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: madam speaker, i recognize for 1 1/2 minutes the gentlewoman from texas, member of the energy and commerce committee, mrs. fletcher. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized is recognized for 1 1/2 minutes. mrs. fletcher: thank you, mr. chairman. today is a historic day.
11:07 pm
today we will vote on the question of whether to allow medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs and cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors. lower the cost of health carement implement smart energy policy to reduce emissions, fight fly mat change -- climate change, invest in american informing, and reduce our deficit spending by $300 billion. we answer these questions yes by voting for the inflation reduction act. as a representative of the energy capital of the world where we lead in energy technology and investment, i want to respond to some of the things that we just heard because i am particularly proud of the work that we have done here to ensure that the historic methane emissions reduction program will actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make it possible for energy companies of all sizes to reduce their emissions through a grant program, and ensure that the united states remains the global
11:08 pm
leader in energy production and in energy innovation and technology. and we do this by voting together for this historic bill today. thank you, madam speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from new jersey reserves -- the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from contract c mr. guthrie: reserves. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: i yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. garamendi. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized for one minute mr. garamendi: i thank you, mr. chairman. madam speaker, the historic inflation reduction act lowers everyday costs americans are struggling to afford. by cut the price of prescription drugs, by making the largest ever investment in climate action, and by reducing inflation. all of this without raising taxes on middle class americans. and also paying down the national debt. for too long the price of lifesaving prescription drugs has bankrupt american families.
11:09 pm
no more. this bill caps out-of-pocket drug costs at $2,000. and allows medicare finally to directly negotiate the price of drugs. similarly we must address the increasing cost americans are bearing at the hands of climate change. this bill's $369 billion investment in climate action will unleash a renaissance in clean energy technology creating millions of new high-paying manufacturing jobs and build the next generation of american energy and transportation. i support this legislation. i call upon my colleagues -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. gira mendy: to pass this legislation. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: i'd like to enter into the record a bloomberg news story reporting how power costs are forcing u.s. factories to shut down. featuring a mill in my district.
11:10 pm
this underscores the risk to our nation's competitiveness that these policies bring about. this bill will not do what those on the floor say that it will do. i now yield two minutes to my good friend from georgia, mr. carter. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from georgia is recognized for two minutes. mr. carter: madam speaker, i rise today in strong opposition to the inflation expansion act. which includes deeply troubling proposals that will kneecap medical innovation and harm paish yernts' access to -- patients' access to cures. 40 years i was behind the counter. i told the patient how much the prescription would be. i was the one who witnessed the senior citizens making decisions to buy medication or groceries. i had to tell the mother how much the antibiotic would be and see her in tears trying to find the money to pay for t i know all too well about prescription drug prices. today i'm behind the podium as my democratic colleagues decide whether to mortgage those same
11:11 pm
patients' health and well-being for a political win. this is immoral and it must be stopped. the united states leads the world in medical innovation. i have watched it. i have seen it. as terminal illnesses became treatable with a simple bill. i have seen the relief on the patient's face when they hear a new treatment is available for their once incurable disease. this bill err rad cats hope. err rad case -- eradicates hope. this legislation goes about it in all the wrong ways. pharmaceutical companies are the drivers of innovation that deliver lifesaving cures to patients. however this legislation will result in dozens, possibly hundreds of fewer cures over the next decade. i tried to fix this self-imposed problem in the rules committee on wednesday, but it was rejected. i also introduced an amendment to block the federal government from funding radical green
11:12 pm
lobbying groups, that was rejected. there is no excuse for the federal government to steal billions of dollars from taxpayers, including $1.5 billion in funding for treat equity, while inflation sits at a 40-year high. medical professionals are sworn to do no harm. it's time congress took the same oath and quit our assault on taxpayers and mostly on patients. i urge a no vote. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentleman from maryland, mr. mfume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland is recognized for one minute. mr. mfume: i want to thank the chairman for yielding. madam speaker, this is really about people over politics today. i'm glad that people all over the country are watching and listening to this debate. it's not about the wealthy, the well connected, and the well off. it's about people who believe like many of us that we have gone too far without lowering the costs of medicine for
11:13 pm
everyday people. by reducing and capping costs where they are. the 35 cap -- $35 cap on insulin. find ago way to close the real gap that exists in terms of affordable care. and extension of the subs subsi, tackingling the climate crisis allowing consierms and homeowners to do what they need to take advantage of the tax subsidies. most of all it says to everyone else this is paid for. this is not a tax bill. it is paid for. it's paid for by making sure that the wealthiest and corporations who really get out of paying taxes don't get out of paying taxes anymore. so it's not about the wealthy, the well connected, and well off. it's about people all over this country in baltimore and elsewhere who want and need this legislation. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky
11:14 pm
reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentleman from indiana, mr. mrvan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from indiana is recognized for one minute. mr. mrvan: thank you, chairman pallone, for the time. i rise today in support of the inflation reduction act. historic measure that takes action to lower costs for individuals and families in northwest indiana and throughout our nation. of particular importance to me are the provisions that finally address the unfair disadvantage our seniors face when deciding between missing a meal or a prescription drug. as a local elected official, i sat at the table with individuals making those choices. and we were able to find solutions. in this i appreciate more than anything that under this legislation medicare will negotiate certain prescription drug prices, limit out-of-pocket costs for insulin at $35 per month, and for the first time ever cap medicare d out-of-pocket drug costs at $2,000. it is to the seniors' advantage to have this passed.
11:15 pm
this is a real progress that provides real relief to seniors. i urge my colleagues to join me in supporting this critical legislation. thank you, mr. chairman. i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: thank you, madam speaker. i yield two minutes to my good friend from ohio, mr. balderson. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio is recognized for two minutes. mr. balderson: thank you, madam speaker. thank you, my neighbor to the south. madam speaker, i rise in opposition to h.r. 5376. today we are voting on a bill that archives the exact opposite of what its name implies. here's what's in the $745 billion inflation reduction plan. raises taxes on businesses in the midst of a recession. forces us into a socialist drug pricing scheme leading to fewer lifesaving cures, higher cost, and less hope. it hires 87,000 more i.r.s. agents to spy own. makes it more expensive to heat your home and a new tax on american natural gas and wastes
11:16 pm
$27 billion on the e.p.a. climate bank charged with handing out all your tax dollars to woke energy corporations. they are throwing your hard-earned money at the green new deal dreams while carrying out their misguided threats to eliminate fossil fuels. just look at europe's energy crisis to see the true cost of the rush to green agenda. rather than unleashing america's abundant energy resources, this legislation raises taxes on energy production and imposes restrictions on local producers in my district and in ohio. instead of helping bring down prices at the pump for hardworking americans, this bill gives away $7,500 tax credit for the wealthy to buy and upgrade their electrical vehicles. what does this mean for ohioans? higher prices, energy insecurity, and tax hikes. this bill only makes matters worse. i urge a no vote on h.r. 5376. i yield back. mr. guthrie: reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized.
11:17 pm
mr. pallone: thank you, madam speaker. i now yield a minute to my colleague from new jersey, mr. kim. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey is recognized for one minute. mr. kim: thank you, madam speaker. in 2018 i was at a home in a retirement community along the jersey shore. a gentleman pulls me aside and in a whispered voice shared with me he pays over $500 a month for prescription drugs and couldn't keep up. he resorted to halving his pills. he told me he was a proud man but i could hear a quiver in his voice because he felt bad that he couldn't provide for him and his wife. he said he worked hard for his entire life but he can't do this on his own. i told him it was not his fault. that prices have been skyrocketing and that medicare has not been able to negotiate prices. that here in the richest, most powerful world -- nation in the world those who worked hard over the course of their lives are left to fend for themselves. halving their medication, how sad is that? i come to the floor of the house
11:18 pm
today to say that this stops here. medicare will be able to negotiate and because of that gentleman and many others i heard from, i decided to help author the provision to cap the out-of-pocket for seniors, $2,000 a year, which is about $166 a month. seniors have been waight too long -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: madam speaker, may i just inquire amount of time that exists on both sides? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey has five minutes. the gentleman from kentucky has four. mr. pallone: thank you. madam speaker, at this point i would yield one minute to the gentleman from ohio, mr. ryan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio is recognized for one minute. mr. ryan: madam speaker, this is an american bill. apple pie, mom, and baseball. red, white, and blue. this is for the exhausted majority of the people in this
11:19 pm
country. democrats, republicans, independents, versus the extremists. if you think that this town's been spending too much money, we need to reduce the deficit, we do that by hundreds of bills of dollars. if you think seniors are taking it on the chin, we help them with prescription drugs and $35 insulin payments. if you think we need to increase production of natural gas, that's in this bill to create jobs here, lower costs here, to create jobs here, to knock putin's knees out from under him and the most exciting thing we double down on finally having an industrial policy in this clint to out-compete china. we are going to build things. on top of the infrastructure bill and the chips act we're going to build electric vehicle, electric car, electric tractor, battery, solar, wind, we are going to rebuild the middle class. while the other side wants -- we want to fund our kids' future
11:20 pm
here in the united states. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey reserves. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: thank you, madam speaker. there's nothing in the bill that increases production of natural gas. the methane emission reduction program is a natural gas tax that will impact the entire community. it will make everything more expensive. it'll increase the cost of food, fertilizer and food. millions of americans use natural gas to heat their homes. this bill will give e.p.a. sweeping authority to expand the natural gas tax to other sectors including agriculture. there are no guardrails to prevent e.p.a. from ratcheting up the natural gas tax in years ahead. i now yield two and a half minutes to the gentlelady from tennessee, mrs. harshbarger. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for two
11:21 pm
minutes. mrs. harshbarger sprk thank you, madam speaker. -- mrs. harshbarger: thank you, madam speaker. this bill is detriment -- detrimental to american's wallets and their ability to keep their heads above water. this tax will impact every single part of our lives. it will be more expense toiv heat our home, buy necessities and decentivize manufacturing of thousands of thousands of goods we use every day. this is chock fall of -- full of green new deal slush funds we cannot afford to pour billions that we don't have into programs that cut our gas and oil industry off at the knees, an industry that's already suffering greatly under the biden administration. this attack on our retinery -- refineries could lead to higher gas prices. i know it's hard to believe but it's true. it leaves us exposed and more
11:22 pm
reliant on our enemies. as a licensed pharmacist for over 30 years the most concerning part of this socialist scheme is that the government will now have authority to set pricing on life-saving medication. and when they set oh to price it'll be out of reach of the americans who need it the most. the tip of the day is you never want the government in control of pricing anything. this act will directly take away hope from seniors in as many as 100 plus cures will be in jeopardy. there'll be no incentive for companies to develop cures for rare and ultra rare decides. this encourages companies to spend less on research and development and more on the poll toisks all. the last thing anyone needs is higher prices for prescriptions and rising insurance premiums. members on the other side of the aisle continue to push an agenda that america does not want.
11:23 pm
this bill is horrendous douse. it's an abomination that democrats would go to such lengths as far as risking the health and safety of the people they swore an oath to represent just to push their radical liberal agenda i urge my colleagues to consider the lives that will be negatively impacted by the radical bill and hope to see all members of the house of representatives make the right dig for america with a no vote on this far-left inflation expansion act. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized mr. pallone: i reek nice for one minute. i just want to take this opportunity to thank the staff, my committee staff, who worked so hard on this legislation for so many years and this day would not be possible if it wasn't for their dedication and constant perseverance. tiffany, waverly, rick, jacquelyn, saha, rick, tuly,
11:24 pm
caitlyn, adam, anthony, tyler, medina, jacquelyn, dustin, megan, otimia. and let me just say we're waiting for a couple more speakers but i want to say i cannot emphasize enough the significance of this legislation. in terms of reducing costs for seniors through negotiated prices for medicare. extending the affordable care act which has made so many people have health insurance that didn't have it before. and also addressing climate change. really the greatest crisis of our time there's nothing that could be more significant than this legislation. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: i would like to continue to verve. mr. guthrie: we're at a stalemate.
11:25 pm
the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey has three minutes remaining. the gentleman from kentucky has one minute remaining.
11:26 pm
the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. guthrie: thank you, madam speaker. it gives me great honor today to yield one minute to one of my good friends here in congress, a great leader, the republican leader of the house of
11:27 pm
representatives, my good friend from california, mr. mccarthy. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. mccarthy: thank you, madam speaker. today feels like a little deja vu. feels like we're sitting back, was it february of last year? america is on a brink, the world is warning the majority party if they follow through with more of their spending, they could create inflation in america. wasn't just on our side of the aisle that warned you. no. former secretary of treasury, he warned if you went through with that $2 trillion that inflation would rise and america would be harmed. but nobody listened on the other side. they were proud, they were going to cheer, they're going to get elected, they're going to win based upon. this they went ahead, they
11:28 pm
passed that bill with one party control. in the house and in the senate and the president signed it. if we listen to steve ratner, democrat adviser to obama, he calls it the original sin of inflation. if you listen to the american public, madam speaker, i hope every single member asks their constituents, could they give one month's salary up, could they afford to give a month's salary up? i would love it if anyone can come back and tell me anyone who says yes to that. the sad part about it, everybody in america who is paid on a salary lost more than a month because it was deja vu all over again. it was exactly that vote that took more than a month's salary frefer american that's paid monthly. we've got a president, madam
11:29 pm
speaker, who thinks inflation is zero. i guess that's why we're back to where we are again. today the people's house should be working to answer our country's call to address the rising prices of gas, groceries, and just about anything else that americans buy. i haven't heard one debate on this floor today about how we're going to low they are gasoline price. i'm not sure but i guess, madam speaker, on the democratic side, they think if they raise taxes somehow that'll make the price go down, not up. they've proven to be wrong. instead, madam speaker, moments from now we'll take up this misguided, tone-deaf bill, i believe the largest tone deaf bill i've ever seen in this chamber in 232 years. democrats more than any other
11:30 pm
majority in history are addicted to spending other people's money. regardless of what we as a country can afford. madam speaker, i almost see glee in their eyes. i wonder, and i know there's not a lot of them here because they can vote by proxy, it's the only chamber in the history of america that has ever allowed that. not even on the senate side. not even during war, not even during plague. but this body has and this body continued it, just extended it. this bill wasn't debated here. wasn't talked about. but a lot of people are going to phone it in. they started this congress with trillions in wasteful spending that caused runaway inflation.
11:31 pm
their answer was to blame everybody else. now their answer is just to deny there's inflation and say it's zero. but today, now, they're cheesing to -- choosing to end the session by spending half a trillion dollars more of your money, raising taxes on the middle class, and giving handouts to their liberal allies. madam speaker, the house is not in order. thank you, madam speaker. unlike most of the democrats, madam speaker, i have read this bill past the title. and the -- and the facts about this bill are just astonishing. it sends $27 billion to a fraudulent national climate bank. put that in perspective. that's trip they will size of the e.p.a.'s current annual
11:32 pm
budget. madam speaker, as i go across the country, i look through the gas stations, people cry about how much it's costing them. chose to raise it higher but not to give relief to the american public. by lowering the gas price. along with that slush fund that hands out tax credits like candy with no accountability. but when it comes to natural gas which heats our homes, cook ours food -- cooks our food, it raises taxes. to fund their socialist scams, your energy prices will now go through the roof. madam speaker, i look forward turnover democrat who votes for this bill be it in person or how they phone it in by proxy, how do they explain to their constituents this winter, when they're making a choice. about whether they pay the
11:33 pm
energy to heat their homes or they cut back on the gas to fill their tank. they no longer even buy the food they look at the grocery store because it comes too high, they have to change. madam speaker, as they continue to raise trillions after trillions, everybody warns them what they do is wrong. they don't care. they just want to double down to the mistakes they've already made. and don't expect drug prices to come down either. this bill would cut treatments and hinder new cares -- new cures by giving bureaucrats the power to decide what drugs seniors can access. reduces your options, raises your costs. that's ok, that's their flues fism they know best. just like they knew best when they thought $2 trillion would help. they called it the american rescue plan.
11:34 pm
you now have time to see what you have done. explain to me the american rescue plan, when it raised inflation that took a month's salary from the american public, what did it rescue? who did it help? answer me this answer me this question. is america better off today than two years ago? is the price of gasoline lower? it is? the price of gasoline is lower today than it was two years. i guess you believe inflation is zero, too. i'm not sure about your math. is grocery lowerrer than it was two years ago. are the car prices lower than it was two years ago? are the food prices? i would love a natural debate right here. why don't we have that? because the american people are
11:35 pm
having a challenge. one of the most successful businesses in america is wal-mart. when wal-mart wants to look at where the economy is in america, they don't go hire economists. you know what they do? they just check the data of americans on what they buy. for those who answered yes, you ought to study it, too. you know what? they look at four products. they look at hamburger buns, hot dog buns, whole wheat and white bread. you know what? if the hamburger buns sales go down and hot dog buns go down and the while wheat sales go down, and white bread goes up? you are in an economic cry sis. people can no longer make a decision to have hamburger with hamburger buns, they have to put the white bread there. for all of you who said why, get out of washington for a moment
11:36 pm
and go ask your constituents if they are better off today than two years ago. because no, gas is not lower. gas is higher. and no, the car prices are higher. and their food prices are higher. and they are going up each and every day. i can't believe you would say yes. you probably believe the american rescue plan was a good bill. you probably believe it's putin's fault, too. passing this bill today means more expensive bills for americans tomorrow. and everyone who says otherwise isn't telling the truth. but of all the bad parts of this 700-page bill, the massive expansion of the i.r.s. is the most chilling. madam speaker, i wonder if we
11:37 pm
could ask the same question, oh, boy, i emimagine -- imagine america will ask that. just roughly 87 more days. they won't just ask it, they'll answer the question even if it's not asked if they are better off than two years ago. they'll probably ask the question, is america better off with 87,000 more i.r.s. agents? currently the i.r.s. has almost 80,000 employees. so you're going to smile, you're going to vote for it, a lot of you are going to mail it in because you are going to vote by proxy. air going to pass a bill you never debated. people voting by proxy. you are going to double the size of the i.r.s. have 80,000 employees. you know what they also have, 4600 guns. five million rounds of ammunition. why? democrats want to double its already massive size.
11:38 pm
you are going to spend $80 billion of hard-earned american taxpayer money to hire an army of 87,000 new i.r.s. agents. why would you even propose that? because you say, it pays for the bill. madam speaker, the house is not in order. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. mr. mccarthy: i got plenty of time. i think i will. i appreciate the encouragement. i think america needs the encouragement. you know what? america actually needs a plan that works. why if you passed an american rescue plan that caused inflation that we haven't seen in 41 years, why, if you went after the fossil fuels of america that raised the price of gasoline that americans haven't seen before, why do you keep harming the american public and you think doing exact same thing is your answer to save it?
11:39 pm
but while this bill doubles the number of i.r.s. personnel, it does not expands due process protections for the american people. worse, it includes no income floor who can be audited. so the same people on the other side of the aisle, madam speaker, that says we are better off than we were two years ago that somehow i don't know where they get their gas but they said their gas price is lower, let me know. i need to fill my tank up. when you say that you're not going to go after ever american -- every american to audit, just like you are not being honest about what caused the pain to this country. you have no plan to solve. it you double down to the same thing you did before. based upon the past numbers, we
11:40 pm
know this would mean 710,000 new audits for people who make under $75,000. so someone who makes under $735,000 -- $75,000, you think they need to pay for this. so what you're going to do is you don't trust them. madam speaker, you say you don't trust the american public. that you're not going to hire all these people for the i.r.s. so they could be there to help people fill out their tax returns. no, these people are going to you a dit them. we are going to double size. and they are going to go after you. you see, there is a philosophy here, madam speaker. one side of this aisle believes in the american people. one side thinks they know best. even when the gas pr price price has risen, you think it's lower. sorry to tell you, madam speaker, the president admitted
11:41 pm
the gas price shier but he thought it was a good thing. it was a good thing because you think everything can buy a new car. well, we are going to audit you because we need to go after you because we think you're not fair, you're not honest, and we are going to make you pay for something else. pay for the things we care most about. it costs individuals thousands of dollars in attorney fees, compliance costs just to be audited by the i.r.s. imagine what you would do with an extra $10,000 a year. imagine how much better you could have used it than the federal government. somehow you think it's best. you think it's best. that's how democrats pay for their pet projects. your pocketbook is their plan to fund more inflationary spending.
11:42 pm
this is just a train wreck just waiting to happen. with this new power the i.r.s. will snoop around in your bank account. your venmo, small business. then the government will shake you down for every last cent. in light of this week's events, let me ask. do you really trust this administration, the i.r.s. to be fair? to not abuse their power? with madam speaker, as i travel the country, a loft people, different names, work at the i.r.s., lois learner and others, even when it comes to light government is powerful, government is big. government can take as you have
11:43 pm
proven you have taken so much from the american public. but now you want to intimidate them. i watched democrats weaponize the government before. and i don't trust them now. madam speaker, mark my words, long after the headlines of this week fades, we'll look back on this very day and on this bill as the one that broke the camel's back. i'm sure, madam speaker, as the months progress there will be new blame, there will be new problems. it will be those who own the gas station. probably blame the small families that had to buy the natural gas for their price going higher. somehow you'll blame putin again. and somehow you'll tell the american public, no, your price isn't higher, you are better off and there is zero inflation teen
11:44 pm
though -- even though you take home less, everything costs more. let me tell you about the future the democrats want for america. the future that we can expect if this bill passes. much like the one before. when wealthy americans are getting tax breaks to buy luxury cars, but you can't afford to even fill up your tank. blame this bill. blame the democrats. when store shelves are empty because more american manufacturers have gone under, blame this bill. blame the democrats. when government agents are knocking at your door and threatening your business, blame this bill. blame the democrats. when your loved ones are left without the cures they need to fight a rare disease, blame this bill.
11:45 pm
and blame the democrats. my friends, that is exact choice for us today. now, i know a few democrats showed up and i hopefully all those who are voting by proxy are watching on tv because they must be home sick because that's what they said. i hope they spent the time to read it. i don't know if they read the american rescue plan, but they know the damage they have done. america feels it each and every day. each and every day. madam speaker, i guess the next question would be, it will be interesting to hear the side, the answer from the other side if you think gas is cheaper than it has been two years ago, you think the prices at the grocery store are lower than it was two years ago, do you think the border's more secure than it was
11:46 pm
two years ago? someone said, yes. madam speaker, i'm going to introduce a bill to rename this place fantasyland. because i hope you go home, i hope you take the smirks off, i hope you actually read your obituaries. because fentanyl has now become the number one killer of americans between the ages of 18 and 45. it's not something to smirk about. i'm sure you got power. you are in the majority. but you abuse the power, madam speaker. when you abuse power like that, people die. every walk of life we are seeing it day in and day out. i remember the headline six college kids down in florida this summer. they weren't in a fraternity or sorority. they were in the military
11:47 pm
academy. six of them o.d.'d. four took the drug. two did no. two simply gave them mouth to mouth. you think it's important to double the size of the i.r.s.? but you're not going to do one thing for the border? i remember right after you took the power, you took over the house, senate, the white house you decided to change the policies. we watched what has come across the border. i took a trip down there. i remember going, talking to the agents, they were telling me they have never seen anything like this before. what do you mean? we are catching people on the terrorist watch list. what? on the terrorist watch list? really? i didn't know there was that many people on the terrorist watch list from the triangle is etra america. no, we are catching them from
11:48 pm
yemen. people come from 160 different countries across this border now. they bring their fentanyl from china. i did a press conference and talked about that. madam speaker, i thought people from both sides of the aisle would be very concerned about hearing people on the terrorist watch list coming into america. knowing what has happened in this country before. and would want to keep it safe. i was shocked. they didn't ask me for more information. they called me a liar. we provided the proof. nobody apologized. that's ok. you don't need to apologize. i wish you would do something about it. they continued to stay silent. then they fought to get more information. i fear to tell you that that's happening each and every day. there's not one new piece of money in here to secure that
11:49 pm
anymore. it will stop as colleges open back up, college students on the week can go to their snap chat, think they are buying a xanax and don't wake up the next morning. but that's ok. because you just gave a break to one of your big donors that makes a lot of money that's going to buy an electric car. . it's ok because you feel good about what you're going to do. i guess that's why you don't show up to vote uric just vote by proxy. a vote for this bill is a vote to help the well-connected get further and further ahead while leaving the needs of hardworking american families behind. yet you could be forgiven for not understanding the gravity of today's vote. for such a supposedly historic
11:50 pm
occasion, few democrats even bothered to show up. look around this chamber, madam speaker. the floor is nearly empty. if democrats really truthfully want to raise your taxes on americans during a recession, that's their choice. that's power they have. they've proven it time and again and they will do it. the very least you can do, madam speaker, is show up in person if you're going to vote yes. show up in person to the american public. for those that chant yes, gasoline is lower than it was two years ago, yes, the border is safer than it was two years ago, don't say it when the cameras are off. don't say it when people can't see who is saying it, go to the mics. if you believe it, go to the mics and say it. better yet, tell your district about it. because they know differently.
11:51 pm
america knows differently. if you want to vote yes you should have the courage and the decency to show up and do that many person. yet, madam speaker, speaker pelosi extended proxy voting again on wednesday. allowing democrats to hide their faces and vote to take your money in the comfort of their summer vacations. absolute power corrupts absolutely, madam speaker. famous quote. there's lots of lessons people learn. normally the lesson that you learn the most is when you cause the most pain. i guess creating inflation you haven't had in 41 years,
11:52 pm
creating shortages when there's no baby formula. gas prices that we haven't seen since jimmy carter was in office. a border that's wide open. a government, madam speaker, that had an attorney general call parents terrorists because what did they do? they went to a school board meeting. why would they go? why would -- parents go to a school board meeting? because they wanted to know what was happening to their kids' education. the lost learning of the years of the pandemic. if you question authority you're going to be called a terrorist. how far would we go to be able to have the rights to do that? we're going to find an organization, a union, that sends a let sore we can do it. when the public finds out why, the union pull theirs letter back but the a.g. doesn't pull
11:53 pm
back their power. they have power, they should use it. is that why you want to double the size of the i.r.s.? is that why you want to double the size of the i.r.s.? to go after americans to use it? earlier today, we had 80 democrats use a proxy vote. as we approach this final vote on this bill, determined by how long i speak i expect that number might increase. if you think about it, that's the story of this democrat majority. they will destroy our economy and mortgage your future. but can't be personally bostonnered to show up to make the trip to d.c. to do their jobs.
11:54 pm
what a disgrace. what a disgrace. i'll promise the american public that that will all change. if you run for office, if you're going to tell the american public, you're going to ask them to lend their vote, to lend their voice, to go to washington for two years to represent them, you're going to show up. you know what? the bills are going to be in committee. the bills are going to be read. they're going to be debated on the floor. and you're not going to hide in your vacation home and raise taxes on the american public. i'll even go further. we'll lower your gas price. we'll make america energy independent. we won't punish natural gas. if you care about the environment, american natural gas is 41% cleaner than russian
11:55 pm
natural gas. we'll make abundance of it. so those people who are living on a $75,000 income that watched it get dwindled under your leadership, under your american rescue plan that simply took a whole month's salary away from them where they had no say, you celebrated, you cheered it. then you blamed everybody else for what you created. we'll tell you it will cost less. for the patient that gets the phone call, maybe their kid is home, that doesn't wake up. because they went out to purchase something, it wasn't fentanyl but it was laced with fentanyl.
11:56 pm
we'll make sure that stops. you know, it's august. right now is normally the time people have barbecues. but now the price is high. now the price people question whether to even get the hot dog buns. they're going to turn on the tv, they're going to watch an empty chamber, they're going to read it online, 80 democrats took that vacation and voted to raise more taxes. voted to spend more of their money, and looked into the camera and smiled and said we know best. we want to take more of your money because we got to hire and
11:57 pm
double the size of the i.r.s. because we want them to knock on your door. because we think you're not honest. we think you can pay more. if you don't, we've got an a.o.g. that will come after you. go to that school board meeting, we'll look in your eyes, take your name down, wonder why you care about your kids' education. madam speaker, that will end too. because we're going to provide the american public with a parent's bill of rights. we think the parents should have a say cey in their kids' education. we think parents should know what's being taught at their kids' school. madam speaker, i haven't watched under this leadership, a
11:58 pm
democrat voted proxy who wasn't even in america. so i wonder, were they in another country to get health care? were they sick? no, no, no. they were in france. at a wedding. when they phoned that vote in, i wasn't quite sure. do you think at the wedding the member was reading the bill on the phone? so that member knew how to vote? i'm not sure it came through committee. i don't know how much debate they had on this because the senate did this bill. what a disgrace. i urge all my colleagues to reject this out of touch bill. reject the crushing new taxes.
11:59 pm
reject the ballooning of government. reject the spending of things that we don't need with money we don't have. madam speaker, i can wait if you need to continue. but most of all -- but most of all, i urge my colleagues to remember this day. remember this day because it will be the last time the house will operate so reckless and irresponsible. a new day is coming with a new plan to put america back on the right track. it will be a commitment to america.
12:00 am
there'll be fiscal responsibility. there'll be energy independent where your gas lean price will be lower and plentiful. your home heating costs will lower, not rise. we won't pick one energy over the other. it'll be all of the above so america can be stronger. that your border will be secure because fentanyl and terrorists will not be coming across. this border is a national security issue. that we will focus on bringing supply chain from china back to america. not what this bill does this bill takes american taxpayer money and sends it to china. trip they will size of the e.p.a. of the climate. i imagine china is cheering because they see their economy is going to rise. their government doesn't have to
12:01 am
vote for a stimulus. because that's exactly what you're doing here. what's even great, china will look and say, can we make sure america can send all that money here? don't worry, the democrats doubled the size of the i.r.s. they'll get that money. and make sure it comes. and in the commitment to america we believe people show up to go to work. that you earn your paycheck. you don't phone it in. madam speaker, when i handed the gavel to speaker pelosi last year, i said that a house distracted cannot govern. today as this majority jams through yet another partisan spending spree, it is clear to me that an absent house cannot
12:02 am
lead. i trust the american people. i know it is the people who will render the ultimate verdict on today's actions. and when they do, 87 days from now, my democratic colleagues will have only themselves to blame. madam speaker, i'm not sure what's happening on your side of the aisle, that members actually believe gasoline is less than it was two years ago. madam speaker, i'm not sure what's happening on your side of the aisle that your colleagues believe the border is more secure than it was two years ago.
12:03 am
madam speaker, i'm not sure what's happening on your side of the aisle that your colleagues believe the price of groceries is less than it was two years ago. madam speaker, i'm not sure what's happening on the other side of the aisle that your colleagues believe doubling the size of the i.r.s. is a positive thing. yes, i come from a different party, and yes, i have a different philosophy. but we're all americans. and madam speaker, you're going
12:04 am
to inflict this pain on every single american. madam speaker, i'm not sure on your side of the aisle thinks this is going to do anything to lower the price of inflation. i do know, madam i do know, madam speaker, one person on other side of the aisle, in the other chamber, barry sanders, spoke the truth. the senate won't. i know on your side of the aisle, madam speaker, not everybody believes the same. former secretary of treasury warned you before you did the american rescue plan that it would bring inflation and he was right. even the current secretary of treasury finally apologized, said they were wrong. the president said it was going to be transitory. said it had peaked. said it was everybody else's fault but now he says it's zero. madam speaker, i guess i do
12:05 am
understand why your side of the aisle now believes all that. i just know america doesn't. because every day america goes to the grocery store, the prices increased. every week when they fill up their gas tank, the price is higher. every month when they cash their check, it goes less, not as far. madam speaker, if the border was really more secure than it was two years ago, why is the d.c. mayor now asking for the national guard when she wouldn't even ask it when there were riots in the streets? madam speaker, colleagues on the other side can lie to me, but they can't lie to america. 87 days from now, it doesn't
12:06 am
matter how you try to answer those questions. the american people will. i remember when we were at this stage once before. we had somebody in the white house who put a sweater on, he told me to turn the heater down, that the best days were behind us as americans. i watched another person walk to the podium and say, no pastels, fly the bold colors. we know what america is. that we are more than a country. we are an idea. an idea so powerful that we can overcome all the pain that you have caused. it won't be easy. and i'll offer this invitation. for all the bad votes you have
12:07 am
taken, when the change comes, we will welcome you to correct your mistakes you have made. because you'll be in committee. maybe you'll learn the gas price is higher. maybe you'll learn the groceries cost more. you'll be here to vote. so you'll hear the debate. maybe i can't blame you for thinking that. you don't have to show up. madam speaker, there's a lot of days on this floor that change the course of history. in the last two years, the history has not been bright. inflation, 41-year history high. you understand what that does to the american public? do you understand the pain that
12:08 am
it causes? do you understand the choices that people have to make? i read a story of a young family, their daughter has cancer. for a treatment they have to drive a long way. she was crying one day because she heard her parents talking about making the decision, they're taking out loans they cannot afford to pay for the gasoline that your side of the aisle thinks costs them less, but costs them more. the choices they had -- choice is they had to decide. because you title a bill, american rescue plan, that only inflicts pain. and you just doubled down. madam speaker, i respect the other side of the aisle much
12:09 am
greater if they were to at least do exactly what secretary yellen did. apologize for your mistake and change course. don't double down. don't make the same mistake three, four times like you're going to do today. at the very least, at the very least, if you're going to vote yes, do it in person. do it in person. read the bill. put it through committee. madam speaker, i've watched this body take on big issues. we've got some of the biggest issues before us today. and you continue to make it just a partisan action.
12:10 am
one that even your side of the aisle has warned you against. but somehow you want to celebrate it. madam speaker, in my office, in that conference room, i have this painting of washington crossing the delaware. you all know the famous painting. it's eight feet by 16 feet. if you study history, you'll know that it happened christmas, 1776. the artist who painted that famous painting wasn't on a american, he wasn't there, there was no iphone that day to take a photo. the person who painted the painting is a german immigrant who lived in america but went back to germany, emanuel linz up. know why he painted that painting? because he understood america was more than a country, that america was an idea. he wanted germany to have a revolution based upon the values of america. of freedom, of individual
12:11 am
rights, of a stand against tyranny. that government would be of the people, by the people, for the people. so his talent was art, so he thought he would paint this painting to inspire the germans to have this revolution. now, historians will tell you, he gets it incorrect. he puts 13 people in a rowboat. why would he pick the number 13? 13 colonies. when he only shows you 12 faces. if you look at the painting, he puts washington in a rowboat, but historians will tell you washington probably crossed at durham. if you look at the delaware, it kind of looks like the rhine, but he's german, give him a break for that. he puts washington in a ceremonial uniform with his hand on his chest. standing up in a rowboat, crossing the delaware in the middle of winter.
12:12 am
he looks so stoic. if you look at washington in that painting, you would say, almost you'd follow this man anywhere. you'd think he'd never lost a battle or a fight. but for the students of history, they understand that that moment in time, washington had never won a battle. we'd never won one fight as a country. but that was our first victory as we surprised our enemy. but what i'd like you to see next time is who is in the boat. second person's wearing a beret. he's scottish. the person directly across from him, the green jacket, he's african-american. you come down the boat, the middle of the boat, the person almost looks the strongest, rowing in the red, is a woman. and the very back, the very last person, is a native american. i cannot tell you from a historical point of view if they were in the boat that night.
12:13 am
but to this young immigrant who had lived in america, that's who he believed would be in the boat. now, the second to last person in there, he has a hand across his face. a hand of the 13th person nobody sees. what this artist was saying, i believe, here we are, not a country, but an idea. having lost every battle before, but willing to create a nation, why? to go against the tyranny of a government that will tax you with no say, a government that became so big it can inflict pain upon you. to tell you what to do. that we would risk it on our holiest of night. here's a hand, would you get in and join us? it's as true today as it was then.
12:14 am
the challenge that we face right now is you're making that government big. you're doubling the size of the i.r.s. you're going against every single reason people were in that boat, willing to risk their lives for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. a government that was created in a country that was conceived in liberty and dedicated proposition that we're all equal. because you think you know what's best. i can only imagine what those individuals would think today, that you'd put a bill on the floor that didn't go through committee, you'd put a bill on the floor that would double the size of the i.r.s., that could go after the american public, that has no set on an income, the 710,000 people under the income of $75,000 are now going to be audited because you want them to pay for what you think
12:15 am
is best. that you're going to tax with no limit on income some family that already lost a month's salary based upon your past actions because of inflation. you're going to make them choose how cold, you're going back to jimmy carter, you're simply telling the american public to put that sweater on, turn that heater down. but to your elite donors, you're going to give them the tax credit from those i.r.s. agents so they can go buy a new tesla. that's what you're doing in this bill. but four, six months from now you'll blame somebody else for it. the good news is, there will be a new congress with a new ability to change all that. that provide the american public a commitment to america.
12:16 am
with a new plan to put this country back on the right direction. madam speaker, whatever happens today, i can only guess if you have all the votes in your pocket, the people don't have to show up, one or two people can determine the outcome. but, madam speaker, i implore upon you, i don't know what happens in your conference. please allow the american public to come in, to simply tell you and explain to you that, no, gas is not lower, groceries do not cost less, and the money does not go as far as it did before. maybe that's why i can only understand if you truly believe that, that you would vote yes, for everybody else that's living in a real america, they will vote no. and 87 days from now, i believe most of america will have the
12:17 am
answer to that question too with a new congress and a new plan. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: madam speaker, may i inquire how much time remains on both sides? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman has three minutes remaining. mr. pallone: and the other side? has no time? the speaker pro tempore: their time has expired. mr. pallone: i yield myself one minute. i just want to speak briefly before i introduce our two leaders who have done so much on the democratic side to make this bill a possibility today. the republican leader said that we should listen to our constituents. well, we have. yesterday i was at a senior center in wood ridge and a woman came up to me and said, you know, congressman pallone, i spend $1,5 hahn month on prescription drugs -- $1,500 a month on prescription drugs.
12:18 am
i was able to say to her, i'll be in washington tomorrow, i'm going to vote on a bill that's going to cap your expenditures at $2,000 a year. then i had another woman in a telehealth meeting earlier in the week who told me she was so hot because in new jersey we've had the worst drought and the highest temperatures that we know in years. and she said, i have to go to a cooling center because of the heat. because of my health. and the impact on my health. and i was able to say to her, look, it's going take a while, but tomorrow, this friday, i'm going to vote on a bill that's going to address the climate change and the heating and the warming of this planet. so i just want to thank our two leaders for what they've done to bring this about today. and with that, i would yield one minute to our majority leader, mr. hoyer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding.
12:19 am
today will be the culmination of the meeting of promises that president biden made to the american people. resulting in some seven million to eight million more people voting for president biden than the incumbent president. my colleagues, we have just heard from the leader of the party of you're on your own. the leader who just spoke voted against the american rescue plan. that put money in the pockets of american families, put american
12:20 am
children back to school, and resulted in us not wearing masks today with some exceptions. by putting vaccine in arms. the leader who just spoke voted no. as did every one of his colleagues. they said no to money to help families not fall through the cracks. to help them afford their groceries. to help them afford to pay their mortgage and send their kids to school. they voted no to make sure those vaccines were in arms. they voted no to help small businesses, restaurants an others be lifted up.
12:21 am
the party of you're on your own, america. and yes, when they came to office what did they try to do? in 2017. repeal health care support for the american people. we are doing the opposite. we plead guilty. the leader of the republican party who just spoke voted no on the infrastructure bill. to respond to build roads and bridges, to make sure they're maintained and safe. responded to broadband to make sure that rural areas are connected. airports. make sure we had a grid that wa.
12:22 am
the gentleman who just spoke voted no the chips bill. the gentleman talked about china. china was lobbying against the chips bill. the minority leader voted no on the chips bill. which is a bill to make america competitive and create hundreds of thousands of job, that was -- jobs, that was bipartisan in the house by a small degree, and in the senate. as well. but the minority leader votedno. so i must say i'm not shocked that he's voting no on this bill. which is aimed at helping
12:23 am
americans with their health care, one of the greatest reasons for inflation. and i'm not surprised he mischaracterized the reaction on this side of the aisle when he said gas prices were high and hadn't come down. in fact, in the last 40 days they've come dunn 20%. the gentleman is shaking his head, no, no, they haven't. i don't know where he's buying gas but they've come down from $5 to $4 and in some cases less than $4. is that too high? it is. should we be concerned about that? yes we should be. we passed two bills, one was a bill to make sure that we didn't have price gouging. no american wants to see price gouging. the minority leader voted no on that ball. -- that bill.
12:24 am
we offered another bill that dealt with food and fuel prices. to try to make sure we had delivery systems and supply chains that worked. the minority leader and his colleagues voted no. not everyone. we had a bill on this floor that tried to help and is going to help millions of veterans. who had been exposed to toxic burn pits. cancer. heart disease. lung disease. the minority leader, it will not shock you, voted no to help veterans. we had another bill on the floor to make sure that we could preclude and try to help women who had violent acts committed
12:25 am
against them. it may not surprise you that the lead ore they have party of, you're on your own, voted no on the violence against women act. it's time to say yes. yes to the people. to focus on people, not on politics. of 87 days from now. that's what this is about. politics. pure, well, impure. and simple. it's time for us to say yes. to bringing prices down. i want to add just a couple of things and i want to talk about the four pieces of legislation that are changing america for the better. one is, he wrings his hands
12:26 am
about the awful situation that america is in. in january of 2021, before joe biden became president of the united states, unemployment was 6.4%. during the course of the trump administration we last . million jobs. net loss. after four years. net loss. over the last 18 months, we have created 9.5 million jobs. that's almost a 12 million job turn around. to the best, to the good. to the appreciation of ability of americans to get jobs. and he mentioned something about gas prices. are they high? they are. let me tell you when they were higher. july of 2008, they were higher. hear me.
12:27 am
go check the records. $4.14 which in real terms, real dollars today would be $5.62. under george bush. are prices too high? they are. do we want to bring them down? yes, we do. that's why we put price gouging in the food and fuel both of which the minority leader voted against. unemployment, as i said in january, 6.4%. it's now 3.5%, halved. is inflation too high? it is. we passed a bill. some people said well, that's going to cause inflation. what it caused was people didn't fall through the cracks. they were able to pay their bills. they were able to send their kids back to school. that's what it did.
12:28 am
that's what the american people are going to remember. that the democratic party was there for them and the republican party was not. and then we talk about this money that we're going to give the i.r.s. which has been reduced 20%. under the republican leadership. when they were in charge. what did they reduce? enforcement. why? because they didn't want their big, fat cat people to be caught. not paying their fair share. yes, mr. and mrs. america, you're paying a higher price because some people pay nothing. you don't think that's fair and we don't think it's fair. and yes, we want to make sure the rules are followed. in order to have the rules followed you need referees. and when you have 100 and manage odd million taxpayers, you need
12:29 am
a number of people to find that out and make sure you obey the law. yes we support that. we believe in facts and we believe in truth. there's a republican leader, no longer a lead whoark believed in facts and truth. and liz cheney was fired from her position because she told the truth. and confronted a former president who promotes lying. madam speaker, when president biden took office with a democratic congress we promised the american people results. we are delivering. we promised we would make progress on the issues where progress had been stalled for far too long. we promised in short responsible government that gets things done for the people.
12:30 am
people, not politics. responsible government that puts the needs of our people over politics. over the past 18 months, many have questioned whether that would even be possible. our country is too divided, they said, to achieve big goals and enact really consequential legislation that benefits the american people and our economy. 9.5 million now jobs. 18 months. over the same 18 months, however, our democratic majorities and the biden administration have proven those doubters wrong. the legislation we will pass today and send to the president's desk is the fourth leg of a table of support and opportunity democrats have built for the american people. the first leg was the american rescue plan. that law put more than 200 million shots in arms and made it safe again for workers to go back to their jobs.
12:31 am
for students and teachers to go back to school. and for entrepreneurs to take risks and invest in their businesses. it worked. since then we've seen record job growth, as i have said, 9.5 million jobs created since last january. that's the largest number of jobs created in 18 months in the history of our country. the lowest rate of employment in half a century. only republicans could call that failure. because it wasn't their success. more americans are working today than at any point in our his history. we also cut child poverty in half. perhaps that's not seen as a success. by the other side of the aisle. next we brought democrats and
12:32 am
republicans together in a historic effort to enact the bipartisan infrastructure plan. which is already rebuilding roads, bridges, transit systems, sea ports, in every corner of our country. after president trump said in 2016 that he was going to do a trillion dollars. 2017, didn't happen. 2018. didn't happen. 2019. didn't happen. republicans were in charge of the house, senate and presidency of the united states. inattention to disrepair. for years we herd heard people talk about infrastructure weeks. remember that? minority leaders and other -- minority leader and others, we're going to have infrastructure week. it never happened. last november we put people over politics angott it done. that decision was so successful that even many republicans who voted against it are cutting
12:33 am
ribbons that will facilitate congress and improve the lives of their constituents even the they didn't support the bill. one side effect of the pandemic was to magnify the cracks in our economic system and our reliance on the unreliable in our supply chains. any family trying to buy a new car or trying to budget for a new appliance in the last year or two understands what that means. and by the way, on inflation, europe didn't have the rescue plan. asia didn't have the rescue plan. other nations didn't have the rescue plan. guess what. all of them are experiencing inflation. half of them greater inflation than is present in the united states of america. does that mean we have to stop our efforts to reduce it? of course not. is it hurting our people? it is.
12:34 am
our empty shell -- are empty shelves in grocery stores troubling? they are. and rather than blame one another, perhaps we ought to look at the real villain and that was the pandemic. earliery week, -- earlier this week, president biden signed the chips in science act. that bipartisan legislation will ease inflation by bringing manufacturing and sourcing of critical components and products back to the united states. so that we make them in america. and our workers make it in america. it means that we won't cede the next century of innovation to china or anybody else. china, let me repeat, lobbied against that bill. and almost every republican voted against that bill, just like china wanted.
12:35 am
instead, american labor and american innovation will continue to lead the world in research, innovation and advanced manufacturing, continue to draw the brightest minds from around the world. that also will mean lower costs for american families. the chips in science act was another significant piece of legislation in the make it in america agenda. it's hard to think that somebody would vote against all four of these bills. a promise made to america and a promise that they relied on and they voted for. in an election, not a poll, not a survey, not a focus group. in an election. because it gets to the heart what have government is supposed to do. help provide our workers and businesses and people with the
12:36 am
tools and confidence to make it in america. today we're going to send to president biden the legislation that represents the fourth leg of our tabled support and opportunity. the inflation reduction act. as its name suggests, it will further help lower costs for americans. it will lower health care costs by extending tax credits under the affordable care act that we included in the american rescue plan, which has gotten us to 92% coverage in america. and very frankly would be higher if there weren't 12 states who had refused to provide the medicaid opportunity for citizens who fell in the middle of the income spectrum. we included that, of course, but our republican friends in the united states senate would not agree to it. this bill will provide for
12:37 am
quality, affordable health care to almost every person in the united states, irrespective of their income. the national uninsured rate has fallen to an all-time low of 8%, with 5.2 million americans gaining coverage since the start of the biden-harris administration in large part due to our having made those cost savings premium credits more widely available. but my understanding is our republican friends are going to vote against this bill. and millions of people will be unable to afford their insurance. that's extended by three years. next, it brings down the cost of prescription drugs by allowing medicare for first time ever, but not uniquely, because the veterans administration does that. makes sense. to negotiate lower prices from manufacturers.
12:38 am
democrats have been working for decades to achieve this goal and as i mentioned at the outset of my remarks, our majority is delivering on that promise. the bill also caps the cost of insulin at $35 a month. now, would have been extended to everybody, but our republican friends refused to support that alternative. so it's only going to apply to medicare at the beginning. but we're not going to stop. and we also capped the cost at $2,000 per year for seniors on medicare. we want to extend that to the private market as well. and we'll work on that. this, ladies and gentlemen of this house, is an historic achievement. that will save lives and allow more seniors to access life-saving and life-sustaining medications. additionally, the inflation reduction act is the largest single investment addressing climate crisis that anynition has ever made -- any nation has
12:39 am
ever made. i don't know where it was in your place, but 95, 97, 98, high humidity. we have a climate crisis. and the deniers have undermined our ability to respond. this bill responds. and it responds consistent with the desires of the american people and will bring down the cost of energy for americans by investing in developing and deploying cleaner, more sustainable energy technologies like electric vehicles and solar panels. at the same time we're doing it without raising the deficit. in fact, the legislation reduces the deficit by closing loopholes so the largest corporations would profit -- with profits over $1 billion will pay a minimum tax rate of just 15%. now the rate is 21%. on corporations. but if they get over $1 billion, they're going to pay at least
12:40 am
15%. why? because we protect their shipping lanes with our navy. we protect their roads that they transport goods across. they get a lot from their taxes. just as we all do. maybe that's why the republicans don't like this bill. that is well below the regular 21% tax, as i said, and we do it all while ensuring that individuals and families earning less than $400,000 a year won't see a single tax increase. let me repeat that. nobody making less than $400,000 a year will see a tax increase. those four legs, the rescue plan, the infrastructure bill, the chips bill, and now this reduction in inflation act, will provide for growth opportunity and competitiveness for our
12:41 am
economy and for our people. there is, however, another critical piece of legislation that helps keep that taicial table sturdy -- that table sturdy -- that helps keep that table sturdy. getting americans back to work from the pandemic. that's what we did. securing long overdue infrastructure investments. that's what we did. easing the inflation by helping american companies build more chips, semiconductors and other critical components here instead of importing them from unreliable countries, over 100 100,000 new jobs. that's what we did. lowering prescription drugs and energy costs while combating the climate crisis. that's what we did. and we'll keep on doing it for the american people and the next congress. in addition to all these, the democratic-led house has passed many, many more important bills
12:42 am
that have yet to be considered in the senate. blocked by republicans. today the inflation reduction act will answer any who still doubt whether we can deliver on our promises. today democrats and this administration are showing that we can and will continue to put people over politics and ensure that our people can make it in america. vote for america. vote for the american people. vote for this bill. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: madam speaker, to close the debate, i will yield one minute to the woman who has done so much to bring this bill to final passage today, our speaker, the gentlewoman from california, ms. pelosi. the speaker pro tempore: you're recognized for one minute. the speaker: thank you very
12:43 am
much, mr. chairman. and thank you for your tremendous leadership. you and the other chairs for bringing this legislation to the floor. the hour's growing late, as a courtesy to my colleagues, i intend to shorten my remarks. for those that i shorten of the remarks, i promise to put them in the record, if you promise to read them. let me also begin by saying i associate myself with the remarks of all of my democratic colleagues. that covers a lot of territory. mr. speaker, under the visionary leadership of president biden, democrats have forged historic progress for america's families. first, we enacted the life-saving american rescue plan to propel us out of the pandemic, put money in pockets, vaccines in arms, children safely in school, people back to work. next we secured the transformtific bipartisan -- transformative bipartisan infrastructure package to create good paying union jobs,
12:44 am
rebuilding our nation. this week president biden signed the chips and science act, which declares our economic independence, strengthens our national security, enhances our families' financial future. we also honored our value yanlt service of our men and women in uniform with the pact act. and today, madam speaker, is a day of celebration. a day we take another giant step in our moment us agenda. our inflation reduction act is a robust cost-cutting package that meets the moment, ensuring that our families thrive and that our planet survives. this landmark education, which we send to the president's desk, starts and it is a resounding victory for america's families starting at their kitchen table. what it means to you, to our constituents, to people out
12:45 am
there whom we serve, in terms of health care. one of medicare, 64 million enrollees, this bill brings down the out of pocket costs of prescription drugs. we do this by empowering the secretary of h.h.s. to negotiate lower prices. at long last, at long last we have been fighting for this for years. we do so again by capping out-of-pocket prescription drug costs and will not pay -- and you, our constituents, will not pay one more cent for life-saving medication. this includes a $35 cap on insulin co-pays. and we do this by banning drug manufacturers from raising prices faster than inflation, protecting you against predatory price hikes. make no mistake, these measures are a big blow to pharma, which
12:46 am
has had a stranglehold for decades, preventing us from making this move. now we have relaxed that strangle hold a bit, more to be done, but giving more leverage and more breathing room to america's families. at the same time this bill -- i'm not saying the title every time, ok, locks in lower premiums that democrats secured first in the rescue package. together, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and health care premiums, are vital strides in our fight for economic justice. and this is particularly important to low-income communities, underserved communities, and communities of color. in doing so, we honor the call of dr. king who said, of all the forms of inequality and justice in health are the most shocking and inhuman because it often results in physical death. the inflation bill is a plan divided into three parts. prescription drugs and health care, second, the most
12:47 am
consequential climate action in the history of our congress, of our country. and in doing these two things, reducing the deficit. at the same time the legislation advances president biden and democrats' relentless commitment to putting justice first. and all these crucial investments are fully paid for. by making sure the ultrarich and biggest corporations pay their fair share. the climate provisions are -- will make a meaningful difference for america's working families. i'm going to put that in the record, if you promise to read it. but it's about clean air and clean water for our children. it's about nine million good paying union jobs, it's about preventing conflict over resources and habitat. it's about values. values espoused by pope francis when he said earlier this summer, our planet has reached a breaking point.
12:48 am
in the fight against climate crisis. extreme weather continues to wreak havoc across the country, around the world. it is clear the cost of inaction far outweighs the cost of action. the bill saves the planet while keeping more money in your pockets for working families, you'll save an average of $1,000 a year in lower energy bills. underserved communities need $60 billion in environmental protection -- environmental justice initiatives to ensure that everyone enjoys the benefits of a cleaner green economy. again, the bill pays down the deficit by $300 billion in the first decade. here's what it means to you. what it means is it drives down inflation in the long-term. these monumental investments are for families in health care are
12:49 am
fully paid for, ensuring the biggest corporations and wealthiest pay their fair share and that is an estimate of about $160 billion a year of taxes that are unlawfully not paid. right now right now families are being harmed by corporate prove tearing. i don't want you to take it from me but take it from a large number, 126 america con midsts and seven nobody ell prize winners and in a letter, i want you to hear this my republican friends because clearly you don't know this, but now that you do, perhaps you will change your comments. these investments will fight inflation and lower costs for
12:50 am
american families while setting the stage for long-term are economic growth. and i submit, their letter to the record. another point i want to make as i hear them saying that this is going to be such a thing about the audits -- despite the republicans' desperate falsehoods and does not increase audits on america's working families. a republican appointed by donald trump said these resources are absolutely not about increasing audit scrutiny on small businesses or middle-income americans. there you have it. i ask these questions, when you hear about what this means to america's working families, how can you vote against lowering prescription drug costs for
12:51 am
seniors and underserved communities as we continue to fight inflation, how can you vote with pharma and vote against future generations? how can you vote against reducing the deficient sits to pay their fair share and i'm not talking about people who work the system. i'm talking about people who illegally do not pay their taxes. every member is confronted with a choice, put people over politics or politics over people and for century, members of congress have stood where we stand facing the exact same decision as they constructed the pillars of america's safety and security. social security, medicare,
12:52 am
medicaid, things that republicans opposed all along the way. this bill, the inflation reduction act, a package for the people, increases the leveraging over the special interests and expands health and financial security now and for generations to come. submitting this for the record, i urge every member to put aside their misunderstanding of this and vote for the inflation reduction act as we send this historic legislation to president biden's desk for signature this evening for him to sign into law. and i yield back the balance of my >> the house went on to pass the bill by a party lineville of --
12:53 am
party line vote of 220-207. the bill now heads to president biden for his signature. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government, funded by these television companies and more, including comcast. >> you think this is just a community center? it is way more. >> comcast is partnering with community centers to create wi-fi -- so it students from low income households can get the tools they need. >> comcast provides c-span as a public service, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> c-span's washington journal. every day, we take your calls live on the air on the day's news, and we discussed policy issues that impact you. saturday morning, education professors at the university of
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